Challenge to new holocaust prof – first do what no one has ever done: Prove the six million!

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-05-20 19:42

By Carolyn Yeager

ISN'T IT TIME TO EITHER PUT UP OR SHUT UP? If historians and the media are going to keep throwing around the 6,000,000 number, shouldn't they have presented some proof for it by now? Instead, the 'proof' marker has gone in the other direction – against anything close to such a number.

Right: Sybille Steinbacher has been appointed by Goethe University and the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt to Germany's first endowed chair for Holocaust Studies,

Not only are there way too many survivors collecting compensation, and too high a Jewish population too soon after the war, but there's the research that uncovered hundreds of newspaper articles telling of exactly 6 million Jews being at risk of death and starvation in Europe and Russia, going all the way back to 1897 ! This is highly compromising material that our centers of higher learning, i.e. academia, completely ignore. And isn't it shameful that our premier European institutions claiming to represent scholarship of the highest order collude in perpetuating a hoax in order to protect avaricious Jews! If these universities and research institutes that are funded to the max by public money (taxpayer money) cannot hire historians of the 'Holocaust' who are able to prove even one of the three main pillars of said 'Holocaust' narrative, then the question needs to be asked, Why not, and Why are Germans funding them?

This cartoon is as good an explanation as any that's been provided for the number of six million "exterminated" Jews.

The newly created professorship chair Sybille Steinbacher is taking up is supported with grants of close to €464,000 euros a year, or $520,000 US dollars, for a total sum of well over €500,000 from federal state funds for the professorship and the institute in future. This is big money – and what will be gained from it? Apparently, only what all the billions that have already been spent by Germans since the end of WWII was meant to do – relieve the guilt of the Germans which their own postwar government has piled on their heads.

Boris Rhein, Hessen's Minister for Science, announced: “We are very happy … This is a milestone on the route to a better understanding of Nazi crimes and the history of their impact up to the present day.”

Professor Birgitta Wolff, President of the University: “Goethe University Frankfurt is particularly committed, not least due to its own chequered history, to the intellectual reappraisal of the Holocaust.

Jutta Ebeling, Chairwoman of the Foundation Board of the Fritz Bauer Institute: “Sybille Steinbacher … [will] combine the scientific investigation of Nazi crimes with tremendous sensitivity towards the subject’s significance in present times.”

The usual empty words. Will Steinbacher approach the subject with an open mind? No, because guilt and innocence have long been decided by her and by Germany's academic world, without a real investigation. She is the author of two books on the subject, both of which started as school dissertations. “Dachau: The Town and the Concentration Camp in the Third Reich” began as her master's thesis at LMU Munich. Her doctoral dissertation, which she wrote at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, became the book “Auschwitz: A History." Neither sounds too impressive as far as intellectual courage goes, although they received high reviews.

Her resume includes a fellowship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She was professor of Contemporary History/Comparative Dictatorship, Violence and Genocide Studies at the University of Vienna since 2010.

Steinbacher is going to be teaching classes to students. The faculty is to be located in the former IG Farben building, once the biggest office space in the world.  Berlin ceded the IG Farben building to the university in 1998 and it opened after extensive renovations in 2001. 

According to Alan Hall, holocaust specialist at the Daily Mail, her students will “learn of the methodology, demography, sociology, and psychology of the Nazi extermination programme which claimed six million Jewish lives.” Will Steinbacher corroborate that? Well, reporter Hall also wrote in his Daily Mail article: “the I.G. Farben company … made the poison gas used to massacre Jews in their millions.” It would be terribly irresponsible for Steinbacher to assert either of those things. But no scholars will correct the Daily Mail, or any other newspaper, so it is up to us to keep pushing and prodding, keep exposing, keep correcting.


The current breakdown looks something like:  3 million in "extermination camps", 1.5 million by the Einsatzgruppen, and 300,000 to 1.3 million in other ways:
The hyperbole you quoted in that Daily Mail article should be corrected.  About 1 million are alleged to have been killed by the "poison gas" made by I.G. Farben.  About 2 million are alleged to have been gassed by diesel engines!  

There is so much wrong with that wikipedia page - it even includes the fake composite photo of the Einsatzgruppen man aiming his rifle at a woman and child. But a careful look tells you it is not even aimed at the female holding the child - which is what you're supposed to believe - or at anyone else in the photo!

In the second paragraph, it mentions sources that are not reliable: the Russian government, the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, the People's Republic of China. Your information is only as good as your source, and only as honest.

A basic problem is that no one was killed by 'poison gas', and until they admit that, we'll never get this straightened out. And certainly no one was killed by diesel engine exhaust! Without the 'gas chamber' stories, these huge numbers of dead are not possible. And even with them, the disposal of the bodies is a worse problem for them. Where are the bodies? -- we have asked and asked.

"Historians" are dishonest and don't address these questions. Access to revisionist work is increasingly being shut down. This is the most concerning of all.

We get a pretty good idea as to what happens to historians who ask questions of the official Jew narrative in the destruction of careers of men like Ernst Zundel or David Irving. You will be ostracized and called names.  You won't receive tenure and you won't be printed.  It takes an honest and brave person to stand up to the lying holocausters.  But you are right, as long as this lie is permitted to stand we will never get beyond it.  The Ashkenazi Jew is not a descend of the ancient Hebrews.  With more a claim to that is the Lemba tribe in South Africa.  They are the real descendants and have the DNA to prove it.  Yet, the Lemba are denied by the Zionists.  Maybe it is because they are black, which brings up the question about who is the racist?  But I say these things to encourage you in keeping this fight alive.  I fear one day that you will be banned from the internet, though.  God's blessing upon you for it is only in the Truth that we are made free.  

Soap, lunch meat, gloves, handbags, lampshades and now chairs made ou of jews by the Germans.

AJ - the lunchmeat is somebody's joke -- which I think is in bad taste.

Did you forget the link to the human skin-like chairs?   This is by a Brit, not a German.

Here's another fake human skin furniture maker - also not a German.

I have an original copy of Olga Lengyel's 'I escaped Hitler's Ovens' copyright 1947. The preface blurb is part of a letter from Dr. Albert Einstein who says, "Thank you for this truthful and well-written book. You have done a great service by letting those who are now silent and forgotten speak."
On page 71 Lengyel reports, "Grease and corpses were processed into sausage." This is probably where the baloney and salami stories flow from. Lies built upon lies.

I did not know that. Thank you for informing me/us about the source of "lunchmeat." I have to say, Olga Lengyel's entire book is in bad taste.

Yes, Albert Einstein was no different from other communist Jews -- capable of a lot of lying.

Simple Summary:
1.  Only 5 1/2 million Jews lived in all of pre-war Europe.  Millions survived.  So where did the "six million" really come from?
2.  American prison incinerators consume 1 body in 8 hours.  Yet 2 at Auschwitz supposedly burned 25,000 a day!
3.  Lamp shades of human skin, soap of human fat, photos of stacked bodies were all propaganda hoaxes.
4.  No mass graves were ever found.
5.  No piles of human ashes were ever found.
6.  No German documents were ever found mentioning any plan to exterminate the Jews.
7.  Most deaths in German camps came in the last 90 days of war from typhus and starvation due to Allied saturation bombing.
This hoax cannot last much longer.

I believe it is for this reason that Goethe University/Fritz Bauer Institute created the "first chair for research into the history and impact of the Holocaust."

Because of the continuing need to shore up the narrative and give it that gloss of academic scholarship and official approval that keeps ordinary people from engaging with your 7 points.  It is also because of the "Holocaust" that "the new Germany" can criminalize any reference to or return of the policies and programs of Adolf Hitler and/or any form of nationalist political party.

US Prez Donald Trump hanging out in Israel today with PM Netanyahu constantly at his side, referring to the "6 million" and "Never Again," achieves the same purpose of shutting us down.

Joey, you say "This hoax cannot last much longer." I'll tell you why it can.

Can any of us compete with what this man has done?

Never mind that his website doesn't tell the whole truth. Look at that list of names - practically all of them Jewish. This "Institute" has an office in Washington DC, along with the US Holocaust Museum. It collaborates with other organizations, taking the aggressive approach that Jews are famous for. Add to this the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League, and numerous others who will never allow the Holocaust to fade away, and realize what we're up against. Unfortunately, truth is not the issue.

Look over the whole site. They publish comic books that are used in schools! They are very well organized. Are we? The one institute we did have - the IHR, Institute for Historical Review - was destroyed by infighting over money, very likely instigated by Jews. Mark Weber was helped to take control of it, ousting Willis Carto, and Mark shut it down from doing any further work.

Jews always find a way.

I checked over the links you sent me.  Nowhere was there any line of text, book or video proving the Holocaust was real.  Nowhwere has David S. Wyman taken on the revisionists to show "the people" where revisionists are wrong.  Nowhere on the site is any infornation about the specific nature of the "gassings," proof of the buried bodies or the ashes, explanations for how "Hitler ordered the extermination of the Jews."  What there is on the website is a lot of agreement without investiation (hearsay) that the Holocaust exists period.  There are "witnesses" and "testimonials," all of which amount to mere assertions or claims, no facts, and certainly no counter-arguments against the quesitons revisionists have.  In fact, there's no comment section where a fair and even exchange might occur about these hearsay claims.  That's par for the Jewish course.  It can't handle the truth or afford for the truth to be available.
These huge websites can be demolished by the "simple summary" I listed if it were allowed to be published on them. Yes, there is a huge consensus out there that the Holocaust is real as if established fact, but it's all just one big metaphor easily dismantled by a few facts and questions.  Did people even ten years ago think there might be any evidence to question the Nuremburg Trials?   The information is getting out.
Too many people find the issue of the Holocaust complex and difficult.  They don't want to investigate the truth if it involves tons of research and years of study.  Their lives are busy with work, family, and stress.  These pro-Holocaust websites just repeat what everybody "knows" already and thinks is "true," and they do not lift up the rug to expose the roaches crawling underneath.  They give out what is easiest to ingest:  the pablum of received ideas, previously accepted notions, no matter how false. It fits in with the general patterns of behavior in our current society. 
These websites are no different from MSM in what they offer -- easily digestable disinfo. These websites are no different from yet another Holocaust movie.  Everybody already "knows" what happens.  No real study or research is required, but it's a feather in the bonnet of the dummy if the story comes with a Ph.D. degree or from a "reputable" scholarly institute.  Toot toot!  Here's comes the Importance Train, boys and girls!
With great wealth and organization, we might have several huge websites and create a publishing company to produce the works that would reveal the truth, but if, again, these endeavors don't simplify the complex and reduce difficulties so as to make the knowledge or information quickly obtainable, easily understood, then neither wealth nor organization matter.  
That meme "cuck" got out there pretty well and quickly, and lots of people took it up.  More of such kinds of simple language or memes need to be employed to carry the deeper understanding of Holocaust revisionism into the public's mind, not bigger or more numerous websites.  Less but better, reducing everything to essentials.  
I think cartoonists do a wonderful job keeping things simple and they can get a lot of complexity across in a single panel of drawing.
I have that hope, which is why I wrote that this hoax cannot last much longer.  Facing Goliath doesn't mean we have to be the same size as Goliath (or bigger) in order to win.  We just have to be faster and smarter, and I think a smarter way of using language (through technology and the Internet) foremostly and using it more effectively with good catch-phraes and memes, even visual language as in political cartoons and videos, can shorten the waiting period.  
Am I still just a cockeyed optimist?


I'm not criticizing your list at all, which I think is very good. I'm just glad to respond to the idea, that I hear so often in many places that the holo myth is ready to come crashing down. Or just that it's a house of cards on the verge of falling apart. That sounds too complacent and pie-in-sky to me -- as though we'll just wake up one day and it will be gone without further effort. That scenario seems to necessitate that the Jews will get tired and give up ... not likely. I do think if more of our people were working at this so there would be more of us than of them, it could happen. Thus I blame so many Whites for being cowardly, or blind, and not caring.

In all your long defense, I don't see anywhere mentioned whether or how you are reaching people. That's the point. Of course none of the holohoaxers are willing to respond to the revisionists anymore. That's already been pointed out. They've decided they can't afford to. It's the increasing shutting down/shutting out of the revisionist message that I have been talking about. 

You put a lot of stock in memes and videos. Maybe, but I don't see much changing from that. I don't think just ridiculing Jews is a good idea, either. This is not a joke; our people have been seriously damaged and robbed by it. If next comes the criminalizing of antisemitism and of "hate-speech" here in America, that would be the final insult. Although, that could be just the straw that breaks the camel's back. It didn't do it in Europe though.

I hear you.  I took no criticism from your comment.  I was arguing as Devil's Advocate for an optimistic position if only to see if I might make one since you challenged me on my assertion that the hoax cannot last much longer, an assertion I added at the end of my summary in order to raise the level of personal gloom I felt reading your essay and your comment about how much the Jews are having their way with us.  I easily might have said, "Okay, Carolyn, you got me.  I wrote a Pollyanna sentence and the whole resistance movement is futile," but in the spirit of collegiate argumentation I wanted to defend the optimistic thesis as a challenge to your challenge.  
For myself, I've made no progress whatsoever in speaking with family or friends about the myth of the Holocaust.  I know they know what I think and they know I am sincere and committed, but I haven't caused them to change their minds exactly, and each time I check in to learn what progress they've made in their mindsets, I'm astonished how little progress they've made.  From my perspective, these people live conventional lives and they all want very much just to fit in and be like everyone else; they do not want to be different from the herd in any way. They do not want to be racialists -- not really.  
But I've been a little more interested in, for example, Alex Linder's newest blog for the way he compresses information and makes up neologisms in order to communicate.  I find his compression and his invention of words compelling.  It's as if he's speeding up the human brain's capacity to grasp complex issues better, which is, in part, why I came to feel in a visionary sense that language, not just facts and scholarship, is part of how effective propaganda is made.
 And since you mentioned the threat of criminalizing antisemitism and the furtherance of "hate speech" in America, I was also thinking while I wrote my "optimistic defense" (that the Holocaust might have a short life), thinking of what Czech (and Russian) writers have said about how they tried to communicate with one another and with their audience while under the severe repression of Communism.  The repression forced them to become even more inventive and clever in how they wrote and expressed themselves.  They created motifs and other literary devices that bypassed the censors.  
The work for liberty, for freedom of speech, for independence of mind and body does not end with the coming of Big Brother.  It continues. 

Understood. But let me put it this way:

My message is not to be downbeat or put out negative vibes, but to scold those White people who want it to be easy. I even include Alex Linder in that group. 

What is the percentage of Jews who are strongly committed to the preservation and advancement of their race/people? (The Holocaust is used for that purpose.)  Compare that to the percentage of Whites who have a similar attitute. Instead, Whites are committed to helping other races/peoples. This is something the clever, conciousnless Jews instilled in us over the decades.

Jews are praised for caring about their own people. Whites are demonized for same. Whites need to wake up and see what a tough job we have in front of us and not be complacent. Whites need to toughen up, and stop quoting Ghandi and Mother Theresa, and thinking our past will take care of our future. Whites need to give a damn !!

It infuriates me. There is our fat President promising to defend the illegitimate state of Israel from every enemy - telling the Jews over and over how great they are, how amazing they are, while they are completely dependent on OUR money. If they're not, then let's stop giving it to them! He sets a very bad example.

All White people appear to be so terribly compromised. If we started quoting only from Adolf Hitler's words and writings, we would be much better off. That would be a step in the right direction.

We do have a tough job.  White people do need to toughen up.  As you know I wasn't the purveyor of quotes from Gandhi or Mother Theresa here in my responses to you, but while you may think quoting Hitler's words or writings might make us much better off, those Whites who are scared and asleep and who lack imagination to see what the world might be without Jews running and influencing it would not delight in hearing from Hitler.  Quotations from Hitler would scare them off. That's been my personal experience in talking with friends and relations.  You already have to be somewhat awake even to see Hitler with a positive view, the negative programming via the Holohoax in our culture being that pervasive.  
We have plenty of evidence to prove what forces the Jews have arrayed against us, but we are not omniscient about every individual in the world either and therefore there's a chink in the dismal circumstances we find ourselves in where possibilities enter.  It may be silly but it surprises me when I find online that one of my comments, for example, against Jewry and for Hitler are thumbed-up like 37 times on YouTube when my own intimate relations treat me as if my words regarding same were written in evaporating ink.  We just don't have the evidence for what transformations people might be making on their own, apart from formal podiums, apart from quotations, apart from the online cliques that sanction a racialist viewpoint. We just have to speak, get the word out as best we can.  I have no program for how people might toughen up.  Usually, circumstance makes the need for toughening up to occur rather than it being the individual's voluntary choice.
Not meant as a defense of Alex Linder and no irony intended (although I didn't quite understand  your criticism of just how Alex Linder wants the easy way -- perhaps because I don't know him as well as you), I find it noteworthy that in Alex Linder's blog today, the very first paragraph, contains the same anger and irate point of view about President Trump's visit to the Wailing Wall as you have expressed in your comment here.

Re: Hitler's words

We don't have to tell people the words are from Hitler. If we filled ourselves with Hitler's words so that we spoke his words naturally, we would do better than what we're doing today. That's what I'm saying. It would be an improvement.

I agree there is a lot going on with a lot of people I/we don't know about. This gives me hope. But I am disappointed with so many comment sections (mine included, but not including you, Joey, or everybody) online where the level of discourse is not only low, but shows mental laziness, imo. I know I'm a hard critic.

I think we can toughen up more by just seeing others act/speak more toughly. I don't mean crudely. But I expect men to be tougher than women. I am, in fact, afraid to sound too tough as I don't want to be unfeminine, but I do try to have something worthwhile to say (which is what I think is most important).

Re Alex Linder

All I meant is that even though he's devoted his life to White Nationalism, it's a somewhat lazy life. He's unable to be a Leader and we don't seem to have any men that can or will be. The Internet has changed all that. But I also think that Whites are bedeviled with addictions of every sort. I know something about addictions; they come in all varieties. They take a toll on your life. Adolf Hitler wisely determined not to smoke, drink, do drugs or get involved with women. Donald Trump has also, which is why I can still have hope for him.

Don't be so pessimistic:

"There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again." - Joseph Goebbels.

“There are no locks strong enough to imprison the truth.” Madame Gao.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. Reality control, they called it: in Newspeak, doublethink.  The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had been actually destroyed.  For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory?" George Orwell (1984) written in 1948.

“Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.” ~ Bertrand Russell

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” ~ Gandhi

John Kennedy on Hitler: "Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant legends that ever lived. He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He has in him the stuff of which legends are made."

I don't think taking up people's time with a selection of upbeat quotes from famous people, which most and certainly myself are already familiar with, is what is needed. But here's one for you:

"Being unable to come up with words of one's own, one should remain silent." -Carolyn Yeager

Don't forget about the "6 million died" figure that the Jews bandied about for decades before World War II.

Forget? We hardly forget about it here. I mention and link to it all the time. I think you just look at the comments here, but don't read the posted article.

I became "converted" to the stragegy of Bob Whitaker and his Mantra years ago, and remain so today.  His stategy is to focus on the fact that non-White immigration and pushing of assimilation is by UN definition, or anybody's definition, GENOCIDE.   Both are pushed in White countries, and only White countries.   Forget demonizing Jews and trying to build up an organization of doners-- just get out there and bring up the Mantra and mantra related memes over and over and over until they are in the public psyche.   Like the right pitch will shatter glass, this will shatter the forces that push against Whites segregating and demanding politicans that fight for White interests. <ul><li></li> <li></li> <li></li> </ul>

Can anyone verify the numbers of the Jewish populations between 1933 and 1948.  One source that I read that the World Almanac listed the number as increasing from 15,300,000 to 15,700,000.    Can this be documented?  It would seem that this would be very important facts.  From my point of view, if it were true, it would show that the concentration of Jews in camps help save them from the destruction suffered by the German people in the fire bombings of their major cities.  
Love your work and you clear voice.  

There are no population figures that everyone will agree on. That's the nature of the 'Holocaust' and of War with all the propaganda and destruction of information associated with it. You seem to think "someone" can just supply you with answers.

This link takes you to the best and most recent research on it that I know of:

Something that never seems to be brought up that comes to my mind, is birth records. Honestly i don't really know much about (birth/death registries) so this is just my pure speculation, but haven't countries, cities and towns in every civilised part of the world been keeping accurate birth records for hundreds, if not thousands of years? Isn't it today possible to trace ones lineage back 10 or more generations, due to the availability of these records? So if (x) million people were killed, shouldn't it be relatively easy to find out? Certainly Germany kept these records, on their IBM punchcard computer, which was conveniently destroyed, along with all the punchcards, in its bunker, when US forces 'discovered' it. I seem to recall mention somewhere of IBM keeping a backup of the reich's data at its headquarters in the USA as part of its service agreement with germany. Did that storage conveniently burn down or something? This is another question i never see anyone asking.
Conspiracies aside, presumably at least some of the alleged victims were born outside of Germany, meaning birth records elsewhere should exist even if the entirety of germany and every one of its public offices were razed to the ground, and its documents systematically destroyed (which we know did not happen). If 6 million ppl were missing from europe, wouldn't somebody notice and be able to give names, dob, or other credible evidence that they existed?
It's so easy to fire off figures like 100k, 1m, 6m etc, but where is any evidence that these alleged people ever existed in the first place? Before we start talking about finding bodies or ashes, or the methodology used in their extermination, how about first proving that these millions of so-called holocaust victims are anything more than an arbitrary, fabricated number.
Surely german citizens, combatants on both sides, pow's, and whoever else died, can be accounted for through records.
Prove that victims existed or not. Until that can be done, i really see little point in arguing either academically or otherwise, that the 'holocaust' occured. Intelligent, free thinking people already know the truth, it's the brainwashed masses that need convincing of the hoax of the 20th century. And what better way to do it than with the documented 'facts' that academics so love.

To Kuuko -- The International Red Cross (very active during wars) kept records of all the deaths recorded in all the concentration camps that the Germans operated. The Red Cross representatives visited the camps regularly up until the very end of the war and the Germans were very cooperative. The Red Cross inspected the facilities and made a report. They distributed food packages, and other types of goods, sent to the inmates from relatives and charity and Jewish organizations.

The final Red Cross report of total deaths can be found on the Internet - here is one example:

it came to less than 300,000! But the holohoax lobby rejects this report on various grounds. They even got Jews installed on the IRC board, and other positions. who have conspired to say that this was not a final or official report. As I say over and over, it's not a matter of evidence, proofs and research, but of POLITICAL POWER.

Notice that three camps with high supposed death tolls are not on the Red Cross list. They are Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. This is because they were not permanent camps but only temporary transit camps for Jews transiting out of German territory and into German-occupied Soviet territory, taken as far east into Russia as possible. Anyway, the Red Cross didn't visit these transit camps.

It goes without saying that the Holohoax historians cannot prove what you ask, but they imply that they have and then get laws passed to make it a hate crime to ask such questions. How do they do this? POLITICAL POWER.

With jewish capitalist democracy as the only available form of government, what is the alternative but to keep debunking the myth any way we still can.
Of course it is all about political power, which is the whole point - we don't have any.