The Heretics' Hour: Homosexual circumcision, pornography and the power of sex

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Oct. 8, 2012

Carolyn attempts to tie together several taboo-charged sexual mal-practices that have taken hold in the white race. These practices have been introduced and furthered by Jews and, in many cases, their homosexual and otherwise sexually compromised stooges. White men and women are falling by the wayside in greater numbers all the time, victims of their own vices and also of entrapment.

Carolyn focuses in the first hour on the “circumcision industry” dominated by Jews and homosexuals; then turns to the tolerance within so-called White Nationalist groups of all kinds of failings of men, and a society that is infected with filth. Too many are in denial and fool themselves that some kind of movement back to a more traditional patriarchal social order can be brought about without consulting women.

Carolyn concludes that DENIAL of the root of what has gone wrong is the main problem and she plans to continue delving into this in future shows.

Image: Brian J. Morris, one of the leading proponents of mandatory infant circumcision in the world, a professor at the U. of Sydney in Australia, who likes to watch and write about circumcisions being performed. He puts out misleading and even false information to parents and teens to convince them that circumcision has important health benefits, yet retains his academic position. What drives him? 

P.S. Just found this statement on his website: “Finally, I am a happily married circumcised heterosexual male with children.” Yet he participates in all these groups such as Gilgal, Circlist, etc. that exhibit unhealthy fixations of their members on the act of circumcision.

The Heretics' Hour: Patriarchy and Homosexuality are the "New Right?"

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Oct. 1, 2012

Carolyn has two main topics  – continuing in the first hour with circumcision funding from the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. Government agency that hands out $31 billion annually for medical research.  She talks about some of the pro-circumcision personalities and also some organizations for circumcision fetishists like the Gilgal Society, the Circlist, and the Acorn Society.

In the second hour, Patriarchy is the subject, and whether it can return as the new social order.  Carolyn discusses it’s history and the way it is embraced by homosexual men, including at the Counter-Currents website. Matt Parrott’s article Patriarchy and Apprenticeship is reviewed; also mentioned is New Right, Old Bottles in which Parrott reveals his inherent traditional conservatism and that he considers himself a member of the “New Right.” But how does he square his Orthodox Christianity with his homosexual partners, Carolyn asks.

The Heretics' Hour: Absurdities and Insanities All Around Us

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Sept. 24, 2012

Circumcision is again the lead topic on The Heretics’ Hour. Carolyn discusses some famous iconic figures who are circumcision promoters:  Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey (thru Dr. Phil and others on her network). Oprah promotes SkinMedica, a skin product made from harvested foreskins. Infant foreskins are also used to make new skin for burn victims and wounds that won’t heal; it is highly lucrative for the hospitals and clinics that sell them after they are cut off of helpless infants. Oprah also involved herself in “The Holocaust” by teaming up with Elie Wiesel and endorsing his fictional book Night as non-fiction.

Image: Bill Clinton with his close friend Stephen Lewis, an outspoken feminist and vehement promoter of male circumcision. Lewis is Jewish and former head of UNAIDS.

In the second hour, Carolyn turns to the BUGS view of Adolf Hitler,  the Goebbel’s collection of youthful writings to be auctioned off, the Daily Mail atrocity of a review of a new book on German WWII soldiers, and more.

The Heretic's Hour: Circumcision - An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

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Sept. 17, 2012

Carolyn Yeager starts up an anti-circumcision awareness campaign by reviewing the ‘cons’ of circumcision (there aren’t any ‘pros’ ) – while our mass media and medical establishment refuse to mention that there are any ‘cons.’  Female circumcision is banned in every White European-descent country, but not male circumcision. The easy answer as to why: because Jews practice male circumcision as a religious rite.

Topics include:

  • The lack of any positive benefits from circumcision beyond vague health claims that don’t withstand scrutiny;
  • Stopping Jewish terminolgy – the word’ intact’ used in place of ‘uncircumcised;’
  • Original purpose of circumcision was to reduce sexual pleasure;
  • U.S. has highest circumcision rate among White countries, but it has come down drastically since it’s peak in 1965;
  • Problems in boys, from ADHD to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may relate to circumcision;
  • The banning of circumcision by a regional court in Germany and all the ramifications that have followed;
  • The history of circumcision in Jewish scriptures;
  • Alan Dershowitz cries “Shame on Germany!

The Heretics' Hour: Elie Wiesel and Gottfried Feder in the limelight

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Sept. 3, 2012

Carolyn Yeager‘s intended guest had to pull out suddenly, so the program changed to discussing Elie Wiesel in the first hour only, with Hadding Scotts new translation of Gottfried Feder’s “manifesto on breaking the shackles of interest” discussed in the second hour.  Topics include:

  • The very real pressures from within families to be politically correct;
  • Elie Wiesel as a publicity creation who has gotten rich working for the holocaust industry;
  • Wiesel and rabbis protest Canada cutting refugee medical benefits;
  • Hungarian nationalist government stands up to Holocaust Claims Conference amid cries of anti-semitism;
  • Hadding Scott’s book due out at end of September;
  • Mammonism; the problem of interest on debts; German revolution vs. global revolution;
  • How much of Feder’s program did Hitler put into practice;
  • And more.

Image: Elie Wiesel in Concert DVD: Melodies of My Childhood, $25

The Heretics' Hour: The White Network Progress Report

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August 27, 2012

Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl share with listeners their assessment of the first three months of The White Network’s operations. They candidly discuss:

  • The program topics that each has developed, some bringing controversy;
  • Criticism within the movement – is it always damaging?
  • Problems at Voice of Reason network;
  • How should pro-White networks function?
  • The importance of the 14 words – putting more emphasis on our children;
  • William Pierce’s advice that we need to do more than just speak the truth – we need to fight;
  • How do we fight? Our past fighters and the possibilities of a White man’s ADL;
  • Instances of how the media labels and blames Whites that our folk should no longer fall for.

Image illustrates the myth of Sisyphus, who was punished by the Gods to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again and to repeat the action endlessly. Besides representing “Progress” it can also infer that our tasks as defenders of our White race are also endless and we should get used to that.

How would William Pierce advise us today?

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August 20, 2012

Will White Williams and Hadding Scott, publishers of the blog The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce, and former active members of the National Alliance and associates of Dr. Pierce (pictured) during the last 10 years of his life, are Carolyn’s guests. Discussion includes:

  • Will Williams’ background as a political activist, from the White Patriot Party till today;
  • What it was like at the National Alliance headquarters in the early 90's (a period of rapid expansion) and who was there;
  • How Pierce saw his organization in terms of how it should present itself to the public;
  • William Pierce’s views and writings on Christianity;
  • Big tent philosophy vs forming a vanguard;
  • The problem with Resistance Records that never got straightened out;
  • The way to fight is with “the truth.”

The Heretics' Hour: "Hitler escaped the Bunker" and other delusional thinking

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August 13, 2012

Carolyn Yeager mixes up several topics in this program, beginning with the strange phenomenon of otherwise intelligent people, such as CODOH Forum members, wanting to believe the most impossible stories about  Adolf Hitler “escaping” from the Berlin Bunker in April 1945, and making a dramatic passage via submarine to Argentina … or even Antarctica (!), as shown in the illustration at right which shows a sub entering a secret portal. 

In the second hour, Carolyn addresses the comments by Greg Johnson on a long thread at VNN Forum, including a final comment by Alex Linder.  She then has time for some words on building White racial consciousness, which will continue next week.

The Heretics' Hour: We need a White man's ADL

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August 6, 2012

Tanstaafl and David Baillie join Carolyn to talk about the success had by Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League in bringing US attitudes and policies in conformity to what is good for Jews. They ask:  Can we do the same thing for Whites?

Carolyn goes through the history of the ADL and concludes that their #1 enemy is “Holocaust denial” and their #2 enemy is the Christian Identity movement. Tanstaafl brings his usual precision to bear on pointing out their methods and arguments. David makes a point that we need to open up our mouths – that is, not be afraid to say what we really think in public. The latest media demonizing of whites as “supremacist neo-nazis ” in the case of Wade Michael Page, the Sikh Temple shooter, is discussed.

This program could have gone on for another two hours, but the point is that an Anti-Defamation League for Whites should be formed to protect us from Jewish hatred that is aimed at us in the United States of America. 

The Heretics' Hour: Defining the "Holocaust" and Denying German Guilt

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July 30, 2012

Jett Rucker of the Committee on Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) is Carolyn’s guest for a discussion of whether our traditional Holocaust Revisionism is too tame for the increasingly dangerous times in which we live.

To unquestioningly accept the innocence of the Jews in their loss of civil rights in Germany, and in their deportation and eventual internment in concentration camps seems naive.  To accept that the National Socialist government of Germany committed “crimes” against people that other nations did not and do not commit is short-sighted.  Accepting the use of the word “Holocaust” to describe what was not anything of the sort is also foolish. The image shows what many people believe based on irresponsible Jewish propaganda. Should we refuse to use the word? These and more ideas are discussed and answered, including a confirmation that under a half-million Jews died in all German concentration camps from all causes.