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Saturday Afternoon: Killing the Holocaust Myth

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-10-05 12:23

Oct. 5, 2013

The new revisionist book The “Extermination Camps” of “Aktion Reinhardt” has been put online and it contains enough ammunition to “kill the holohoax dead,” but lies don’t seem to die as long as a world media monopoly exists that wants to keep them on life support. It takes getting the word out and too many White European activists still want to stay far away from “the holocaust,” pretending they just don’t understand it! Well, the authors Carlo Mattogno, Thomas Kues and Jürgen Graf have laid it out in a very readable, even entertaining, free online book, so there are no longer any excuses.  Some points made during the program:

  • This 1500-page work is a response to a 570-page work written by the five Holocaust Controversies clowns against our author’s previous separate books on Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor;
  • This work has brought forth a “conspicuous mass of new documents” and “many new arguments more solid than those published before”;
  • Mattogno says this book marks “the end of the legend of the “Aktion Reinhardt” extermination camps (falsely called "Reinhard" by holohoaxers), and also their last word on it;
  • Graf says 3 groups have a vested interest in keeping “the holocaust” alive – they are 1) Zionist Jews, 2) Poles and 3) the Western Allies + Soviet Union;
  • Polish underground “hero” and Georgetown U. professor Jan Karski (Kozielewski) managed to lift himself from an ordinary lieutenant in the Polish Army to “the man who tried to stop the Holocaust” by telling lies about what he saw;
  • Karski invented the story of “death by quick lime in rail cars” at Belzec rather than gas chambers – a story that has since been buried along with so many others;
  • The UN Statement on December 17, 1942 that condemned “Hitler’s bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination” of Europe’s Jews, admittedly based on reports without any proof, was pushed by Jews to the various governments.

Image: Map showing location of alleged camps along border with Soviet Union, from south to north: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka. Also notice location of Warsaw, Lublin and Auschwitz.

New Revisionist book is a great read!

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2013-10-03 18:36

"Extermination Camps"
"Aktion Reinhardt"

An Analysis and Refutation
of Facetious "Evidence," Deceptions and Flawed Argumentation
of the "Holocaust Controversies" Bloggers

 by Carlo Mattogno - Thomas Kues - Jürgen Graf

is available online at

Read more about it at

Please don't ignore this book. It will educate you, inspire you and entertain you. Really. It's even funny. Below: The laughable Treblinka camp "plan."

Saturday Afternoon: The battle between Truth and Propaganda

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-09-28 11:28

Sept. 28, 2013

Translator Hasso Castrup, otherwise known as Shoabloger, discusses the latest additions to his website – propaganda documents by Ilya Ehrenburg and articles on the Polish-German WWII question. He and Carolyn also talk about the Golden Dawn arrests, the release of the long-awaited Action Reinhardt Extermination Camps” rebuttal-to-a-rebuttal, and Hitler’s Table Talk. Some highlights:

  • How World Jewry works to destroy any nationalist political parties in Europe;
  • Propagandist writer Ilya Ehrenburg was not genetically Russian or Prussian, but 100% Jewish;
  • Vincent Reynouard chastises M’bala M’bala Dieudonné for using “suicidal tactics” against the anti-racist organization LICRA;
  •  Had Hitler  stopped with the Sudentanland, could WWII have been prevented;
  •  Hitler’s Table Talk authenticity is confirmed;
  • Is professionally directed propaganda more powerful than truth in the end?

Jews desert Polish units in 1944, claiming “antisemitism”

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Polish troops in action in Monte Cassino, Italy, 1944

In 1944, Jews in the Polish Army were whining about antisemitism, asking for special privileges. Nothing new about that.

Jews are generally disliked wherever Aryans have to experience being physically around them. In 1944, Jewish soldiers in Polish military units sought to be transferred en masse to British units, claiming antisemitic discrimination against themselves from the Poles.

Some of these Jewish soldiers had been convicted by a Polish court-martial for “leaving their units without leave.” But the Jew-loving British came to their aid and over-ruled the Poles whose government had made the mistake of allying itself with the British, rather than the Germans. Here is the newspaper report from The Jewish Telegraph Agency, May 11, 1944.

Polish Government Plans Wide-Amnesty for Convicted Jewish Soldiers

May 11, 1944
London (May 10)

The Polish Government is planning to grant a "wide amnesty" to Jewish soldiers who have been convicted by a Polish court-martial of leaving their units without leave, because of the anti-Semitism prevalent there, in order to seek admittance into the British Army, it was reported here today.


Jews, World War II

Saturday Afternoon: Was the Third Reich immoral?

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-09-21 12:12

Sept. 21, 2013

Carolyn looks at whether the sympathy engendered for members of the “White Rose Society” is warranted; were they really carrying out only minor “youthful rebellion” for which the Reich justice system showed it’s brutal side by condemning them to death? Who were the most moral parties in this situation?

  • The new Pope, Francis,  is introducing to the public the idea that abortion and gay marriage (which were illegal and considered immoral in the 3rd Reich)  may become more acceptable in the Church;
  • Conversely, Gabor Vona of the N-S Jobbik Party in Hungary speaks up against modern individualism, deviance and liberalism;
  • The book The White Rose, allegedly written by Scholl sister Inge, admits to having been written in 1947 for use as propaganda in the schools for those aged 13 to 18;
  • The inner circle of the “White Rose” listened to foreign radio broadcasts and sought out contact with members of groups involved in serious treason, like the Rote Kapelle (“Red Chapel” or “Red Orchestra”) that transferred information to the Soviets via secret radio messages, which is said to have directly caused the deaths (and here) of 200,000 Wehrmacht soldiers;
  • The German people did not try to protect “White Rose” members but turned them in to the authorities;
  • Catholics Michael Hoffman and Michael Colhaze viciously attack Adolf Hitler as the cause of the sufferings of the German people (and even of Jewish usury!), yet have no answer to “The Jewish Question”;
  • The trial transcripts (partial only here) of the two “White Rose” Trials reveal that everything was done according to law and good police practices, and that “mercy” was denied the 6 main members because of the serious consequences of their crimes, which were spelled out in detail.

Image: The People’s Court in N-S Germany in session, left to right:  Hermann Reinecke, Roland Freisler, Ernst Lautz. If you don’t like this, ask yourself if our Jew-run courts are better.

Albin's Story

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2013-09-11 09:14

Albin's Story

In the photo above, Albin Laggner stands in center, utilizing a crutch under his right arm, next to his sister Wilma at right.

Albin Laggner was the 5th child of Stefan Laggner and Ida Gols Laggner, of Feicht, Lendorf parish, (Pfarre Holz), Carinthia. Wilhelm Kriessmann's home village of Feistritz im Rosenthal was in Carinthia also. Albin's birth date was 14 May, 1927, making him one year younger than Willy Wenger, of Leoben, Styria, who eventually married Albin's sister, Wilma.

After attending eight years of elementary school in Holz, Albin Laggner sought for an apprentice position as a cook or waiter. He found a place at the Hotel Reisch in Kitzbühel, Tyrol. Later, he was hired at the Europa Hotel in Bad Gastein, initially as elevator operator, later as a waiter.

In the autumn of 1944, at the age of 17 ½ years, Albin was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Reporting in early 1945, and after probably minimal training, he was assigned to an armored unit that was stationed on the Czech border near Cottbus. It was clear the end of the war was already approaching.

Saturday Afternoon: David Irving’s Heinrich Himmler – a his-story-an’s creation

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-09-07 12:09

Sept. 7, 2013

David Irving’s long-promised but still to be published book on Heinrich Himmler will be “his story” of the man, as it is often said that history is telling stories and making them interesting.  In a video of one of Irving’s private meetings with ticket purchasers, he tells them:

  • He has “Jewish friends” with whom he agrees there were “extermination camps” for Jews;
  • Himmler’s wife was “predatory” and “got her claws into him,” says Irving, when this is not objectively supported by facts;
  • Himmler’s writing to a woman, “There are certain things that I have to do for Germany’s sake that are not very nice,” is proof to Irving that Himmler was doing unspeakable things;
  • Selected telegrams intercepted by the British are used by Irving to “prove” that Jews who were being transported East did not reach their intended destination but were killed in the so-called Reinhardt camps;
  • The total number killed in Operaton Reinhardt" was 1,274,166, says Irving;
  • "Last source" for Irving’s beliefs is what he calls the English Interrogation Center where top German prisoners talked freely together (unaware of hidden microphones) and some described Jews being shot;
  • Juergen Graf refuted Irving’s extermination theories all the way back in 2009, but Irving persists;
  • Napola schools required it’s students to be racially flawless, with above average intelligence and appropriate competitiveness — preparing the future leaders for the Reich, including the military, SS and police.
  • This is what all national governments try to do – somewhat comparable to West Point, Anapolis, etc. in the U.S.

Image: Cover of David Irving's 2012 DVD, $20

Leopold Wenger's final letters from Napola-Köslin, July-November 1939

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2013-09-04 12:04

On Sept. 26, 1939, Leopold's group of soon-to-be-graduates pose with their educator Ltn. Geissler who, like others, had been drafted for military service. Younger educators arrived to take their place. Leopold is 2nd from the left in the second row.

These letters from July to November 1939 are the last ones written from the NPEA (Napola) school in Köslin,  Pomerania (Northeast Germany). The young men's schooling ended a bit early; if their grades and demeanor warranted, they were granted what Americans would call the High School diploma and were inducted into the Luftwaffe as officer volunteers in training (cadets). They still had to complete the A, B and C flight training in order to earn their basic pilot's license.

copyright 2013 Wilhelm Wenger and Carolyn Yeager

Translated from the German by Markus

July 1939:  Yesterday, we had theoretical lessons followed by a test. I passed my theoretical A-exam. Because we will probably go back to Köslin tomorrow [from flight training in Rossiten -cy], we have our goodbye evening today with the other flight students and flight instructors. We will probably receive our A-certificate and badges.

I'll answer dad's question now. Gilbert and I were in Köslin for the military physical. We were checked for aviator suitability before, but everyone has to go through the aptitude test and is then assigned to an armed service branch (Air Service, Flak, Weather Company, Aviation Spotter, Av. Intelligence, Av. Sciences, Av. Engineer, etc.) In the end, everyone arrives at the branch of the Luftwaffe for which he best qualifies.

Motorsports school in Dramburg, July 15-31, 1939.

All of the 120 young men of the Aviator group of a hundred were divided into subgroups. Some stayed in Köslin (including Gilbert), others went to Hornberg in Swabia, others to Dramburg (Motorsports-School), others to Neumühlenkamp in Pomerania, and we went to Rositten [home of the "Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug (DFS) -, the German Research Society for Gliding. We are 23 young men. I'm one of them and the only Southern-German. Most already had passed the A-exam and continued right away with the B.

Phoney Wars, Phoney News and Phoney Peace Treaties

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2013-08-19 18:31

August 19, 2013

From the “Phoney War” of  Sept. 1939 to May 1940, to the phoney news stories that constantly appear (especially in Britain) retelling the 2nd world war in the light only of atrocities committed by Germans, to the phoney peace treaty between the Four Powers and Germany signed 45 years after the end of the war — Carolyn covers it all in an attempt to show how lies proliferate in our media and on the Internet, too. Main topics:

  • Making up quotes attributed to famous persons is fairly common, and it’s amazing how unquestioningly they are accepted;
  • The story behind Merkel’s first Chancellor’s visit to Dachau Memorial, and Helmut Kohl’s and Ronald Reagan’s refusal to go in 1985;
  • Germany to introduce “indeterminate” gender option on birth certificates;
  • New book on Roger Bushell based on ridiculous speculation aimed at building up his “war hero” status;
  • The British quote the Geneva Convention and ignore the Hague Convention;
  • The “Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany” does not make Germany a sovereign nation;
  • The sale of National Socialist toy soldiers, including Hitler figure, is big news for the Daily Mail;
  • Brothers Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothermere founded the Daily Mail — during the early 30′s Rothermere strongly supported Mussolini, Hitler and Mosley.

Image: POW Roger Bushell (left) in a congenial conversation with Leutnant Eberhardt (German Security) and Paddy Byrne (fellow POW).

Saturday Afternoon: Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials – Telford Taylor’s Lies

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-08-10 12:28

August 10, 2013

Carlos Porters new book War Crimes Trials and Other Essays refers to the International Military Tribunals put on by the Allies in the city of Nuremberg following Germany’s defeat in WWII. There were 13 “trials” but the first and most famous was of the “Major War Criminals” (so-called), prosecuted by the young American Colonel Telford Taylor (pictured right) under Chief Counsel Robert Jackson. Porter's first essay is “Anatomy of a Nuremberg Liar,” which compares Taylor’s description (in his own book) of the “defendants” testimony to what the actual court transcripts show.

Among the Third Reich personalities covered are General Erich von Manstein; Foreign Minister Joachim Ribbentrop; Rudolf Hess; Head of SS Security (SD) Ernst Kaltenbrunner; Head of Reich Labor Deployment (after 1942) Fritz Saukel and Field Marshall Erhard Milch (Luftwaffe).