NYC has trouble burying 100 bodies per day; compare to 6000 for Auschwitz!

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2020-04-11 15:14

Workers wearing hazmat suits and other protective gear were seen burying caskets three deep in a mass grave on New York's Hart Island Thursday, April 9, amid speculation coronavirus victims are now being buried there. Normally, about 25 bodies are buried each Thursday on Hart Island. That number increased to 72 since the end of March when coronavirus fatalities increased drastically in the city, according to the Dept. of Corrections.

Another view of the burial taking place on New York's Hart Island last Thursday morning. Names could be seen written or carved onto some caskets, obviously for future identification. It can't be missed how undignified this all is, in spite of the talk of "every life having so much meaning." The majority of coronavirus dead will remain in refigerated trucks until they can be buried or cremated.

By Carolyn Yeager

New York City, one of the largest, wealthiest cities in the world, struggles to handle the death of 600 persons per day from the coronavirus pandemic – which begs the question how did a relatively small work-and-transit camp under German control manage to dispose of 6000 bodies a day???

From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, America's perceived top authority on such questions, we read:

At the height of the deportations, an average of 6,000 Jews were gassed each day at the Birkenau killing center using Zyklon B, a poisonous gas.

The “height of the deportations” referred to took place in 1944, most notably from Hungary with an alleged 400,000 in two months (April to June).

How did they do it? The only possible answer is, they didn't! If we cannot manage 600 bodies a day in the largest US city, they surely couldn't handle 10 times that many daily in the small Birkenau facilities.

Because of the tremendous number claimed for the "Holocaust", the disposal of the bodies is a burning, yet still not satisfactorily answered question. Allegedly they were cremated in the three crematoria facilities at Birkenau. But this being insufficient, outdoor burning of bodies piled onto makeshift pyres was resorted to. But neither aerial photographs taken at the time nor evidence on the ground of the mountains of ash and bone that would have resulted, back up such a story.

There is no physical evidence that such massive numbers of prisoners were murdered. There is only the testimony of 'survivors' which is almost all hearsay.

Now we have the Covid-19 deaths coming fast and furious (although nothing like what is claimed for the so-called “death camps” in Europe during WW2) and we see the difficulty of such body disposal even in advanced, highly developed modern westerm nations. If we can't do it now, how could the Germans have done so much more 80 years ago while under unrelenting attack on two major war fronts? It boggles the imagination.

The answer they've always given is: They did it because we say they did. And that cannot be questioned.

Are the people and world 'leaders' going to think about this? Will it make them question their easy assumptions? I wouldn't bet on it but we should push for it, demand it, nevertheless. Demand answers, not equivocation.

Just a few of the refrigerated tractor trailers seen lined up at Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island, NY on Thursday, April 9.

A worker preparing the refrigerated tractor trailers that will be used as morgues and have wooden shelves to hold caskets inside.

According to the Daily Mail, the number of burials on Hart Island has quadrupled amid the pandemic.

The city has used Hart Island since the 19th century to bury New Yorkers with no known next of kin or whose family are unable to arrange a funeral. 

Typically, about 25 bodies are buried there once a week by low-paid Rikers Island jail inmates. That number began increasing last month as the new coronavirus spread rapidly and New York became the epicenter of the pandemic. 

They are now burying about two dozen bodies a day, five days a week, has been told. 

Only 125 per week! NYC is way behind the number of "body bags" that are piling up in the morgues and refrigerated trucks.

Burial operations continue to be supervised by the Dept. of Corrections, who has been performing this duty on Hart Island for over 150 years.

For burial on the island, the dead are wrapped in body bags and placed inside pine caskets. The deceased's name is scrawled in large letters on each casket, which helps if anybody needs to be exhumed later. The caskets are buried in long narrow trenches excavated by digging machines.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) can store about 800 to 900 bodies in its buildings and also has room to store about 4,000 bodies in some 40 refrigerated trucks it can dispatch around the city to hospitals that typically have only small morgues. (about 100 bodies per semi truck -cy)

A refrigerated truck marked only "Special Operations" makes its way from Randall Island to Hart Island.

Here is a zoom-in shot making the words "Special Operations" readable. What kind of murder-conspiracy theory could be made out of such photos and language (brings to mind "special commando/sondercommando") if the media/government partnership wished to do it?

Caskets are unloaded from the Special Operations-marked refrigerated truck at the burial site on Hart Island on Thursday, April 9th. The workers are even wearing Riker's Island striped prison uniforms! (click on pictures to enlarge)


Carolyn, what is your opinion re: this supposed pandemic, the medical procedures, and the seriousness of the coronavirus ?

I do not like Fauci or the international 'health' organizations or vaccine industry. I'm a natural health person since I read my first “health food” book when I was 19 years old. I'm against vaccines [except if travelling or livng in an area where things like malaria, typhus, etc. are rampant], have only had two vaccinations in my life, when young – diptheria and polio. I think the virus is real, but will be used to push people into forced vaccination, based on “Public Health” necessity. If/when a Covid vaccination is available, I will avoid it.

As to it's seriousness, it doesn't seem to be turning out so serious for most people. I believe we should both strengthen and rely on our immune systems. I also believe in eugenics.

By this time everyone knows what Carolyn Yeagar is saying is true.  But if it is ever admitted that would mean that the Jews purposely lied to the world.  That would make their religion a lie, too.  They did the same thing with the story of Abraham.  They used the myth of Abraham and the promise of God to give them the land of Israel in order to justify the ethnic cleansing of the cannanites peoples and take their land.  They are doing the same thing today according to Israel's favorite son, Miko Peled, in his  The General's Son.  The real evil herein is that the Zionist Jews are the war mongers who burned alive the German people, and they got Christians to do the dirty work for them.  (Much as today.)  The trick was to turn the tables and make themselves the martyrs, which they did, by accusing the Germans of doing exactly what they did to the Germans.  But with the Germans there is no doubt about it.  Men, women, and children, were intentionally burned alive for the sake of these liars.  Any self-respecting, honest Jew, today would want the truth to be known, like Miko Peled.  
What then shall we do?  We can not go back and correct the past, although we can try to face the truth.  It might be too unbearable in which case we are finished.  But one solution which Miko Peled says is the only way to bring peace in the Middle East is to end the apartheid regime of the Israelis and create a one state with equality for all, a democracy.  Israel is not a democracy right now.  More like an oligarchy boarding on a theocracy.   A two state solution Peled maintains is a holding pattern until Israel can take all the land in Palestine for itself.  By supporting Israel the US is making laws establishing a religion.  Rather the US should use all its power to force Israel to become a united Palestinian state.  How about the United States of Palestine?  
Meanwhile anyone pushing the holocaust myth should be ashamed of themselves and called out for what they are, liars, everyone of them.  

I"ve been a one-stater myself for a long time. It's just common sense.

O'Bryan Milligan writes: But if the "Holocaust" was ever admitted to be a lie, then that would mean that the Jews purposely lied to the world.
This is a mistake: It was not the Jews who lied to the world, it was the militarily victorious Allies, the USA, the Soviet Union, Britain and France, who promoted the wicked and false  claim that the Germans had murdered millions Jews durng the Second World War. The Allies published the blood-libel gainst the Geman people at the Nurembeg Trial that they orgainised against the defeated German leaders; the trial that leading American jurists condemned at the time as a "lynch-mob" (Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Harlan F. Stone), and as a "Perversion of Justice" (US Senator  Robert Taft). It is now known that torture was employed by the Allies to obtain self-condemning "confessions" from their German prisoners in order to give credence to the Allies' proganda-lie of the "Holocaust".
It was not the Jews whp purposely lied to the world but to their undyng shame the Allies.
Hence the observation: Allies = All Lies.

Richard, what you wrote is a mistake:

"It was not the Jews who lied to the world, it was the militarily victorious Allies, the USA, the Soviet Union, Britain and France, who promoted the wicked and false  claim that the Germans had murdered millions Jews durng the Second World War."

The Jews most certainly did lie to the world. [Later edit: If you would have added one word - just - before "the Jews" your sentence would have been fine.] I have written fairly extensively about the role of the World Jewish Congress in making false claims about mass murder of Jews beginning in 1932, and their leaders, particularly Rabbi Stephen Wise, having the ear of the Franklin Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) administration. Probably the best article of mine to read is this one: A History of the World Jewish Congress, but there are several. It details exactly how and when the Jews lied. I should make a special category for these articles and put it on my front page menu (under articles).

If it weren't for the World Jewish Congress developing a false narrative throughout the 1930s and applying pressure to governments in the 1940s, the "gas chamber" stories would never have come to be. The WJC invented them! And they work tirelessly to keep it viable up to the present time. Billionaire Ronald Lauder is a powerful figure at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum where he is very active.

One thing you can say about Jews - they are tireless. Not lazy like the majority of Europeans. And this is not to diminish the responsibility of the Allies, but to say it's not just the Big Four, but all European nations are happy to blame the Germans and keep them hamstrung. Who stands up for getting to the truth of this? Only a very few of us.

You're right about the "undying shame" of it all for our people. But it was led by Jews.


Yes, of course I know all this. But one has to think: How is this desperate  situation - the endless lies against the Germans, AND the on-going genocide via mas-immigration - how are these horrors to be successfully opposed ? That is the question. I am in this business to save the White race (to keep the dialectics simple).

Hence, IMO we should attempt to destroy the moral standing of the Western politicians: that was the purpose my recent mocking of Pence, Putin, Prince Charles etc. I am now convinced that "Holocaust" Revisionism is the only way to destroy them. "Conventional"  WN campaigning on Race, Crime, Immigration, which I have campaigned on for forty years now,  is not sufficient.

Yes, I know all about Jewish power. But if - Yes, "But if" - But if the "Holocaust" were exposed as a total a propaganda-lie without any proof, just like the British government's lie  of WW I that the Germans were cutting off children's hands in Belgium, then Jewish power would collapse.

And Yes, I think that one should promote the ideas of Miko Peled - all credit to your correspondent for promoting Peled's book, The General's Son,  - a copy of  which I possess. Peled advocates the closing down the State of  Israel  and constructing a secular, democratic, multi-racial, multi-faith Jewish - Arab- Muslim- Christian entity where all are equal citizens. Peled visited London last year and spoke at a meeting,  I would have liked to have met him, unfortunately I had another engagement.

One should seek for solutions, not confrontations. You may publish this correspondence if you wish, Carolyn. 

Regards, Richard.

Thank you for your sincere comment. I don't think I mean to be confrontational, but to be strictly accurate. Many have gotten upset with me over this very pickiness. You say your idea is to destroy the moral standing of the Western politicians, which can only be done by showing they lied about the Holocaust, and/or the alleged German crimes. 

You say: "If the holocaust were exposed as a total propaganda-lie without any proof [it already has been!], Jewish power would collapse." You add: "like the British government's lie of WW I that the Germans were cutting off children's hands in Belgium." That was exposed after the war but did not collapse Jewish power. (See here)

So it seems Jewish power is quite resilient and we haven't yet found the way to weaken it. My suggestion is to always tell the truth, the absolute truth, about everything. Stick to the truth as best we know it in every instance - that way we won't end up stepping on our own feet. The holocaust believers step on themselves all the time; that's where we've got the advantage over them.

Carolyn, you wrote:
"So it seems Jewish power is quite resilient and we haven't yet found the way to weaken it. My suggestion is to always tell the truth, the absolute truth, about everything. Stick to the truth as best we know it in every instance - that way we won't end up stepping on our own feet. The holocaust believers step on themselves all the time; that's where we've got the advantage over them."
If there's one thing Donald Trump did that was really great for us, it was to prove that, in politics, one should always heed the words of John Wayne in the movie She Wore a Yellow Ribbon:
Never apologize!
This is particularly the case when you're RIGHT.
But I have to say that I agree with the Catholic dissident E. Michael Jones: Even if the Jews seem stronger than ever before, they clearly are afraid. They wouldn't feel the need to be de-platforming folks, and so forth, if they weren't afraid. Now of course, being Jews, they mix this with their typical chutzpah, so sometimes it gets hard to interpret their behavior. I'm seeing a growing number of average Republican white Americans - including stereotypical "boomers"! - becoming basically aware of the Jewish question.

This has been said for so very many years now that it can't be attributed to E. Michael Jones. (I know you favor the Catholic approach in all things, but I have to admit this offends me, lol.) Jews have had to fear non-Jews for their entire existence because of the miserable way they treat non-Jews, so they're used to it. It's not new!

Look around. Jews are not looking for cover or shutting down any operations. They're going all out, everywhere. What are "average Republican white Americans" doing? Appears to me they're looking everywhere but to the Jews to see whom to blame.

Of course the Holocaust is the biggest lie of the century. Jews lie, cheat and steal like normal people breathe. It comes from being so inbred and the resultant insanity and mental instability that comes with it.

I'm not sure you read my article. No claim is made or implied that NYC is running out of burial space. That is not what it's about.

The fact is NYC is burying an increased number of plain pine coffins at Hart Island, which is where unclaimed bodies usually go. Probably many of the city elderly who are alone with no family and died during this coronavirus epidemic, are being buried there. 

This article is about comparing the numbers NY City has been surprised by with the far, far higher numbers the Germans were supposedly able to dispose of during the "Holocaust." It's also enlightening to see the conditions of burial in New York as not too different from how the SS operated in the camps. Pandemics and epidemics, whether COVID or typhus, put a strain on everyone equally. Death is never pretty.

Just one of the many completely incorrect, misleading, distorted, or just plain lies that pass as 'articles' here.

So, they've (Jews) constructed all the benefits (for them) of war without any of the cost (for them). Now they're even using mass (and shallow) graves! Unbelievable! All western countries (white) are in a communist lockdown, with lineups, food shortages, mandatory masks and special lines to stay behind or dots to stand on. Standard procedure is government workers get to completely ignore all rules but citizens get jailed and fined for doing so (nothing unusual here) but most amusingly the enforcers of such laws actually enable (if you believe the medical propaganda we've been bludgeoned with) the communicable dsease(s) to spread wildly. Supermarket attendants rushing you and making contact with your person, becauee your not standing on the green dots and are, therefore, standing a few inches closer to the person in front of you but in fact at a further distance than attendant who has now touched you! Yet we are supposed to believe this madness is the reason for shutting society down!

I don't know where you live, but where I live (in the fine state of Texas) supermarket attendants don't rush you or make contact with your person. They are doing an excellent job in the stores; I appeciate it so much.

Yes Carolyn that's how it is in Australia where I am. I am sure difderent people will give differing opinions but they will all say the same abiut tue stupid idea police will touch you, man handle you to 'stop' YOU spreading disease and the supermarkets here etc. I no longer shop at our supermarkets. It's a horrible experience. I shop at a little organic shop that doesn't have giant green dots a meter and a half apart with weirdos standing following you around to make sure you stand on them. The organic shop (remaining unamed as it will locate me exactly) has no dots, no enforcment. The food isn't poisoned by (ironically, Jewish owned food companies that ensure strict standards for their own foods!), I even buy milk in glass containers there. Everyone is lovely and as happy as can be under the circumstances. No one here in Australia you talk to knows anyone thats sick, no one knows anyone who knows anyone sick. I am sure its the same for you also Carolyn?  

Shaun, I'm happy to say that in my county, there are only 2 cases of Covid-19 ... no deaths. We are 70 miles from San Antonio which has somewhat over 700 cases and 27 deaths - not that much for a major city. I think this is typical for the country in general since people are not traveling much now (that helps) - the outbreaks are in the largest metropolitan areas only. And it's mostly people over 80 who are dying from it. Our economy should not be shut down to save a few more of those people - and I am old myself!

Therefore, I think the country should go back to work, those who test free from the virus or have immunity from it. I hope Trump develops a plan for the first week of May. In areas with good white people, kids could go back to school. For city schools, No. For myself, I'll continue to stay at home, and will wear a mask when I go out ... some of the time.

Regarding masks, I was rather pleased to see that the American people ignored the mixed messages and lies by Fauci, et al, and began wearing masks basically on their own initiative. Fauci, et al, then admitted reality. For all of their problems and failings after years of domination by liberalism, they still have some starch in them. "Some", maybe not a lot. But some.

May you rot in hell.

The world is filled with people who claim to be experts and produce the sort of drivel in this intellectually dishonest site.
You're either dumber than a rock and clueless or willfully pushing intentional lies and distortion of truth. 
Dead Adolph and his clan meticulously documented their evil and it was secured by the allies and distributed so that people like you could not push misinformation.
Your allegations hold the same value as saying you don't believe that blood pumps through the veins of people and animals because you haven't seen it.

I've been getting a larger than usual amount of hate mail (including especially email) over this article. The holocaust believers really hate it! LOL. I think it's all the photos which tell the story better than text can do, courtesy of the Daily Mailwhere there are scads more.

Tommy, here are some "meticulously collected facts" regarding concentration camp cremation as eye witnessed by Olga Lengyel, the author of 'I survived Hitler's Ovens':
"120 oven doors x 3 corpses each =360 corpses per operation. 360 corpses every 30 minutes =720 per hour= 17,280 per day." Page 65
"camp orchestra played tangos and jazz whilst Jews were selected for gas chambers." Page 67
"The Nazi arrested two American tourists and sent them to Auschwitz. They were immediately sent to the gas chambers; in their confiscated luggage were found records by Bing Crosby. So as the 'machinery of death' was progressing the dirtyfilthyrotten Nazis played 'Silent Night'. Page 81

You're getting a lot more hate mail, Carolyn, because you are flying directly over the illusion they have created. You can see clearly that the whole notion of 6000 bodies being cremated a day is total absurdity. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

Thanks Walter. I appreciate that.

That's crazy, man.  And imagine returning to the scene of a mass shooting whilst the Russians are "bear"ing... down on you and dig up 100,000 bodies  to cremate them and crush the remaining bones down to dust so that the world won't know what mass murderers you were and won't take you to their show trial at Nuremburg to hang.  Can't be too careful when you're a " MASS MURDERER" "EXTERMINATING" jews.  This is the drivelly nonsense I just viewed on Netflix "Einsatzgruppen".  Babi Yar they call it.  And that other place in Lithuania I think.     The eyewitnesses were completely convincing though.  Were they Soviet trained to tell these stories?  That's the frightening part. Soviet operatives.  Almost as scary as being an actual holyhoax denier, 9/11 truther....big lie busting Atheist skeptic.
R. Dan

Hi Carolyn,
Random question:
Have you read 'Hitler's Revolution' by Richard Tedor? I did a search here on your site to see if you had reviewed it before but didn't find anything. Could have just been user error on my part. Anyway, I was curious.

No, I haven't read it but I did buy it and have it. It's waiting in the wings. 

Not only that but the Germans achieved this supernatural feat while also fighting a two-front war.  All it takes is a little imagination.

Never let a fake crisis go to waste when holo truth is always urgently needed.

Bill Gates, the eugenicist Jew wants all you dumb-Goy to submit to his, and the criminal W.H.O.'s, poisonous vaccine. The odious creature is funding I.D.2020 which is a unique digital I.D., administered via vaccine. The war on cash continues unabated.
You dumb-Goy had best start thinking as it will be made illegal soon.
Technocracy rising, U.N. Agenda 21/30.
That ridiculous image you posted Caroplyn is nothing more that Jew propaganda, it's as bad as David Olère's crap. Did Julian Assflange, the intel asset, 'leak' it by any chance? Start switching on woman, there is no disease, other than the usual flu strains they spray on you every year.

And this should have been included with my previous post. But it seems to post an image is just so convoluted:

Because I have the verification email address function for comment writers switched off, they cannot post images. There's always a price to pay for every advantage.

Here's how Angela Merkel's mouthpiece news organization Deutsche Welle handles the coronavirus conspiracy stories:

 It's against "alternative news." Here's the first thing that catches my eye:

"alternative media" are also basically reporting on the same, verifiable facts — but they lace these reports with speculation, such as positing that the virus was produced in a laboratory or  that it is less dangerous than reports would suggest."

Duh, that has been confirmed.

"Media outlets that spread such theories are anything but naive about what they're doing. Platforms like 'Russia Today Germany' or the right-wing magazine Compact carry out targeted propaganda."

The article ends with bringing up the "murder, by a right wing extremist, of center-right Christian Democrat regional politician Walter Lübcke last year" that "shows the danger" of anything to the right of Merkel and the CDU. This one-event is continually repeated in DW news stories that mention the "far-right."

How can you not include forced labour in the equation? You see here 5 to 6 men standing around having to bury (by hand?)
Now imagine 500 workers forced and beaten into working their ass off. I can see that being slighty more productive.

Mark, prisoners get paid for the work they do. It's not up to civilian standards but they're happy to have money to buy things with and want to work. If you don't want to work you don't have to, I'd think, because so many do and volunteer. It gets them out! Wouldn't you rather be out there on that island than inside the prison walls?

The inmates in the concentration camps were also paid and there were stores where they could buy stuff. They also wanted to be on a work force. They weren't beaten and didn't have to "work their ass off" anymore than the guys in the above last photo are doing. The trench is dug by machine.

But still, the similarity is striking between our prison system and the German camp system. That's all they were was camp-style prisons and the inmates were treated just as well, or better, than ours are. Thanks for the comment.

How do we know that there are actually human bodies in those boxes? Maybe they only contain sandbags...
PS...great site, Carolyn!