New 'scholarly' French translation of Mein Kampf is two-thirds commentary, only one-third Hitler!

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2021-06-11 11:47

This is the cover of the new "Mein Kampf" translation put out by a committee of leftist French scholars. The main title means in English: 'To historicize evil' or ''put evil in historical context.' Does that sound kind of biased to you?

By Carolyn Yeager

A NEW FRENCH TRANSLATION OF MEIN KAMPF includes twice the amount of commentary, intended as “context,” as makes up the original text by Adolf Hitler! Yes, French publisher Fayard uses twice as many words to slam and slander Hitler as Hitler used in the totality of his lengthy two-part biography and political manifesto.

The new book is not even titled “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), but “Putting Evil in Context: A Critical Edition of Mein Kampf.” Hitler's name does not appear on the plain white cover as the author. That, however, is apt since a committee of a dozen historians worked on the 'scholarly' two-thirds of the book that is there to obstruct and spin what we hear from Adolf Hitler. What a farce.

Still, I don't think it will do much damage to the truth, although that is its intention. The 1000 page book costs $120 and will not be sold in bookstores but must be special ordered. Not only that but all profits are to go to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation! If you need it, further evidence of Jewish sponsorship of the entire project is translator Olivier Mannoni's negative description of Hitler's writing. He calls it an “incoherent soup,” and reportedly "tried to keep faithful to Hitler's limited vocabulary and repetitive style.” Clearly he's not a fan.

Mannoni has in the past been praised for his translations of Franz Kafka, Sigmund Freud and Stefan Zweig (note all are Jews) from German into French. This lends credence to my sense that this is just another Jewish project, in this case by Leftists and the Holocaust Lobby ... which is very powerful in France.

So what do the scholars 'contextualize' about Mein Kampf? The usual—that it is “racist,” that it led to the murder of some six million people in the Holocaust, that it's full of lies and omissions – for example the fact that “Hitler was not the great heroic figure in the First World War that he claimed he was.” This tells me the lies and omissions in this new publication will come from the scholars themselves, in their ongoing effort to make Adolf Hitler “go away,” disappear altogether from the annals of history. They'd like to bury him once and for all, so that no memory or trace remains of the real person - only a demon they can bring out at will to terrorize both Jews and Gentiles alike.

In contrast, the staying power of this man and his ideas is obvious and real. The Left's fear of him grows in proportion to his growing acceptance, as more people see him as the person he actually was and reject the lies of establishment history. Those of us who stand up for him are needed more than ever to continue to keep his memory fresh and relevant. We're fortunate to have the Thomas Dalton “side by side” dual German-English translation so that clear comparison of Hitler's much-maligned writing style and true intent can be easily ascertained. No one else dares to do that. Please see my summaries of these volumes beginning here in 2018 or here (continue to more forward by clicking 'previous' at bottom of page): Adolf Hitler on 'Public Opinion'. It's a quick way to gain an overall view of an essential work of the twentieth century -- what's in it and, sometimes even more importantly, what isn't.


Mein Kampf


Hitler cannot, and never will be ignored. Hitler is relevant to what is happening today more than ever. Bad people try to suppress and mischaracterize the truth of Hitler, but this only serves to reveal the truth. The Barbara Streisand effect in action.

Carolyn, you're not surprised, are you ?  The French have always been jealous of Germany.  And the French 'Revolution' destroyed France, so we should not be surprised.  

No, I'm not surprised. But France and Germany have been historical competitors only since Germany unified as a nation in 1871. Then they had disputes over border territory which became practically life or death issues for France. However, currently France has the disputed territories as their own.

I think this "Nazi" hate-trip has more to do with the Jewish interests, and I think they are behind this book. I left out mentioning that both Germany and Poland had already each come out with their own "scholarly" critical editions of Mein Kampf. Surprising or not, it's despicable as "history." And I think that makes it news.

I agree, this has little to do with France as a nation/culture/people....rather it has everything to do with jews operating in they do in all nations. They highjack the media and put words in the mouth of a nation...and many people fall for it. What we have is a problem of knowledge/education regarding this sort of mass deception.

Nationalism is increasing as the world is being over-run with blacks and browns.  People want their homelands to be safe and want leaders who keep the country's population safe and stop the hate that these illegal immagrants bring.
Hitler brought to a war torn Germany a new Germany where the people were prospreous and safe.  To rewrite Mein Kampf and deny history shows the Jews still are worried that Hitler was right. 

They KNEW he was right, and it was against their agenda. They must tear down a nation and it's culture before installing their own. Chaos -> their order.

I want to make the point here that even White proponents and antisemites [example: Kevin MacDonald, et al] will not give Adolf Hitler credit for being right and doing the right and courageous thing at the time when it could still have saved the day. They go along with Jewish lies about Hitler and excuse themselves by saying they are not 'read up' enough on the subject to give an opinion !! Can anything be more lame?

All Germans continue to suffer because of 'White' cowardice and treason, the legacy of the two world wars. This is all that gives Jews the power they have.

This is a truly infuriating for me to. It really is a litmus test of the "kosher" vs. honourable people. This is the kind of toxic intellectual environment these creatures have created and brainwashed the masses with since WWII. Amazing how easily people, a whole nation, a whole culture...a whole civilization can be corralled into believing in the fantasy fairy tale that the last few generations have been indoctrinated with it. 

Perhaps this is a "scholarly" reaction to it being released from copyright in it took these numbskulls 5 years to come up with more verbal diarrea.
They must be getting really desperate to be beating a dead horse like doubt they have nothing getter to do and know their game is up.
by the way, isn't the Stalag version the best one?
Speaking of jewish projects, a little off topic here...but i (just out of curiousity :)) was wondering the other day what hand they had in the degeneracy of america in the 60' i thought such an event like woodstock would be a good place to start. yes, you guessed it. ALL FOUR of the event organizers were jews...andthat's not all...nobody in that town wanted 100k degenerates descending on their peaceful town for a long weekend ...except for one man...who allowed the organizers to lease the land...big surprise...he was also a jew!
i'm glad that 9/11 woke me up to the dire situation we are in...and i think a warm wind is blowing our way...

The reason I recommend the Dalton translation is because of the "side-by-side German-English" format which no other has. The translator has to be confident in his accuracy to do this, right? For me, faithfullness to Hitler's own words is what is most important. After that, I've always been impressed with Dalton's clear, comprehansible English writing style. My own limited experience with translation from German showed me how easy it is to slightly alter the meaning of an author in the guise of "writing better English." So whenever they make a big deal of "what a terrible writer Hitler was," that's a warning that they have done just that.

AH was known as an exceptionally talented speaker, so why would his writing skills be so poor? He was dictating MK to someone who was typing it as he spoke (mainly Rudolf Hess). There is nothing wrong with Hitler's writing; that is just another slander.

I've never seen the Stalag version personally, but I'm sure its good. Maybe you'd be interested in comparing the two - Dalton & Stalag - and seeing what differences there are? I'd sure be interested in that.

I haven't read the Dalton version, but due to your advice it will be the version I use on my next reading. Thanks...and certainly there is no problem with his writing...they make terrible translations only so that book reviews will say that "Hitler's" writing was boring so that potential readers look away..."Nothing to see here", they say...
it's funny, i had a look on amazon and the kindle version they have there, which was once banned, is now for sale again....wait for it......
"Proceeds donated to Jewish Charities & Organizations"
LOL! Truly sick people.
Although, one of the top comments is encouraging:
 "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"
LOL! :) 

I notice you can no longer get the Leuchter Reports on Anazon. (My copy must be worth a fortune !) What you do get is books debunking. They like to comment adversely on the original but they don't want anyone to actually read the original. Unfortunately Carolyn I don't agree with your words, "in proportion to his growing acceptance". When I look at the comment section of this They all fall for the lies just as they do for the fake pandemic. I am afraid we are a very small minority.

Yes, the Internet is being wiped clean of Revisionist material of all types. It is shocking to me, as it used to be easy to find what I was looking for but now is almost impossible.. But that doesn't mean the truth is not coming through or is unavailable to all. There are still books. The bigger problem, to my mind, are the White Nationalists who go along with condemning Hitler, refuse to stand up against the Holohoax narrative, and even believe we can get along with "some Jews" -- ie. their special friends.

You, yourself, have condemned Donald Trump because he doesn't fit your 'perfect' model. Yet he has done more to reveal the Deep State and speak the truth to more people than 200 Jos Fieldens. Youtube is owned by Microsoft or Google ??, so what do you expect? You're a very negative character. We need strong people, not weak ones.

Carolyn, thank you for maintaining this website to get the truth out. I am in my 40s and when I was a kid, I remember hearing that Germany tried to take over the world during WWII. I also was taught that Hitler exterminlater 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.
However, when I got older i started questioning many of the things I had been taught. I remember the way that the mainstream media went after Mel Gibson in 2004 because he produced The Passion of the Chris. Many media figures tried painting the movie as "antisemitic," which seemed absurd to me as that movie portrays the story as the Catholic Church always taught it. The reaction of Jewish people in the media to that movie seemed so absurd and that memory stayed with me for years. When the media started lying about everything relating to America First people, I really started questioning much of which I had been taught.  
For example, why did the US even get involved in WWI? Why did did the Nazis face war trials but the Russians didn't even though the Russiana committed many war crimes and rapes just about every German woman during WWII and after Germany's surrender? Did the Nazis really gas 6 million Jews? Why do we only seem to celebrate the alleged deaths of Jews in concentration camps, but not the deaths of Russians, Poles, or even Gypsies? Why did the Allies seemingly give half of Europ to the Soviets after WWII?
As I did more and more research, I came to the realization that so much of what we have been taught about world history over the past 80 years is complete bs. And why are there so many movies portraying Nazis as evil but almost none portraying the Bolsheviks as evil even though the Bolsheviks killed far more people? Why haven't there been any mainstream movies about the attack on the USS Liberty?

Re: France - Hitler's and Rosenberg's writing is filled with invective against France (and its Jewish population). I'm inclined to think that a statistical analysis of Mein Kampf will reveal that the book spends more time focusing on the French than the Jews - that's been my impression after multiple re-readings. As to why, well, the book was written in the 1920s, when France stood at the height of its political power, so much so that even Britain grew fearful and alarmed, Britain being obsessed by the idea of maintaining a 'balance of power' on the Continent. But after Hitler's ascension to office in 1933, France's political power waned: Yockey wrote that it melted like snow in the sun, and all the political power flowed to Germany.
It's hard to believe, but the French first invaded the Ruhr this time a hundred years ago. You can find an excellent 20 minute YouTube video on the subject, 'French Troops March Into Germany - After The Treaty of Versailles | THE GREAT WAR 1921' here. It's presented by a German speaker who takes an objective and even-handed look at the problems faced by the Germans, French and British and the pressures they were under. What an eventful decade!
For certain, the French occupation of 1921, and 1923-1925, would have been much in Hitler's mind as he wrote Mein Kampf.
Fast forward to the current year, and I find it odd that most of the criticisms of Germany and Hitler online come from the English, Americans and Poles; the French have nothing to say - it's almost as if, after three terrible wars against Germany, all the resentment is gone. Or they've simply disappeared and gone into hiding. You never hear from them.

Mein Kampf is not a book about the Jews, as so many people who haven't read it like to say. Sure, Hitler has much interesting to say about them in certain sections, especially in reference to media domination and labor unions (all left-wing activism), but his major concerns at the time were with Europe and how to recover from what the Great War had wrought -- and taught.

The French instituted the first and worst laws against any kind of WWII and Holocaust revisionism -- the British were far, far slower and milder. So I don't agree with you on this. The Jews in France are very agressive and mean-spirited, as far as I can see.

Oh, when I said 'French', I meant the French posters on your [sarcasm on] favourite [sarcasm off] forum, Most of yours and Fox's debates seem to be with Poles, Americans and English, never the French. I notice that the French are conspicuous by their absence other forums too and when they do appear, they never have a bad word to see against Germany. 
Maybe I'm personally biased. All the French (and Germans) I've met in person are friendly and agreeable - none of the Dutch, they are a cold people. Some nationalities one just clicks with. Didn't you once say that you always found the English easy to get along with, despite your objections to their country as a whole?
After your 'Fatherland' series, I began to study WWI a little more, and the result of which is that I recently finished John Mosier's Verdun: The Lost History of the Most Important Battle of World War I, 1914-1918. Short summary: of the eight battles for the Verdun region, the Germans won most of them (or fought them to a draw). They lost the last battle, which was an American victory; Hindenburg later said that it was the Americans in Verdun who brought about the defeat of Germany. The French did poorly throughout because the French weren't as well trained and equipped as the Germans, and what's more, the French soldiers were treated incredibly badly by their generals (only Petain looked after his soldiers) - much like the Russian soldiers in WWII.
It's fascinating, because one really understands the mindset of Hitler and the other NSDAP leaders from all this. To them, WWI was only yesterday. Most of the famous Germans of WWII served in WWI or in the wars immediately afterwards. On the weekend, I learned, from the Great War channel, that Rudolf Höss fought as a Freikorps soldier in the Estonian War of Independence.
Flash forward to the present, I hope that the French people manage to resist these Covid 'vaccines' and overthrow Macron - not even Merkel has gone as far as Macron. I'm developing tunnel vision on the subject, because for the past few days, 12 million of my countrymen - or about 50% of the population - have been under house arrest because of these Covidian freaks in power. You don't know how good you have it in Texas... For me, take a long walk or drive 5 kilometers outside your home and breathe in the fresh air without having to wear a damned mask. Enjoy life and freedom as much as you can, regards,

Oh, okay, appreciate the correction. I pretty much agree with you on that. Yes, I did say I got along most easily with British people, in spite of all their historic evils, and continuing blindness. It's still true. But Italians also. I happen to like/get along with Filipinos, too. All three are very sociable, easy-going folks, in my experience, which seems to be a good enough reason why.

... the mindset of Hitler and the other NSDAP leaders ... To them, WWI was only yesterday. Most of the famous Germans of WWII served in WWI ...

That's so important. For so long, my experience online was that WW2 took up all the attention; WW1 was ignored as if unimportant. Finally I realized WW1 was where it began and it was all of a piece. Of course, if you understand that, you can't make the "Nazis" into a montrous abberation without an explanation, so it makes sense that the Allies & Jewry want to separate and ignore the first war now and focus on the second. 

I'm with you on Covid fatigue and disgust. Even though we'd think all the hype would be causing people to 'wake up', it seems that most just dig deeper into whatever hole they're in. The evil ones are staying ahead of the potential unrest with new intiatives every day! I swear, such boldness I've never seen, yet the 'people' don't seem as shocked as I think they should be. It's possible the media keep most from noticing it.

The media is by far the most powerful weapon and ally the Left has.

For example, I've gotten much more financial support from Englishmen than any other non-American European group. I also sell more of my AWTW book in the UK than in all the rest of the world combined (excluding US which is #1, naturally).

Just a couple of days ago I received, completely annonymously, five crisp 10-pound notes in the mail. These British bills are exquisitely detailed and designed, btw. But no message and no way of tracing the address of the sender, except the mark of "Royal Mail." I don't know how this is done. But this individual has sent me $ in the same way, in cash or silver coins, a few times in the past 10 years. It warms my heart. Maybe he/she's trying to 'make up' some for the dastardly deeds of the British against Germans ... you think?

Thank you for your informative, and wonderful comments. I am full ethnic German, and my family suffered through horrific allied war crimes. My grandfather once told me that he grew up on the French border, and before WWI, the Germans and French got along just fine - they traded with each other, and spoke each other's languages. Then one time, he said that he hated the French, he told me what the French had committed against the German POWs after WWII - they were brutal. For me personally, the French are a touchy subject - I just don't know what to think of them as a whole. I don't ever get to meet any real French people, but one day, I would like to talk with them, and ask if they like the German people. I must always remind myself that at the end of WWII, there were at least 20,000 French soldiers of whom fought with the Germans against the red army. Thank you for your nice reply to Carolyn.

Hello Carolyn. Have you seen a film version of Mein Kamph? A friend who saw it years ago, and who buys into MSM's historical account of Big Bad Adolph, thought the movie was produced by the Germans and gave a negative view of Hitler.
Being somewhat familiar with the original storyline of the book, the movie sounds to me more like a twisted Hollywood version. Also wondering if you or others might know where to purchase the Dalton translated book. Thank you. 

I find it hard to imagine Mein Kampf as a movie. But I looked it up and there were two - 1960 and 2009. Both are trash, as one would expect. Sorry, I cannot recommend them, LOL.

It's easy to find Dalton's MK translation, go to his personal website or to  All his books are there.