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The Heretics' Hour: White America at the Crossroad

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2012-11-12 18:42

Nov. 12, 2012

Prof. Kevin MacDonald, author of Culture of Critique,  is Carolyn’s special guest in the 2nd Hour. He elaborates on his recent article at The Occidental Observer in which he describes our situation as critical and says that White people really have to wake up to the reality.  In the 1st hour, Carolyn does a monologue analyzing the national presidential election results, using an article at American Renaissance and another at Real Clear Politics. Some of the points made by MacDonald:

  • The Republican Party can no longer win elections;
  • It can recruit non-whites, which would mean repudiating its base and its traditional principles, or become a permanent minority White party;
  • The Jewish elites in the Republican Party will definitely turn it into a carbon copy of the Democratic Party;
  • All our White Advocacy groups combined have no real power;
  • Europe’s nationalist parties may accomplish something before we in the U.S. do;
  • Libertarianism and Christian-Zionism are both very bad for Whites’ racial interests;
  • Secession is being brought forward as a possibility to point out how few options we have.

Saturday Afternoon: Interview with John de Nugent

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2012-11-10 12:00

Nov. 10, 2012

Long time White Nationalist John de Nugent is gearing up for a new drive to lead Whites in America in this post-election period. John, in his own words, aspires to be a philosopher-king, while, at the same time, he works at the grass-roots level in his local Pennsylvania area. John is good-natured about host Carolyn Yeager getting a bit tough in her questioning as she seeks for precise  answers to our present travails.  Subjects ranged from:

  • Is the German-American experience of the World Wars  now being repeated in general White American experience;
  • What to do about the “nobility and naivety” of the blue-eyed Aryan race;
  • What is required in a White leader;
  • Do we even need a single White leader who will simply be a target;
  • The Northwest Front vs. John’s Pennsylvania-Ohio-Kentucky-W. Virginia location for a White Safety Zone;
  • Chemtrails and other neuro-chemical methods of numbing and dumbing Whites;
  • The importance of religion for long-lasting group survival.

The Heretics' Hour: Sadists and Masochists - Torture of German POWs

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Oct. 29, 2012

The Germans as a whole, and more especially the “Nazis” and nationalists, are expected to play the role of “bad guy” in world history, right from the time Germans became a modern nation in 1871 with the unification of independent German states  under Otto Bismarck. But the fact of the matter is that the Germans suffered more at the hands of the British during WWII than the other way around.  Pictured at right are four German men after being interned at the notorious Bad Nenndorf  secret prison set up by  the British during their occupation of north-west Germany in 1945. They are far from the worst of the cases discovered there.

In a new book not yet released, Cruel Britannia, investigative journalist Ian Cobain looks at torture carried out at the London Cage and Camp 020 on captured German soldiers and officers during and after WWII … from 1940 until 1949.

Carolyn Yeager and her guest Hadding Scott go over published extracts from the book and discuss why the White Nationalist community is so resistant to changing its perceptions about who were the good guys and who the bad guys in WWII.

Why I will go out on election day and vote for Romney

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2012-10-11 16:51

By Carolyn Yeager

As someone who gave up on the U.S. electoral system in November 2004, and has only voted for third party candidates since -- even sitting out altogether the last primary election in Texas where I live -- I have decided that I will vote for the Republican candidate for President. This, when it takes place, will be the first time I have ever voted for a Republican for President! There is a first time for everything, so it's said.

Why have I made this decision to vote for someone I really don't like or trust, who doesn't share my politics, who I think will be bad for the country? In addition, my vote won't really make a difference anyway as I'm in a red state certain to give all it's electoral votes to Romney.


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The Heretics' Hour: Homosexual circumcision, pornography and the power of sex

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Oct. 8, 2012

Carolyn attempts to tie together several taboo-charged sexual mal-practices that have taken hold in the white race. These practices have been introduced and furthered by Jews and, in many cases, their homosexual and otherwise sexually compromised stooges. White men and women are falling by the wayside in greater numbers all the time, victims of their own vices and also of entrapment.

Carolyn focuses in the first hour on the “circumcision industry” dominated by Jews and homosexuals; then turns to the tolerance within so-called White Nationalist groups of all kinds of failings of men, and a society that is infected with filth. Too many are in denial and fool themselves that some kind of movement back to a more traditional patriarchal social order can be brought about without consulting women.

Carolyn concludes that DENIAL of the root of what has gone wrong is the main problem and she plans to continue delving into this in future shows.

Image: Brian J. Morris, one of the leading proponents of mandatory infant circumcision in the world, a professor at the U. of Sydney in Australia, who likes to watch and write about circumcisions being performed. He puts out misleading and even false information to parents and teens to convince them that circumcision has important health benefits, yet retains his academic position. What drives him? 

P.S. Just found this statement on his website: “Finally, I am a happily married circumcised heterosexual male with children.” Yet he participates in all these groups such as Gilgal, Circlist, etc. that exhibit unhealthy fixations of their members on the act of circumcision.

The Heretics' Hour: Patriarchy and Homosexuality are the "New Right?"

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2012-10-02 00:44

Oct. 1, 2012

Carolyn has two main topics  – continuing in the first hour with circumcision funding from the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. Government agency that hands out $31 billion annually for medical research.  She talks about some of the pro-circumcision personalities and also some organizations for circumcision fetishists like the Gilgal Society, the Circlist, and the Acorn Society.

In the second hour, Patriarchy is the subject, and whether it can return as the new social order.  Carolyn discusses it’s history and the way it is embraced by homosexual men, including at the Counter-Currents website. Matt Parrott’s article Patriarchy and Apprenticeship is reviewed; also mentioned is New Right, Old Bottles in which Parrott reveals his inherent traditional conservatism and that he considers himself a member of the “New Right.” But how does he square his Orthodox Christianity with his homosexual partners, Carolyn asks.

Saturday Afternoon: Can White racial consciousness prevail?

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2012-09-29 21:25

Sept. 29, 2012

Don, a lawyer from southern California, is Carolyn’s guest for two hours of discussion ranging from the after-effects of the Trayvon Martin case, to the mentality of those on both sides of the slavery issue in America, to the non-credibility of the Barack Obama persona as sold to us by the media. In all cases, “untruth” triumphs over truth, yet Don remains optimistic that Whites will prevail in the end. Points of discussion include:

  • Obama: “Trayvon looks like he could be my son.”
  • Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter speak against White guilt;
  • White self-hatred of Northern abolitionists who wanted to amalgamate the black-white races;
  • Early photo-shopped pictures of ‘Barry’ Obama and odd-ball errors and anecdotes in his alleged writings;
  • Obama hates Whites, favors Muslims, may be homosexual;
  • And more.

Image: 19-year old Barack Obama and his Pakistani roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo at Occidental College in 1980, as described in the program.

Saturday Afternoon: In Praise of White Women

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Sept. 22, 2012

Marina Orwell is a video-maker whose work exhibits a fierceness, a boldness, along with a very personal tone. She approaches what she does as the scientist she is. Marina tells of how she “woke up,” the books that helped her, and what her very first videos were about. Other highlights include:

  • Her real life story of helping a homeless white man resulted in the video “In Praise of White Men;”
  • Her experiences with editing Wikipedia pages;
  • Her Youtube channel was flagged and brought down twice – she is currently without one;
  • The man/woman divide and what to do about it;
  • Real feminism is not Jewish, but comes from good White women (as in the picture);
  • How to deal creatively with the role differences between men and women;
  • Financial incentives to bring about the kind of society we desire.

Image:  Sign in this picture used in IPOWM, Part 2 says: “A Fearless Indomitable Womanhood; A Fearless Indomitable Race.” William Rooney

The Heretic's Hour: Circumcision - An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

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Sept. 17, 2012

Carolyn Yeager starts up an anti-circumcision awareness campaign by reviewing the ‘cons’ of circumcision (there aren’t any ‘pros’ ) – while our mass media and medical establishment refuse to mention that there are any ‘cons.’  Female circumcision is banned in every White European-descent country, but not male circumcision. The easy answer as to why: because Jews practice male circumcision as a religious rite.

Topics include:

  • The lack of any positive benefits from circumcision beyond vague health claims that don’t withstand scrutiny;
  • Stopping Jewish terminolgy – the word’ intact’ used in place of ‘uncircumcised;’
  • Original purpose of circumcision was to reduce sexual pleasure;
  • U.S. has highest circumcision rate among White countries, but it has come down drastically since it’s peak in 1965;
  • Problems in boys, from ADHD to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may relate to circumcision;
  • The banning of circumcision by a regional court in Germany and all the ramifications that have followed;
  • The history of circumcision in Jewish scriptures;
  • Alan Dershowitz cries “Shame on Germany!

The Heretics' Hour: Interview with VOR's Dietrich and Mishko

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Sept. 10, 2012

Dietrich Mullis and Mishko Novosel of Voice of Reason radio network join Carolyn Yeager for a spirited show that some may feel became pugnacious at times, but not really,  folks. It’s all in a friendly effort to get to the heart of things – Whites talking to Whites doesn’t get much better. Among many subjects discussed, some highlights:

  • Dietrich to return to radio on a twice-monthly basis to start;
  • Bringing back the name Whitelandia, but will it replace Voice of Reason?
  • No more hosting of the old VOR shows – hosts are encouraged to take their archives and experience somewhere;
  • Discussion of the  number of listeners – depends on how they’re counted;
  • Questions from a listener about start-up costs of equipment, servers and how to thank contributors;
  • Another listener asks about D and M’s policy on  anarchists, non-whites, homosexuals and holohoax revisionists;
  • Both Mishko and Dietrich say a few words about Alex Linder.

Image: A rare glimpse of Dietrich with his dog … or is it one of Mishko’s dogs?