Ursula Haverbeck once again sentenced to jail in Germany

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-09-02 14:25

Ursula Haverbeck sits head and shoulders above the ruling political parties in Germany, secure in knowing she speaks from the pristine realm of truth.

By Carolyn Yeager

JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE "HOLOCAUST" NON-HISTORICAL NARRATIVE, trying to get an accurate picture of the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck is made very difficult by the mainstream media.

Even Wikipedia is not up to date on Haverbeck in 2016!

Deutsche Welle, Germany's state news service, ran a September 2nd article (quickly removed from the "Top Stories" page - I caught it just in time!) reporting the 87-year old “Nazi Grandma” was sentenced to 8 months in jail for a letter she sent to Detmold Mayor Rainer Heller complaining about the trial of Reinhold Hanning in that city. This is different from the 10-month sentence she was given late last year for a TV interview.

As you will recall, and I wrote about extensively, Hanning is the 94 year old former Auschwitz guard who was sentenced to five years in prison in June for simply being there (no requirement for specific charges of criminal behavior and no witnesses). His trial in the city of Detmold aroused world-wide publicity over a 4 to 5-month period earlier this year.

In her letter, Haverbeck said that the witnesses at the trial were set up to prove the existence of the concentration camp, according to the DW article. She also said it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp, not an extermination camp. This is considered serious “holocaust denial” under German law, based on the constitution that was given to the Germany people (never voted on) by the Allied Control Council after the war. She is expected to appeal the sentence.

Apparently, the 10-month sentence given to Frau Haverbeck in November 2015 was suspended, although that fact was never reported by any media that I saw, and I looked diligently for further news since then. In today's article, DW wrote:

“her [prior] punishments include two fines and another suspended sedition sentence. She was on trial last year for saying that the Holocaust was "the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history."

I said at that time they would never actually put her in a jail cell and they didn't. Now DW is doing its best to make Ursula as unsympathetic as possible by calling her names like “Nazi”, criminal, seditionist, and right-wing extremist in case the state does feel the need to carry out its sentence. But it is a losing battle. Haverbeck has a world-wide reputation as a beautiful, brave truth-teller of many years – if she is actually put in prison this time, there will be a global uprising against “Holocaust” enforcement laws and a further reading and spread of Frau Haverbeck's beliefs.

What a quandry for the Federal Republic. It's a joy to behold.


Is Germany really a democracy? What is she so afraid of? If the stuff Frau Haverbeck is saying is not true, the truth will prevail at the end, sooner or later.

No "democracies" are really democracies. They call them "Democratic Republics" under a Constitution and set of laws. In Germany, the law says Ursula Haverbeck cannot say the things she is saying. The Constitution provides free speech except about Nazis, Holocaust and antisemitism. It makes that exception.

The "far-right" parties want to have referendums of the people to determine important issues (which is democracy) but the governing elites and media reject such populist procedures.

But more important, the German people know nothing about jail sentences for Haverbeck since none of it is reported in German media.

You are right. It is much more a plutocracy or oligarchy than a democracy.
Are you going to see Denial? I expected (vainly) that they could portrait real facts, but it is going to be biased.
Valdi (as Mr Kriesmann used to call me)

I'm so glad you reminded me -- it's been awhile! How have you been? Did you ever finish translating our "Ein Anderer Hitler" into Spanish?

Our friend Willi Kriessman was such a gentleman, he would never reply to commenters in the abrupt way I do. Being a born and bred German-Austrian, he was so interested in German colonies in South America. The way that you speak of him shows the impression he made on you. In turn, he was impressed with the work you had undertaken.

I don't really expect to see the movie Denial. I'll hear plenty about it and learn most everything I need to knowfrom the reviews, and from clips. I don't want to reward the big jews in hollywood, plus it has got to be stupid and I won't sit through a stupid movie. Now, I'm quite sure Willi would have gone to see it. He made a point to see the movie Valkyrie, but was really angry at all the errors, and I think he left early. I didn't go to that movie either.

LOL How can anyone even think that any countries are democratic. It's a hoax. It's the most brutal form of tyranny. You vote and vote and things only go the wrong way. Demoncrazy was nver intented for the people, but sedative for the people used by a ruthless (((ruling)) class.

There is media censorship in Germany about Ursula Haverbeck. DW is the only place I have found any reporting on this trial outcome, and there was none about the trial itself! DW removed the story very quickly from their front page. Maybe there was a complaint.

What's interesting is that it is #1 under "Most Read" even though it no longer appears anywhere on the main page, not even among the thumbnails at the bottom. That is real censorship to prevent it from being seen at all, and yet people are still looking for it and reading it. Probably using the Search.

No other news service has picked it up. It will have to be made viral by us, just promoting the hell out of it. Ursula is probably under a court order not to speak publicly or give any interviews.

Even at her age she is a very beautiful woman.

It's good in a way DW is the only one. It is THE establisment website/paper. Very hopeful. AND Volksverhetzung is not "sedition" but encitement. This in itself is defamatory.

Oh yes, censorship and hiding news is good. (sarcasm) What is happening is they are embarrassed by their stupid prosecutions -- it's a fact that thousands are carried out every year and never reported in any media. They want to be able to shut people up without anyone knowing, so there is no controversy.

This story is still "most read" on the DW front page for the second day! That shows people want to know!

Sedition means "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority" at Merriam Webster's. Wikipedia adds: "Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent to lawful authority." So they are the same.

Well that's pretty circuitous. Although I suppose there are laws about saying something they don't want you to about the "Holocaust", there are a lot of things you could say about it without anyone daring to assert you were trying to overthrow or subvert the government. It's the kikes who are trying to overthrow the government. And this change in the online translators is just another example of their efforts to deceive people: about what anyone who says something they don't like about the Holocaust has been engaging in.
The term Volksverhetzung - lit. heating up the people, I guess, if that's the exact translation - used exclusively as a legal term for Holocaust thought crimes as far as I know -  is misleading in it's own right, more-than-implying incitement to violence - which just about none of the people cited for denying or questing the Holocaust ever engage in. So that's defamation right there: built into the legal system for the purpose of preserving the defamatory Holocaust lie. Add to it the mistranslation "sedition" and you are falsely portraying deniers or questioners as not only violent, but conspirators in sedition or treason, extremely serious crimes. -Just another example of Jews' successful efforts to have things portrayed in 180-degree-opposite preposterous fashion, with the most annoying example being their genocides in and around greater Russia 1917-2000 versus the stinking Holocaust lie.
That they had to get Haverbeck with a whole other charge, and Pueschel's acquittal, are rare shafts of light though, and I hope, reason for optimism. It's a shame this stuff is blacked out, especially in view of peoples' obvious interest in it as you say - and it's a vital interest, so they are acting instinctively in their interest in a healthy way, skandalmongering aside.  I suppose there is some way to do it, but trying to search for this stuff with Google playing Gracie Allen, in German, is more than I can handle. It needs someone who is absolutely fluent in German, to get around Google's foibles, and make a list of cases.

The holomyth is slowly eroding, deconstructing and disassembling. Slowly, with each rainfall and thaw, the dirty ice is being worn down. Vad Yashem has declared definitively there never was any soap; EelyWeasel's wife's edition of 'Night' is back tracking on "burning baby pits" and coming out big for einsatzgruppen; the tally plaque at Oswiczm gets lower and lower.
I don't want this poor woman, Haverbeck, to suffer any more. Where is the Golden Rule? How would these scumbags like to se their own grandmother thrown into a holding cell? She has stood for truth and honour, and made a statement of defense and innocence which the current and future genrerations can build upon. Perhaps if she agrees to keep quiet the djooz will let her alone.

What? Frau Haverbeck does not want to be "left alone" as an old grandmother. How they wish she would! She is an activist. She wants to bring public attention to the great injustice that has been done to Germans.

Your sentence "EelyWeasel's wife's edition of 'Night' is back tracking on "burning baby pits" and coming out big for einsatzgruppen" doesn't make any sense to me. Please point out the basis or evidence for such a sentence.

And I disagree with you that this "holomyth" is going to disappear by itself. This is an Internet fantasy.

Holocaustianity is not disappearing by itself but surely is slowly eroding. First they admitted there were no death camps in Germany; then the soap and lampshades went; the total of mortality at Oswiezm drops ever lower. It is indeed a myth on the move (down). It is held in place by governments because Nuremburg is part of the settlement of WW2 and all political arrangements, alliances and borders of post war Europe rest upon it.
It took hundreds of years for 'La Leyenda Negra' of the Spanish Inquisition to be debunked and "revised". We're not going to have to wait that long for the holomyth.
Preface to 'Night' 2006, Eely Weasel:
"The kids thrown into fiery ditches....I did not say they alive, but that was what I thought......"
"The Einsatzgruppen carried out the FINAL SOLUTION by turning their tommy guns on more than a million djooz--men, women, children--and throwing them into mass graves...."
Nothing about six million nor gas chambers. Seems like an attempt at moderation to me.

Well, if you're okay with the Hundred Year Plan -- you've only got until 2045 to finish it off. That's 29 years to go. But by then, Germany won't be made up of Germans anymore, so it won't make much difference. There might not even be a Germany. Same as we're dealing with in the U.S., if Trump doesn't win in November, it's the end of any hope for maintaining a White, civilized USA. It will be all over. The stakes are that high.

As for the Weasel, thanks for writing back with your evidence. What you've quoted here from 2006 is not a change in his views, or a "moderation", but the same as what he has written since 1958 or so. The full quote is:

"The infants thrown into fiery ditches ... I did not say that they were alive, but that was what I thought. But then I convinced myself: no, they were dead, otherwise I surely would have lost my mind. And yet fellow inmates also saw them; they were alive when they were thrown into the flames. Historians, among them Telford Taylor, confirmed it. And yet somehow I did not lose my mind."

Why were you trying to fool Carolyn? Pretty hard to fool Carolyn about Elie Wiesel. And what this is, he's trying to have it both ways. Which makes it cowardly nonsense so typical of Wiesel. And it goes without saying, it never happened.

He also wasn't 'moving away' from the gas chambers toward the Einsatzgruppen - there never were any gas chambers in his camps ... the ones he wrote about. Later, he realized his mistake and tried to mention G.C.'s here and there, but for the most part he only wanted to speak of BURNING. Burning bodies was his thing.

Your second quote doesn't come from the preface to Night, 2006, so I don't know where it comes from. Do you? It's the common Jewish reaction to the disproving of the gas chamber stories, yes. But as I said, if you've got a hundred years to wear the lie down further, you might have a point. Otherwise not.

I prefer the five-year plan.

No, of course I know it never happened. It is all crapola. There were no "fiery pits", Mengele didn't wear a monocle and he didn't do any selecting!
Preface to New Translation, Hill and Wang 2006, page viii, 3rd paragraph:
"That is why everywhere in Russia, Ukraine and in Lithuania the Einsatzgruppen carried out the Final Solution by turning their machine guns on more than a million Jews, men, women and children, and throwing them into huge mass graves, dug just moments before by the victims themselves."

Thanks for the help -- I couldn't see it. So now, you've again left out the preceding very important sentence. Wiesel is berating the "Nazis in Germany" for wanting to build a society without Jews. (But of course! Wasn't that their perogative? And this is the fundamental fear and loathing of the Jews, as I've pointed out many times--to keep them out of Gentile nations is to prevent them from plundering and parasitizing on Gentile wealth and labor, which is how they live. Wiesel himself is a big beneficiary and defender of that "right.") Then he says of the "Nazis":

"Toward the end of their reign, their goal changed: they decided to leave behind a world in ruins in which Jews would seem never to have existed. That is why everywhere in Russia, in the Ukraine, and in Lithuania, the Einsatzgruppen carried out the Final Solution by turning their machine guns on more than a million Jews, .... " and so on.

All he's doing here is catching up with the latest Jewish arguments, but without changing anything he said before. First Jews were killed in concentration camps through various means (purposeful starvation and overwork among them), and "later" (toward the end of their reign, he says) Jews were shot and thrown into large pits. Always in the millions.

There is no retreat here. There is an additional charge of mass murder by machine gun.

It makes me boiling angry, when I aee what low life trash has weasled themself into the justice system, but not only into the justice system, but into all positions of power, and they need to identified by name and picture in a Black List for a later date, when the power changes. In the meantime it can be used as a powerfull tool, to shame them in the community where they live.

The so-called Constitution (never voted on by the people) of the Federal Republic of Germany includes fulll acceptance of the findings of the post-war Nuremberg Tribunals, and therefore specifically rejects any "Nazism", National Socialism, Hitler admiration, questioning the Holocaust or that Germany is responsible for WWII, war crimes and crimes against humanity under Hitler, etc., etc.

To publicly doubt or question any of that is to undermine the state, and to encourage others to do so. But how the other European countries justify their holo-questioning laws I don't know.

Notice the last line of the article reads:

An estimated 6 million Jews were exterminated across Europe under Adolf Hitler's dictatorship.

A complete lie, with no evidence to back it up. But it's a crime to question it.

Then the best thing for Ursula Haverbeck, a gracious lady and scholar, is that she be put in prison according to the law.  All that will do is make her name world renouned as it already is in my heart.  She is another Socrates.  The holocaust hoax must be ended if we are to have a free human race.  Yes, it's that big.  
I doubt the holocausters will act because they, too, know the gig is up.  

Al, I agree with your first part that she is an activist out of noble motives, yes. And she should continue, even if she goes to jail. She can manage that.

But that the holocausters "know the jig is up" ... I don't think so.