We will miss you, Paul

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2017-11-07 21:15

Sven Longshanks sent me an email on November 1st titled 'Paul', in which he kindly informed me that he had second-hand information, but he was pretty confident in it, that Paul Hickman had died. He thought I should know and when he got confirmation of it, and the circumstances, he would let me know. I was shocked and saddened by this news, and didn't want to report anything about it until some confirmation came. A few times I did a search on Paul's name, but nothing came up. Until today. Several sites have posted the information, so now it is a fact.

Paul and I were good friends. This started before he became a host on The White Network. We kept in touch after that mainly via Skype. Our last skype conversation was on Sept 18 – he sent me a photographic copy of a notification he had received from the court detailing the final charge against him. On it, he was checked off as White European. It read:

You are charged with the following offence(s): You do not have to say anything, but do not mention NOW something which you later rely on in Court. Anything you do say can be used against you.

  1. PUB6111 – Possess written material which is threatening abusive/insulting to stir up racial hatred.

    On 17/5/16 (May 2016) at Birmingham in the County of West Midlands had in your possession written material … namely multiple copies of two national action leaflets/posters taken from exhibits LJ/8 and LJ/15, which was threatening, abusive or insulting with a view to it being displayed by yourself or another intending thereby to stir up racial hatred or, having regard to all the circumstances, whereby racial hatred was likely to be stirred up.

    Contrary to sections 23(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

REPLY: The defendant has made no reply to this charge

We had a short back and forth about it at that time (of course, we had talked about it before that) during which he said: “White people are like sheep surrounded by wolves. My friend reckons the Germans still have something in them and will rise up eventually. Hope he's right.” I took this that he (and his friend) was losing hope in the British. No wonder! … just think of all this ruination of his life for possessing leaflets from the National Action campaign !! How more ridiculous can it get?

The last skype message I received from him was on Oct. 9. In neither of these was there anything that would warn that such an outcome was pending. He had previously expressed the belief that it was very possible he would not be found guilty and would not face any jail time—which could be why the system kept putting it off, looking to find more on him.

It is being said that Paul took his own life; if so, it could have been accidental. I am aware of a problem he had in his life, other than being an active White Nationalist in a society that had outlawed racism. So if he did, it was because he no longer saw his life as salvable. Paul was intelligent, talented and good-looking, as alcoholics so often are. He wanted to help his race and his nation. He also hoped to form a family. His political activism caused him to lose his job in his chosen field a second time, and now his prospects looked increasingly hopeless.

I'm coming out with this not to cast a bad light on a good White Nationalist man whose death I mourn (and who did try some treatment programs), but because alcoholism is, in my opinion, the worst affliction of our people and causes many problems and failures which could be avoided. We might have more Adolf Hitlers if we banned alcohol from our nations. It is a drug that for some people is fatal. The only effective treatment for alcohol-caused disabilities, for both the alcoholic and the co-dependent “enabler” in the family and among friends, is to come out of the entrenched denial pattern that holds it all in place. This is where the first and greatest resistance is, and that is a hump that is hard to get over. Even once you do, it is a lifetime enterprise to keep from falling back, but it does get easier. As Donald Trump has so wisely said: The best thing is to never have the first drink—especially if you know it is in your family.

The best program by far for alcohol addiction is AA (Alcoholics Annonymous). Any other programs that work are copied on that one. Alcoholics never like it at first because of the need to plead helplessness and a dependence on a Higher Power. That Higher Power can be anything you want it to be. And every person already addicted to alcohol IS helpless in the face of it. So it's just admitting the truth of your situation, and that is the healing power.

So Paul finally went to an AA meeting and told me he liked it! And said he would go back; they had several a week. I was happy thinking he was in good hands, but I found out from him later that he didn't go back. He instead enrolled in a different program that substituted some other substance for alcohol and slowly weaned him off. When he successfully completed that program, he went right back to drinking. He told me in all sincerity that he “had to have it”—he couldn't get through the night without it. He wanted me to understand. I did but I knew it would not work out like he said. Now he's dead. This is what Albion has done to its son. He was a sweet, sweet son, as you can see from his picture above. He was also a willing and ready soldier in the battle. He lived with his father for a time and cared for him. He liked taking care of people.

Forgive me, Paul, for telling this much about your struggle, but perhaps doing so is more useful to the brothers and sisters you served than your radio podcasts. I think yours is the lesson we really need to learn. You are loved, and we are sorry you're gone from us.

I did several programs with Paul as guest which I have just reinstated on this website: here, here, here, here and here.


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As someone who lost a young brother to it, I have first hand knowledge of how dangerous a scourge this problem is. The tragedy is that those so afflicted cannot concieve of how fulfilling and worthwhile life can be without alcohol.

I too have seen too much of it, but not that, thank God. We should think about how sane and strong our White societies would be without any alcohol being consumed. I struggled  with myself not to reveal these confidences from Paul but the urge to talk about it was just too strong. I think he might approve.

I was a great fan of Paul's broadcasts. I found them at a time when I was hovering on the edge - wondering whether to take the plunge into embracing reality, or whether instead to go back to the bland, comforting soporific of Liberalism. Paul's work was enormously helpful to me, and his podcasts were on constant repeat for me during a particular period of my life. It was also through him that I discovered Carolyn. I had some very limited contact with Paul via email when he quit broadcasting to devote himself fulltime to National Action, and it comforts me that he at least knew how many people from around the world truly appreciated his work. He was a decent person; the way he was hounded by the Left is abominable.
Alcoholism and addiction of all kinds are a curse. There are treatments available; sometimes they are enormously helpful, sometimes they are not. It is extremely regretful that in Paul's case they were not. I did not know him personally, but I would not think it out of line to state that the terrible state his country is in contributed to his issues. I hope he has found peace. I also hope that someone has retained copies of his work; I will be finding as many of his old broadcasts as I can. They deserve to be preserved. RIP.

RIP Paul Hickman. His life made a difference; he did not live or die in vain.
Sorry to say I have experience with alcohol, alcoholics, alcoholism, and opioid addiction. I now belive the only effective cure is a spiritual life and total abstinence. AA has gotten a lot of criticism in the last several years because it was revealed it has high rates of recidivism----but if works for you, use it. However, there are other programs available.
Paul Hickman said he "needed it". This did not mean in he was in the throes of compulsion because of physical addiction; it meant he was self medicating his anxieties, fears, and (perhaps) depression---which were caused by the ongoing racial displacement and persecution by the government.

Hi Antidote,

All addiction treatments have high rates of recidivism - that goes with the territory. AA participants are told to "always come back." You can come back at any time without any type of reproach. AA and Alanon meetings are incredibly warm and receptive, but not suffocatingly so. Nothing is pushed on anyone. You are not required to do anything. They are nothing but a support system.

I know a number of people who remained sober for life as long as they attended an AA meeting. They also became terrific people, better than they were before because they were no longer hiding. That's the real sign of recovery.

I think the idea of "choice" can be an obstacle in the long term. Here is what I found looking for other treatment programs:




Judge for yourself. They seem to be selling a program that might not be free -- which can mean that they cater to the individual's tolerance level and self-esteem. Most alcoholics have too much self-esteem (maybe artificial) and actually need to come down to a hard look at themselves. "Hitting bottom" is helpful for succeeding in changing your habits. If you want to keep your illusions about yourself, it means you want to stay in control ... or believe you can still control it. For those whose alcoholism has not progressed so far, that can work, but they are still on risky ground for losing control, and when you fall back you are in worse shape than before. That's why AA has the "keep coming back" slogan. There are plenty of people in those rooms who are still drinking, or have started drinking again. That is no sin.

As to what Paul said: He said a lot more to me and, even so, I cannot know what he really meant or thought, so you certainly can't. But it didn't come from the government persecution, imo. Alcohol was a poison in Paul's system, and the only relief was to stop putting the poison into himself. I comes down to that, no matter whom one wants to blame.

This applies also to those who blame the Jewish poison for our problems. Are these people actually refraining from imbibing the Jewish culture and narratives around them? Do they refrain from going to movies or subscribing to HBO or Netflix? At Counter-Currents, a supposedly WN site, they still pay for and publish movie reviews on a regular basis.

I could go on and on.

While billions of bipeds not capable of feeding themselves breed out of control, capable and talented White people live in despair. 
At least Paul received probably the best obit I've ever read. Thank you for that, Carolyn.

Very interesting Bonnie. Thanks for sharing.

I am sober almost 16 years now, and sobriety has proved a solid fouundation in effecting racial awakening too. Once you face truth in one area, seeing truth in other areas becomes possible.
Your compassion and loyalty always shine through Carolyn, I am sure Paul would be most grateful for this touching memorial.
Ps: I am an AA member, and a very active one as I too believe this illness robs us of many beautiful people. But we face something now that is very difficult to fight: a treatment center industry worth BILLIONS, and for whom repeat customers prove a very profitable business model. An industry our (((ancient friends))) have their dirty fingers in as well, of course.
There are many free Internet resources now, this channel has a lot of good talks, as well as entire studies covering the AA program, etc. 
A great part of my "spirituality" is intertwined with race, and there is no one I ever need answer to regarding it. Of course there are the libs and cucks in AA too, those who will insist racism is a sickness etc, but we know better--ignore them ;)

Yes the Jew poisons us all with alcohol, cigarettes and god knows what: he tortures, slanders and vilifies the best. Because of the Jew this fine man is dead. 

@ Sigfrid - Many people will think it is wrong and far-fetched to blame the Jew for Paul's death. But it is not. Let the Jews get the hell out of our societies - we came first, they filtered in later, so they are ours - and then let us see how well we do and what our social problems are. They will be reduced to a manageable minimum.

Hi Carolyn, sad news indeed. I enjoyed listening to Paul but now the mad Jew system seems to have pushed him over the edge.RIP. This is why it is imperative for  us Americans to use whats left of our 1st amendment now to get out the word about Jewish power and perfify-  our European brothers have to dance around the subject and guard their words carefully, they are hamstrung in a way we are not.  We can lose our jobs etc. but over there they can end up in prison just for thought crimes. It has to be Americans  who trumpet the unvarnished truth about Holocaust  and world Jewry and WW2 and the NSDAP, it is our duty or burden more than anyone elses. 
I too recently lost a close friend to the alcohol disease.  My friend was travelling back to the east coast after visiting a dying friend on the west coast.  He had been drinking and he crashed his car. He was stupid to drive drunk, but judgement was impaired .  At first there were no apparent injuries... After booking him for a DUI,  the police sent him back  to his hotel room.   Later that evening he felt ill and ended up in the ER. They did exploratory surgery  to find out what the issue was and removed his spleen ( he had been bleeding internally).  A few days later he flew home and about a month later he was found dead in his apartment. We suspect he died from complications from this incident, maybe the surgery was botched or he just didnt give himself time to  heal, or maybe he just gave up  and intentionally OD'ed , nobody knows so far.  Whenever my knowledge of automobile engines or computers fell short, I could always count on my frind to solve the problem, now I am reminded of what General Lee said after losing General Stonewall Jackson- he felt as though he had lost his right arm, and I feel the same. 
Alcohol abuse is a scourge  that must be heroically resisted. 

This is why it is imperative for  us Americans to use whats left of our 1st amendment now to get out the word about Jewish power and perfidy-

Agreed, but think about this:

Jews and their financial networking took over British high society and the political class, and from there ruled over ordinary British folk. The British role in WWII - destroying Germany because Hitler - seals the deal for British hopelessness. Their misplaced "patrotism" doesn't allow them to correct their course.

The same struggle is going on in the USA - but we have the first and second amemdments to hold it at bay. However ... something like the AltRight is completely useless to us. They are also anti-Hitler for the most part - sometimes blatantly so - and they idiotically use Poland to justify it! In doing this, our "leaders" put concern for the very undistinguished 'Polish people' over the good of the whole of Western Europe. This is the result of "White Nationalism" - seems to be anyway. "White Nationalism" seems to coincide with the fall of the White race - not with its strengthening. Have you noticed?

*   *   *

Alcohol abuse is a scourge  that must be heroically resisted.

The problem with only faulting alcohol "abuse" is that it puts forth the lie that alcohol is harmless or neutral if you don't "abuse" it. The truth is alcohol is a poison to the human system (any animal system) in spite of the fact that some people tolerate it better, or only poison themselves a little bit now and then.

Since so many White folks are subject to fatal addiction to this "feel-good poison", it should be so labeled in our societies. Here again, Adolf Hitler was right and we need to say so. Drinking does not make the man! Drinking only shows how much abuse a man can give to himself and still [seem to] recover from it! Rather stupid, is it not?