Dresden Anniversary March Co-opted by City Politicos

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Nationalist marchers hemmed in by police in Dresden Germany, Feb. 12, 2013.

By Carolyn Yeager

Up to 2,000 nationalists and patriots from around Germany (far fewer than in previous years) gathered in Dresden today for their traditional silent torchlight march in memory of their murdered countrymen in the Feb. 1945 firebombing of the city by British and American air forces.

But the city was ready for them, ready, that is, to deny them the right to do what others of a different political persuasion are allowed to do. Nearly 6,000 police officers had been sent to Dresden, ostensibly to protect their march, but in reality to enforce the wishes of the Dresden city officials who this year decided to upstage the nationalist march with a demonstration of their own.

More than 10,000 people (according to the news) formed a human chain to prevent the nationalists from marching.

City wants emphasis on reconciliation

Ten thousand candles were provided by the city to the counter-demonstrators to be lit in front of the landmark Frauenkirche. This beloved old church was destroyed in the bombing and only rebuilt in recent years. The candles were arranged in front of the church to form a "candle of reconciliation."

Yet in London last year, Queen Elizabeth herself "cut the ribbon" on a large monument recognizing the "brave" British pilots who carried out the bombing on Dresden! No talk of reconciliation there.

Police cordoned off the nationalists - who are always called Neo-Nazis and extremists by everyone, even the Press - while the counter-demonstrators banged drums and shouted "Out with Nazis!" Is it any wonder that fewer marchers showed up this year when it is such a completely depressing experience?   

Commercial interests outweigh the truth of history

At a memorial service earlier in the day, Jewish leaders and church representatives mostly spoke against far-right extremism. Disgustingly, representatives from the UK and US were also in attendance, but not in penitence - no doubt quite self-righteously. There has never been even a hint of an apology from those nations - Germans are still doing all the apologizing. In fact, the city of Dresden calls it's event a commemoration for past war-time bombing victims in Dresden, England's Coventry and Japan's Hiroshima! God forbid that German suffering should stand out.

It does seem that the only thing post-unification Dresden wants to say to the world is "We don't want far-right extremism." Sure, and we know why - it hurts tourism, which is Dresden's number one industry.

It's painful to recognize that this is their only response to the devastating, sadistic two-day roasting of German women and children, both city residents and refugees, in 1945. The death toll is officially declared always to be 'up to 25,000' when, at the time following the bombing, it was widely known and stated to be over 100,000.  It sickens me too much to say anymore about it except Armes Deutschland.


Germany, World War II

The Amazing Operation Cerberus - February 11-13, 1942

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This Monday, Feb. 11th marks the 71st anniversary of the German navy's successful Channel Dash from Brest Harbor in France to Wilhelmshaven. It was codenamed Operation Cerberus - the Roman name for the three-headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld, Hades.

Background: In 1941, with radar in its early stages, the giant ships could still operate in the open oceans and the German battleships were doing great damage to Allied shipping in the Atlantic. Twenty-two British merchant ships had been sunk by March of '41. This was not sustainable for the English and the battle of the Atlantic was under way.

After the German battleship “Bismarck” was sunk in May 1941, the rest of the fleet found refuge in the harbor at Brest, France. The RAF tried for months to destroy the German ships but they were well-protected by anti-aircraft. Finally, Hitler gave the order to bring the ships “Scharnhorst,” “Gneisenau” and “Prinz Eugen” back by the Channel route between England and France. The German Naval Commanders could not understand Hitler’s order – they had mostly been against that plan, but Hitler was right. The operation was successful.

Photo taken by Lt. Leopold Wenger of the battleship Scharnhorst in Brest harbor with its camoflage netting,

The operation itself: The convoy, which included six destroyers, left Brest harbour at 22.45 hours on February 11, 1942, shortly after Britain's submarine “Sea Lion” ended its watch. Faulty radar in the British spotter planes combined with cloud cover to prevent the convoy from being discovered. By dawn on February 12th, the convoy was sailing off Barfleur, south of the Isle of Wight, in fog conditions. At Dover, the gun batteries based there engaged the Germans but their shells fell short. Torpedo-carrying Swordfish planes also failed; all six planes were lost in the attack thanks to the ferocious German fighters. More attacks were not successful, due partly to faulty communications at the RAF. One of the pilots flying a Spitfire was Canadian Barry Needham. At dawn on February 13th, the German convoy sailed into the port of Wilhelmshafen with a loss of just one of their minor escort ships and seventeen fighter planes.

Click on image for enlarged view

This German “Channel Dash” remains the only occasion since the Spanish Armada in 1588 that ships belonging to an enemy of Great Britain have successfully traversed the English Channel. It was considered a disgrace for the British Admiralty that the German ships crossed in front of their eyes very near to the  south coast of England.

Lieutenant Leopold Wenger, [right] was one of the pilots of the “Jagdeschwader Richthofen” whose mission it was to escort and protect these very precious, giant battleships. The pilots were not allowed to use their radios; if they discovered any danger – for example, a British aircraft approaching – they could warn their wingman only by a short gun-shot in his direction. For Wenger and the other pilots of his unit, their mission was completed on Feb. 13 when the ships arrived at The Netherlands. They landed at Leeuwarden to fuel up and return to their airfield in France. Other German fighters from another unit took over the duty of escorting the armada to safe harbors.

Thanks to Willy Wenger of Austria for telling me of this anniversary and supplying the information about his older brother, Leopold, who, to his family, was always called “Bibi.” Leopold Wenger, a recipient of Germany's highest decoration, the Knights Cross, was shot down over Vienna in April 1945 at age 23.


Germany, World War II

Remember Günter Deckert in prison, but don't mail anything there!

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This morning I received a response to the query that I voiced on a recent radio program as to whether Günter Deckert could receive mail from non-family friends. Here it is:

Hi Carolyn:

I got a link to one of your podcasts today and noted your comments
about Herr Deckert.

"Why We Are Antisemites" - Text of Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus

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Hofbrauhaus interior where Hitler spoke

National Socialist German Workers Party

Public meeting in the Great Hall of the Hofbräuhaus

Friday 15 August 1920

 Adolf Hitler

~~Why We Are Antisemites~~

Translation from German by Hasso Castrup (Copenhagen, Denmark), January, 2013, exclusively for Carolyn from the original published in Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 16. Jahrg., 4. H. (Oct., 1968), pp. 390-420.   Edited by Carolyn Yeager. English Translation Copyright 2013 Carolyn Yeager - No republication without written permission.

 My dear countrymen and women! We are quite used to being generally referred to as monsters. And we are considered particularly monstrous because, in a question that certain gentlemen in Germany are nervous about, we are marching at the head – namely in the question of the opposition to the Jews.

The Heretics' Hour: "Why We Are Antisemites" - Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus

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Jan. 28, 2013

A hard-to-locate speech that was found and translated for Carolyn by Hasso Castrup of Denmark is read and commented upon. Over 9000 words long, it makes clear Hitler’s intentions and who he saw as the major enemy as he embarked on an uphill battle to win the hearts and minds of the German masses for National Socialism. Some points made:

  • Northern ice-age races – the Aryans – learned to work as a way of life and the weak did not survive, strengthening the race;
  • Since the Jew is the destroyer of every state, as a pathogen he must be removed for the health of the state;
  • Jewish destruction occurs in three main areas:  The ethical duty to work, the national (racial) purity, and the culture;
  • Since every Jew is obligated to fight against antisemitism, it follows that every German will become an antisemite;
  • Spreading scientific knowledge of the danger of Jewry or removing economic power from the Jews is insufficient … it’s necessary to penetrate into the common people and organize them.

This speech in it’s entirety will be posted at

Image: Hitler and the “Old Fighters” meet on February 24, 1929  in the Hofbräuhaus to mark an anniversary. Left to right: Gregor Strasser, Karl Fiehler (back to camera), Christian Weber, Hitler, Julius Schaub (back to camera, Franz Schwarz, Max Amann.

Sylvia Stolz may face prosecution again

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Slyvia Stolz only a little over a year ago completed serving a 3 and 1/2 year prison term in Germany for "holocaust denial." Her "crime" took place while, as his lawyer, she was defending another "holocaust denier" (Ernst Zundel) in court. Now 'the Jews' (yes, it's them for sure) are after her for daring to speak up once again. Her voice is too legally accurate, too reasonable, and too persuasive for their comfort. You can see and read Stolz' speech here. Please do so to educate yourself on the legal questions involved.

From Press TV (which spelled her name incorrectly as 'Schultz'):

 Sylvia Stolz (R) and Ivo Sasek address a conference of the Anti-Censorship Coalition in November 2012.

A German lawyer may face prosecution for questioning the Holocaust and making an argument that there is ‘no evidence’ to prove the event.

Sylvia Schultz (sic) denied the Holocaust during a conference of the Anti-Censorship Coalition held in the canton of Graubunden, Switzerland, in November 2012.

According to reports, Daniel Kettiger, a Bernese lawyer, has filed a criminal complaint against Schultz (sic) at the Graubunden Prosecutors Office. Contact Kettiger.

The German lawyer had said during the conference that the Holocaust had never been proven in court as it would have lacked the findings of the crime scenes and killing methods and the number of deaths, perpetrators, corpses or traces of a murder.

Schultz (sic) had also argued that there was also no “testimony, documents or other evidence.”

Schultz (sic) is not the only person for whom a criminal complaint has been filed. Ivo Sasek, the organizer of the Anti-Censorship Coalition conference also faces similar prosecution.

No visits for Günter!

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Unbelievably, the Mannheim prison  (at right) seems to be denying Günter Deckert his mail and visitor privileges. Gunter entered the prison on Jan. 3rd to serve a 5-month sentence for "disturbing the peace of the people" many years ago by doing a small bit of translation in a holocaust revisionist book.

A friend, Matthias, just sent this email:

last week I tried to sign up for a visit to Günter. A female employee of the prison told me that Günter had not put me on his list of visitors. So I wrote a letter to Günter asking him to put me on the list of visitors. Since I did not get an answer, I called Günter's wife who told me that my name actually can be found on the list but, with the exception of his closest family, nobody got permission for a visit to Günter.

Obviously the prison employee was lying to me.

Grüße, regards,


Seems to me they have decided that any visitors Günter would get would be from "neo-nazis" and they would be bad for his "rehabilitation." Once I sent a letter to Germar Rudolf when he was still in prison in Germany. They informed him he could not receive this letter because it contained words and thoughts they deemed to be harmful to their program for change and improvement of his mental state. Germar asked me so nicely to be more careful of what I wrote in the future. Embarassed My previous letters had gotten through alright, so I became a little bolder. They really take seriously that you are there to be made safe for society.

Matthias is obviously a marked man, as would, no doubt, any friend and associate of Gunter be considered. Has anyone in the United States heard back from Günter yet?

No more respite for Günter Deckert who is set to enter prison on Jan. 2nd

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Dec. 29, 2012

Günter Deckert sends a letter he has composed that will be sent to Strasbourg on Monday, Dec. 31.


HUDOC (European Court of Human Rights/Europ. Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte)

The Registrar / Council of Europe

F 67075 Straßburg-Cedex / Elsaß

Violation of the UN Charter + the European Charter of Human Rights (freedom
of opinion and freedom of expression) by the German ("brddr") judicial
system by sending me to prison for 5 months because of "complicity of public
uproar/disturbance of the public peace" for helping to have made possible
the German version of Carlo Mattogno's "Auschwitz - The First Gassing" ...
more precisely by "overworking a German text of different translators" (see
copy attached showing the cover + pages 6 and 7). The text in the middle
of page 6, Mattogno's scientic work, an answer to Danuta Chech´s "The
Kalenndarium of Aushwitz," runs in German as follows:

The Heretics' Hour Hall of Fame

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Oldies but Goodies

This early Heretics' Hour program from June 14, 2010, with Carolyn's favorite guest of all time Wilhelm Kriessmann, is too good to be forgotten and left back in the archives.

Wilhelm Kriessmann - The War Years

Dr. Kriessmann gives his personal account of

  • Life in Berlin as pilot for the general staff
  • Ninety-three bomber missions on the Eastern Front
  • How and why he was put in a British detention camp after returning home
  • Conditions and companions in Wolfsberg and Wetzelsdorf camps

Picture: Pen & ink drawing from 1946 by Dr. Kriessmann’s father: Inside the Wolfsberg British-run detention camp near Klagenfurt, where both were held after WWII. enlarge

Originally recorded for Voice of Reason Network 13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 55 min.

Wilhelm Kriessmann passed away on Dec. 18, one week before Christmas. He was 93 years old. I just now noticed that the years of his life correspond exactly to the number of missions he flew on the Russian front in WWII. Uncanny. Learn more about Wilhelm Kriessmann’s WWII experiences here and here, Until he suffered a stroke in late June of this year, he had remained a vigorous man, physically active and mentally sharp. He was making a valiant comeback with the help of intensive physical therapy when he was struck with a second stroke in mid-December which proved too much. It is with the greatest regard for this dear and esteemed friend that I re-present the programs he agreed to do with me exclusively on The Heretics' Hour, in this "Oldies but Goodies" format.

Saturday Afternoon: How Abuse of True Germany Will Lead to the End of the True West

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Nov. 17, 2012

Carolyn’s scheduled guest Günter Deckert doesn’t show, so she carries on with the topics about Germany she has prepared:

  • “Holocaust survivor” compensation is increased  instead  of coming to an end;
  • After $70 Billion has been paid out by Germany, 500,000 survivors remain alive;
  • Merkel’s government, so totally sympathetic to Jewish “victims” of the alleged holocaust that took place 75 years ago, is cold to the victims of the Jews taking place right now; blames Hamas for “the outbreak of violence;”
  • Media attempt to portray “friction” between Merkel-Putin over human rights;
  • Hitler birthplace in Braunau am Inn, Austria targeted to be “wiped off the face of the earth” (pictured above: two US soldiers on June 14, 1945 defacing the walls in the bedroom where Hitler was born);
  • Far-left seeks to ban “far right” nationalist political party, the NPD;
  • Scandal continues over the high number of government informants pushing the agenda in nationalist groups and the NPD;
  • Balkan Roma seek to make Germany their home, any way they can;
  • It is popular in Greece, Spain and Portugal to scapegoat Germany & Merkel for their troubles, rather than the ECB (which gives them money);
  • Der Spiegel pushing idea that Europeans and Americans are responsible for the failure of their goverments to remain solvent — no mention of Jews or the villany of Central Banks under Jewish control.

Carolyn announces that “Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn” will take a break until the first Saturday in January.