The Heretics' Hour: The Question of Leadership

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Sept. 22, 2014

Carolyn Yeager delves into the topic of leadership. What makes a leader and why don't we have one? Probably because a truly commanding leader is a rara avis who must have a number of outstanding qualities. Is Matt Hale the real thing? A close look at his legal briefs and lawsuits tells us quite a bit about him. 1hr59min. Highlights include:

  • U-Boat Commander Otto Weddigen and his "triple triumph" on Sept. 22, 1914;
  • The six necessary traits of a Leader, plus the intangible "Leadership Presence;"
  • Mathew Hale's life story and recent press releases reveal he has these traits to a marked degree;
  • Hale has protested his innocence from the beginning and the records bear it out;
  • Hale's legal rights as a prisoner have been largely denied him for 11 years of solitary confinement;
  • It's time for a widespread protest campaign in support of the Free Matt Hale movement because he is a leader we need.

Image: Adolf Hitler was a true leader with "Leadership Presence."


What a wonderful, gutsy and eloquent program, Carolyn Yeager.  Thank you for making legal and political sense of Matt Hale's trials and legal struggles.  I wish the White race had more modern models and examples of noble women and men such as yourself and Evelyn Hutcheson and her small band of supporters for Matt Hale.  
You gave voice to Matt's writings and purpose in a manner that I myself hadn't quite felt or understood properly.  I'm really glad you could show us what kind of man Matt Hale is.
I don't know that Church of Creativity is doing all that much for Matt Hale except keeping a website or two up and running.  I think you did more this evening for Matt Hale than the Creators have done in a long while.  
If only we could collectively make more noise!  Raise the rooftops!  
Here's a website containing a petition to allow Matt Hale to take the lie detector test he has longed to take in order to prove his innocence, but has been denied, just like all his pleadings thus far have been denied.  
 Allow Matt Hale to take a lie detector test!
The pleadings prisoners write from jail in their own defense are called "jailbird pleadings."  More than 80 percent of those pleadings are denied pro forma simply because the petitioner does not have an attorney number tied to his or her name.  Very few prisoners free themselves by their own legal efforts.  That's why Matt Hale does need an experienced pro bono lawyer from Colorado to aid him and why a sizeable defense fund will entice such an attorney to take Matt's case.

I signed the petition. Thanks for giving the link; I encourage everyone to go to it and do their duty. You can request your name not be shown if you're shy. I was only #168. It needs more!

It would be an asset to Matt Hale if there could be one place where all the vetted facts about Matt Hale could find sanctuary.  
There is so much disinformation, slanting, spin and propaganda on almost every article published online about Matt it's difficult for anyone to understand the full arc of Matt's career and legal challenges since the SPLC and ADL and anti-White leftists have done their level best to make sure Matt Hale looks like a big bad boogeyman.  
They've pretty much buried him with disinfo, not unlike how Hitler has been treated.  It's interesting that Hilter wrote in prison as Matt is following suit.

I'm looking at the videos at Youtube. There is one with just audio of a speech by Matt, paired with a speech by Tom Metzger. The picture shows Metzger with a big knife in his hand standing in a "pounce" type position. Not Good!! For something like this, I would take out Matt's speech and make it a single, with some nice pictures of Matt as visual. Because it is a really great speech by him. I didn't listen to Metzger's speech - he doesn't appeal to me as much.

I think Matt needs to stand alone as a voice and personality with his own message. He can be tainted by association with some others. Are you good with this kind of work?

No, Ms. Carolyn Yeager, I am not good with any video or website work, and I'm not familar with the particular video you saw either, although I was thinking of learning how to create a website devoted just to Matt Hale and using it to present his facts and history.  
This idea only just occurred to me after you said yesterday on the radio, and rightly so, that you could not take up leadership for Matt Hale's case.  
Matt needs a relatively clean spot on the Internet for honest appraisal of him and of his legal history, and the idea of creating a website for him seemed possibly one way of getting the job done.  
If you will, I'd like to present Matt's address and donation information once again, since no details about it are on this particular page thus far:
Write Matt Hale at:
Matthew F. Hale #15177-424;   U.S.P. Max ;  P.O. Box 8500;   Florence, CO   81226-8500
For Donations, please send donations to Matt Hale's defense fund at:
 Evelyn Hutcheson;  200 Carlson Ave. 25H;  Washington, IL. 61571

AUSA stands for Assistant United States Attorney. 

Clifford Barnard, Matt's appeals attorney was paid over $100,000 to defend Matt. when The money ran out, the court appointed Barnard to represent Matt as a public defender. When they had used all of Matt's appeals, Barnard was no longer on the case.

Judge Leflow's mother and husband were killed in 2004 just before Matt was sentenced. the FBI came to my house and accused me of getting a coded message from Matt telling me to contact his followers and tell them to kill the judge. If the man that was actually guilty of this crime hadn't sent a letter to a Chicago newspaper confessing to the crime, the FBI would have blamed the crime on Matt.

It shows how corrupt the FBI is, that they are more interested in creating crimes to prosecute innocent people for, than with really stopping crime. The Gestapo looks like good guys compared to the FBI. In Germany they did follow the laws, in spite of how they've been portrayed.

Is Matt Hale the "real" thing? What "real" thing ?

All he has managed to do is get himself set up, in his own words and knowledge, by a association with a "government stooge" (not very smart or "intelligent"). Now he is whining about some obscure "religion" and the "law". Neither will save him, the best he can ever attain is to play his fiddle while Rome burns.

Does he deserve to be imprisoned? Hell no.

Is this somehow traits of leadership? Hell no.

Are you that desperate to seriously push Matt Hale as some sort of leadership role ? 

A legitimate leader or leaders will never emerge with out the setting of a proper foundation. I was rather perturbed with your passing sentence upon the late Edgar Steele's innocent or guilt. Then you dismiss the efforts of Robert Ransdell as not dynamic, c'mon, really?  The man who has the courage to step into the Colosseum. Having intelligence and smarts are two totally different animals. 

Your lists of leadership are way off the mark, many a true leader has led by example, led by inspiring others to achieve greater aspirations than they would other wise have achieved. A leader drives up the confidence in others, by his own confidence or instilling it in others. 

Many a leader have been rejected, the masses must be primed by internal or external machinations and or events. Otherwise they are not ready, deserving, nor will recognize any leaders who do emerge.

Is a 'leader' born? I doubt it, hard work,toughness. struggle, survival, self preservation, are the challenges that build the skills set, for the all important WILL, that is the most important facet of quality leadership.

A man such as Anthony Imperiale walked out of his butcher shop and deli, into total lawlessness and violence and kept a large city from being burned to the ground along with the deaths and injuries it would have engulfed. He propelled George Wallace to the top of the polls in a jewish dominated northeastern state of New Jersey, (right next door to Jew York). One of Wallace's people,Ben Klassen came to see us, he dismissed us as "nazis" or something dangerous, advised Wallace to keep away. Yeah that same idiot who invented "Church of Creator", also the idiotic Rahowa. Like the order (band of bank robbers and murderers) who are pushed as some sort of ideal for the white race........sheesh gimme a break.

You see Tony had a jersey accent, stood only 5'8, weighed around 200lbs, didn't have blond hair and blue eyes, not the all-american boy archetype, but tough and hard as nails.

Tony went on to build a political movement that propelled him in to the state rep than senate as a independant (feat never previously accomplished or replicated). Klassen went on to committing suicide. 

So much for the traits of leadership. 

Enough of boys play acting as men, the first trait should be a real god damn man.

That is a very old grudge that you are holding against Ben Klassen, Northpal.
At the time when Ben Klassen was working for George Wallace, he was also a member of the John Birch Society. It was JBS doctrine to shun "Nazis" and not to speak badly of Jews. A lot of significant figures, like William Pierce and Tom Metzger, started with JBS. Then they grew out of it. Obviously the Ben Klassen who wrote the Wbite Man's Bible etc. was a lot freer than the one that had worked for George Wallace in 1968.
It was interesting to learn about Anthony Imperiale, but it is misleading to summarize Ben Klassen's life-accomplishment as committing suicide. He was 75 years old and his wife had died and he himself was in declining health when he "committed suicide." Klassen had been a state legislator too, in Florida. Before that he had patented significant improvements on the electric can-opener that made him a wealthy man.
Of course it is true that Matt Hale made some basic blunders that facilitated putting him in prison. Hale also seemed to have a tin ear, or simply no concern, regarding the impression that some of his statements might make on ordinary people. I've noticed that this seems to be a common tendency with Creators. You can see that Craig Cobb also had problems in North Dakota because he was not afraid of shocking people. In a way you want to cheer people that come out and say what's not supposd to be said, but it has to be done with some prudence. The theory that the letter of the law will always protect you no longer applies when there is an impression that you are dangerous, because that impression changes the interpretation of everything that you do.

". . .the letter of the law will always protect you no longer applies when there is an impression that you are dangerous."  
I'll let Matt Hale speak for himself in his own defense:  "All I ever did was write articles, give speeches, and hold picket signs.  What the hell is so terrifying about that?"  
What group, do you think, decides what impression is dangerous? 

You're quoting Matt Hale's assessment of what he did when my point was that his judgment about this was not good.
Hale is too logical. He seems to have no "third eye" for gauging the impact of what he says on the emotional level. Or maybe he thought it just didn't matter what people felt or suspected. It does matter!
I suppose that Hale just wasn't thinking clearly on that day when Evola said, "Consider it done," and Hale said, "Good." Given the context of that exchange, which was two years of Tony Evola proposing murder, the most obvious interpretation of that single word was, YES I WANT YOU TO KILL LEFKOW AS YOU PREVIOUSLY SUGGESTED.
That interaction was interpreted not only through the context of Evola's statements but also through the suspicion that Hale had been encouraging others to do violence while staying strictly within the letter of the law himself. Hale seemed to portray a casual attitude toward violence with his statements after Ben Smith's shooting-spree. That's why the Smith case was brought up in his trial.
We do see people trying to play that game of advocating violence through winks and innuendoes. Hal Turner and Bill White got into trouble essentially on the same principle as Hale, that they were perceived as trying to get particular public figures killed without explicitly saying  it. Maybe Turner and White weren't really trying to get anybody killed. Maybe they were just having fun trying to scare some people. But you can't count on a jury giving that benefit of the doubt. If you acquire an image as somebody that winks at violence, your statements and actions will very likely be interpreted in that light.
Hale also showed a lack of common sense when he chose for two years to let a guy constantly advocating illegal actions continue to hang around advocating such things. In that respect too, he was being too logical and counting on the letter of the law too much. Hale is a smart guy with a lot of self-discipline but apparently no common sense.
Sorry, but that's how it is.
Now, since it took two years for Evola to get a brief exchange out of Hale that could be interpreted as soliciting murder through winks and innuendoes, I suppose that Hale may have been just tired or distracted on that partiuclar occasion, but it is very easy to understand how a jury of ordinary people could find that exchange incriminating, given the background and the assumptions that were brought to bear.
By now, with the cases of Hale, White, and Turner, it should be clear that anyone engaged in controversial politics must be very careful about what he says whenever the subject of illegal actions comes up. The safest course is to refuse even to discuss it.
I hate to criticize Hale, but he made gross blunders that others have continued to make. We have to recognize what these blunders are so that (1) we can stop making them, and (2) we can have the courage that comes from knowing how not to be railroaded.
I hope that Matt Hale gets out of prison soon.

It wasn't the shocking things Matt Hale said that landed him in a maximum security prison. It was the conspiracy of the justice system which had to be responsible for the fact that he had no defense! I guess you could say that he picked the wrong attorney, but would any of them have turned out better? Would any one of them have been pressured to fail?

It was the job of his defense attorney to make sure the jury understood the legality of what Matt of himself had done, but his atty. failed in every way to do this. He also allowed 3 blacks on the jury, plus an associate of the negro coach Birdsong who had just been murdered by a Creator. He didn't allow Matt to take the stand, when Matt is a good spokesman for himself and his beliefs. He didn't give a decent closing argument. He didn't object when he should have. I can't believe this was just because he didn't care.

O.J.Simpson was guilty as hell, but his legal team fought hard for him, and won.

The Law is suppoesed to function according to the laws in place. Your excuse that "that's just how it is" is catering to a corrupt system, and saying that we must be careful enough to adapt to it. This is exactly what Hale did not want to do in his life, why he went to Law School. He really believed he was innocent and could not be found guilty. Naive, but ...     

Adolf Hitler was also distressed to find himself in prison, and he was responsile for more than Matt was. But Germany then, and maybe even now, was a kinder, more reasonable place than is the Jew.S.A. In fact, the harsh rulings in Germany since the war are because the Jew.S. is in control, imo. This country totally disregards the law.

It could all change if White people would stand up and that is what Matt was trying to accomplish. Yes, we need to free Matt Hale. I hope you, Hadding, would join an effort on behalf of that.

I don't think it's at all certain that an energetic defense would have gotten Hale an acquittal. It would depend on the attorney convincing the jury to give Hale the benefit of the doubt about what that little exchange with Evola really meant.
Strictly speaking Hale did not tell Evola to kill anybody, but the jury was reading between the lines. People are familiar with the concept of communicating criminal intent through codewords and circumlocution. A successful defense would have had to convince the jury not to think that way in Hale's case.
Saying that everything would have been okay if he'd just had a good legal  defender is also wrong for the reason that getting put on trial is in itself alreadya disaster that most of us would like to avoid. We can't do anything about the fact that people in the government want to prosecute White Nationalists, but we can avoid handing them on a silver platter a reason to do so.

Trying to be as brief as possible:

1. I didn't say anything was "certain" but it was the defense attorney's job to convince the jury that they don't know what Hale meant and they can't convict him on what they don't know. The law spells out what is required. You're saying the law doesn't matter, but only people's prejudices. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" 

In addition, this govt. informant was taping Hale for 2 years and this is all he got? Any thinking person would reject it.  Also, if Hale could have taken the stand, he could probably have explained it. This atty. never intended to allow Hale to speak.

2. A jury is not supposed to "read between the lines." They must have been instructed about that, and the defense should have instructed them of it. "Codewords" might have worked at Nuremburg, but not in a regular courtroom unless it's been proven such things existed between them.

Of course it is true that Matt Hale made some basic blunders that facilitated putting him in prison. Hale also seemed to have a tin ear, or simply no concern, regarding the impression that some of his statements might make on ordinary people. I've noticed that this seems to be a common tendency with Creators. You can see that Craig Cobb also had problems in North Dakota because he was not afraid of shocking people.

I'm in agreement with Joey that you're putting too much blame on Matt Hale, who was only "dangerous" to the system/beliefs of multiculturalism. If that was his whole position (that racial separation is good and necessary) then he should not refrain from saying it IF HE'S THE LEADER OF SUCH A MOVEMENT, rather than the usual wimp who is protecting himself.

I don't see the similarity with Craig Cobb, who is in no way of the caliber of Hale. CC did make big mistakes and behaved foolishly. Hale behaved in a principled way - did not make rash atatements but also didn't deny what he actually believed.

Continuing .... The beliefs that Creativity holds ARE shocking in themselves to the vast majority of White people, so one can't avoid saying provocative (shocking) things even when on television, or in interviews. How should Hale have spoken differently, in your opinion?

Thank you, Carolyn Yeager, for your sensible, logical response.
I think Matt makes a good argument for his own defense, although he minimizes the "shock value" in a lot his articles, speeches and picket signs.  Still, what is dangerous about shocking people?  
Free speech is limited in ways that might harm others, like shouting fire in the middle of a crowded theater when there is no fire.  But are any of Matt's statements on that same level?  
And when does "dangerous" become the major consensus, and who makes it clear that someone is a "clear and present danger"?  The Media, I think.  The Jews, I think. 
Ted Kazinski gets the same treatment Matt Hale does, but Matt did not murder and plot and his supposed "crime" is a "conspiracy to murder" while there is a very-much-alive "victim."  Such is not so with Ted Kazinski's victims.  They're dead.
People's perceptions of Matt as "dangerous" clearly have been molded by the TV set (run by Jews). 
I know I'm preaching to the choir.  But even if some of the best defenders of White people like Hadding Scott still think Matt is culpable for his own unfair imprisonment, this blame-the-victim syndrome in their psyches has got to have been implanted there by the insidious media.  I don't know how else to explain it.

I haven't used the word "culpable." Culpable means guilty. I talked about gross blunders.
It's fine with me if you want to say that Matt Hale is not culpable of the crime for which he was convicted, but -- assuming that he was railroaded -- to get upset because somebody points out things that Hale did that made him easy to railroad indicates an unwillingness to draw any lessons from Hale's experience.
It's not a matter of guilt. It's a matter of knowing how to stay out of trouble.

"I've noticed that this seems to be a common tendency with Creators" [Hadding]
"The beliefs that Creativity holds ARE shocking" [Carolyn]
- yeah the no different than the Black Muslims and their belief in a black manned space craft circling the planet, awating the word to unleash retribution and destruction. Oh my.......totally shocking. What's that got to do with the price of bread ???
"Matt Hale, who was only "dangerous" to the system/beliefs of multiculturalism" - all white nationalists are, but they aren't hanging around with "government stooges" waiting to be put in prison. They are earning a honest living,raising families, as best they can.
"I don't see the similarity with Craig Cobb, who is in no way of the caliber of Hale." - who does ? ho ever suggested that? You are creating strawman arguments again.

1.  All White Nationalists are not dangerous to the system of multiculturalists -- not at all. They pretend they are.

2.  In mentioning Craig Cobb, I was replying to Hadding, not "creating strawman arguments again." You are an unserious and bullying commenter, Northpal, and therefore not worth replying to anymore.

"That is a very old grudge that you are holding against Ben Klassen," - Does that take away from the fact that anyone who thinks that starting a new religion "religare" is some how helpful?
"is true that Matt Hale made some basic blunders that facilitated putting him in prison." - Hey if it was in my power, I would bust him free, but I have this sinking feeling  he would not leave his prison bunk to await his day in court.
" I've noticed that this seems to be a common tendency with Creators" - just what we need, another social construct with in the white race. Common tendencies with in a group are a sure sign of brain washing.

"Craig Cobb also had problems in North Dakota because he was not afraid of shocking people. " - Exactly, he had absolutely no interest nor intentions of building a white enclave, only a hang out for "outrageousness" and "shocking" 'kreators'.  There are people actually building enclaves, just not enough. 

Enough of boys play acting as men, the first trait should be a real god damn man.

Maybe you are not the one to be deciding who are the men and who the boys. I know that you could never emulate what Matt Hale has done in the course of his life so far. As I see it, this is one incredible man. He set out his course at the age of 12 already! He knew what he believed and wanted and has never deviated from it, plus has always been willing to stand up and stand out in front for it. This man is amazing for taking on responsibility, and I can't see that it is an ego-trip at all. There is no sign of that.

Who has heard of Anthony Imperiale? But millions know about Matt Hale. Matt Hale was not running for office but was trying to attract people to a racial movement. He knew that the rise in immigration meant that time was running out -- as it probably has run out by now, while a promising real leader has been in solitary confinement for the past 11 years! Who has taken his place in these years? No one.

I've been listening to his talks, speeches and interviews and am more impressed all the time. In interviews he never got flustered and never yelled back the way his interviewers did at him, which made them look bad. His words are magic because they're true, and he speaks them perfectly -- that's why they've got him put away and people like you and Tony Imperiale are not. That's why he's dangerous ... to them! It's not because of mistakes he made.

I noticed Hale has brown eyes; he's not blonde and blue-eyed as you seem to imply. The fact that you are an adherent of Christian Identity wouldn't have anything to do with your disapproval of him, would it?

P.S. I know and like Robert Ransdel, but he decides to do things (which is more than most do!) without laying "a proper foundation", as you put it. I don't think he really expects success, thus doesn't achieve it. Just having something for White Nationalists to talk and cheer about seems to be an end in itself. Same with the "White Man's March" which devolved into a few activists holding up signs along busy traffic routes. Who even knew about it except WN's? I think Matt Hale had much bigger ideas in mind.

One aspect of Creativity I do NOT agree with and think is dumb is the idea that this planet Earth should contain only White people. That comes from Klassen and therefore the Church thinks it must embrace it since he is the founder.

Well, that is unnecesarily provocative and only a very few people will ever accept it. Under Natural Order, at least the three main races appeared or developed on this earth in their separate geographic areas. It seems proper that we all stay in our own place, generally speaking, and that Whites (as we used to) defend our own area and territories.

There is no need to "cleanse" the entire earth of non-Whites. It's unfortunate that this pro-White religion feels like it has to hang on to that idea. And it's too bad if Matt Hale feels that need.

I should also say that I am not a Creator and I am not going to become a Creator.

I'm not fond of the Creativity religion either.  It also seems to "believe" that no supplements of any kind ought to be taken, whether to relieve pain or for health.  No doctors, no pharmaceuticals, not even aspirin.  It has a lot of commandments that just bind a naturally creative mind to a dogma.  You have to recite what I call the white pledge of allegiance four times daily, for example.  
Its "catechism" reads like a godless Jevoah Witness practice or an atheistic Christian Scientist dogma.  Not for me.  When alternative medicine can be trusted in full and has a complete array of substitutes for all daily ails, ills and preventatives, I'll give up acetominophen or Ibuprophen.  What food can provide very high-levels of vitamin D any way?
And while there is perhaps a difference between being a white loyalist and a white supremacist, the Creator religion waffles on the distinction. To me, the two terms of mutually exclusive. I don't know why we need new words or phrases that come from this religion any way. Why not just talk about us all, every one in each race, as being racist?  It's only the elites of the Tribe who don't want us to use a perfectly good word, I think.  

I like you very much. The totally raw food, meatless diet is also something that would not be good for everyone. I did read, though, that it was optional. And it would be an improvement on a junk-industrial food diet. The medical restrictions would also be optional, as well as the daily repeatings. Who is going to check on you?! So it's an ideal to aim for. All religions are like that.

And all religions are proselytising, with the intention of becoming the only one. That explains a lot.

" millions know about Matt Hale" - yes, ever since he landed his dumb ass in prison. Before that very few ever heard of him or went along with his antics. I understand your emotional attachment to a innocent kid being railroaded, we all are,but let's not get carried away.

"Maybe you are not the one to be deciding who are the men " - neither are you. 

"Who has heard of Anthony Imperiale?" - only the informed, the man has  like Rockwell and others  since passed. They are not forgotten by those who were there when the time for fighting was at hand.

"The fact that you are an adherent of Christian Identity " - why is every one who questions or disputes you are labeled and pidgeon holed with the "Christian Identity" tag ????????

"Just having something for White Nationalists to talk and cheer about seems to be an end in itself. Same with the "White Man's March" - All actions that get the heards head up from grazing, if just for second, counts. Any great storm has many variable elements that contribute to it's final strength.
"Matt Hale had much bigger ideas in mind" - so know you are a mind reader??????? Lots of people have big ideas, and what?

"The fact that you are an adherent of Christian Identity " - why is every one who questions or disputes you are labeled and pidgeon holed with the "Christian Identity" tag ????????

This is absolutely untrue, Northpal. Why make such a statement? It is my understanding you are CI, which has major disagreements with Creativity. I am "tolerant" on religion and only care about people's racial stance. I'm definitely against race-mixing and both CI and Creativity are too. I tend to say that National Socialism is sufficient religion for me. And I have some good friends that I trust who are CI. 

Carolyn, I love ya girl but : "Why make such a statement? " - because, that is what you do. When I critique some of Hitlers table talk as being influenced by Borman, I'm a christian, other times I'm a CI. I know lots of CI's, christians, and yes even  black muslims, because I can get along with them on certain levels, does that take my identity as a proud white man and turn me into something abstract as a religionist ??
A spirituality is a private thing, Hitler had a deep spirituality, when he expressed it he was labeled a christian, when he made critical observations about the religion he was a pagan or satanist or some other crazy ass assertion about the man. I'll take actions, manifested from his words, ideas, aspirations as to who he was or what he was about, and I'm sure I can only hope to scratch the surface of that great man.

And I apologize for having the wrong impression of you as a CI. I got it honestly. Glad to be corrected by you. I assure you, Northpal, I won't make the mistake again.

But it does seem that you are the only one I've "done that" to, and you are not "everyone." LOL  Cheers.

"All he has managed to do . . ."  
Right there, the oversimplified assessment is enough to make anyone with inteliigence take pause.  He or she already knows there is going to be no REAL thought uttered after that initial absolutistic phrase, just somebody's contrarian opinion.
I take it seriously that Carolyn Yeager did question whether or not anyone today knows what leadership is any more.  
In my view, Carolyn Yeager was merely opening up a discussion and looking at Matt Hale not as a leader per se, but as someone who just might have the characteristics of one or who just may become one.  This is called opening up the field for debate and discussion.  She did not offer hard and fast conclusions, particularly about Matt.
Above all, Matt Hale is a political prisoner and any kind of reductive judgments about him do not alter that fact nor does it alter the fact that he needs to be freed and deserves to receive the public's attention, the White public's attention in particular.
This commenter seems to view leaders as people who are "winners" and they don't get "caught" or thrown in prison.  His view of leadership is one where the chief characteristic is a negative value:  no incarceration.  
The second characteristic is -- winning, not losing.  Of  course, anyone who wins but who then is later thrown in prison is by this fella's definition not a leader.  This doesn't take much thought.  It is manifestly just an opinion and not a very informed one.
Maybe too the commenter views a "real man" as one who, like himself, curses -- in contrast to Matt Hale who has other verbal resources to rely upon than cursing.  What else could a "real god damn man" mean?  
The discussion of leadership was, to my estimation, a seguy into an in-depth discussion about Matt Hale in the radio program but it was not the final delineation of Matt's character.  His significance to us all is and ought to be as a political prisoner of our multicultural-dominated government period.  You can't baulk and gripe and bad mouth your way out of that fact.
As for Ben Klassen, his suicide came after his wife died.  This "real god damn man" doesn't look beyond the surface and expresses only hate for that which he does not have the slightest understanding and doesn't want to understand.

oh boy.........tune that fiddle before you play it!

Ms. Yeager, I heard from a reliable source that Evelyn Hutcheson submitted a comment for today on your website and for this article a couple of hours ago, but I've not seen it posted or published.  
Is there a problem with your website or did Ms. Hutcheson not hit "Save" properly? 

I hope Ms. Hutcheson will send it again. It's always a good idea to copy your comment in case something like this happens.

BTW, I didn't get anything in my email either. Evelyn is always more than welcome to comment here, on any show.

Ms. Yeager, I apologize for the confusion I might have caused.  I was trying to track Evelyn Hutcheson's most recent comment on the discussion associated with this web page and have discovered that Ms. Hutcheson's comment was publisehd on your website but on an entirely different page, one she probably wasnt aware wasn't associated with the current ongoing discussion.  
If I may, I'm just going to copy and paste it here so that it may be part of the record of discussion on Matt Hale and his trial.


I am the mother of Matt Hale. For those of you that didn't sit through that trial, keep your closed mind to yourself. Judge James T. Moody was prejudice against Matt. That is evident due to the fact that he allowed another mans crime into this trial.  The prosecutor David Weisman was prejudice, due to the fact that he is Jewish.  Matts attorney was guilty of "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" because he never presented a defense, never called a witness and when Matt wanted to testify, he told Matt that he wasn't prepared to do that. He was either prejudice ,biased or both. He told the jury that they should find Matt guilty of moral charges.
 So, now you need to clear your mind before making statements about something of which you know nothing about. Matt wasn't there for the entire jury selection, only 48%. The law says that he must either be there for the entire jury selection or sign a waiver that he didn't need to be there. Matt never signed a waiver.
The prosecutors final statement in his closing argument before the jury was that the government had evidence that Matt ordered one of his followers to go out and kill and injure many people. That was not "in evidence" in the trial. Thomas Durkin never objected and Judge Moody said nothing.
The jury foreman disobeyed Judge Moody's order not to read anything about Matt Hale and not follow the Media coverage. When he went into the jury room, he was in fear for his life because he thought Matts followers might harm or kill him and his partner. This jury foreman was a man that worked along side Ricky Byrdsong, a man that was killed by Ben Smith. Think this man (homosexual) went into the jury room ready to hear the evidence(no evidence)? Really!
 Tony Evola, the government informant taped conversations with Matt for over two years and couldn't get Matt to tell him to kill anyone. Matt thought Evola was a harmless mentally challenged man, knew he was an informant, wasn't concerned because he knew he would always follow the law. When the FBI realized that Evola thought the target was a man, they had Evola send an email to Matt, shortly before his arrest, mentioning the femala (female) rat as the target. 
This is for the people that think my son is guilty of anything except being naive, pay close attention to this fact: the jury is instructed to consider the evidence OR lack of evidence in this case when deciding a verdict. There wasn't any evidence in this case, that Matt committed a crime, the conclusion is that the trial was prejudiced, biased and tainted. The jury, five jurors being black, came back with a guilty verdict not because of any evidence, but rather the fact that they were prejudiced, biased and their minds were tainted.
The fact is this: blaming Matt for a crime that he did not commit because you don't like him is as wrong as the jury that found him guilty because they didn't like him. At the least, Matts trial should have been a mistrial and if people with closed minds would let a little light in, they may see the light!


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All is well.

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I just listened to your show on Matt Hale's plight.  I sympathize with his unjust "trial" and imprisonment, but I have just one burning question.  You mention this point several times in your broadcast...
If Hale KNEW that Tony Evola was an traitoraous mole... WHY would he have allowed his presence for even a second after discovering this fact?!  As an admirerer of Adolf Hitler... you have to ask yourself, would he have permitted such scum in the inner-most ranks of his party (let alone a BODYGUARD?!)?  This is the one aspect of Hale's testimony that makes absolutely no logical sense.  If he has the alleged IQ of 140 that he professes, it surely didn't show with this remarkable lack of prudence.
That's just my opinion.  I look forward to a candid response.

The best response I can give you is to write to Matt Hale and ask him. Let us know what he says.

Matthew Hale 15177-424, U.S.P. Max, PO Box 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500 

Maybe he thought he could show law-enforcement that he was a law-abiding person? Being a recent law school graduate, maybe he was too sure of himself as to understanding how law works? His mother said he was naive. She also said his IQ was 132, not 140.

A little late to comment because I just got to listen to the program. Good show. Matt is a great man.
Here are some good comments on leadership from Corneliu Codreanu:

Which are the characteristic spiritual traits that the leader of a political movement must possess? In my opinion they are:
1. An inner power of attraction, There are no independent, free people in the world. just as in the solar system each star follows its own orbit on which it turns around a greater power of attraction, likewise people, particularly in the field of political action, gravitate around some attracting personalities. It is the same in the realm of thought. On the outside remain those who neither want to show an interest nor to think.
A leader must have such a power of attraction. Some have it over ten people, being thus leaders for them only; others over a whole village, a county; others over an entire province, country; and some even outside the boundaries of a single country. The individual’s capacity to lead is limited by the extent of his inner power of attraction. It is sort of a magnetic force which if not possessed by a man, renders him incapable of leading.
2. Capacity for love. A leader must love all his comrades-in-arms. His love must penetrate to the edges of a movement’s community.
3. Knowledge and sense of organizing. People attracted within the orbit of a movement must be organized.
4. Knowledge of people. While organizing, one must take into account the principle of the division of labor, using each in his place, according to his aptitudes and refusing to accept anyone lacking them.
5. The power to educate and to inspire heroism.
6. Mastering the laws of leadership. When a chief has an organized and educated troop, he must know how to lead it into the political battlefield to compete with the other forces.
7. A sense of timing. A chief must have a special sense to indicate to him when to wage a battle. An inner intuition must tell him: Now! This minute, neither later nor sooner.
8. Courage. When a leader hears that inner command he must have the courage to draw out his sword.
9. The conscience of just and moral objectives to be pursued by honest means, In addition to all the virtues of a soldier that a leader must possess, spirit of sacrifice, resistance, devotion, etc., he must be animated by a spirit of high morality, for there is no lasting victory if it is not based on justice and legality.

Matt Hale is facing a hearing for allowing an allegedly violent email be passed through his mother, an accusation created by a fellow inmate at the Terre Haute prison where Matt now is.  He was sent to solitary confinement for this infraction and likely will be sent back to Maximum Security in Florence, CO.  
I received a letter from one of Matt's supporters outside of prison telling me that Matt feels now the only thing that can shorten his sentence is a pardon from President Trump. The guy wants to brainstorm with me about an organization that will push for a pardon from Trump.  The federal prison system and federal government views the Creator religion as a Security Threat Group, however.  
Do you think Matt Hale has a chance in hell of securing the attentions of President Donald Trump in the matter of a pardon, given that his association as leader of a Security Threat Group can give the American public a poor "impression" (like Hadding Scott three years ago described in the comment above) about President Trump.  
I think the notion is deluded on its face.  I know someone named BPEarthwatch is using a Petition form from to ask the attorney general (Jeff Sessions) to free the Bundys. He says he's going to deliver the Petition to Jeff Sessions himself once he gets the required number of signatures.  
I think Matt has a better chance with Jeff Sessions than he does with President Trump. What do you think, Carolyn.
I reread all the comments under this article and was particularly touched by your sensitivity towards and empathy for Matt Hale's plight.  You certainly had the right outlook then and it stays that way even in retrospect.  
Matt's friend, in his letter, seems to think President Trump "could pardon Matt without causing too much ruckus, because the powers that be right now don't like him anyway."  I don't find his reasoning sound.  
Any ideas?  (If you don't, it's all right.  I'm perplexed and just fishing for something constructive to do for Matt's sake.)  I honestly think he needs a good trial lawyer period.  Matt can write all the pleadings he wants, but if he doesn't have that Bar number behind his name, the judge in the "club" ain't gonna listen.  Maybe a fund-raiser of some sort to get up $250,000 for a trial lawyer would be better than spending a lot of time writing (fruitless) letters to President Trump begging him to pardon Matt . . . . 
This is a tough one.

Do you think Matt Hale has a chance in hell of securing the attentions of President Donald Trump in the matter of a pardon ...

No. Given Matt's self-identification as a White supremacist, it would be a self-inflicted wound for Trump. Same goes for Jeff Sessions.

 Any ideas?

You're right, there is no substitute for a good lawyer. Although, because of his past experience with lawyers, he would probably not accept one. And then, how/where to find one who would truly do a good job for Matt and not sell him down the river. Because of Matt's "purity" and devoted allegiance to his (unpopular) cause, he seems to inspire especial hatred from the impure. Also, prison life seems to encourage sadism against helpless prisoners.

A Go-Fund-Me page will probably not gather much money. I wouldn't advertise him as a Creativity reverend, just as a guy wrongly accused because of his beliefs.

As you say, it's just too tough. And too depressing.

Thank you, Carolyn, for your sensitivity here and your thoughts.  I believe that a good lawyer is the only answer too, but I even tried to get that country lawyer, Gerry Spence, for Matt, but to no avail.  He refused, saying experienced trial lawyers cost a lot of money and no experienced trial lawyer would ever work pro bono.  I've talked with his mother about just working with the idea, like you said, of being wrongly accused or being a political prisoner.  She won't hear of it because Matt won't hear of it:  He is the leader of Creativity; he represents Creativity, and it's either he and Creativity -- or there's no deal. 
Thank you so much for your response.  I do find your words reassuring if only for my own sanity.  The guy who wrote me was also from prison in Terra Haute twenty years ago and he said the people who work there are "inbred and insane."  I know his mother is happy Matt may be returned to Florence, CO, but Matt, I think, is starting to feel the walls closing in on him because his pleadings and motions have not worked out for him, and I don't think they ever will because he's not an attorney.  I told his mother this and his mother said, "He's a lawyer.  He went to law school."  She doesn't think a Bar number means anything, anything at all.  No one I know or ever read about has ever gotten out of prison without a bar number behind their names on their pleadings.