Shock: Amazon deep-sixes all Holocaust Revisionist books; begs for a boycott

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-03-08 12:10

Quit making this man rich.

By Carolyn Yeager

IN A MIDDLE FINGER TO AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL FREE-SPEECH TRADITIONS AND LAWS, has wiped all Holocaust Revisionist books from its website. Seemingly overnight, this assault on Truth has taken place, obviously in conformity with the international Jewish lobby against truth in historical research and publishing.

Jeff Bezos (pictured above) is worth around 80 BILLION dollars from the growth of the publicly-traded company he founded and owns. Amazon succeeded because of its liberal policies, but now that has changed. You'll look in vain for any of the Holocaust Handbook series edited by Germar Rudolf that had been available on the site, while you'll have no trouble finding all the books arguing for the 'Holocaust', including the emotional, anti-historical diatribes of Deborah Lipstadt. 

Even Thomas Dalton's classic balanced book Debating the Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides is 'disappeared' from Amazon's pages. The "other side" is no longer allowed to give it's arguments! This is a step toward criminalizing holocaust revisionism by making it appear disreputable.

Please put principles above your own convenience by boycotting Amazon when it comes to ANY purchases, not just books. And send letters to the management. Of course, it won't do any good but do it anyway. I intend to.


First the book banning and censorship, then comes the legislation to make questioning the holocaust a crime. Several European countries have laws making holocaust denial a crime.

Yup.  I had a review on Amazon on Victor Thorn's book "The Holocaust Hoax Exposed" from 2012 and now it says, "No Title Available," although the comment section still works.  There, I posted a link to your article, Carolyn, with the last commenter who said in February that Amazon was going to do just what happened.
He wrote:  "Anon, the answer to all these books and questions being asked and researchers being denied is very simple. They will stop these books from being printed, and eventually they will stop Amazon from offering them."  (February 26, 2017)

Amazon Mass-Bans Dissident Materials

Hundreds of Titles Erased within a Day

I've been trying to get across the idea in three recent posts that the World Jewish Congress (WJC) is the key player in the "Holocaust" game, since it's founding in 1936 as an extension organization of the American Jewish Congress.

In this regard, I just came across this paragraph from a Wikipedia page that I think is of interest.

In October 2013, the World Jewish Congress called on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to remove from its offer books that deny the Holocaust and promote anti-Semitism or white supremacy. "No one should profit from the sale of such vile and offensive hate literature. Many Holocaust survivors are deeply offended by the fact that the world’s largest online retailer is making money from selling such material," WJC Executive Vice President Robert Singer wrote in a letter to Bezos.

Wow!  Your discovery about the role of the World Jewish Congress makes for a whole lot of sense as to why Jeff Bezos is doing what he's doing.  
CODOH says that at no previous time has Amazon done something like this, banning books, but I think it has.  It banned the sale of the Confederate Flag in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting in 2015.
I sent a message to the WJC asking it if it indeed made the recommendations to elilminate revisionist books with Jeff Bezos on Amazon and what rational justificiation it made provide for calling academic books of historical inquiry into the Holocaust "vile and hateful."  I do wonder if I'll receive an answer.

The Barnes Review newsletter just published a piece that says:
"Israel’s official “holocaust” ™ museum, Yad Vashem, has finally succeeded in censoring the Internet by getting retail giant Amazon (CEO Jeff Bezos worth $66.5 billion) to completely remove all books dealing with holocaust revisionism from its virtual shelves. Yad Vashem singled out a number of books, but focused on one in particular: Peter Winter’s epic The Six Million: Fact or Fiction. It’s been wiped clean from Amazon, as if it never existed."

Very good. But there's not much daylight, I wouldn't think, between WJC and Vad Yashem. So the museum made the final push as having the most direct connection to the 'Holocaust' in the public's eyes. Other Jewish groups have over the years been calling on Amazon to quit carrying these books. So what made Jeff Bezos cave in now? Did they threaten to mount a huge, worldwide campaign against him as they did against Adolf Hitler in 1933?

One thing is certain: the Holocaust Lobby feels very threatened by Revisionism. They CANNOT answer revisionist arguments. This is an assault on our freedom of information and should be treated as such.

Almost all members of Congress are devoted to the "protection" of Israel and Jews everywhere, to the detriment of their own US citizens' interests. This is unconstitutional but is accepted. We need a much greater base of organization to protect our constitution in order to fight what the Jews and Progressives have in mind.

All of us who understand the importance of Holo revisionism must also stand up strongly for Patriot movements, to secure our constitutional rights and freedoms. Don't allow such a stand to be classified as "hate." I am going to write my congrressman about this. I believe he personally agrees, but is under the usual pressure to not draw negative publicity toward himself.

i have the Kindle version of Peter Winter's "Six Million: Fact or Fiction". While no longer available on Amazon, I just checked and my Kindle version remains on both my ipad and cloud libraries. I have been reluctant to puchase Kindle versions of controversial books because in the past, Amazon has removed Kindle books from personal devices and provided a store credit in exchange. The reason given was centered around a dispute as to whether the books in question were still under copyright protection. But this incident does show that Amazon has the capability to remove Kindle books after they have been purchased.
Too bad since I like to be able to read such books without carrying them around or having nosy people knowing what I am reading.

I sent Amazon a message regarding their decision to cave into demands from the Criminal state expressing my feelings of dissatifaction.

They are barking up the wrong tree when they attack the US Constitution. 1917 was bad enough, but if they keep on in this direction they will be have to be removed from among us, and from this creation, permainetly.

So, I have an electronic version of Mein Kampf along with audio. I wonder when it will disappear? Note to self: find a non-Amazon source of the book and buy a hard copy.