Saturday Afternoon: Trash Talk in Trashnationalism

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-11-08 19:31

Nov. 8, 2014

Carolyn Yeager answers some of the more ridiculous of the trash talk directed at her from Rodney Martin, who is trying to be recognized as a national White leader, on the Oct. 30th radio show hosted by his current second-in-command David Baillie.

Carolyn will tell about events in which she has been involved since January 2007:

  • Bill White and his ANSWP and National Socialist magazine;
  • Ein Anderer Hitler and The Barnes Review;
  • Voice of Reason and Republic Broadcasting Networks;
  • Elie Wiesel Cons The World and;
  • The White Network;
  • Calls from Don Advo and Hadding Scott.

Reference for this show:


Rodney Martin is clearly trash. Carolyn, you say that he changes his site so there's no way to see what used to be there. That's not true. You can see it using the Wayback Machine at which is an ongoing archive of crawls of the entire web. Go there, put in a website and then choose from among the dates they offer you of those on which they took a snapshot of that particular site.

I listened to your broadcast, and you handled Rodney Martin's adolescent attack beautifully, gracefully, neutrally and objectively.  
He just sinks lower and lower in my eyes and those who support him look bad -- to me.
The broadcast cut out in the middle, I think.  Was that intentional?  
I think the Wayback Machine works only if a website is up for a certain length of time.  I'm not sure what the time-length, but a certain female with mutli-cultural books on Hitler you may know has, like Rodney Martin, changed her websites many times -- with no Wayback Machine capturing them.  I say this to the best of my knowledge.

The live broadcast ended after the 2 hour scheduled time was up, but the recording continued and you can listen to the rest of it now by just downloading it here, or even at Blogtalk.

I was going to say to truthspeech that Facebook pages might not be on Wayback. I went there and it said that crawling Facebook was not allowed.

Thanks for expressing your thoughts about the program.

I don't know what the motivation driving this sordid and low-class infighting is per se. Nothing good comes of it. The blood-sucking jews in Bnai Brith couldn't have done a better job of propaganda/manipulation. I can see them rubbing their hands together and crowing "Look at them destroying each other!". This is yet another reason for Whites of quality to wash their hands of schemes like Facebook, all mainline media and anonymous internet bulletin boards. Unfortunately, dumbed-down Whites have lost their ability to analyze and reason after having spent over a third of their lives in front of the TV. Using gullible, knee-jerk net denizens for a 'movement' is not going to work, short term or long term.
It may simply be jealousy or a "napolean-complex" that's Mr. Martin's motivation trying to flame others. It may be 'sour lemons' for Mr Black, or D Duke or the resurrected National Alliance under Mr. Williams for getting Dr Pierce's campus back. The railroaded Mr.Strom is a convienient target for attack, nothing more. Maybe it's their longevity he's trying to fight against.  If the time consumed attacking other Whites was spent attacking our enemies in the ADL, Media, Government - we would be growing our support daily.
The contemporary ability of anyone to become their own 'network', "media" is available no metter what one's views are. Any phony can proclaim themselves judge, jury and audience, dissecting and presenting select or assumed information to support a pre-selected headline. Such a waste and travesty of White minds and efforts.

I was very please when you cut off that whack-job Lindstedt. He has been a plague on the movement for well over a decade. He is a degenerate child molester that has no job and trolls the internet on his sub $200 walmart laptops day and night. The guy is truely insane.
But it is funny that you mentioned Michael Burks. One must not forget the blog that Burks setup when Bill White went down.

There are plenty of bad things to be said about Mad Marty but I don't like the idea of continuing to accuse somebody of a criminal charge that did not hold up in court. Does the general public have better information than the court? Probably not. Lindstedt was arrested and charged with child-molestation but the case collapsed, and on that account I think it is inappropriate to be saying that about him.

Hadding, are you saying you support Martin Lindstedt? His so-called charges aside matter not. The guy is a complete nutjob with fairy tale notions. Why on earth would you want to support that in any way?

I wouldn't call it "fairy tale notions"; I would call it filthy-tale notions.

100% agreed!

          Well, first off, it's a relief to hear I am not the only one having issues wth blogtalk. May be a browser rendering issue creating the new css3 and or html elements, like the control element that should show at the bottom of the page.
      Now to the real issue, RATkNEE!
He has flown his true colors for all to witness, we are not talking about a personal dispute. Hell no one agrees on everything. But when I saw that FacePuke page, well even with our few disagreements Carolyn, if RatKnee was within arms reach, I would have clocked him. That was , gee, I am finding it difficult to even find a term or any combination of, to express the degenerate mental deficiencies that he has exhibited.
         Were you correct in bringing this out, as opposed to adhering to the cowardly 'WASP'   etiquette of letting it go while harboring and expressing private influences behind wrought iron gate smiles (ala Spingola) ?  HELL YES!  That RatKnee is a danger to all races, particularly the white race.
 ps. the captcha,(sucks)

But when I saw that FacePuke page, well even with our few disagreements Carolyn, if RatKnee was within arms reach, I would have clocked him.

That's one thing I really like about you, Northpal. I believe you would have, and it's nice to know there are still men around who aren't afraid to get physical. I really think a good "clocking" would do Ratknee a world of good. Thanks for the sentiments.

The use by Rodney Martin  of grotesque pornographic illustrations to bolster  his  malicious personal  attacks against other WHITES is a very disturbing aspect of his  behavior.    
The folloiwng essay entitled    WHITE NATIONALISM, DRAINING THE POND & INTELLECTUALISM VOID OF IDEOLOGY By: Rodney Martin was posted on the World View Foundations Facebook page on October 25, 2014.  In it he refers to well known, life long WHITE activists  in such terms as as "pond scum" and "rats."   He also illustrates it with pornographic pictures.
Check this out for yourself.  Is this sick or what? 
This attack on other WHITES was produced and supplemented with pornographic illustrations by a man who rants and raves about the evils of pornography.  Yet  he  freely uses  pornography  on his own Facebook page under his own name to support gratuitious  attacks  against other WHITE people.   I don't think he will be able to evade responsibillty for this World View Foundations page in the same, casual manner that  he has attempted to evade responsibility for Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor published under his name.
Rodney Martin brags continaully about his five children.  Do they know about his use of pornography against other WHITES?  Do his own  children have access to the World View Foundations Facebook page and its pornographic images  posted there  by their father?  Perhaps his own personal computer at home has a block that prevents his family from viewing that Facebook page.
Is there no small measure of irony that a man who so loudly condemns pornography and the moral lapses of other so casually uses pornography on his own web site for the purpose of smearing other people?  
I think it is a fair question to ask:  For whose benefit is Rodney Martin   working?  Certainly not for that of WHITE people nor for the benefit of his own five WHITE children who might stumble across his hand-work.  The "millions of WHITE working class families", for whom he purports to speak would be sickened by him.  We should be too.

In RM's article on White Nationalism on the page you link to, Don,, Ratknee writes:

There are currently debates between various interests, some call this “infighting”, and this may actually be healthy as it will vet the ideology and depth of positions of those persons and interests.

Only last year he was deploring "infighting" within the "movement" and accusing especially me (yours truly) of doing it and doing so much damage thereby. But now, in his usual copy-cat fashion, he has taken it up himself and so pronounces it good. LOL

He also writes:

Many outstanding White Nationalists have White wives and children and homes of their own and careers and pay their bills and have no time for abuse and judgment from so called “political Comrades” hiding behind fake names on blogs and forums ...

And fake Facebook pages. LOL

... not being functional enough to clean up, get their lives together and have a healthy relationship with a White woman and have white children.

None of his associates, past or present, at ANA have healthy relationships with White women and have white children ...

Not John Friend, not Robert Lloyd, not Chris Borsella, not David Jones, and not even David Baillie, both of whose wives have ended up hating him, and also his wihite daughter disrespects him. He says so himself. LOL

I could go on and on. Ratknee's article and everything he's ever written or done has no creative originality at all. He is devoid of creativity and originality. Everything he says and does is a copy of something already said and done by someone else ... even his name World View Foundations, since Hadding Scott's National Socialist World View came first. Plus the reason he calls it "Foundations" -plural - is because there was already a World View Foundation on the Internet. LOL

Ratknee ends his article with this:

What would Hitler, Pierce, Rockwell, Miles, and Butler think of our Struggle today with all the codependence on ratings, e-armies, intellectualism void of ideology and trolling as an effective tool while we lose our women and children and the lights go out on our Race forever?

What would Hitler think of Rodney Martin?! He wouldn't even notice him. LOL

His ridiculous blog no longer exists. There is only an SPLC reference to it.
There is a confirmed account of an NSM member finding interracial porn (VHS) under his bed.

It says he is 24 yrs. old in 2009, thus he was only 22 in 2007, the year I speak of. What does a 22 yr old know? It's pretty ridiculous. He's not the brightest bulb either. Thanks for sending this - that's him alright.

Martin Lindstedt is not a bad person. He has been following the Internet white movement for far too long (19 years); He has seen people you've never heard of appear , become big stars and then dissapear never to be heard from again. Once you've been following the white Internet this long, seeing nothing advance, and everything get worse and worse -- you either quit or become a little crazy - Lindstedt went the latter, and has over time developed this unfortunate lack of respect for the people in the community.

That is no excuse for the filthy language he uses, and especially toward a woman like myself who does not even know him or ever spoken to him.

He hates Bill Finck and because I am associated with Bill Finck, he thinks it's alright to say any kind of filth about me. It absolutely shocks me when I see it. Only a disgusting lunatic would print  such stuff so don't look for "understanding" of Linstedt here.

carolyn, before you put the matter to rest, please have on don advo as a guest for a 2 full hours to further smackdown the shady machiavellian martin
you know he's just chomping at the bit to unleash
lol, that would would be toothsome

There is no "final nail" with someone like Martin. I would suggest that instead of expecting everything to come from me and appear on my shows and my website, that some other people get busy exposing this guy as well. Anyone can write comments on blog threads or forums. Wherever Rodney Martin shows up, he could be asked the questions that he still has failed to answer. It should not all have to come from me -- that's what makes it look like it's just some gripe I have.

I do appreciate your interest in this. Keep it up.

yes, that was ambiguous.
i meant it in regards to you saying that would probably be the last show you'd do on martin.
re: no "final nail" with someone like Martin.
that's because he has no shame.
to stop him you'd have to put a stake through his heart - he's like the undead, lol 

wow, i'd commit suicide if i did anything half as pathetic as martin's phoney facebook account - honestly, i couldn't live with myself - the guy has no class - i knew he was petty and cheap and immature, but not to that extent.
and to top it off, his cover photo is a classic for the sheer inversion of his grubby little character

Watching Rodney thrash around is absolutely hilarious, this guy's so far in last, he thinks he's in first.  Guy has absolutely no plan or ideological consistency, just relies on making it all up as he goes along.  Throws around terms like American Nationalist, White Nationalist, and Ethno Nationalist like they all mean the exact same thing with the same implications.  Says it's time to stop the Alex Jones 1776 jew talk while invoking the very same language in some dumb petition he made that got a stunning 4  or so signatures.  LOL.   Rails about ZOG while taking pride in serving in their army.  Attacks jew-friendly nationalists while allowing one- William Johnson, to not only host a program on ANN, but to espouse pro-jewish opinions on it with a jew (Robert Litoff) as a guest!  I called that out  on ANN's site (Link:  Attacks conservatives while cozying up with the losers @ A3P.  Retaliates with a spray-n-pray of baseless accusations and insults whenever  questioned on anything or called out on his despicable antics, namedrops like a busted crack dealer in an attempt to artificially boost his credibility by (claimed) vague association.  
VA must be givin this gumpy old loser some pretty rowdy meds.  
On top of it, he copies ideas and entire platforms from others, like Don Advo and Seb Ronin, while simultaneously attacking and insulting them for having the ideas he’s stealing.    
And on and on it goes.  This guy's as fake as his pretend organization.  Make it all up!  Itz the information age!  
He has no core, no principles, despite all his self-aggrandizing screeching to the contrary.   Rodney's been calling for a night of long knives.  He's absolutely correct- it begins with him.  

It is important not to confuse all European dialects with ethnicity/race. In the relatively small country of England right up until the 1950s different parts of different counties had different dialects spoken by the common folk. This was entirely due to lack of communication in the previous centuries i.e no radio/TV/ access to press for the poor or communication between the common classes of one area and another, many of whom could neither read nor write nor afford or have any reason to travel. While those middle and upper class educated people spoke a national English, local people spoke derivations which had arisen from living in one place for hundreds of years in a time when to travel even twenty miles by horse was a long journey. Even today job prospects are still divided on the basis of whether you have been to a high-class public school and university or whether you are a commoner. Most British nationalists are low-class commoners i.e. largely indigenous, disenfranchised (Saxons and Celts) living under occupation and not of the ruling Jewish and Norman class, which is why they will never be taken seriously in a caste/class based society in which they have the added burden of not being Marxist.