The Heretics' Hour: Europe commemorates WWI Centennial

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August 4, 2014

Carolyn Yeager describes the speeches and comments by the current leaders of the countries that participated in World War 1:  Britain, Belgium, France, Russia and Germany/Austria. In the second hour, a report from Paul Hickman on the Ehrenmarsch for the victims of Bad Nenndorf in Germany and more on Adolf Hitler's Platterhof speech. Some highlights:

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron takes the prize for continuing to argue that a "great moral cause" was being fought for in the Great War;
  • Vladimir Putin also finds it impossible to find any fault with Russia in starting that war;
  • Reports show that armed troops of both France and Russia crossed the border into Germany on August 2, the day before Wilhelm II declared war on France;
  • NPD organizers of the Bad Nenndorf Memorial March want a plaque at the site to commemorate the Germans tortured there by the British;
  • Veronica Clark's comments at The White Network reveal her changing story and questionable sources;
  • An examination of the entire Platterhof speech shows that the racial question makes up only 1/12 of the content and contributes to the larger discussion of building up a stronger German Folk.

Image: Depiction of the Battle of Doberdò, fought in August 1916 between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian armies. Enlarge


The MSM and court historians and ignorant politicians love to tell only half of the story how WW1 started. The Schlieffen Plan was the best reactionary response to France's aggressive 1913 Plan 17, created by Ferdinand Foch. Motto: Offensive a outrance (Offensive to the maximum).
It concludes that France invades Germany and Belgium into Germany, Britain lands in Belgium to invade Germany and Russia invades from the East. 
Plan 14, 1898, defensive. Plan 15, 1903, same as Plan 14 but more reserves. Plan 16, 1909, defensive alliance with Britain and Russia.
Belgium founded in 1832 as neutral buffer state, but guarantee power: only Great Britain
Duchy Luxembourg to remain neutral, yet part of Germay and in personal union with Dutch king. No German forces to be stationed in Luxembourg in exchange to remain German instead of French: 1867 London  treaty. Guarantee powers: Prussia, Austria, UK, Russia, France. 
Napoleon III tried to purchase Belgium and Luxembourg after they could not be taken by military force. 
Until 1648, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands (and Switzerland) part of German Reich, then forcefully excluded by the Treaty of Munster. 
Obviously, it was a long time strategy of France with Britain's help to get more and more from Germany's West or weaken the outer borders by making them allegedly neutral states. First Greater Netherlands and Switzerland, then Alsace-Lorraine, then Saarland and all West of the Rhine after 1919. 
In 1919, Plan 17 creator Marshal Foch stated: "This is not peace. It is a cease fire for 20 years.", implying that the Treaty of Versailles was only to replenish the Allied reserves and disarm Germany to finish Germany (and Austria) off. 

Luxembourg was not part of Germany in 1914. I stated this incorrectly. It was part of Germany before and in personal union with the King of the Netherlands etc though before, serving as Germany's Westmark to France. 

I can't find the source, but I read somewhere months ago that Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia because Serbia rejected or hindered helping investigating the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian terrorist. 

If you look at the folk-body as total, incorporating a tiny influx of foreign blood will be absorbed. If on 100 million Germans, a few exceptions to the Race Laws allows mixed children, the offspring will not have a big impact of the folk-blood. Within 5-10 generations without significant influx of other races, the folk-blood nucleus will remain the same. This logic is abused by the enemies of the White Race to aggressively increase the blood foreign elements beyond the critical mass. 
It could even be beneficial. Every corn farmer knows that planting one or two wild or different corn plants among gigantic homogenous corn fields, strengthens the immune system of the corn without changing the basic components of the desired corn. 

VKC's general idea about race in the Third Reich comes from that one short essay A. James Gregor from 1958 ("National-Socialism and Race") to which she always refers. It's not hard to pick apart. (Honestly I thought VKC was dead and buried after that show that we did about her ideas a few months back. How many times do the obvious refutations of her views have to be stated?)
A. James Gregor's thesis is that there were three stages in National-Socialist racial thought, the middle one from 1930-1934 being one of extravagant nordicism. That four-year period is sandwiched between two periods of more moderate expression. Gregor claims that there was a retreat from biological racism after this middle period, but the problem is that he never demonstrates that Hitler or the official position of the NSDAP were ever caught up in that supposed middle period; he also doesn't really demonstrate the retreat from biological racism. In fact the opposite can be demonstrated from publications like Hansjoerg Maennel's Politische Fibel, an outline for instructing new members of the NSDAP, which conveyed exactly the same information about race in its 1940 edition as in its 1933 edition. What might be demonstrable is that steps were taken to silence some of the loose cannons that had been expressing extreme views about this touchy matter -- which is not the same as a change in Hitler's or the NSDAP's own fundamental view.
The importance of the Nordic element for a nation's military security had been argued by Madison Grant in 1916. The National-Socialists read Madison Grant. They also read Lothrop Stoddard, who criticized Germany in Racial Realities in Europe for a dearth of Nords and for being largely Alpine. If the leaders of Germany just read these American authors with a mind for not losing the next war, they would certainly get the idea that increasing the Nordic element in Germany should be a high priority. It has nothing to do with creating a master-race (Herrenrasse, a term that appears in Nietzsche but in no National-Socialist literature that I ever saw). Increasing the Nordic element in Germany, and preferentially advancing Nords into positions of military leadership, was if nothing else a matter of national security, and given the belief that Nords were disproportionately casualties of war, it was not the creation of a new state of affairs but a restoration.

Hadding, I realize that you are much more knowledgeable and read on these subjects than I, but c'mon, Herrenvolk was bandied about alot in NSDAP Germany.  It's hard for me to believe you would think to write something like "Herrenrasse, a term that appears in Nietzsche but in no National-Socialist literature that I ever saw".  

Are you unable to see that Herrenvolk and Herrenrasse are different words?
The term Herrenvolk has nothing whatsoever to do with race. It simply means a people or a nation that exerts dominion, like the French on the European continent under Napoleon or the Watusi in Rwanda.

I don't intend to go back and forth on this;  but many in Germany at the time more or less interpreted Herrenvolk as Herrenrasse.  Given the complexity of how one is to interpret the term "race" (even among a fairly homogenous Germany), this could only be expected.
BTW, I think Carolyn herself had a back and forth on this very issue with Herb Stolpman (sp?) on furtherglory's blog.  While I usually take his posts with a grain of salt, I thought he brought valuable info into that particular discussion.  Do you remember that Carolyn?

I remember going back and forth with Herbie Stolpmann, but don't recall what I said about that. Do you? How about refreshing our memories.

I do recall your complaints at a White Network thread that I was making Hitler look like a master-race monster by reading Table Talk, so obviously you are sensitive to this Herrenvolk issue. You want Germans to be seen as racially tolerant to fit into today's zeitgeist?

Herb Stolpmann can never be seen as "valuable" because he tells lies and only uses 100% Jew-approved documentation. He grew up as Prussian, groomed by his favorite Jewess aunt (via marriage)  and got drafted at the end into a war that he didn't want to be in. When he was mistreated by the Americans he managed to blame it on the Germans, and eventually married an Engish woman and emigrated to Australia, from where he now attacks the "Nazis" and what they did to Germany and the Jews. But some people at furtherglory's blog want to listen to what he has to say. This is what I consider a problem.

I looked and couldn't find the exchanges you had with HS [Herb Stolpmann] over this.  As I recall, he thought there was something to the whole "Master Race" allegation (which I never bought into myself).  I don't think that term "Master Race" came up though.  One could certainly imagine young Germans getting carried away with themselves though.  Hadding is nitpicking on distinnctions without difference.  Hadding needs to define what he means by 
"It simply means a people or a nation that exerts dominion"

These terms (people, nation) are hard to unentangle with the contemporary concepts of race.  But maybe it is I who has nitpicked and I will just stfu.  Keep on with your quackery.

The term Herrenvolk has been around for centuries. The Napoleonic armies were called Herrenvolk in German literature. It had nothing to do with the racial quality of the French, only with the fact that they were in the position of dominance over the Germans.
Being a Herrenvolk is not a matter of breeding. There are various historical accidents that could lead to a racially inferior nation becoming the Herrenvolk over a racially superior population. The frequent rendering of Herrenvolk as "master-race" is therefore a lie.
The term Herrenvolk seems to appear just once in Mein Kampf, and the way it is used is consistent with what I state above.
The terms "master-race" (Herrenrasse) and superman (Uebermensch) both come from Nietzsche and are not used in any National-Socialist literature that I have seen. The talk about "breeding the master-race" or "the blond superman" was a matter of Allied war-propaganda using Nietzsche to caricature the Germans, which was also done during the First World War.
Anybody wishing to understand National-Socialist racial policy should look less to Friedrich Nietzsche and more to Madison Grant.

It's Anglo-American sources that I see falsely claiming that Herrenvolk translates as "master-race."
Your claim that "many in Germany at the time" confused Herrenvolk with Herrenrasse lacks credibility. How would you know? According to Ferdinand Hermens, The Tyrants' War and the People's Peace (1944), the term Herrenvolk was not part of everyday parlance in Germany. The term Herrenrasse, which I believe was coined by Nietzsche, would have been even less common. It's Allied propaganda that made a big deal over these terms and encouraged confusion about them.
I think you are just assuming that the Germans were as confused about these words as you are.

On top of the German Reichstag, there is the motto: Dem Deutschen Volke (For the German People). It does not say Der Deutschen Rasse (For the German Race), which would include German-Americans etc. 

Das Volk actually could be construed as including people of the same ethnicity around the world. The term for an ethnic German living outside of Germany is after all volksdeutsch.
Hitler as leader of Germany certainly saw a responsibility toward those Volksdeutsche. It led to the Anschluss with Austria and contributed to the crises with Czechoslovakia and Poland.
You are right though that das Volk and die Rasse are not the same, although National-Socialist doctrine identifies a relationship between Volk and Rasse in the case of Germany that it aims to preserve.

Clark has other sources to account for her views. Hans F.K. Gunter for one. You also imply that she only makes use of ''that one short essay by Gregor'', whilst that is just an article on Gregor's book ''The ideology of facism''. That's one source of hers, one of many.
I've been following this drama (for lack of a better term) from the start and I have heard a lot of ''refutations of her views'' but have you refuted a single source she uses which give her this view?
The attacks on Clark have imo been almost all personal. People have said she's transgender and an agent. Now she's being discarted as ''half Polish'' because she posted her dna-graph which says she's part Slavic. As if her work is anti-German and pro-Polish, which it is not. Far from it actually. And she aslo not portaying NS-Germany as a multi-cultural pushing entity as Rodney Martin claims.
The strangest part is that Carolyn will endorse Tila Tequilla (mixed race sodomite pornstar) and has such a disdain for a lilly white pro-German scolar (Clarks pic is on at least one of her books I've read.) based on interpretation of similar material.
And if it is all important what ones racial make up is, then Carolyn should post her dna-graph also and anyone else too who uses it as an argument against another. That would be the honorable thing to do, is it not?
Carolyn has also been referenced as a (very good imo) source of information in one of Clarks books and she's still being respected as a researcher by Clark I'd say. Meaning this was and maintians a one-sided attack. Clark only refutes allegations but chooses not to retaliate.
I'll be patiently waiting for the day when '' Clarks poison'' is actually presented and proven.
I do appreciate all of Carolyns and her associates work, don't get me wrong, and I thank you all very much.

No one has said the short essay by Gregor was her "only" source, but Hadding said she often used it. I have checked out all her sources that I could and was not impressed with them ... or perhaps in what she took from them.

Please link to the dna-graph that she has posted; I haven't seen it. I don't have total faith in DNA readings, after all you get them from Internet sites. That's why I haven't gotten one.

She has said herself at The White Network that she is 1/4 Polish, but since she doesn't give her whole family lineage starting with father and mother, then what she says doesn't mean much. I have given my full lineage, which is 100% German going back several generations, and I will eventually get it posted on this site.

I did not "endorse" Tila Tequila; it was actually Clark who tried so hard to chum up with TT, praising her to the skies on TT's short-lived blog, which Clark practically took over as her own. Clark did the same with ZCF's blog, who is mixed race.

The research of mine that Clark used in a book was a favor from me to her, not the other way around. I think it happened through Deanna Spingola who told me what Clark was writing and I offered this information. I then sent her the exact quote and reference. You must be pretty familiar with her work to know about that.

"... this was and maintians a one-sided attack. Clark only refutes allegations but chooses not to retaliate."

Not true. She started a blog about White Nationalists (now taken down) and went after The White Network and "Yeager" in it, with the intention of making me look ridiculous, I guess. The point is: If you tell the truth, it's not an attack. She doesn't have any truth to tell against her critics that is not a distortion of the truth. Truth is not her strong suit.

"As if her work is anti-German and pro-Polish, which it is not. Far from it actually."

Her work IS anti-German and pro-Slavic, from my perspective. She is NOT German, thus doesn't have the kind of concern for the survival of the German nation that a German does. She's an outsider who is trying to force her way in to the life of a people, just like Jews do. She wants to be the expert on Germans and Germany just because it's more interesting as a historical subject that anything she might actually be a part of.

Plus she is an out-and-out internationalist and has confirmed that on any number of occasions.

Her inspiration is Antonio J. Munoz, a Spaniard who lives in NYC and publishes books about non-Europeans in "Hitler's armies" at the same time he defends the Holocaust 100%. Munoz is anti-Franco and also anti-Nazi. As is Clark when you get down to it - she is an admitted "Paleoliberal," which equals ultra-libertarian. She "adores" transgender and/or homosexual male singers who wear tons of make-up. She may have a "thing" for Adolf Hitler, but AH would never approve of her or endorse a single word that she has written.

Finally, I don't go by "White" to the extent some people do. My main concern is "German" people and truth for Germany. TforG equals truth for all White Europeans, whether they want to hear/know it or not. Clark ultimately works against truth for Germany, and from the outside because she is not German. That's the bottom line on her.

A postscript to Pas: Who are you and what is your interest in defending VKC? Full disclosure works all the way around.

To Carolyn
In my mind replying to Hadding's comment would somehow make this situation less tense. Now it seems I only made it worse.
Regarding the dna-graph, Clark has also said that it isn't totally accurate. Here's the link: (before approving this post please check for copy rights cause I'm not sure if the following link has any)
As for the endorsment of Tila Tequilla, it was on your radio program were you have said that you ''liked what TT was doing'' and it was regarding the things TT said about Hitler. I wouldn't know what program it was (months ago) but you said it and I would not lie about it but I very much regret bringing it up.
Responding to the rest of your reply will not do anything positive so I will not. It would cause to waste more of your time, which I feel this whole conflict is.
I do feel obliged to anwer your postscript questions.
The only interest I have in defending VKC is that I take an interest in both of your works and I don't see how this conflict will add anything positive for either of you.
As for me, I'm a Dutch Nationalist with a racial admixture beyond your liking. I haven't done a dna test yet but it's safe to say I'm at least 50% North-European and at least 35% S.E. Asian. I know I'm not welcome here so my final statement will be: You are a great advocate for your people and I respect and thank you for it and I apologize for not respecting your wishes not to visit your site but your work is just so good I can't help myself but I won't comment or meddle in your affairs anymore.
Take care Carolyn,
Pas from Holland.

And I couldn't find it at that site. So much for Clark's alleged openness about herself. What she puts up one day, she takes down the next. She is a game-player who sees it all as a big joke; she says so herself: the Internet is a "playground" not to be taken seriously. Therefore SHE should not be taken seriously, and when you do so, YOU are the one who will be led around in circles.

My saying that I "liked what Tila Tequila was doing" at that time is not an "endorsement' of her person in all ways and times. She was doing a terrific job of reaching lots of people with her Pro-Hitler and holo-'denial' message. It could not have been done better. I don't know what she's doing now. But Clark tried to piggy-back on TT's popularity at that time. That's one of the things she does because she's an attention-hog while insisting she really wants people to leave her alone. The program is here:

I have something to say about mixed-race people such as yourself. Naturally you will want more people to be mixed-race. You can't help it even if you don't think so and deny it. You're naturally drawn to Clark's books and writings, and also want to defend her. As a mixed-race person, you are always going to be confused, not able to fully identify with any one idea - so you like both Clark and me, though, IMO, that is not possible. This is the tragedy of mixed-race and why I am able to speak against it 100%. It doesn't give people a 'broader perspective' as much as it gives them no real home and no clear beliefs. Your outlook becomes one of "tolerance" and desire for a tolerant society.

You say you are a Dutch Nationalist, but you still can accept that Germans are not a "real race" but are mixed-race and the National-Socialists were not believers in 'Germany for Germans' after all, but had become open to the inclusion of all Western and Eastern Europeans, and even Jews. That is what is comfortable for mixed race people, It makes me question whether she is mixed-race herself because she has said: "I found out about Antonio J Munoz's book The East Came West [that grabbed hold of her] ... I was able to acquire ever one of his books over the past 9 years and I would not sell any of them for any price." Munoz has written LOTS of books and I think Clark is wanting to follow in his footsteps. Anyway, she has stated publicly that she is 5% German, and 25% Polish. So what is the other 70%? She is not really so forthcoming at all.

Clark has been deceptive to her friends -- Deanna Spingola, Fritz Berg for example -- but they don't seem to mind in the long run. I have an email from Deanna where she tells me that Veronica "betrayed her trust" and is probably Jewish. Yet, as soon as VC wants to be on a radio program again, Deanna complies. So they are all dishonest with one another and it doesn't matter to them.

You're right, the link is bad. I had to type it since cut/paste doesn't work but something went wrong. You can find the page if you google ''Veronica Clark dna'' and it shows the article name with the bloodtypes etc.
I understand your points regarding the TT issue and ofcourse I know you don't support her in everything she does, sorry for not making that clear but I don't think people with that background should carry out important political/historical information. It's begging for problems.
Your analyses of the race-mix problem is quite accurate but I have to confirm your prediction of my denial to want to see more race-mixing. Holland should be White. It is the Dutch people who made this country what it is today (The Best country in the World) and a blind man can see what detoriation race-mixing and mass-immigration brings. It's becoming a third world cess pool if things don't start to change quick. Most of the mixed-race people show indeed all the symptoms you stated, I'm a first hand witness and seen many other cases but I don't want to be given any special treatment because of my views. It's the Dutch peoples tolerance that is the big problem. I want less.  And if the end of it will have negative consequenses for me, so what? It's about my Dutch blood, not me. I have a lot of White relatives, blood-relatives.
Regarding my view of the German race. I wasn't aware I gave one but if one would say ''The Germans are a mixed race'' it would mean that the German people of today are a mix of different germanic sub-races and that the foreign admixture is little and those people are so similar that the general people keep their most important characteristics and this is easier lost when more distant racial admixture takes place. The Dutch are also different Germanic tribes/races, it goes the same for us.  That's not race-mixing in the sense how it's used today. So to be clear, I do not suscribe to the view you claimed I have toward my German neighbours. I have the highest esteem for Germans and it would be a disaster if they remain or become even more inclusive. The Nordic/Germanic people are the kindest of peoples to their own detriment.
I hope that that made sense since English isn't my first language.

" ... I have heard a lot of ''refutations of her views'' but have you refuted a single source she uses which give her this view?"
Yes indeed, I pointed out that A. James Gregor's argument, to which VKC frequently refers and from which she obviously derived her general view that Hitler moved away from biological racism, is FULL OF HOLES.
I am sorry but the complaint of personal attacks on somebody that kept a man-hating blog featuring photos of diseased penises is just too sad! Verohnika Kuzniar Clark is a psycho.

During this program, I quoted V. Clark as writing in a comment:

Hitler sabotaged his many chances at victory and that’s nothing to envy or gloat about IMO.

I made a big deal out of her use of the word "sabotage." I later realized the reason is because she is probably referring to Hitler's relations with the Ukrainian and Russian nationalists who, she and others believe, would have fought alongside the Wehrmacht forces and brought about a victory over Stalin. Making assumptions like that is common in all armchair critics like VC who decide after-the-fact what would have happened if ...

There were many reasons Hitler did not do that, and we have only to look at Germany's other allies to get some ideas of why. The complications involved would have been enormous.

Also, if some ethnic groups were not mobilized militarily early on, it does not mean that no use was made of them. A modern army needs an economy behind it. Somebody had to do labor.

BTW, I largely agree with Carolyn's assessment of the VKC issue as she has brought it up here.  We have to deal with how Germans actually thought about these matters - and mostly still did when I discussed these things with them in the '80s - and not be too focussed on the abstract as you are doing Hadding (although I suppose that can be deemed important and interesting even in the quacky way we tend to look at that early 20th century race science).  It seems to me that VKC gives the Germans more of an American type perspective which they of course never had - and I doubt have today.

Freemasonry is a theme that runs through the history of the past 150 years. Here is an interesting slant on the Sarajevo assassination from Vincent de Poncin's "Freemasonry and Judaism" written around 1928. The book can be quickly downloaded here..... See the relevant pages from 77 onward.
Also this is a video about Kaiser Wilhelm 2 that contains quite a lot of interest if you avoid some of the propaganda..... about the 23rd minute, it reates how the Kaiser instructed his Chancellor to mediate between Serbia and Austria when he saw that war would not have to be inevitable. The Chancellor did nothing. Looks like he was a freemason.

I'm enjoying the Freemasonry pdf book.

Even though I don't see what I posted a minute ago, I don't want to be misinterpreted on saying "I never bought into the Master Race" concept to clarify that I meant I never bought into the Germans thinking that way.  Not of course that I myself never bought into it.  In other words, I'm actually agreeing with you 2, I think.  

... like you've made a 180 degree turn. From saying the Germans used the words, to now saying they didn't "buy into it." Maybe you've just got it in for Hadding. LOL, that's fine. Carry on.

Veronica is a supporter of multi racialism and Christianity. She likes black men and mestizos and men of mixed race. She has a "thing" for yes transgender looking pop stars. She supports the ADL:

"Mr Glenn, I am a supporter of the ADL and have been for a few years now. I fully understand if you choose to remove my TVH shows and comments in the light of this. I will not be offended in the least."

Her books are palpably utter nonesense. Anybody who takes VKC seriously has a few screws loose too. 
I listened to her appearance on Iconoclast Radio which was madness in itself. 
She needs to get out of her bedroom in her Mom's house, and see the real world.
You notice for this "self publishing giant" there are no photos of Veronica?...