My work on “Night” is featured in a talk given by Jewish Professor Alan Astro at St. Francis College in 2014

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By Carolyn Yeager

I happened upon this video and recognized my own text of Yiddish-to-French-to-English translation being used by this professor at a Catholic university in San Antonio TX. Though a native of Brooklyn, Alan Astro says he has been at Trinity University for over 25 years. His field is modern languages and literatures; one of the subjects he teaches is Yiddish culture.

His lecture, titled “Christianity and the Holocaust in Elie Wiesel’s Night” was filmed by St. Francis College and at the 6min59sec mark, he shows text from my very important 2012 article “Night #1 and Night #2—What Changes were Made and Why, Part One.” So you never know who is reading this site – a lot of people and all people who have a professional interest in Elie Wiesel. Continue reading at Elie Wiesel Cons The World



Elie Wiesel’s family-approved obituary calls “Night” a novel

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By Carolyn Yeager

The Wiesel obituary published at, affiliated with funeral homes and newspapers across America, states in it’s first sentence:

Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning author who told the story of his Holocaust internment in his autobiographical novel “Night,” died July 2, 2016.

It also said: “Wiesel called “Night” his “deposition,” noting that it was a true story, though parts of it were fictionalized.”

So is this the final word from Mr. Wiesel on his legacy? When do we know which of the varying statements put out by Wiesel and his surrogates is the official one? Continue reading at Elie Wiesel Cons The World

Image: Wiesel family attends a fund-raising event for Multiple Myeloma cancer in Oct. 2015. Left to right: Elie Wiesel, wife Marion Wiesel (seated), son Elisha Wiesel, daughter-in-law Lynn Bartner-Wiesel.



Notice to readers who have signed up to receive mail from me

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IF YOU ARE USING A HOTMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS, you do not receive the mailing ("newsletter") that I send out irregularly. Hotmail blocks mail from

If you want to receive mail from me, you must go through a process with Hotmail to make an exception for my mail, OR use an email address that is not associated with Hotmail. I will be removing all blocked Hotmail addresses from my subscription list.

Thank you, Carolyn



New! Adolf Hitler's September 1938 speech on Czechoslovakia and Benes

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Prime minister Neville Chamberlain shakes hands with Führer Adolf Hitler on Sept. 29, 1938 at Munich Conference on Czechoslovakia.

I have added this powerful speech by Hitler to the page of "Führer Speeches". It comes courtesy of Carlos Porter. Hitler goes over the background of the long years of persecution of ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland under President Benes and makes the case for why German patience is at an end. The inevitable breakdown of Czechoslovakia becomes understandable. -cy



Translated by Carlos Whitlock Porter
With note from David L. Hoggan

First published at 



Today is the 10th Anniversary of Michael Collins Piper's first radio show

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I have been told by a little birdie that -

Today, February 1, 2016, is the tenth anniversary of the great Michael Collins Piper's first radio show on RBN. That deserves recognition. Part of the reason that's important here is that our friend Ray Goodwin called in toward the end. Leave it to Ray. 

Listen to the program:



Himmler's Oct. 24, 1943 Posen speech coming soon

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The English translation of the Heinrich Himmler Oct. 24, 1943 Warthegau "Freedom Day" speech has arrived from Carlos Porter. And it is fantastic! In my opinion, that is. I think, in general, most people of full German heritage will find much that is agreeable in it, while people of mixed or non-German heritage will likely not.

It addresses race (White and Yellow; Germanic and Slavic), during a time when National Socialist Germany was not only waging a war for its very existence, but looking to and preparing for a future Reich expansion in the East. Everything Himmler says makes perfect sense--from the German point of view. And can he be faulted for having a German point of view? Nationalism was the common currency of the time—every European state was nationalist and many states sought to expand their borders. In the end there were winners and losers. But Himmler gives us the essence of the National Socialist German Reich's outlook on Europe's future that emanated from the Führer Adolf Hitler.



Happy New Year

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Wishing all my readers the very best in 2016

For me, 2015 was the year of PEGIDA

and its surprising success against strong headwinds.

Will 2016 be the year of Trump?

He's facing the same headwinds.

Keep the POPULISM rising - make it a good year for us. 




This is Larry Kahant

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My favorite picture of Larry sitting at the dining room table  in our newly rented house in 1972.

I was married to Larry Kahant from Sept. 1971 until April 1981. This has no relevance to the work that appears on this website, and would be of no interest to the readers thereof, except for the slanderous and ignorant attacks on my former husband made by one Rodney Martin and what used to be "his crowd," all of whom have abandoned him now.

That pig Rodney Martin (and that is a literal description) has claimed to as many persons as will listen to him, that the name Kahant can only belong to Jews. Yet he has not come up with the proof of even a single person named Kahant that is a Jew!

It is sort of like the Revisionists asking "holocaust historians" to come up with the name of one person who was proved to have died in a homocidal gas chamber run by the "Nazis." Just one. They can't do it. And neither has Martin come up with a single Jew named Kahant.

*       *        *

Larry Kahant was born Lawrence Theodore Kahant in 1933 in Passaic, New Jersey, the son of Theodore Lawrence and Edith Kahant. His father was of German ancestry and his mother of Scots-English ancestry. He had an older sister, Barbara, and two younger siblings, Norman and Lois, who were fraternal twins.

It was understood in the family that Theodore Kahant's father had emigrated from Germany, but none of his four children had ever known their grandfather, he having died before that was possible. I have no recollection of any members of their mother Edith's family that they might have known, but I think there were some. I met Larry through his younger brother's wife in early 1971, and at that time his father was already suffering from arteriosclerosis - called at that time "hardening of the arteries," which severely affected his memory.

Larry's older sister had converted to Catholicism when she married a Catholic man; they regularly attended mass and all that. His younger sister was also a church-goer - she and her Polish husband and many children were active in a Protestant church. Larry's brother's wife was an active Christian, too, so he went along with things, as did Larry with his first wife, but both were more detached. Take it or leave it, sort of thing.

I can't find any photos of other family members or of gatherings. I probably didn't keep them, and may have left them with Larry. I'll keep looking because I need to clean out so much of this stuff I have. But I did keep some favorite pictures of him.

My favorite picture of all is at the top of this post. But there are others I like, for instance this one when he had just turned 14 but appeared quite mature for that age.

The year was 1947, that was his own truck and dog. Does he look like a 14 year old Jew boy to you? Haha, not hardly. He worked for his father in electrical contracting. Later his father sold his business and became a sales rep for a large electrical supply company, Westinghouse, I think. In the '50s they moved to Fort Worth, Florida because of Edith's chronic bronchitis.

The next picture at right is from 1952 - Larry had joined the Navy and he ended up in the SeeBee's because he had great mechanical ability. He was in for 4 years and was stationed in the Philipines and somewhere in the Arctic Circle, both very boring places, he said. When he got out, he joined the rest of his family in Florida.

And finally, below, a picture taken in December 1975. You will be asking why there is no picture of us together. I have only come across one and I don't really like it, but if I don't find any more photos, I will post that one.

I think you can see from this that Larry Kahant was genuine Western European, just like me.



Israel Shamir says "Wiesel was there."

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Israel Shamir is a Russian-born Jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity.

Warren B. Routledge, author of the new unauthorized biography of Elie Wiesel, Holocaust High Priest, has thankfully CORRECTED some statements made by Israel Shamir in an email to Michael Santomauro referring to my May 11 interview with Routledge.  The Shamir comment  was posted at Santomauro’s Reporter Notebook Yahoo Group.

Shamir wrote that he knew Wiesel had spent time in Auschwitz because “a good personal friend, a French writer Piotr Ravich (spelling?),” said he did. It doesn’t seem to bother Shamir that this is hearsay, nor that he doesn’t know the spelling of his good, personal friend’s last name! He made some other errors of fact in his email. Here is the full text: Continue reading at Elie Wiesel Cons The World



Sculp&Arch podcast

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Nov. 1, 2011