Jack Sen, Nick Griffin agree it's best not to talk about the 'Holocaust'

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2016-03-27 14:32

By Carolyn Yeager

I RECENTLY WATCHED the new video interview: “Nick Griffin interview with Jack Sen – Part 1.” There are three parts, all available now, although I have only watched Part 1, which I came upon posted at The Occidental Observer (TOO). Skimming through it, I was struck by the conversation between the two men about Holocaust, so later I settled down to watch all of Part 1.

For background, Jack Sen is a British citizen who is one-half East Indian** and has written four articles for TOO to date, his latest being an attack on the Dresden, Germany-based PEGIDA, calling it a Zionist organization. According to his article, Sen got involved with the PEGIDA-UK Facebook page editors and watched them cave in to Jewish money, thus has created an organization of his own he named “British Renaissance.” Interesting that his BR logo was designed for free by the PEGIDA-UK webmaster before he left. I was put-off by this article for the reason that it was the second anti-Pegida essay published at TOO that I have read – the first being an attack on Tommy Robinson and Pegida-UK by another Britain-booster and regular contributor, Francis Carr Begbie. My impression of Begbie is that he never met a German that he liked. In this article he claimed that an Israeli flag was prominently displayed at every PEGIDA rally – absolutely false! I've never seen one and I watch them all. So when either of these two men write about Germany, it's clear to me they just don't have a clue and should stick to something they actually know about.

[**Sen's father is Bengali and his sister uses the family name of Sengupta. See here]

Moving now to Jack Sen and his interview with Nick Griffin (former head of the British National Party) – at 24min32sec into the film, Sen reads from his notes a new question for Griffin:

In my opinion the media […] intentionally drag us back to the Holocaust in attempts to deflect genuine criticism for organized Jewry. The Holocaust happened 80 years ago. In the meantime Britain is dying, the cancer that is cultural Marxism is ravaging every last bastion of our society. You made that point yourself. However, after recently again watching Hard Talk, I thought you spoke too long on the Holocaust, and you defended yourself for too long. In total, it was 7 minutes of the 22 minute program to discuss the Holocaust. Do you agree we need to move away from this sort of rhetoric, do you think we should discuss it still? Do you regret you didn't avoid discussing it with Tim Sebastian or was it impossible to avoid discussing it?

At 25:22 Nick Griffin answered:

I always find it difficult to regret being honest because I prefer to be honest. But after – and talking to people and how it was received – we made a decision that we would simply avoid that where possible, again. And various colleagues on the liberal wing of the Party [BNP] urged me to simply surrender completely, and take to the wailing wall and all the rest of it. And I said, No, I just want to ignore it.

Sen: In the BNP?

Griffin: Yes. Said if the Jews are that powerful, well, we will have them on our side.

Sen: Is that because they think they will help financially or because they would help politically?

Griffin: Uh, mmm, mainly financial, but sometimes politically as well. Now uhmm, Marine Le Pen made the same move, and so on. She's done well, although of course she still gets attacked by the same Zionist media, in the same way, and it is something to do with dead ends.

Sen's body language and facial expressions made it clear he thought talk of the holocaust should be avoided and Griffin more reluctantly agreed to that. But in his interview with Hard Talk host Tim Sebastian, I thought Griffin actually did very well. For all Sebastian's bullying, the host failed to make his points, and in the end had to shout at Griffin to cease talking as he (Sebastian) violently changed the subject because he was losing the “holocaust” debate!

*   *   *

Here is my transcript of the selected part of the August 5, 2001 Hard Talk program on Youtube. The host had brought up Black separatist Louis Farrakhan, who was coming to Britain to speak:

Tim Sebastian: Do you care whether he's offensive to Jews? Some of your positions have been pretty offensive to Jews …

Nick Griffin: I don't think they are …

TS: The denial of the holocaust, for instance?

NG: I – I don't deny the holocaust

TS: You don't? What do you deny then?

NG: I deny that it's right, that something that happened sixty years ago, which my father fought against, is used as a club with which to beat people, so that you say, Well, we think multiracial society isn't working … “Oh, you're a nazi, you want to gas people” …

TS: You've changed your views a bit, because your magazine called it a “holo-hoax.”

NG: We used the phrase once. It's not just people at British National Party who have said “It's wrong that it should be used.” In modern politics …

TS: No but you've changed your view here, haven't you?

NG: A lot of people have changed their views …

TS: Have you now accepted the holocaust took place?

NG: I've never denied that there was a holocaust, that large numbers of Jews perished just because they were Jews. There's no doubt about that …

TS: You said it was a conspiracy, a mixture of wartime allied propaganda …

NG: There's a lot of propaganda in anything connected with war … the facts and fictions of the 2nd World War and Holocaust are very confused. They're now being studied mainly by Jews, people like Norman Finkelstein …

TS: Nobody's confused about the fact that 6 million jews died; countries all over the world have accepted it. A few dissidents on the side – David Irving who your party in the past has also supported … Rubbish …

NG: No, the Jewish academics like Norman Finkelstein ...

TS: You can always find a few [muffled and talking over]

NG: No no, he recently published a book called The Holocaust Industry. Now he's not denying, as I'm not denying, that large numbers of Jews suffered and were murdered just because they were Jews...

TS: Six million Jews, in the gas chambers … you accept that now, do you?

NG: There's no question it was large numbers – I don't think anyone accepts 6 million – it's described in the Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem as being symbolic...

TS: So you've given up your support for David Irving as well ...

NG: I don't support David Irving, I think that …

TS: But your party has 'evenings' for him and party members have attended his seminars. In '92 your party hosted an evening for him …

NG: That was before I was even in …

TS: But it's your party, so I'm putting it to you that your views have changed substantially … the views of the party have changed substantially …

NG: I would say that there has certainly been a reassessment of it; a looking at it … in the last century, which, my father was in the RAF fighting against the Nazis,

TS: What's that got to do with the holocaust?

NG: I would say, for people in the BBC to come and use this as a 60 year old stick to beat me, when we should be talking about …

TS: You're very defensive about it.

NG: I feel that it's wrong and …

TS: Which of it is wrong, Mr. Griffin?

NG: I'm defensive about it ...

TS: What is wrong about it?

NG: It's wrong that this issue, which is a matter for historians, and is from the last century – [interrupted by TS] – it is wrong that this issue is used as a moral club to stop sensible debate about what is happening in our country.

TS: But you've been questioning it – you bring it up. You can't then say its wrong for people to come back to it … You've called it a holo-hoax !!

NG: I haven't been questioning it – Just as Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish academic, said there's a holocaust industry – there is a racket of people who make money out of being Jewish. Not Jews – ordinary Jews – but like the people in Switzerland – the Swiss banks insurance companies paid huge sums of money because they had to give money to Jewish survivors. None of that money has gone to ordinary jews; it's all in the hands of Zionist organizations...

TS: Mr Griffin! Mr. Griffin!! [changes the subject] You were convicted in 1998 of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred and you were given a 9 month suspended sentence. [And he continues with that – ends holocaust topic]

*   *    *

In spite of the fact that Griffin caves in on belief in a Holocaust of jews taking place, he still does well on the issue of Zionist misuse of money extracted from banks, corporations and governments for supposedly needy survivors … who then never receive the money. This causes the program host to shut down the topic! Before that, Griffin also managed to state that fiction is confused with fact in WW2 and the “Holocaust”, and that Yad Vashem admits the 6 million number is symbolic. Pretty good work.

Yet, Jack Sen doesn't like it. He is into strong British patriotism. And for the British, it is a point of honor that the Germans whom they defeated in 1945 were horrible people who needed to be defeated mainly because of … the Holocaust! They can't admit it was because trade competition with the “new Germany” beginning in the 1870's was too much for them. They thought it was easier to defeat and destroy Germany in war than to compete with Germans in business ingenuity and trade. Thus the “Holocaust” was embraced in order to ameliorate and/or justify the horror of the serious war crimes that Britain (under the leadership of Winston Churchill) perpetrated on Germans in the form of carpet-bombing residential areas of nearly all German cities – actual genocide.

Nick Griffin himself reverted to the British patriotism route when he later pumped up Winston Churchill as the symbol of British Pride in order to fight multiculturalism. That was a campaign bound to fail!

You see what an endless circle it is. What is necessary is Truth for Britain, not more false pride. Avoiding any criticism or revision of the “Holocaust” is exactly the wrong measure to take. The false six million-gas chambers story is exactly what is keeping White British people from rejecting the destructive multi-racialism agenda that is destroying White countries. It's as plain as that.

Multiracialism is a failure that is kept alive by the idea that there is such a thing as racial hatred, and this racial hatred can only be stomped out by forcing different races/cultures to live together (and of course breed together). So the real goal is to stomp out "racial hatred" by eliminating racial differences. The holohoax is used as the main exhibit to show what happens when different racial groups do not accept each other as neighbors and partners. We can't ignore it because it is why we're not tough enough to stand up to globalist bullies like Ted Sebastian, for example.

I would suggest to both Jack Sen and Nick Griffin that the best and quickest way forward is to drop the facade of British stalwart heroism against Germany in both World Wars; admit the war crimes and the vicious black propaganda carried out by British Intelligence [see here for just one example], and still propagated today; make the holocaust a subject of vigorous investigation. After the shock wears off, the British people will be free to look to what is good for Britain TODAY. And so will everyone else.


This article is not about Francis Carr Begbie, so I did not want to discuss him anymore than I already did. However, I just now once again came upon a nasty paragraph from him that reveals his belief in the holohoax, and his firm position that the British are completely clean of anything to do with this German "Nazi" crime. In a January 27 "Holocaust Day" article he wrote:

This attempt to spread responsibility for the events of 1939–1945 from the perpetrators to Britain and every other White country in Europe has long been an aim of Jewish ethnic activists, and now it seems they have been successful.

Yes I have pointed out, I believe in reference to that particular essay by Begbie, that The Occidental Observer has in effect taken the editorial position that the Holocaust is fact. Nobody has disputed this is TOO's position.
It is hard to understand the motivation in this, beyond the fact that it shows weakness and shortightedness. 

Their motivation: Because it's too hard. Being a White Nationalist is hard enough without adding being a "holocaust denier." Maybe that explains why so many 'Holocaust' Revisionists are not White Nationalists! Laughing

Thus I think you're right that it shows weakness. But for many, like the British I talk about, they don't consider it to be their problem. German-blooded people should band together to make it a "must-win" issue rather than going along with "European White Nationalists" who are willing to take the slow road ... or the low road.

On another topic -- Jack Sen is associated with the "European Knights Project" ... a really questionable group. I talked for an hour on Skype with Giacomo Vallone and know from personal experience he is a disreputable person. Michael Walsh is so hard up to get his writing publicized (he is a very good writer on good subjects) that he has joined up with EKP too. Nick Griffin has articles there also, along with John de Nugent. What a strange crowd! I can hardly believe it.

Well, Jack Sen is not even White. It is obvious from his name and from looking at him.
The proposition that British people would not regard the Holocaust as their problem reminds me that French people are beaten up for the Holocaust by their country's film-industry even more than the Germans are.
This general idea of watching out only for oneself while letting injustices against others pass unchallenged is the epitome of cowardice. Ultimately it brings its own punishment.

Mr. Hadding,
May I dare say that none of this white christian weakness is possible except for a modern exagerrated belief in freedom, equality, and democracy. As long as those are the core principles of the white world, I can see no other result but the current white weakness. Peoples are like a family and should be run as such. Freedom becomes degeneracy fast unless tightly controlled and equality and democracy do not have a religious leg to stand on.
This is just one of many reasons why as a traditional Catholic I prefere catholic fascism a la Franco of Spain or monarchy. For anglos/nordics/protestansts/pagans probably national socialism is best

Two points.
1. Griffin and Sen were both jointly interviewed on Red Ice Radio. What is Griffin doing with a non-White such as Sen? Mass immigration is not just mass immigration into countries previously occupied by Aryans, but is more importantly, mass immigration into the blood stream itself. Its aim is to corrupt Aryan blood itself thereby putting an end to the Aryan Race. Sen is the product of race mixing. This reminds me of a movie I watched recently called "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" which was actually very funny. There was a scene in the movie of mixed couples dancing in the background. It had nothing to do with the plot, but if you are not awake to that kind of thing, it is propaganda designed to make race mixing acceptable at an unconscious level. In the same way, Griffin being allied or associated with a half breed corupts White Nationalism. How can such a man be trusted? I wonder if he is in fact Jewish.
With Tim Sebastian, he [Griffin] could have dealt with the Holocaust by pointing out that he travelled in Europe and could go to prison in Germany if he said the wrong thing. That line of questioning was unfair and that it was the only opinion you could hold anywhere in the world that could put you in jail if you stated it publicly. Such jail sentences are a massive attack on the freedom to speak your mind. Even a lawyer questioning the narrative in open court got a 3 year jail sentence. In my opinion Griffin lost an opportunity to turn the tables on that self-righteous dick!
I agree with Hadding. He is one big compromise!

Point 1 - Both Griffin and Henryk Palmgren treat Sen as White, even knowing he has an East Indian grandfather.

Sen is also Giacomo Vallone who portrays himself as Italian-English-American. [See next article]

"How can such a man be trusted?" In the following post, we discover that mixed race Jack Sen cannot be trusted.

My comment was that Nick Griffin can not be trusted.
It is clear now that neither can Sen !
Somebody must be paying them. I wonder who !
Henryk Palmgren interviews all sorts of whackos (apart from you Carolyn !), Jews included, learning on the job as he goes along!

Well, I was not interviewed on Henryk's show anyway, but on his wife Lana's 3Fourteen program.

I think we could stop talking about the holocaust if Anti-Whites etc stop talking about it constantly. 
They bring up what happened in the past all the time, so we have to constantly respond. 

Presumably you know of Joe Owens who has critiqued Griffin, Sen etc. He is somewhat basic but apparently goes back a long way in the British Nationalist movement. For all I know, he may be right in advocating a return to local politics as the only option for change in UK.

Griffin was in the vanguard when he publicised the suppressed fact of child sexual abuse by 'Asians' and the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan some time back and no doubt has other accomplishments which cannot be dismissed out of hand, but his financial irregularities and ambiguous performance in his BNP leadership role suggest he is now a dead letter in UK / EU party politics. His name is mud e.g. here:


- and I imagine further background could be forthcoming from the site's owner (who also seems to regard Owens with mild suspicion - perhaps guilt by (former) association).

My personal impression of Griffin at this time is that his assessment of our prospects is demoralising - but you might say the same of Revilo Oliver in 1969. Plus ca change...

PS: I just acquired in an end-of-business book sale a copy of Rassinier's 'The Real Eichmann Trial' [EN] (1979 Steppingstones Publications/Historical Review Press). Its cameo of the author and his WW2 record showed me just how powerful this book must have been particularly when first published in the early 1960s. You covered him among others in a podcast a year or two ago. A scan is on the compendious AAARGH website.