On Jan 27th, every elderly Jew becomes a potential star

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-01-22 12:13

Ed Mosberg stands in his New York home remembering, remembering, remembering - but with a purpose and a "higher cause."

By Carolyn Yeager

WITH THE ALREADY-BOREDOM-INSPIRING JANUARY 27TH "HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY" COMING UP, all networks and news outlets are obligingly scrounging up a tired old survivor story or two in which they can mention it.

This day, created by the United Nations on a voice vote in 2005 (on a day when Israel was presiding over the assembly) was immediately put to use as one of the major engines keeping "holocaust' in the public conciousness masquerading as "our common history."

What I've seen so far this year is nothing but recycled survivor stories of very elderly Jews whose love of spinning improbable tales seems to grow with their age. The New York Post (Jewish) is featuring a story about 92 year-old Ed Mosberg who likes to dress up in a blue-striped concentration camp jacket and hat so that “people know” that the holocaust really happened. But his costume was bought from “nazi collectors" after he became a successful real estate developer (another fable?) in New York City many years later. He paid extra to have his camp number sewn on the chest of his jacket. 

Nobody wants to hurt his feelings – including Doree Lewak, who wrote the article about Mr. Mosberg. Clearly a Jew herself, she actually writes that “he still wears his original number plate strung on a gold bracelet to replace the wires that once covered his wrists during his four years of hell.”

Four years and wired wrists? Not exactly. Mosberg says he and his two sisters were sent to Plaszów work camp in 1943 from the Krakow ghetto. He would have been age 17 then: 1943 is 75 years ago. Plaszów was given a false reputation in Steven Spielberg's totally fictional horror movie “Schindler's List”. I don't believe the inmates were expected to carry on the work they were given to do there with their wrists wired together. What creepy nonsense.

At age 92, he is the sole survivor of his family – by which is meant his mother, father and two siblings. He claims his father was rounded up along with other men in 1941 and never seen again. He wants us to imagine his father was killed by the evil Nazis, but that is not known. He may have been one of the million Polish Jews who changed his name. Perhaps he was sent to work in Germany and decided to stay there.

Lewak writes that Mosberg's mother “ended up in Auschwitz, where she was murdered.” No proof of that either; it's something they all say. It's much more typical that she would have remained with her daughters, or they with her. Though Lewak writes, “The kids went to Plaszów,” a suburb of Krakow, Mosberg has nothing more to say about his sisters except that on the day before liberation, they were among "7,000 women who were lined up on a Baltic beach and shot dead.” What Baltic beach? Krakow is far from the Baltic Sea.

That's a convenient way to account for 7000 more Jews in the numbers game.

Mosberg even says he worked in the office of the camp commandant Amon Goeth (portrayed as a monster in Schindler's List) and recalls seeing Goeth take an infant from its mother's arms and “smash it against walls and it was killed instantly.” Yeah, sure. He read this atrocity lie somewhere and decided to add it to his own personal story. If people feel they must believe stuff like this, their minds are being turned to mush.

When he was moved to the Mauthasen camp in Austria one year later, Mosberg was naturally assigned to the quarry inmates called “the stairs of death.” Nothing but the worst for our storyteller. “Everybody had one boulder [twice his weight!] on his shoulder. You had to walk up, without stopping. If you couldn’t make it, this was your death.” Do you believe that? In mid-1944 the Germans were totally preoccupied with labor, and healthy young men like him were not destroyed by such pointless punishments. It is completely unrealistic.

Here's his last whopper:

The day before liberation, SS officers told Mosberg and others at Mauthausen, “The Americans are coming and we want to save you.” Scores of them were led to caves booby-trapped with dynamite — which failed to go off.

The SS were so incompetent they couldn't wire dynamite right – but they were able to murder 6 million other Jews of all ages in only three years, and make their physical remains disappear. And it's always the other group that were killed, not yours. Or not you.

He needed to spend 3 months in a sanitorium in Italy after the war, but then “reconnected” back in Krakow with Cesia Storch, “a girl who was in a barracks with his sisters.” Why wasn't she taken to the Baltic beach with the 7,000 others and shot dead? Is there a great story of escape and rescue for her too? They married and came to New York with their 18-month old daughter in 1951. Cesia is still alive too, at the age of 90.

Trying to convince others what a horrific experience they had, Mosberg says his now bedridden wife still has nightmares about being in the camps and “she will tell you that I never left the concentration camp.” Hmm, if so, how did he turn himself in a successful real estate developer in New York? The apartment he lives in looks pretty darn nice.

What motivates Mosberg to make up such exaggeratedly evil lies about the Germans who admittedly controlled his life for 4 years? It's this: He's associated with Jonny Daniels, a British Jew, founder of the Holocaust foundation 'From the Depths.'

His ending words as told by Lewak explain it all: “As long as I live I have to go and talk about this so the Holocaust will never be forgotten.”

And that's what Holocaust Remembrance Day is all about. To keep the White guilt and the money, and the special privileged treatment for the Jews of the world coming forever ... or as long as they can possibly manage it, anyway. If you are one who is helping them do it, you should seriously ask yourself 'Why.'


Brilliant exposé!  Biting, incisive and definitively informative.  Thank you for your wonderful effort here, Carolyn.  I like how you pull the rug off the flattering propaganda and expose the vermin.

An over-the-top article like this gives so many opportunities. I have a "feel" for it and have done a lot of debunking articles about surLIEvors at my http://eliewieseltattoo.com website.

I came across another, older article about this guy today which had some of the details different. But he's been heavily used by Jonny Daniels and the From the Depths organization. Like Elie Wiesel, he seems to forget and tell it a little differently every time. It's just such a total sham and hoax.

This guy missed his calling he should have been an actor.

On the b/w picture [in the NY Post article linked to], he is leaning on a cane.
Weren't disabled people sent straight to the gas chambers?

Gosh, you are right.

How did he ever work in the rock quarry at Mauthausen and carry boulders twice his weight up those 186 Stairs of Death in order to stay alive? you think he might be lying about the whole thing - a total fabrication? He would not be the first one.

That would explain why he takes his "memories" from the movies and fictional books.

of the 500,000 Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, only 100,000 are still alive today.
"some 220,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel"
Jan 26, 2016

LOVE the photo of Schneerson amidst the kosher bric-a-brac egging Mossy on to greater heights.

I just now made out the image of Schneerson in the larger picture frame to the right of Mosberg. I couldn't see an image before you pointed it out. But it is definitely he, the "holy" one.

Yes, Mosberg is deeply entrenched in this big Jewish hoax and hatred against White people and especially Germans, of course.

Why did you even bother to write this article? Fact check before making grandiose assumptions about someone's family history if you are in disbelief or don't write it at all. . You are disgusting. You weren't there. Go visit Yad Vashem. Maybe then, you can find answers to verify your story which you should never have written in the first place. Your writing is beyond disgusting that you would demean a Holocaust survivor in a public forum. Didn't your mother teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your nasty words to yourself?

Thanks, Robin, for supplying more humor for the readers of this post on Ed Mosberg, the professional "holocaust survivor."

In truth, it is he and those who write up his story (which we are supposed to take as history) who need to be told to Fact Check.  How is it that facts can change all the time? And be so nonsensical and/or vindictive?

You have no grasp of facts yourself, that's why you tell me to "go visit Yad Vashem" which is halfway across the world from me. Sure, they are the source of facts ... NOT.

All you can say is, "You should be nice to holocaust survivors"; that's really all you've said. Not a single fact.

Being nice in your mind is to not ever question them, to give them exalted status. That's not how history works. That's religion, pure and simple.

What is your point? That "Holocaust survivors" should never be questioned? Why not? If they have suffered, are they the only ones in the entire world?
History should be - and will be - questioned.
Why do you think the rest of us should meekly put up with the constant bombardment of the atrocity propaganda, and swallow nonsensical tales that have proven to be fraudulent - like the one about the woman shitting diamonds?
Questioning and pointing out outright lies doesn't make anything 'disgusting'.
What is disgusting is the blatant harassment and intimidation tactics that the Jews use to keep their fraudulent extortion enterprise going after all these years.
And as for "Didn't your mother teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your nasty words to yourself?" - be sure to say that to the murderous "Israeli leaders" when they talk so easily about killing Palestinians.

@ Robin K. 
You write that it "demeans" a so-called Holocaust survivor to address that man's later crimes in the community in which he lives?  That is presumptuous to think that this man's so-called survivorship of the so-called Holocaust grants him immunity forever and a day from public scrutiny and from condemnation for any bad behavior he exhibited after 1945.  That is crazy thinking.  The kind of immunity you want for this man is what religious people project on saints and Popes.  Talk as you will but your logic is what's disgusting.  That kind of thinking is irrational and it does not belong to healthy minds and reasonable human beings. It’s false, fatuous and obviously self-flattering and egregiously presumptuous. 

Is this man receiving reparations from Germany? If not, why not? I did not see it in the article.

Of course he is! And his wife too. But why would you expect to see it advertised by Jews - ie. NY Post and writer Doree Lewak?

Articles like this:


How long can the Jews perpetuate the Holocaust Myth?

Simple Summary:

1.  Only 5 1/2 million Jews lived in all of pre-war Europe.  Millions survived.  So where did the "six million" really come from?
2.  American prison incinerators consume 1 body in 8 hours.  Yet 2 at Auschwitz supposedly burned 25,000 a day!
3.  Lamp shades of human skin, soap of human fat, photos of stacked bodies were all propaganda hoaxes.
4.  No mass graves were ever found.
5.  No piles of human ashes were ever found.
6.  No German documents were ever found mentioning any plan to exterminate the Jews.
7.  Most deaths in German camps came in the last 90 days of war from typhus and starvation due to Allied saturation bombing.
This hoax cannot last much longer.

Wow! It is sad that you find humor in the pain of others. You must be anti semitic and a Nazi sympathizer. Judging from the comments, so are your readers. You don't need Yad Vashem to Fact check and I'm well aware that you live half way around the world from this museum, but a visit to any holocaust museum might enlighten you, although judging from your article and seemingly lack of journalistic intrigity, I don't think a visit to any museum or even to online databases to Fact Check will help you. Fact: My mother in law and her family were denied entrance to this country  (USA)when she was 5 years old, as they escaped the hands of the Nazis. Fact: Her aunts, uncles and grandparents perished at the hands of the Nazis.  Maybe Mr. Mossberg's behavior is a coping mechanism to deal with his pain and your exploitation of one man's recollection speaks volumes to your lack of journalistic integrity. If you didnt like what he said or didn't believe him, then why did you feel the need to publish it?   Fact: His behavior does not speak for all victims, Jews and non-Jews.  I guess by your actions and that article,  that you can be painted as anti-semitic and a Nazi sympathizer or just a really poor journalist. 
Fact: I met Mr. Mossberg many years ago and worked with his daughter at one time in my life.Very giving family. Nothing you wrote can take away from that. I feel sorry for you and you should be ashamed of yourself for smearing someone who lived through such an ordeal.  Maybe you should have interviewed several holocaust survivors, to have been able to write a more well rounded article. Either way, your words have no meaning or value to those who lived through this terrible period in life or to me. You are entitled to your prejudice and bias. It's just sad that you felt the need to exploit someone's pain to express it.  
I have given you too much publicity by replying to you worthless comments and your words have no meaning to me, so I'm done writing to you.

Fact: I met Mr. Mossberg many years ago and worked with his daughter at one time in my life.

She wrote this because she knows the family? Then why does she spell his name with two 's'? When I first posted this story, I made that typo in the picture caption, which I have since corrected. So she may have taken it from there.

Fact: My mother in law and her family were denied entrance to this country  (USA)when she was 5 years old, as they escaped the hands of the Nazis.

Names, dates, details, where did they come from??? This is not a fact, it is an unproven statement pulled out of the air.

Fact: Her aunts, uncles and grandparents perished at the hands of the Nazis.

They all say this! It is meaningless. How does she know? She doesn't. We can see from this type statement repeated again and again that the whole 6 million crapola is a big fat lie because it rests on this exact  statement ... devoid of proof.

 Fact: His behavior does not speak for all victims, Jews and non-Jews.

This may be true in principle but the FACT IS that many, many of the "victims" who speak  up can be shown to be similarly dishonest (and that's putting it nicely). I have investigated many of them and every one was a vindictive, careless liar.

Plus, here she is admitting his behavior is not good, although above she praised him and his famly.

I'm done writing to you.

Good! But it's because you've done damage to your cause instead of helping it.

@ Robin K.
I quote your words and I offer my replies.
It is sad that you find humor in the pain of others.
Carolyn Yeager did not find humor in the pain of others.  Speaking for myself, what’s humorous is the pretense, deceit and awful logic of certain individuals who make claims that are easily contested and contradicted
You don't need Yad Vashem to Fact check . . .
But you told Carolyn Yeager to go to Yad Vashem in your earlier comment.  You only changed your idea when she contradicted you and confronted you.
Any holocaust museum might enlighten you. 
About what?  What does Carolyn or her readers not know that a visit might “enlighten”?
Fact: My mother in law and her family were denied entrance to this country  (USA)when she was 5 years old, as they escaped the hands of the Nazis.
What does this “Fact” have to do with Mr. Mosberg when he was in Germany?
Fact: Her aunts, uncles and grandparents perished at the hands of the Nazis.
Again, what does this “Fact” have to do with Mr. Mosberg when he was in Germany?
Maybe Mr. Mossberg's behavior is a coping mechanism to deal with his pain
“Maybe”?  You claim you met him and worked with his daughter.   Don’t you know?  How is committing a crime a justification for pain?  Are you a qualified psychotherapist?  The Black Lives Matter units subscribe to this type of primitive thinking . . . but you, too?
Fact: His behavior does not speak for all victims, Jews and non-Jews.
Nobody said it did.

All Robin is doing is guilt-tripping. They learn that ... or maybe it comes naturally. She tells me to get the facts but she can offer none.

She has written to me twice by email since she wrote here that she is "done writing me." She's very frustrated. She admits she took the spelling of Mosberg's name from the original error in my caption, which undermines her claim to be friends with the family. I copy her email here:

You are pathetic.  Yes I did take the name from your mistake.  That was my mistake, reading your bullshit in the first place.  I will not provide names and dates of my relatives because you will no doubt turn it around to suit your pathetic bullshit narrative. I have been to Yad Vashem and have found the names of my inlaws relatives there.  That is all the proof I need.  
Your narratives are bullshit.  You clearly think the holocaust never happened and that is sad because it is people like you who are destined to let heartless discrimination rear its ugly head and have tragedies like that in history repeat itself.  

      You and your writing are worthless.  Live with that. [LOL -cy]

You are a disgrace to the literary community.  I don;t need to post on your pathetic website to know that you are a disgrace and probably a heartless person in general. 

This person doesn't know how ignorant she is, and how transparent. She is probably young, poorly educated and certainly no match for me.

But the point is, all they do, all of them, is guilt-trip. That is ALL they have.

You're right.  She's no match for you.  (Hardly anyone really is, though, lol!!  Not true?)  Thumbs up for your most recent comment!  Well said!  

Ja! Keep it up Carolyn!  You apparently are driving the antichrist jews into a deeper level of talmudic insanity.