Reflections on Adolf Hitler's 134th birthday

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2023-04-19 09:10

Adolf Hitler in a rare photo from the 1930s.

by Carolyn Yeager

WHY HONOR HITLER? Because he was a great man and a populist (meaning of/for the common people). How do I know he was a great man, or why do I think so? Because of his works. Jesus the Christ said: “You shall know them by their fruits,” fruits meaning the results of their efforts or what is 'given' to their fellow man. Can Hitler be compared to Jesus? Was Hitler a Christian? What were Hitler's “fruits” in the world?

I speak as a German, because I am German by blood, by DNA. (See "Carolyn's Ancestry" on the right sidebar.) Preventing the German nation from falling to the Bolshevic brand of communist, soviet-style rule, thus saving the German people & culture from annihilation, preventing Soviet rule from encroaching on the rest of Europe, and preventing the rule of the globalist banking establishment (usury, foreign control) in Germany were accomplishments no other politician had even attempted. As long as he was alive, Hitler sought to hold this at bay and have a true German government by Germans. Since his death, Germany has been completely in the hands of the foreign Globalist network.

The banking-political establishments that currently control world affairs tell the story differently, of course. They have created a false narrative of National Socialist crimes against “humanity,” with purposefully evil intentions inspiring the crimes. I and others have written a great deal on this topic already, and it is well known to my readers. So on this anniversary I will concentrate on whether Hitler can be compared to Jesus. And whether Hitler was, or can be considered, a Christian.

As I see it, Hitler was a liberator, as Jesus was a liberator. That's what they most have in common. A phrase made famous in Germany in Hitler's time was “Jews are our misfortune.” In Christian scripture, Jesus called out the Pharisees (those we call Jews today) and exposed them as false, and as “liars” who were leading the people away from the truth. He went so far as to say they belonged to Satan, the “Father of lies”. In our current time, the powerful Jewish-Zionist Lobby has managed to convince the vast majority of Christians that the scripture doesn't mean what it says. They've convinced Christians that the Pharisees of that time are not the Jews of today, and in any case the vast majority of members of the Jewish faith no longer hold any anti-Christian beliefs, and we should overlook such statements & warnings by Jesus in the Scripture. Which interpretation sounds and feels most correct to you, whether a confessing Christian or not?

Like Jesus, Hitler was an effective Jew-fighter and resister. Leading Jews were seen by both men as imposters, including as religious imposters. Rather than being truth-seekers or truth-tellers, Jews distort and corrupt whatever they can. They steal as a preferred method of acquiring what they need or want. They do not engage in actual labor if they can avoid it. They view the law as something to manipulate in their own interests.

Jews, communists and libertarians believe that people are empty slates at birth--that early training can and does form our beliefs and allegiances. However, the discovery and mapping of DNA contradicts that. We are born with our physical-mental traits, and 50% of our emotional-psychological traits, already fixed! (Blueprint, R. Plomin, MIT Press, 2018) It doesn't stop us from making choices in any direction, but makes some far more likely than others.

Adolf Hitler was a true European who experienced the difficult reality of living among so many competitors on the European continent—'realities' including food, living space, natural resources, all limited, plus borders to defend from neighboring armies. Germany was bordered on every side by other nations except for a small northern access to the Baltic and North Seas. Americans on the other hand enjoy a big, broad, richly endowed land bordered west, east and southeast by large bodies of water. Americans can afford to indulge in abstract concepts like Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Equality and Brotherhood.

Still, Hitler guided his people to the greatest success they had ever known, amazing the rest of the world. His people genuinely loved him, and trusted him even throughout all the destruction wreaked on them by the nations calling themselves, at Franklin Roosevelt's suggestion, the United Nations. It has taken incredible infliction of pain to wrest away from the German mind their belief in Adolf Hitler.

Many people reason this way: They say, “Hitler may not have done all he's accused of, but he must have done some of it.” Is that reasonable? All charges, however minor, need to be proven with evidence, not hearsay. Let's learn the facts, and then decide. The Jews of his day accused Jesus also of committing crimes that they defined, and aimed at his death.

By way of comparison with the alleged “crimes of mass murder” by Hitler and his close associates, I submit for your consideration a congressional hearing that took place yesterday, April 18, 2023, in regard to the acknowledgment by most current experts that the Covid 19 virus that is alleged to have killed over one million Americans and 15 million people worldwide was secretly developed in the Communist Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology, with the help of American government money and scientists. Watch the hearing here. This is still being covered up by the Joe Biden Administration and U.S. Intelligence Agencies, who hold that “we will never know for sure” because China won't voluntarily share their information with us. This amounts to nothing more than run-of-the-mill denial (which Joe Biden has mastered over his 50 years in government), and also exemplifies how unreliable our foreign policy pronouncements are and have been.

Before and during WWII the Franklin Roosevelt administration and the Intel agencies were similarly lying in truly outrageous fashion and censoring speech in their attempt to silence sympathy for Hitler/Germany and create sympathy for Joe Stalin. One should not believe a word of it, whether then or now.

Race is real, nationality is real, genetics is real, heritability is real. And will is real. Hitler respected all of these. We do pass on from father to son, and daughter; generations grow out of the previous ones. We're waking up to our own role in all of this. We're not puppets, or even subjects. We're actors with individual will. We're highly cooperative beings, but not slaves or order-takers. This is what we're waking up to—the I AM. We're thinkers, and thoughts create; therefore we are creators. We are one unified force but expressing as individual personalities. Adolf Hitler represented the above, and is still in the vangard today. It's why it is right to continue to recognize him, and acknowledge his legitimate place and leadership role in our history.

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945)


It's sad the world has been brainwashed by the Jews and their owning the ink on what is published about Hitler...He asked for four years to fix things and he did, not a small feat considering America was going through a depression and having Americans build stone walls to to them working..Hitler transformed a whole country, he should be haveing statutes made for him...As to the Covid nonsense, their was never a virus, you can't invent a virus when it was never isolated or purified, but that's another topic...

Thank you! for everything you have than throughout the years. And I entirely concord with your assessment on Der Führer. 
"Light unto thee, life unto thee, sun may thou be on the cycle above." --- Thoth
Wherever you may be my dear Der Führer, your name, legacy and sicrifice will never be forgotten. ¡Lvx Ex Tenebris!

It would seem that the Chinese would be forthcoming with the origins of the virus, I understand that it was first created in the US, then transferred to Wuhan after gain-of-function research was outlawed in the US. Judy Mikovits, PHD, (Plandemic the movie) was relating that timeline.
Have you ever heard of that sequence of events?
Much appreciation for all your good work, Ma'am, thank you.

Hello Carolyn, long time no see!I've withdrawn from the revolutionary political scene for so long, I may seem antiquated. I've also mellowed out since we last spoke.I'm only resurfacing to make this one public contribution. I hardly know anywhere else on the Internet to have a meaningful discussion about Hitler these days.___First, I wish Adolf Hitler a belated happy birthday!Why honor Hitler?Well, just saying he's a great man isn't enough, one must also ascribe value to the idea of greatness. In our times, greatness is evaluated by outward success.How can we know he was a great man?He made his whole life a struggle, he remained steadfast during the bad times, and he faced the collapse of his ideal undaunted. In fact, Hitler ascribed greatness to Frederick II, not because he ultimately won, but because he remained steadfast in misfortune.What were Hitler's “fruits” in the world?As he wished to be remembered: for establishing the primacy of Race doctrine as the basis for lasting friendship and for making the cultivation of the arts and sciences the mainstay of German greatness.Hitler's greatness lies in the fact that he sought to reconcile the artificial civilizational values (liberalism/conservatism, pragmatism, the state; hostile to Nature) with a higher ideal (cultivation of beauty and the arts; reverence to Nature). Nowhere is this better illustrated than in what he told Otto Wagener about Alexander the Great's merit, which he called "a union, a marriage with the Greek spirit and Western civilization."___Was Hitler a Christian?With his attitude towards a higher Fate, his concept of "historical mission" (comparable to Nicholas II), and his embrace of "pagan" notions (his interpretation of St. John's Logos), he was much closer to the Eastern Orthodox viewpoint than Catholicism.As a result of the post-war historical distortions, namely Hitler being misrepresented as a criminal great man of action, I perceive that there will be two competing successors to Hitler's legacy. It seems fitting that his legacy should be divided between warlord and artist.If events play out according to the Vatican's wishes, the long-awaited Zionist-Catholic monarch will play into their hands, as Charlemagne once did, whereas Hitler abhorred Charlemagne's coronation as the beginning of German subjugation (Table Talk entry July 4, 1942). My research leads me to expect that Hitler's true heir will come by means of Russia, with the help of a new Russian ruler.>In Christian scripture, Jesus called out the Pharisees (those we call Jews today) and exposed them as false, and as “liars,” leading the people away from the truth.I come bearing a new narration on Jesus' enemies.

Hi Janus. Always glad to hear from you. Do you still have your website that was so interesting?

Question: What are you referring to as "Hitler's interpretation of St. John's Logos"? I think I saw something similar to that very recently. 

Hello Carolyn,  Yes, my site is still up, but I no longer maintain it. I don't bother distributing it as it's too much for anyone to assimilate. I leave it to search engines.  I've moved onto a new project - less political, more religious, which I linked in my comment above.  Do you happen to know a decent place to discuss Hitler nowadays? I've been giving Unz a chance and have improved my view on him, but I rarely post over there.  I'm referring to the references to the Gospel of John in Otto Wagener's memoir, where Hitler interprets Logos as the creative "urge", which both the instinct to self-preservation and the instinct to expand derive from.  Sorry about the lack of spacing, I'm not used to the formatting.

It is always a pleasure to receive your good articles and thank you.
Nit-Pick (2).
There is no evidece of the "forced death" of our beloved A.H. .
There is no evidence of ANY "virus" anywhere on earth: consequently, no-one has seen it, touched it, painted it or even described it.
What we do have, is a central bank (jew Rothschilds) in control of all money, media and governments.
Regards and Thanks.

Hi Euddaf -- thank you for the comment. What I meant by "forced death" is simply that AH would not have made the decision to end his own life (and Eva's) IF German forces had not collapsed, leaving him (and Eva) sure to be taken into custody by Russians. That was a fate to be avoided at all costs, all would agree. I did question that word and removed it, then put it back. I might still consider changing to a different one.

The idea of some attention-mongers that Hitler (with Eva in tow yet!)  was whisked away to Argentina or the Arctic is ridiculous & impossible. Yet those who want to believe it do hold open the possibility.

Whether viruses exist or not, or this particular virus did the damage attributed to it, is not the issue here. My position is: I do not know for sure, but I never believed it would harm me and never took a vaccine shot or flu shot. I did not wear a mask except on a few occasions when I couldn't enter the supermarket or a doctor's reception room w/o it (I live in Texas). But if the U.S. government wants to claim that their lack of oversight allowed the release of their lab-created pathogen that killed over one million Americans, and since deny & cover up, I will certainly use that in the defense of truth for Germany.

Best regards

Well, now that I've thought about it more, I agree that though there were no good options, there were other options that some were urging him to take, but he CHOSE suicide. I think he thought any other choice would look and feel like cowardice.

In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin." 
When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, 'No.' Stalin's top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945:
"We have found no corpse that could be Hitler's." 
The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No one can say he is dead." 
Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped.
Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, "No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead."

What's your source? This seems lazily copy/pasted from an article.
Rudolf Hess pointed out to Eugene K. Bird that if Hitler had survived, he wouldn't have settled for an obscure remote life, but reappeared in the political scene. Hitler felt an urgent need to find a worthy successor before the war concluded, only then would he give up politics for the arts. Hitler was certainly not the same as Napoleon, but even Napoleon tried to reassert himself when exiled. By far the best testimony on Hitler's suicide comes from his pilot Hans Baur, who indicates that Hitler viewed his suicide as a way of assuming unqualified responsibility for the war.
Also, did Stalin respond spontaneously or give pause? An important distinction. Ribbentrop drew attention to Stalin's spontaneous remarks regarding Russia and Germany not entering into conflict and allying against the West, he said that "they must certainly have expressed his conviction."

My response to this: I don't believe this quoted material, since it is both incomplete and second-hand, and said by enemies of Hitler-NS Germany. In contrast, Germans who were there in the bunker or had been there and knew him personally & well, say otherwise--that he intended to take his own life and did.

Hitler was not the kind of person to want to survive at all costs, nor to want to save himself in the face of such dire consequences for his people. It was his security personnel who had that goal. I agree with Janus' statement: "Hitler felt an urgent need to find a worthy successor before the war concluded, only then would he give up politics for the arts." This was the essential Hitler, whose wish was to retire in a peaceful, secure Germany and continue his work to improve German cities, not the the crazy stories that even his alleged "nazi" supporters dream up about him. Hermann Giesler, who knew him well, told it straight.

hitler basically stole national socialism from the strasser brothers while making it neither national or socialism.  in the book "hitler and I" otto strasser assesses hitler character he would often threaten to kill himself when he didnt get his way.  strasser outlines that he was over the top anti semitic  for political purpose and didnt go after the bigger capitalist jew criminals and they were able to flee europe a lot of them settle in the states.  he alsoi did everythign he could to sabotage a relationship with russia, dehumanize slavs  that later got all the germans killed by ruskis.  hitler also renigged a lot on what he wrote in mein kampf,  later admitting jews werent a race and judaism was a mind virus like christ insanity and jews could be germans.  certainly you know how many jews were granted german citizenship by hitler himself, including the jewish doctor that tried to ave hitlers moms life. strasser called hitler a moron who would end up invading russia and shooting himself, certainly had him pegged there,  it certainly got me over the bullshit hitler worship you see in the right wing

Oy Vey 'Damon'  

Thanks, Trevor.

...Hitler, Germany area was large, not densely populated. After H. a little country, occupiedby foreign forces and flooded by Mussies. Nice!

More and more people are beginning to realize, though many have before this, that World War II was a religious war with the intent in particular of destroying Hitler and bringing Germany back into the fold of nations subservient to the world order; and to further destroy Christendom/Western Civilization and the Christian Faith.
Brother Michael of Christ wrote “Blessed Adolf Hitler, Saviour of Europe, Confessor and Martyr” as a short introduction to this truth and published it without copyright to allow the knowledge to spread through our people.
Ezra Pound wrote: "This war is not due to a whim of Hitler or Mussolini. This war forms part of the millennial war between usurer and peasant, between the usurocracy and whoever wants to do an honest day's work with hand or mind." 
When asked by Journalists about Hitler, Ezra Pound did not hesitate to say “Adolf Hitler was a Joan of Arc, a Saint. He was a Martyr.”
The great American historian David Hoggan in his My Comments About Germany commenting upon this stated:  
“I have read all the documents of the Nuremberg prosecutors as well as the material of the defense lawyers. I have read Hitler biographies in seven languages — they are so numerous that it would be too cumbersome to list them here. For many years I studied ethics, logic, epistemology (which I also taught), political philosophy and political sciences. In this respect, I am inclined to a different point of view and agree with the late Ezra Pound, who said in a conversation with American newspapermen in April 1945: “Hitler was a Saint!””
The peoples of the West flail about fighting this or that chimera, never winning because they either cannot, or are afraid to, name the enemy. We must realize above all that our struggle is spiritual, as well as a physical. Blessed Adolf is worthy of our prayers and supplications for heaven's aid in the salvation of our sorely oppressed people.

Hitler could, and should have played the longer game.  Ultimately, he grabbed too much too fast, and what is left of the German people are now being exterminated, along with the rest of Western Europe.  Bolshevism would have been bad, but you can argue that the German Nation would have survived it at less cost than the war.  East Germany still has the most race-conscious Germans, and the Russian people survived Bolshevism as well.

Powell, This is 'Monday morining quarterbacking" and thus of no value. Would you have said this in 1935, in 1939, in 1941? You don't know. 

It's a common sentiment, but Hitler had to make decisions in current time with the information he had, as all leaders do.

I don't think you can just avoid conflict with International Jewry if they have decided on it. The Jews could have provoked conflict in other ways, perhaps by trying to strangle Germany of resources or something else, even if the Wehrmacht had never stepped foot into Czechia or Poland. So playing it slow and hoping for the best may not have worked either. 
The bigger point is that Hitler took a stand for ethnic Germans and his actions were honorable. How International Jewry and their pawns responded, by instigating and prolonging the conflict even when there were multiple opportunities to end the bloodshed, was not. How International Jewry and their pawns lied in the aftermath, especially with the Holohoax, was also dishonorable and evil. 
Speculating about what Hitler should have done differently because Germans are now more threatened than ever, is almost an attack on Hitler's character, which he doesn't deserve. 

I should, at this late date, include in my reply that A.H. was "in a hurry" and didn't want to "play the long game" because he strongly believed he was the only one who had the will and popular support to carry the defeat of Bolshevism through to the end. IOW, he was the only German who could succeed and he didn't expect to live long. This may have added to his undoing.

It also shows that Jews were not his main enemy at all, but Bolshevism/Marxism was, which attracted Jews like nectar attracts bees. So it was Jews' activist attraction to Bolshevism that put them on Hitler's enemies list.

To the question of whether Hitler escaped or not. Obviously, the Bolsheviks are lying, as always. My guess is that A. Hitler's corpse was found, identified and hidden by the Bolsheviks somewhere in Russia. Not so long ago, a Christian Orthodox church of the Russian Armed Forces was built in Russia with several museum buildings around. It was said that metal from the melted German WWII weapons was used for the metal parts of the temple, including the entrance steps. Also, it was said that the museum kept the cap of A. Hitler himself. I wouldn't be surprised, knowing the Bolsheviks' craving for ancient rituals, that they used Hitler's bones as relics hidden somewhere in this temple dedicated to the war. Just thoughts. We will learn this and much more when Putin's totalitarian regime is destroyed and all KGB/FSB archives are open for research. Thank you and good luck!

Hi Carolyn, I was musing about the so called holocaust and I wondered if the Allies would have fire bombed the major German cities if the Jews had not been removed or if there were selected places that were not bombed.  It would be interesting to know how many Jews died in the fire bombings?  Or, how many Jews were saved because they were removed to work camps?  Is that morbid?  That would make Herr Hitler the new Moses!   Ha ha.  I had read that of all peoples who died in the camps of all causes was under 700,000.  Please don't take offense; I do love you and your work.