Gauland: VE Day should not be a public holiday in Germany

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2020-05-06 21:13

Alexander Gauland, AfD parliamentary leader addresses the Bundestag in opposition to a petition to make VE Day a public holiday in Germany.

By Carolyn Yeager

On May 8, Europe will once again commemorate Victory in Europe Day. This year will mark the 75th Anniversary and some people in Germany  want it to become a “public holiday.”

A petition by a “Holocaust survivor” Esther Bejarano urges President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel to proclaim May 8th a public holiday because “This is the day of German liberation and the defeat of the NS regime.” The petition has been signed by 80,000 people as of May 6. Germany's population is 80 million people.

Alexander Gauland, Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) parliamentary leader in the Bundestag, spoke out against the idea. He said the official surrender of the Wehrmacht forces was “not a happy day for Germany.” He thinks it's wrong to try to make it so. He acknowledged that “for the concentration camp inmates it was a day of liberation. but it was also a day of absolute defeat, a day of the loss of large parts of Germany and the loss of national autonomy."

Why do so many in Germany want to celebrate that?

The 79-year-old Gauland presents himself as opposed to the Nazi system and a full supporter of democracy. Therefore he stressed the positives connected to the end of the World War and the collapse of the National Socialist regime, but still wisely insisted, “the women raped in Berlin will see it differently from concentration camp inmates."

[Historians estimate that soldiers from the Soviet Union's Red Army raped over a million German women in the war's death throes, including 100,000 in Berlin alone. But that is an estimate many think is too low, just like the official number of fatalities from the 3-day Dresden bombing campaign carried out by the UK and US.]

VE Day is already a public holiday in France, Russia and Norway, commemorated with military parades and celebrations. This year, even though it's the 75th Anniversary, it will be cut back owing to the coronoavirus pandemic protocols. It's never really been commemorated in Germany, but now the Left and the Jews want to change that. The city-state of Berlin has made an exception for this year because of the 75th designation*, but as far as I can discover, it's only there and is not nationwide. This certainly bears watching.

*Moritz van Dülmen, whose Kulturprojekte supports the "public holiday" designation, is quoted as saying, "We are also keen to reach a young audience, particularly those with a migrant background, who have little knowledge of German history." Natch.


That petition should be used in the future as a database of subversives.

I hope it is.

Germans need to realize that they were actually the good side in WW2. This German self-hate is ridiculous and needs to stop.

Gen. Patton said as much after the war.  We were fighting on the wrong side.  The war crimes committed by the Soviet butchers and the English war mongers, burning alive men, women and children civilians, and the starvation my the Jew Ike of a million POWs, is what has to be denied by blaming the victims.  I wonder how many Jews Herr Hitler actually saved as opposed to those who actually died in the camps?  I wonder what we would have done if Japanese Americans had declared themselves enemies of America?  Yet, Judaism declares war against the German state in 1933 and calls for her destruction and the Germans were suppose to kiss their asses.  Talk about a miscarriage of justice.  And this miscarriage is what the Jew puppets want the German people to celebrate.  To do this is the rape of God.  (Good) 
Keep up the good fight Carolyn.  Humanity may yet be redeemable because of people like you.  

  It was the crimnially insane war-monger, Winston Churchill, who successfully intrigued for the Second World War to be launched against Adolf Hitler's Germany.
At the end of the war in the Summer of 1945 Churchill  then found himself facing the murderous Bolshevik-Communist regime of Stalin entrenched with the massed ranks of the Red Army on the river Elbe halfway into Germany.  And now the full horror and danger was suddenly made clear to Churchill: "We have slaughtered the wrong swine", he declared to the leading American and former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Joseph Davies. Davies reported back to US President Truman (this is the Summer of 1945):
"as I listened to Churchill inveigh so violently against the threat of Soviet domination and the spread of Communism in Europe...I wondered if he, Churchill, was now willing to declare to the world that he and Britain had made a mistake in not supporting Hitler, for as I understood him, he was now expressing the doctrine which Hitler and Goebbels had been proclaiming and reiterating for the last four years ..." Joseph Davies, former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union in the 1930s.
What is one to say of Churchill: old fool ?; wicked, insane war-monger ?; grave-digger of the British Empire ?; destroyer of our Civilsation ?; enemy of Europe and the White race ?; hateful old b*stard.
Long live Germany. 

So we have a "VE Day" story at Deutsche Welle today by DW writer Rob Mudge (sounds British, right?). He's interviewing "British historian James Holland" -- (there must be at least a hundred thousand British historians in the UK). They're discussing Germany, natch, in light of Germany's surrender - they never mention the word "unconditional".

So Mudge asks Holland how the debate in Germany over whether to see May 8 as a defeat or a liberation is seen in the UK. Holland says, from the British point of view "You were getting rid of Nazism." (A bad thing.) He adds, "The British and the Allies made it absolutely clear to the Nazi regime that the moment they stopped the war, the bombing would stop." The bombing would stop but the destruction of Germany and Germans through other means would not. And it did not, it's still going on today!

Then he said: "Whereas what was absolutely clear was that if the allies stopped the war, Nazi Germany would have continued with the Holocaust to its bitter end." This is Britain, 75 years after that day. Still with its lies to protect its soiled honor. The Holocaust is an absolute crutch that they can't survive without. The Holocaust is as important to Britain as it is to Israel. The Holocaust is the only thing that makes 'Hitlerism' worse than they are, with their insufferable hypocrisy. Hitler remarked one time after a face-to-face meeting with Chamberlain that he wanted to take that old hypocrite and throw him down the flight of stairs, umbrella and all.

That's how I feel about Mudge and Holland.

Moreover, the British liberal elite are the ones who invented the crutch. They certainly were using atrocity propaganda as a general tool before the "Holocaust." And I'm sure you may have heard of their WW1 claims that Germans and Austrians were gassing Serbs........
So, there you go, the Brits were attempting to use atrocity propaganda in World War 1. And not just for distracting attention from their own crimes but to brainwash self-loathing into the heart of the German people.
Hitler was always smart enough to not pin the blame entirely on the Jews. The Jews, as far as I can tell, act as something like a leavening agent for the liberal state. But that system itself will oppress the people of the world.
I always like to compare liberals to the Catholic saint Francis of Assisi. Francis actually had a peaceful conversation with Saladin the Muslim. Francis wanted to convert Saladin, but he refused to use force to do so. He ultimately failed, but the two had a mutual respect. There are no such respectful and peaceful interactions with liberalism. Liberalism felt compelled to destroy Germany (and European nationalism) because it cannot abide ANY competitors. It's amusing how much liberals of all stripes resemble the Borg from Star Trek.
The liberal state with its neoliberal economics, its corrupted science masquerading as theology, etc - all the results of both British "victories." And while those elites back in the day may not have foreseen or wanted all of this, these are the effects of their consistent ideology through the centuries. We can't even handle a flu pandemic because of these people and their great world wars...

The UK and its allies started WW1 and 2 with Germany primarily because they could not compete economically with Germany.

I wanted to point this out:

See these current economic stats comparing the UK with Germany:

By just about every economic measure, Germany bests the UK.

Germany dominates and leads the UK and Europe by far. The rest of Europe looks to Germany for leadership (consider the UK and Brexit).

After 2 major wars, and God knows how many other diabolical machinations the British can come up with to try and undermine Germany since, Germany still comes out on top of the British. What does that say?

Although both the UK and Germany have their immigrant problems, the UK is being absolutely obliterated by theirs (have you been to London lately?). Which people do you think are better suited and are capable to meet the challenge of improving and correcting their situation? Do the British even have their version of the AfD party with its successes? I put my bet on the Germans.

Re HX23 - Too bad Germany & Britain have to be competitors, but here's the plan for "celebration" in the UK tomorrow from The Guardian:

The red Arrows will perform a flypast over London, while modern RAF Typhoon jets will appear over Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston said: "We want these flypasts to life eyes and spirits in celebration of peace in Europe 75 years ago today. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to that generation of heroes, from all backgrounds and many countries (usual blah blah), who gave so much to defend the United Kingdom and free Europe from Nazi tyranny."

Royal Navy warship and support vessels ... will blast their sirens for a minute, marking the moment of Winston Churchill's address at 3 pm. 

Special television and radio programmes will include Churchill's historic victory speech, Prince Charles reading from the diary of King George VI. Boris Johnson will read the Edmund Blunden poem VDay.

No truth will come out.

"The British and the Allies made it absolutely clear to the Nazi regime that the moment they stopped the war, the bombing would stop." What cynicism on the part of "historians" to claim this, knowing full well that the British even had Rudolf Hess killed in Berlin prison so that he would not talk about the innumerable peace offers on the part of Hitler and Germany.
This lecture [1] (50 min.), held in English and in the USA, summarizes a part of the innumerable proofs that the Soviet Union had planned the march against Germany for a war of aggression against Germany in the long term and was about to strike. Germany actually carried out a preventive strike.
This classic [3] (only 6 minutes long) summarizes several central aspects.
[1] Who Started World War II? by Viktor Suvorov
[2] Suworow, Viktor [Wladimir Bogdanowitsch Resun ],_Viktor
[3] Adolf Hitler the Man Who Fought the Bank

See the book: Germany's War by John Wear:

Germany was not the aggressor in starting WW2, or WW1 either.

The true aggressor is the side that forces the other side to act.

You're stating the obvious. You need to up your game -- the subject is whether Germany should "celebrate" their defeat in 1945.

John Wear comes to some conclusions that I think are too kind to the Allies and unfair to the Germans, so I don't give him unqualified endorsement. He has it right overall but there are better books.

Here's the opinion of the AP (((Associated Press))) letting us know what the Jews/Muslims/commies think. As if we didn't know already.

Please stand up for Alexander Gauland and the AfD !!!!! He's a German patriot who still has a voice.

Thanks for linking this. I'm amazed that even a single sentence like the one I'll italicize below could be published in this day and age:
The uncomfortable truth is that from the very beginning, it was Britain which sought a conflict with Germany, not Germany with Britain.

Carolyn and all,
This is a bit off topic, but I thought I would share this rather interesting old American folk song about Private Eddie Slovik.
Once I learned some of the real history of the modern world, and got the brainwashing and conditioning mostly out of my head, Eddie Slovik stood out to me as the most honest American of the whole war - and maybe the realest hero of all of them.
Eddie and his beloved wife Antoinette were both wonderful Christian people. I believe that the wicked men who killed Eddie and lied to his wife about his death will be judged by the eternal one for what they did to those folks - and of course what they did to millions of other innocent people.
So, yes, Happy "Victory" in Europe Day. In all truth, there was not much of a joyous celebration in the American heartland back then. All the pictures they would show us of people kissing ... all malarkey. Most folks were just glad it was over.
I feel rather sad when I think of poor Antoinette Slovik and the family she and Eddie never got to raise together. I know there were so many other women like her. She and Eddie had both had hard youths; he had been in trouble for stealing some food as a kid, and she had had a severe leg injury of some kind. Eddie had never thought he'd be able to get a steady job, let alone a nice wife. The Catholic priest who attended to Slovik's execution asked Eddie to pray for him when he got to Heaven. Eddie just replied, "Sure thing, Father. I'll pray you don't join me too soon."
Sorry to dwell so much on this, I just think Eddie Slovik was emblematic of the REAL American fighting man of World War Two. I've had to spend much of today hearing the usual propaganda about VE Day. I'm proud of Eddie for being unwilling to be cannon fodder, and for facing his execution with such dignity.

The above linked "Mail online" article of Peter Hitchens [1] is very revealing, the official narrative seems to have got cracks in the mind of thinkable Brits. The "Mail" already published an article in 2009 about WW2 veterans complaining about the disappearance of British culture and identity, that they were betrayed by their own government.[2]
The current news from the NJ to May 08th [1] summarizes why this day is no reason for celebration for Germans (excerpt, translated): „For the Germans, May 8, 1945 was not liberation, but immeasurable suffering
The Bomb Holocaust on German cities cost 6 million Germans their lives. 2 million German captured soldiers were killed by Eisenhower. The Soviets wallowed in bloodlust at our captured soldiers in their camps. The expulsion crimes with millions of murdered people defy any cruel description. The rape of millions of German women by the victors (from 8-year-old girls to 80-year-old women) outshines Dante's inferno. Thousands of mothers were snatched from their children and taken to Stalin's death camp in Siberia. The children left behind shouted after their mothers: "Mummy, Mummy, stay here." No, this was no "liberation", this was hell! Let us remember our heroes and our victims - and let us not forget the perpetrators.“
[2] „'This isn't the Britain we fought for,' say the 'unknown warriors' of WWII“,
[3] NJ-Schlagzeilen, 08. Mai 2020

I don't think any normal German of whatever generation would sign such a petition. Of the 80,000 who did I wonder what part are Jews, foreigners or deviants.
The Rhine Medows Camps and the mass gang rape of anything female have already been mentioned, but there was more. Jews squads poured into Germany to poison the bread and water, and Eisenhower sent German soldiers to slave labour (and certain death) in France.
When Jodl signed the unconditional surrender he said, 'No people have suffered more than the Germans during this war."---he didn't know the worst was yet to come.

I would hope they wouldn't. But petition or no, this designation is what they're working toward. They still believe in the EU - all for one and one for all. Doesn't look now like the virus is going to bring it down.

Jodl is one of my favorite people. What he said at Nuremberg was so great ... and then they hanged him. Europe has to keep the ww2 charade going just to cover their so shameful, cowardly behavior.

The above quote came from former American senator and anti-communist Barry Goldwater.  National Socilalism came into power in Germany to stop French and Belgian troops from continuously marching into Germany to beat up Germans, to stop countries like Lithuania (Memel 1923) and Poland from making additional land grabs after WW I ended, to free the millions of Germans and their stolen lands from foreign occupation and to eract a wall against the USSR's murderous Jewish Bolshevism and prevent those murderers from attacking and taking over Germany and Europe.  Jews were quarantined because they were the most hostile and dangerous of Germany's enemies and it was often impossible to distinguish between those who were not hostile and those that were.
Prior to the beginninng of WW II in 1939, Gernany probably had less violence than the USA.  The Jewish Bolsheviks had outlawed Christianity in the USSR and murdered tens of millions of Christians.  But the lying Jewish media portrayed Germany as a murderous, hostile and dangerous country while covering up the tens of millions of Christians being murdered by a Jewish led government in the USSR.  With payoffs to western politicians and propaganda Jews made the communists and Capitalists allies.
I agree with Dr. Gauland.  If anything, it should be a day of mourning for Germans.
Historic anniversary Impressive tribute to Rudolf Hess on the anniversary of his flight to stop the mutual slaughter of kindred Aryan peoples
(view the comments below the insulting Russian outet's title)

I agree that Germany shouldn't celebrate VE day. It was a catastrophe for them, and to celebrate it would be a way to be one of the allies, which they never were. It would be turning their backs on the deaths and sacrifices of many. I remember when I was in Germany, Germans didn't like to talk about the war (Until they got to know you), and many were all for the war to wipe out communism. They believed the war in the West was unnecessary and forced on them.  I remember memorial services for German dead were always observed, and when Reagan went to Bitburg cemetery, he didn't care if SS dead were there. He went to honor all Germans as soldiers. Can't imagine a US president doing that today.

The Germans should just be honest and call it JV Day - Jewish Victory Day.
All that was noble and truly Aryan was destroyed by World Jewry in the Second World War.  Today, we are witnessing the rotten frutition of their nightmare reign over us.