'Oldies but Goodies' from the Heretics' Hour

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FOR THIS SLOW MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND here in the U.S., I thought I would feature a couple of “Oldies but Goodies” from my Heretics' Hour audio archive. Earlier this week, I recorded a couple of hours with Brian Ruhe and Pete Papaherakles on the current rash of lies about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich put out by Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Jim Condit Jr. and Michael Hoffman. I mentioned some of my early podcasts that I thought were very good and still relevant.

Here are two from 2011 that fit that description. The stories and disinformation I refuted then is still being used today! Nothing new.

Disinformation on the Internet, Part One

Who are the culprits and why do they do it? Topics include:

  • Purpose of disinformation is to mislead, deceive or confuse;

  • People are put in place to lead all “conspiracy” movements;

  • Alternative Truth and Political Movements are targeted;

  • The myth of the Swastika-Star of David “commemorative coin”;

  • A giveaway sign: consistent false information with no retraction;

  • Examples of false info from two habitual offenders.

Disinformation on the Internet, Part Two

Carolyn discusses six major disinfo and conspiracy specialists who love to confuse Globalism with “the Nazis":

  • Alex Jones: V Campaign as resistance against “Nazi” NWO;

  • Jim Marrs: How America became the Fourth Reich;

  • Webster Tarpley: Ties together Britain, the US & “the Nazis;”

  • David Icke: Hitler was a Rothschild and a Reptilian;

  • Henry Makow: Hitler was a Rothschild, a British Agent and a Zionist;

  • Wayne Madsen: The Drew Pearson of the 21st Century.




You might think of adding Miles Mathis to the list. He thinks Hitler was a gay Jewish actor.

Oh, Miles Mathis. He's so far out and wide-ranging in his various 'critical theories' that I don't think he fits with the more political characters I've covered here. I do not know his motivation; have only read two or three of his expos'es, which I found seriously lacking in accuracy, based on rumors and full of false conclusions.

Some people read everything he writes, and probably send him money, because it's more fun for them than the truth. So it is with our human condition.

Are you the Frank who used to send me articles from the Wall Street Journal on the Gurlitt art scandal?

so what is the myth about the coin, can you explain Csrolyn?

The myth is that there was an official coin made, when it wasn't a coin at all but a 1.5 inch bronze medal which anyone can have made, advertising a newspaper article(s). The myth is also that this indicated a far closer relationship, or areas of agreement, between the Zionist Jews and the Hitler government that there was. The Hitler government's policy was to encourage Jews to leave Germany; the Zionist Jews (as distinct from anti-Zionist Jews) also wanted Jews to leave Europe and settle in Palestine. That was the area of agreement.

If I were writing it today, I wouldn't use the word myth, but maybe 'misunderstanding' or even 'lie' since it's often intentional. Intentional misunderstanding = misinformation.

Thanks for the reply, i am afraid i can't follow. so there was a coin/medal but it was a myth/lie/misunderstanding, how? this is all too much. My prior understanding was that in the early years after hitler came to power there was an agreement between the government and a considerable number of german jews to freely leave Germany and settle in Palestine, financial support was provided eg jews and government would assess their property left behind and receive compensation for it once established in palestine, and that generally there was a favorable rapport between jews and nazis which suited what Hitler wanted: To rid Germany of the jewish presence, and not to exterminate them. that supposedly did not jive well with the world zionists and still does not, as it contradicts the holocaust myth. also I have read there was indeed a commemorative joint currency issued but that possibility as so far fetched I never believed it. Anyway, I do not want to bother you with all my questions, I am relatively new in this revisionist attitude and btw reading the alt stories by revisionists is fascinating but the whole "platform" is also very "slippery" as there is a lot of bogus info out there. If possible, can you please provide me with a few pertinent articles so I can learn the truth on this matter and especiall about this joint nazi/jewish coin/medal? Thank you! 

Forget about a coin - there was no coin. It was a medal made for an advertising campaign running in a newspaper. It seems this was a common practice in those days, with no TV or Internet to advertise with. Yes, it was an NS Party newspaper run by Joseph Goebbels, but not the Reich government or anything official.

Did you read the article I linked to with the word "myth" in the program notes?

Yes, I did NOW! Somehow I missed it the first time, for some strange reason the link was not highlighted and did not "stick out". So is this right: The Nazis DID want the Jews (the more the better) to peacefully migrate from Germany to Palestine and the (Nazi) government DID offer incentives, correct? Also, how true are the stories about plans for the jews to settle somewhere in Africa (if I remember correctly in Uganda), or even Madagascar? There are also stories-rumors that those (jews) who did opt to migrate were allowed to establish financial support with zionist bankers outside Nazi Germany, primarily the USA and England. Any truth to all that? 

Your questions are never going to stop so I suggest you begin doing your own research until you satisfy yourself.

Heny likes to portray himself as some righteous Jew fighting against Zionism, but he's just anudda shape shifter, tricking the Goyim with his lies.

I've listened to these older podcasts and just finished listening to you on Brian Ruhe. Wanted to say I appreciate your long effort in trying to dispel the liars and gatekeepers on this particular subject and have learned allot from your material. I have also cited your articles to others when debating them. In regards to the Transfer Agreement and Palestine, I was curious if you had ever read the letter from von Ribbentrop to Amin al Husseini basically pledging that Germany would help "destroy" the Jewish homeland in Palestine? It's a very damning piece of evidence for the Jim Condits and Bjerknes types who like to claim Hitler was a Zionist. There is also a written corespondence between Hitler and Amin al Husseini in which Hitler himself stated he was fighting to stop the Jewish homeland in Palestine. These letters can be found on web.Archive.org, if you havent seen them. They are definitely worth factoring into future material or podcasts because they clearly demonstrate that Hitler was entirely aware of the Zionist plan, and actively apposed it. Their is no way for Bjerknes or Condit to weasel around this. Also on an unrelated note, in response to the Ruhe appearance. Max Warburg was kicked out of banking in 1935 with the Nuremberg Laws and left Germany, not one shred of evidence exists that he received funds to give to Hjalmar Schacht. 

I cannot find any letters from von Ribbentrop or Adolf Hitler to Amin al Husseini. If they can be found at Archive.org please give me the exact link for them. Otherwise, I think you may be confused about there being "letters." I'm familiar with Hitler's 1941 conversation with Amin, but it is not in writing.

Yes, I know Warburg's bank was taken over by the German state at some point in the thirties, and he went to the US. You know, in retrospect, all those people should have been imprisoned and not allowed to emmigrate to the US where they carried out enormous damage, but the National Socialists were not anything like Stalin and the Bolsheviks, or even Stalin's USSR. The German sense of fairness and decency, however, gives its enemies the means to destroy it.

As far as Bjerknes and Condit, Jr. go, no FACTS that can be presented make any impact on them ("shut them up"). As long as there are people who like to hear the type of things they say, they will have an audience. Few people really care about Truth - it's not as much fun as speculation.

Here you go, there's two letters here, one from von Ribbentrop and one from Himmler to the Palestinian leader. The other one i mentioned was a written record of Husseinis meeting with Hitler. According to these correspondences, the National Socialist plan was to liberate the Arabs and overthrow the Jewish homeland in Palestine after the USSR was defeated. http://web.archive.org/web/20200501060048/http://www.mourningtheancient....

There are NOT two letters there, but some text from the "Arab Higher Committee" purporting to be from Ribbentrop and Himmler. And it's not on Archive.org but on the Wayback Machine. I figured when you didn't send a link the first time, it was because it was no good. Peddle your ideas somewhere else.

The reason I sent that is because the original ones are in German. Here is an actual picture of the letter (telegram) from Himmler to Husseini as an example. blog.nli.org.il/en/himmler_/

Oh yes, I recognize this Himmler telegram now that I see it. I posted it here in 2017. But this is diplomatic stuff, keeping up good relations, etc., there is no promise or decision. You shouldn't call it a Letter either, it's not signed. A telegram is not a letter. Ribbentrop's would be the same.

Plus you said to me originally: "There is also a written corespondence between Hitler and Amin al Husseini in which Hitler himself stated he was fighting to stop the Jewish homeland in Palestine." This is false. Were you hoping I would be dumb enough to repeat these things without checking them thoroughly and have egg on my face? Or are you that dumb as to think telegrams and memoirs of a conversation can be passed off as letters?

Yes, apparently I was dumb enough to equate telegrams as being synonymous with letters. As for the "written correspondence" between Husseini and Hitler I was referring to their face to face meeting and the written record of that meeting in Husseinis diary. I should have said "written memoirs" instead of corresopondence. The problem here is I just recently stumbled accross all of this material and found it to be great evidence debunking the "Hitler a Zionist" narrative, so If I mispoke or got the details surrounding these events wrong it's a biproduct of my relative newness to the subject. This is also why my first question was if you had seen these things before in hopes that you could give your insight on it, because I believe this shows a purely anti-Zionist foreign policy on behalf of the NSDAP. And no, I'm not trying to set you up, I freely admit I got some factoids incorrect and I really am an admirer of your work. 

Thank you. By calling it "letters" and how you described them, it completely threw me off of what it turned out to be. Plus saying it can be found at Archive.org when you never sent me anything from there, is curious. Anyway, my insight is that these messages don't help all that much in debunking the "Hitler a Zionist" narrative since everyone already knows the Reich had a good relationship with the Arab countries. It's fine to use them though, as long as you don't make them out to be more important than they are. Your opponent will just make that point for you, in that case. I usually just argue that what they're basing their belief on is faulty, and why.

I also say that "Hitler a Zionist" is one of the weakest smears against him, and only believable by those of low-intelligence who love conspiracy ideas of all types, and by the hard-core Hitler haters who are just looking for any kind of ammunition they can find. It's nothing to worry about, imo.

Carolyn, where can we access your conversation with Brian and Pete?

"Defending Adolf Hitler from his Detractors Smears"

Carolyn Yeager with Brian Ruhe and Pete Pappaherakles

Part 1   https://www.bitchute.com/video/6NvfcqLhVVe0/

Part 2    https://www.bitchute.com/video/N2e6pglEyWdz/

Part 3    https://www.bitchute.com/video/3anJoYIk7WUv/

Thanks, Carolyn