Adolf Hitler on 'Nation and Race', part 3

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Continuing with passages from Mein Kampf, 2017 Thomas Dalton translation. See here.

Chapter 11, Nation and Race, Part 3

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(j) A tremendous economic development transforms the social structure of a nation. The small artisan class slowly disappears and the factory worker, who took its place, has scarcely any chance of establishing an independent existence of his own; he sinks more and more to the level of a proletariat. […]

In earlier times, a similar situation was created that demanded a solution, and one was found. Together with the peasant and the artisan, a new class was gradually formed, along with officials and salaried workers—especially from the state. All of them were propertyless, in the truest sense of the word. But the state found a remedy for this unhealthy situation by providing an old-age pension for its officials. Private enterprises slowly followed this example in increasing numbers, so that today every regular non-manual worker receives a pension in his later years, […] Thus an entire propertyless class was saved from destitution, and found a place in the social structure of the national community.

The question is once again put before the state and nation, but this time in a much larger form. More and more, millions of people left the countryside and the villages to take up employment in the big city factories. The working and living conditions of this new class were worse than miserable. […] In the older system a working day of 14 or even 15 hours was bearable, now it was beyond the limits of human endurance because every minute was utilized to the extreme. […]

The division between employer and employees seems now to have extended to all branches of life. How far this Judaizing process of our people has been allowed to extend is illustrated by the low standing, if not contempt, of the manual worker. This isn't German. It's due to the introduction of a foreign element into our lives—in truth, a Judaizing process. One effect has been to transform the old respect for manual work into a definite feeling of contempt for all physical labor.

Thus a new social class has grown up, one that stands in low esteem. The day must come when we will have to face the question of whether the nation will be able to make this class an integral part of the social community, or whether the difference of status will become a permanent gulf separating this class from the others.

One thing is certain, however: This class doesn't include the worst elements in its ranks, but rather the most energetic. [Donald Trump saying the same thing at his rallies!] […] The broad masses of this new, lower class haven't yet been infected with the poison of pacifist weakness. They are still robust and can be, if necessary, even brutal.

While our bourgeoisie pay no attention at all to this question, and indifferently allow events to take their course, the Jew seizes upon many possibilities for the future. […] in a short while [he] becomes the leader of their struggle against himself. 'Against himself' is here only figuratively speaking, for this Great Master of Lies knows how to appear in the guise of the innocent, and throw the guilt on others. Since he has the impudence to lead the masses, they never for a moment suspect that they are falling prey to one of the most infamous betrayals of all time.


First [the Jew] uses the bourgeoisie as a battering-ram against the feudal order; and then the worker against the bourgeois world. Just as he succeeded in obtaining civil rights in the protection of the bourgeois class, he now hopes to use the workers' struggle for existence as his path to obtain full control over them.

From that point on, the workers' only task is to fight for the future of the Jewish people. … The worker thinks he's fighting against capital, and thus is all the more easily brought to fight for capitalist interests. Outcries are raised against international capital, but in reality such actions are directed against the structure of national economics, in the hope that the international stock exchange can triumph over its dead body.

[…] He artfully encourages the desire for social justice, which is a typical Aryan characteristic, and this is then transformed into a hatred of the more fortunate ones. Next he turns the struggle for the elimination of social ills into a precise worldview. And thus he establishes the Marxist doctrine. [Notice that Adolf Hitler already pointed out the connection between social justice and Aryans, long before someone like Kevin MacDonald connected altruism with Aryans; yet MacDonald sneers at Hitler and considers him a unmentionable. MacD should show a little more humility.]



By categorically repudiating the value of the individual and also the nation and its racial content, this doctrine destroys the fundamental basis of all culture; for culture depends on these very factors. Such is the true core of the Marxist worldview—insofar as the term 'worldview' can be applied at all to this phantom product of a criminal brain. The shattering of the concept of personality and of race removes the chief obstacle that barred the way to domination by society's inferior element—and this is the Jew.

Thus arises a movement that's composed exclusively of manual workers under Jewish leadership. [We've seen plenty of that in labor unions thoughout the 20th century.]

The Freemasons carried out a program of pacifistic paralysis of the instinct for national self-preservation among our so-called intelligentsia, which was then extended to the broad masses of the workers and bourgeoisie by means of the always-Jewish press.

To these two instruments of disintegration, a third and still more ruthless one was added, namely, organized brute force. As a shock-and-storm-troop, Marxism seeks to finish off those parts of the social order left standing, after the two former weapons do their work. [We are certainly seeing a lot of brute force currently manifesting in leftist  'protests', more so than in a long time.]

[…] Among our high and highest state officials (with very few exceptions), the Jew has always found the most complacent backers of his destruction work. An attitude of cringing submissiveness towards 'superiors,' and a condescending arrogance towards 'inferiors,' are the characteristics of this class […]. These qualities are of the greatest use to the Jew.


Consistent with the ultimate goals of the Jewish struggle—goals that are not exhausted by economic domination of the world—the Jew divides the organization of his Marxist world-doctrine into two parts … : the political movement and the trade union movement. […]

The so-called national bourgeoisie, blinded by its own financial interests, opposes this life-or-death struggle of the workers, and places the heaviest obstacles in their way. […] All the while, the clever Jew takes the cause of the oppressed into his own hands. […]

As leader of the union movement, he has no scruples about putting forth demands that not only exceed the declared purpose of the movement, but couldn't be carried out without ruining the national economy. […]

By means of the union—which ought to be a blessing for the nation—the Jew shatters the foundation of the national economy. […]

Above all, it's this very press [media] that carries on a fanatical campaign of slander, striving to tear down everything that might be considered as a support for national independence, and sabotaging all cultural values and the autonomy of the national economy along the way. … it attacks all men of character who refuse to yield to Jewish efforts to dominate, or who appear dangerous to the Jews merely because of their superior ability. […]

The ignorance of the broad masses about the inner character of the Jew, and the lack of instinct and narrow-mindedness of our upper classes, make our people an easy victim of this Jewish campaign of lies. […]

Slowly, fear of the Marxist weapon of Jewry descends like a nightmare on the mind and soul of innocent people. They begin to quiver before this fearful enemy, and thereby become his victims.


(k) Jewish domination in the state seems now so fully assured that not only can he afford to call himself a Jew again, but he even openly acknowledges his ideas on national and political questions. [...] When the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the new national consciousness of the Jews will be satisfied by the establishment of a state in Palestine, the Jews thereby cleverly dupe the simple-minded goyim. They haven't the slightest intention of building up a Jewish state in Palestine so as to live there. What they really want is a central organization for their international world-swindle, one with sovereign rights and freedom from outside control—in other words, a refuge for convicted low-lifes and a training ground for budding criminals.


The black-haired Jewish youth […] In his systematic efforts to ruin girls and women, he strives to break down the last racial barriers for other peoples, even on a large scale. The Jews were and are responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the hated white race, and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that he himself might dominate.

A racially-pure people who are conscious of their blood can never be overcome by the Jew. In this world, he will only be master over a bastardized people.


(l) Now begins the last great revolution. Out of the democratic national Jew arises the blood-Jew, the tyrant of the peoples. In the course of a few years, he tries to root out all those who represent the national intelligence. [A good example of this is the Jew's fanatical efforts to get rid of Donald Trump, who represents an intelligent leader for America. Compare Trump to Obama, who was just what they liked. Bush too. This shows Trump is not owned by the Jews.]

Russia offers the most terrible example of such slavery, where he killed or starved 30 million people in a bout of savage fanaticism, and partly by means of inhuman torture. [...]


If we review all the causes of the German collapse, we find that the most profound and decisive cause remains the failure to recognize the racial problem and especially the Jewish danger. [Should go without saying that this applies not only to Germans of that time.]


By neglecting the problem of preserving the racial foundations of our nation, the old Reich disregarded the sole right that allowed it to survive in this world. […]

Everything on this Earth can be improved, every defeat can be the foundation of a future victory. Every lost war can be the cause of a later resurgence. […] But the loss of racial purity will wreck inner happiness forever. It degrades men for all time. And the consequences can never be removed.

If this single problem is studied and compared with the other problems of life, we will easily see how insignificant they are. They are all limited in time; but the problem of the maintenance or loss of the purity of the blood lasts as long as man himself. All symptoms of decline in the pre-war period can be traced back to racial causes.


Whether one is dealing with questions of general law or excesses of economic life, of symptoms of cultural decline or political degeneration, of defective schooling or the evil influence of the press over the adult population—always and everywhere, it's a fundamental disregard for the racial needs of the nation. That is, the failure to recognize the danger posed by a foreign race.


It would be a mistake to think that the followers of the various political parties that tried to fix the condition of the German people, or even all their leaders, were bad or malevolent in themselves. Their activity was doomed to failure simply because … they saw nothing but the symptoms … while overlooking the real cause of the disease.


At the Reichstag elections, the growing number of Marxist votes indicated that the internal breakdown and political collapse were then rapidly approaching. […] During all those years, only one protagonist fought with steadfast perseverance, and that was the Jew. The Star of David steadily ascended as the will to national self-preservation declined.

Therefore, in August 1914, it wasn't a unified people resolved to attack that rushed to the battlefields. Rather, it was the last flicker of an instinct for national self-preservation against the creeping pacificist-Marxist paralysis of the national body. […]

A profound recognition of all this was the source of those principles and tendencies that inspire our new movement. We were convinced that only by recognizing such truths could we halt the German national decline and lay a granite foundation on which the state could again be built—one that would not be an alien mechanism for economic purposes and interests, but a national organism: A German State for the German Nation.

End of Chapter 11


Excllent book, Mein Kampf. What should U.S. citizens learn from Mein Kampf? 

The most important thing we should learn is that a mixed race society can't be strong or united. Being united is what makes a nation strong. The United States was not a mixed race society until recently. When I was growing up in the 1940's and 50's it was still a White (European derived) society everywhere, and that was not expected to change. But it has changed drastically in only 50 years.

Now, we have violent protests and disturbance of the peace going on all the time by "Americans" of all colors (many are even illegal aliens) pushing for radical anti-white ideas and causes. Of our two major political parties, one has turned sharply toward being openly anti-white!

Mein Kampf tells us again and again that protecting its racial integrity is the first requirement of any national group. The idea of diversity being a strength is a lie. Jews were the first non-Whites to come to the U.S. because they came from white European countries. It was they who joined together to advocate for more racial diversity (and many other evils). They are responsible for initiating the weakening of America and this is what U.S. citizens can learn from Mein Kampf.

I disagree that the Jews are trying to get rid of Trump. They control both major political parties in this country. Even the current Trump manifestation of the Republican party. Therefore, even if the Democrats overplay their hand, they can be sure that the Trumpian Republican party will do their bidding. In short, Trump is no Hitler.

Justin - I am pointing out where things said by Trump about nationhood are similar to things said and written by Hitler. Do you deny my two examples from the MK text?

Where is your evidence that Jews control both parties? What does 'control' mean to you? How is the current Republican party doing the bidding of Jews, besides supporting Israel? What is the bidding of Jews? Why is Jew Michael Bloomberg (net worth $15B) considering a primary run against Trump in 2020? In short, your disagreement that Jews are working to get rid of Trump is based on vague notions commonly circulated in alt-right forums.

Donald Trump has accomplished more for the white cause in the past 4 years than any specifically white leader that you can name. And he's not done yet, unless he gets assassinated. There is no magic wand to wave! I don't understand why you want to discourage 'alt-righters' from supporting him.

First of all, I don't think I've ever heard Trump acknowledge that their is a "white cause". He did promise to build a wall (the only reason I voted for him by the way), and that may or may not come to pass . Personally, I don't think it will. Where is your evidence that the Jews DO NOT control both parties? To be a truly alternative right we need to offer an alternative. This should include our own party and our own "worldview". That is why Hitler was so much different-better-than what we have now. Including Trump.

I shouldn't have to explain to you that Trump is President of the United States and that means, ideally, ALL the people in the US. We are no longer a white country, if you noticed.

If you had not voted for Trump (and the wall), what would you have done? There was no viable alternative.

Don't blame Donald Trump that he is not leading an alternative right party. Blame the alterntive right "leaders" or rank and file who are mostly neophytes who couldn't run a dog show. Look at how many of them are Jew-friendly too! Remember the 'American Freedom Party' formed in 2010 by William Johnson, et al? Big plans, I joined, but it ended up supporting Donald Trump in 2016! It was also because of Donald Trump that the 'alt-right' got attention in the mainstream.

Of course Hitler was better than Trump. Why do you think I keep promoting H's work and worldview, and recommending we make him our figurative or symbolic leader. I don't see you or anyone except Brian Ruhe agreeing with or defending that. 

Sorry, but I don't understand how you think I'm not defending Hitler. I certainly won't defend our moribund system of government. As for Trump, I immediately regretted voting for him as soon as he launched those missles at Syria. If that isn't support for Jewish aims I don't know what is.

You don't understand, is right. It is a waste of time to offer you any complexity of thought. For example, I had said I didn't see you defending MY recommendation that the alt-right make him its figurative or symbolic leader (since we're always crying we have no leadership). Your response missed the point.

As to Trump's missiles into Syria, I wonder what you would have thought had you been a German citizen in 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union along a thousand mile front. It's none of our business? He's playing into the Jews' hands? It's easier to be for someone when they're no longer around making new decisions.

The good that Trump has done and is doing so far outweighs the bad people like you FEAR he will do ... that taking pot-shots from the peanut gallery is not becoming or convincing. Adolf Hitler would not approve. He had a word for complainers but I cannot think what it is right now, or find it. Anyone?

Postscript 10/13 - The word is defeatist, which is not exactly the same as complainer, I know. But it fits when you doubt that Trump will ever build the wall. I think he will ... and certainly no one else will.

Quite frankly, I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to point out anything to you. However, I do agree that the alt-right would do well to make Hitler it's symbolic or figurative leader. I don't think it will happen-at least for the time being. The only person in the alt-right that openly admires Hitler is Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer, but I would hardly call his publication National Socialist in nature. Again, it reads too much like a Trump/Republican party praise sheet for my liking. I guess, when it comes right down to it, I'm going to continue to find inspiration in the words and actions of Adolf Hitler. I can't seem to find it anywhere else.


German historians on Wednesday accused far-right leader Alexander Gauland of paraphrasing Adolf Hitler in a newspaper column taking aim at a "globalised class" that he claimed threatens all that is good in his 'homeland'.

"Their members live almost exclusively in big cities, speak fluent English, and when they move from Berlin to London or Singapore for jobs, they find similar apartments, houses, restaurants, shops and private schools everywhere.This group socialises among itself but is culturally 'diverse'," Gauland wrote, adding that they have no attachments to their homeland. [...]

Historian Wolfgang Benz, a prominent researcher on the Nazi era, noted however that Gauland's commentary was strikingly similar to a speech made by Hitler in 1933. Addressing workers at the Siemens Dynamo Works in Berlin in November 1933, Hitler railed against a "small, rootless, international clique".

They are "the people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere, who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up, but who live in Berlin today, in Brussels tomorrow, Paris the day after that, and then again in Prague or Vienna or London, and who feel at home everywhere," he said, as a man in the audience shouts "the Jews!".

"It is bad that Gauland is signalling to his educated followers that he knows the speech and style of Hitler's speech and that he is transferring Hitler's accusations against the Jews to the opponents of the AfD today," said Wolffsohn.

Maybe it's all a big conspiracy to fool us.

@Carolyn: Regarding Gauland, to use a cliche; "when one is correct and over the target, they get flak."

Gauland must have struck a nerve.

I actually appreciate these so-called "historians" for bringing more attention to Gauland's, and Hitler's, words and accurate assessments (somewhat like the "Barbara Streisand Effect") - Streisand was also Jewish by the way. LOL).

"Maybe it's all a big conspiracy to fool us."
Certainly the AFD as well is fooling us. They welcomed Jews  with open arms. I finally concluded under great pain that jews are THE enemy of the German people since centuries.
Meanwhile the AFD is even singing a moderate song about Muslims. Of course dear Jew, don't worry, you need not to be afraid since the invention of "antisemitism".
The AFD is part of the camouflaging of the demise of the German people and their Nation. As a German patriot I think we, the Germans, are our greatest enemy.
For crying out loud, the Führer did draw the absolute right conclusions.
Glück auf
Klaus borgolte

There is no logic from you here, Klaus. Are you so easily fooled? You live in Germany, yet you expect the AfD to say Jews are not welcome?! You don't know that the whole purpose of the Federal Republic is to support and protect Israel and Jews because of Germany's "everlasting responsibility" that was acquired under Hitler? Of course you know it!

At no time in its history has AfD been anti-Jewish! No one is being fooled. It has always been anti-Hitler and anti-National Socialist. AfD denounces Hitler; if they didn't they would be banned outright under the federal constitution, like the NPD.

As I see it, the AfD are people who are trying to do something to stop "the demise of the German people and their Nation," as you put it. They want to represent those people in Germany who have no representation in the other parties. They are not a part of any camouflage. I think that's an extreme and unjustified charge. Election is Sunday; I will cover it.

Are you aware that you said both "jews are THE enemy of the German people since centuries" and also "I think we, the Germans, are our greatest enemy." Which is it?

I think that the AfD is legitimate and they are trying to navigate in an environment and regime that is hostile to its own native people. I wish that they could do more and go further, but I commend them for their efforts so far. The fact that they now have even a place in government is encouraging.

I hope this is true, AfD is the 2nd largest party in Germany:

Keep in mind that the current state in Germany is one where any German that shows any self-esteem, and is pro-German in any way, can be labeled a "nazi" and can even be legally prosecuted (due to any actions or words they express by them).

There is no logic from you here, Carolyn, either. Are you so easily fooled? :)  
If  "the whole purpose of the Federal Republic is to support and protect Israel and Jews", why are those same Jews doing their very best to kill posthaste the goose laying the golden eggs for them?
The simple explanation would be that they are afraid of a backlash in case of Hitler's second coming. Simple explanations are often wrong and stupid but this one is good enough for me. 
AfD seem to be a mixed bag. You don't necessarily have to be a Hitler worshipper, jew-hater or even "race realist" if you want to lock the borders and throw away the key. Ideological scaffolding is unnecessary when you meet and get to know your new muslim fellow citizens in any greater number, which is hard to avoid these days. AdD are those Germans who defied (some of) brainwashing AND who decided to act on it despite personal risk. 

"If "the whole purpose of the Federal Republic is to support and protect Israel and Jews", why are those same Jews doing their very best to kill posthaste the goose laying the golden eggs for them?"

This. This is the enigma and illogic of the Jews. Jews never had it better in all of history than when they were in Germany prior to WW2. Jews greatly prospered in pre-WW2 Germany, but they still had to try and destroy Germany. History is repeating itself. Germany is an economic global powerhouse, economically and culturally better than the the WW2 victors (the UK, France, Russia) by far (and very competitive with the US), yet Jews in Germany are at it again with their support of illegal immigration.

I remember seeing a cartoon from an old book or newspaper somewhere depicting the Jew as a monkey sitting on a tree branch and cutting it off - cutting the tree branch on which it is sitting would lead to its own falling and demise - Jews are their own worst enemy.

Bill, Jews in Germany (so-called German Jews) did not "try and destroy Germany." It was England and France (plus the Roosevelt administration) that wanted that. World Jewry wanted to destroy Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP because it was antisemitic. They joined the Allies but had their own reasons. Even the Soviet Union only wanted to make Germany one of their soviet socialist states, not destroy it. WWII was an alliance of selfish, childish nation states playing with fire. But it was also World Jewry that kept stoking the fire.

Please take a look at my new response to Carolyn (above). 
Is this a religious problem or can (and should) their hatred and destructiveness be explained without metaphysics? Monkey or Satan? Materialism has always worked well for me but here I feel i am hitting a wall. 

1. "the whole purpose of the Federal Republic is to support and protect Israel and Jews" has been stated by Angela Merkel many times, as well as prior chancellors and the political parties from center to far left over the years. The current foreign minister Heiko Maas (SPD) expresses the same sentiment ("Auschwitz is the reason I went into politics"). Jews, however, never trust Gentiles in this regard, so they seek to always have Jews in controlling positions everywhere, as far as possible. Under the post-war laws and rules, it's impossible to keep them out.

The Jews, therefore, don't believe the AfD is a fake, or a camouflage, but actually threatens a drastic change of direction for German politics.

2. "AfD seem to be a mixed bag." All political parties are a mixed bag. They have to consider the practical necessities along with the ideal goals. NSDAP was no exception to that. After Hitler got the power, he rooted out elements that he considered subversive to his goals and leadership. The AfD is still a long way from taking power.

Everybody thinks his/her logic is working fine. But I was jokingly using your quote from your response above. I have no issue with your logic, Carolyn, and you know it. So far :) 
The question remains: why are they killing the goose? Their power in the West is virtually uncontested and uncontestable. Is this something more rarified, religious perhaps? 
Horst Mahler said to the former president of German Jewry Michel Friedman: "You are the embodiment of a god who is, as we understand it, Satan, and you have a tragic role in the decomposition and denial of life of all other nations."
Is that it? 
2. Yes, but my own feeling is that the AfD bag is more mixed than other bags. 

Hasso ... You kindly sent me the 2007 Horst Mahler interview with Michael Friedman in English translation. I am looking into these religious theories of Mahler so it will come up again and we can all talk about it, including Bill.

I don't think Jews think they are "killing the goose" or that their power in the West is "uncontested and uncontestable." They believe in being always vigilent. They will never let up and relax.

I think Hitler referred to things like this as "bourgeois nationalism". Unless the AFD actually is a radical nationalist group and is trying to camouflage itself. I kind of doubt that though.

"Hitler referred to things like this ..."

Things like what? You avoid being specific.

Movements like the AFD, which are more moderate in nature.

I don't recall Hitler using the term bourgeois nationalism, so maybe you could give an example or two.

Hitler disliked capitalism, but had a strong following among the middle class bourgeoisie, as well as the working class. Then he even got the support of very wealthy industrialists because of their fear of communist labor unions. So Hitler was relatively moderate.

Retired physician Gedeon has harshly criticised the small Jewish group, the JAfD on Facebook. “In the best case, this foundation is superfluous as an abnormal growth, and in the worst case, it is a Zionist lobby organisation, which runs counter to the interests of Germany and Germans.”

Apology to Klaus, if this is what he meant by 'camouflage.'

I received this from A. in Australia today. He gave his name but I'm not passing it on because I didn't ask permission to publish it. I don't think he'll mind though. It says a lot.

I must say that I never thought I could become an antisemite, I was a 3rd generation Christian Zionist. But, thankfully, I was open enough and I was able to make the journey of baby steps it requires to finally realise that the wisest man the world has seen in regard to world affairs in our epoch was actually Adolf Hitler.

My family hate me for it, none of my friends can go there, but I don't care, I understand the truth and this is all I wanted.

That last post of yours from Hitler was mind boggling, how did he come up with that block rocking truth?!

Thank you for doing what you do.