Why I'm calling for a boycott of Black Privilege

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2020-06-09 11:36

Confrontation in Minneapolis during latest BLM riots in June 2020.

By Carolyn Yeager

THERE'S A LOT OF TALK IN WHITE NATIONALIST CIRCLES of “the White race.” Whites this, Whites that. White people are still in the majority in what have always been known as white countries in Europe, North America and Australia. Yet it feels like non-Whites are moving in for the kill in these very stressful days we're now living through.

What are we to do about it? The most important thing we need to do is recognize we hold the power to put ourselves back in the driver's seat, and without any violence taking place or harm to anyone! It's we who have given blacks all the power they have and we don't have to keep doing that.

Let's face it, if Whites didn't buy into black celebrityhood the way so many do (and because of sports, it's mostly men even though white women are blamed), Blacks would not have the power they do. We Whites, we native westerners are well-known for giving away the store to those who appear less well off than ourselves, to anyone asking for help, for assistance, even to those who proclaim themselves our enemies. It's an inexplicable thing, this impulse to help, to teach, to share our most valuable resources (even to the point of giving away our genetic pool). We've done this in the past with our political enemies, notably both with the Soviet Union and with communist China. We've done it with Jews.

Most recently, we've done this with our black fellow citizens who've enjoyed so much success in the fields of entertainment, politics, Hollywood and TV, professional sports and music especially. These new multi-millionaires have been able to leverage their influence within white societies to the point of almost equalizing the races, even though many things are not equal or harmonious between Whites and Blacks. Blacks also typically use the threat of violence to force white society to give in to their demands.

So Whites MUST draw the line. The best way we can do it is, as individuals, to stop supporting, ie. funding black success. Without white folks buying movie tickets, tuning into cable TV sitcoms and Netflix specials, addictively watching and following professional and college sports that are majority black, listening to pop, hip hop and Rap mind-numbing “music,” much of black success would cease.

This is a tremendous power we still have, but perhaps we are soon to lose if we don't use it. Another way of putting it, if we won't use what we have, we will lose what we have. It is our fault if we don't or won't use what is to our own advantage.

If white people withdraw our support by changing something as simple as “how we spend our time and money,” the Blacks will soon realize that their power does not come from their own irresistable greatness, but from the friendship, benevolence and good will of White people. If black people became more humble, even a little grateful, that would go a long way toward “healing” the divisions in our society that they say they're after.

President Donald Trump has used “economic sanctions” against other countries as a very effective foreign policy tool in place of more violent, dangerous and expensive military measures. This is the way we should proceed against the Blacks; we take away support we had been providing, whether in the form of purchasing movie tickets, travelling to sports venues or music concerts, what we watch on TV and how we vote in local elections. White people need to send a strong message. But if white people are not on the side of white people, if we think we can be on the side of black people and that will result in better relations between white and black, we are fooling ourselves. Power wins every time.

I know most white people do not consider themselves in the ranks of any White Identity movement, but most white people are not sympathetic to 'Black Lives Matter' either, let alone Antifa thinking. It has to start somewhere. So let it start here.


Race, White Nationalism


Wonderful piece, it is really this simple.

While this is all true and should be mandatory for every WN, i think withdrawal of welfare payments would also be pretty effective. The "socialism/welfare bad" argument is still powerful in regular conservative/libertarian circles.
But the money that black music and sportstars earn does not end up in the black community for the most part. They simply blow it away for shiny cars and whatnot.
The withdrawal of support for political correct movies and other media is more important because of cultural reasons than monetary ones. 

You don't understand what I'm getting at. This is something every individual can easily do on their own, it doesn't require any change in law. It's our voluntary behavior. Nor can it be seen as racist. It can even include not frequenting black-owned or operated restaurants and other small businesses. The message would get around the black community pretty fast if enough Whites had the hardness to do it, rather than going soft at the first teary-eyed reaction.

It should not be presented as a WN program; I'm only speaking to my own WN-NS readers here. In the larger world, it should be seen as a White person response to 'Black Lives Matter' coercion. The goal of BLM is to destroy our white homelands, nothing less. We can't let it happen and we can't depend on politicians. Nor can we burn things down like they do 'cause we'd never get away with it like they do!!!! Remember that when you start to go soft.

It boggles my mind how many whites defend other races OVER their own race. There is no sane, rational or logical reason for this behaviour.  Family race nation. I am 66 years of age, a Viet Nam war era VETERAN a conservative TRUMP supporter and a Mayflower. Without us there would be no country, no Constitution, no FREEDOM. I am proud of my heritage. Blacks have almost an entire continent - Africa, of their own. Perhaps they could take all they've learned and implement it there.

"it's an inexplicable thing, this impulse to help, to teach, to share our most valuable resources".   It does seem that way but alturism, love, and nurturing is the very essesnce of consciousness.  The reason that we that Western Civilization has come to identify God as Love is because that is a reflection of our instinctual natures, not egoism, selfishness, and aggression.  
It seems to me to boycott a black store becasue it is black is not boycotting black privilege.  It's putting everyone in the same bowl, throwing out the baby with the bath.  For example, there are many many blacks who see that they are the beneficiaries of our great nation who object to the whole idea of systemic racism.  Morgan Freedman, Denzel Washington, Candice Owens, Thomas Sowell to name a few.  They build up America and call blacks to the truth that the Democratic Party is the party of slavery. 
Like it or not America is a melting pot.  I am an American first, not a white American.  I am a man first, not a white man.  Yes, boycott those like Capernack and if need be the whole NFL.  Boycott De Niro (I do) for his stupid tirade against our beloved president.  America would not be America without blacks and whites working toward the common purpose of ever widening consciousness and the great heritage that is ours in promoting and sustaining our democratic republic.  
When the Jews boycotted Germany it was a call really for the destruction of Germany.  They declared war on Germany.  They were traitors.  They made themselves enemies of the state.  Those who sided with them were also calling for the destruction of Germany including England and France and Russian.  Thus was the US duped into the war.  
I don't see you calling for the destruction of the black race.  And I do think, as far as slavery is concerned, the blacks in America own a lot to the many white men and women who died to set them free.  BLM denies this true and is an enemy to mankind.  It needs to go.  As does antifa.   So, yes, call for a boycott of all those who support BLM or antifa.  Boycotting Candice Owens would be the wrong thing to do.  Rather, promote those blacks, like Sowell who tell the truth.  Just saying.  

Al Milligan , you just DO NOT get it, do you? America is DEAD. The only thing left is what you were born with, your "uniform" if you will, your RACE! Candace Owens, Sowell and the other friendly blacks make up about 3% - 4% of the entire black race in America if that. And the Owens's and Sowell's know that they could NEVER live like they do without the white man building the society and maintaining law & order. What Carolyn is suggesting is just one tool we should be using but the ultimate goal should be OUR OWN NATIONS ONCE AGAIN. We do not need blacks as it seems you are suggesting, they NEED us if they want to live in a civilized, orderly country. Man up and see yourself as part of the historical process. If we keep being soft and not wanting to offend the very few non whites who understand that they need us to live comfortably, we will perish just the same. 

As I have never had any taste for black "culture" and don't care to see "human by the skin of their teeth" bipeds running and jumping and catching balls, I'm afraid there's nothing left for me to boycott.... Perhaps my one option here is to contact corporations or businesses which fund the anti-white bigots and tell them I won't use their products or services and will endeavor to stop others using them as well.

Yes, of course, I'm on the same page as you. I already do not spend a dime or do any of these things that benefit black people. (Except for the taxes I pay and I can't do anything about that as an individual.) I don't even have TV! People like you and I can do nothing more to improve the situation.

As far as writing to corporations with your intention to boycott them, I don't think it's worth the effort. That's just my opinion. They don't care; they only look at the bottom line. If White consumers can affect their bottom line, they will pay attention. If not, they won't. It's therefore better to put one's effort into reaching and convincing all types of white people to act in their best interests; convincing them that improving race relations by doing/giving more to black people does not work. It doesn't work with any people, not just Blacks, who are not homogeneous within society. The best we can hope for is that white, European derived folk be dominant in American society, and all others accede to that dominance. Otherwise, there is chaos.

So far, the extreme amount of black on white crime has never been shared on a National level. IT is over at newnation.org.
Are they racists? No. They're all tired of it not being reported honestly on National News.

Blacks are only something like 12% of the total population in the U.S., yet by watching the media, entertainment and news, one can easily get the wrong impression that they are like 90% of the population, and every white family has an adopted black child. LOL. This kowtowing and submissive behavior to blacks and other nonwhite races is ridiculous and dangerous. This bad and stupid behavior by blacks and other nonwhites is only going to get worse in the future as the U.S. becomes increasingly less white. Whites must be dominant and set the tone in white and European nations or these nations will turn into third world hellholes. Read Frank Raymond's book and google him on youtube.

 „[…] one can easily get the wrong impression that they are like 90% of the population, […]“: This is part of the manipulation of the protective instinct and at the same time it is part of the programming: Mix, white man! Mix, white woman! (miscegenation)
„Whites must be dominant and set the tone in white and European nations or these nations will turn into third world hellholes.“ In the USA there will be ethnic separation, in small Europe there is no space for it. Blacks and Arabs have no control over their urges, they multiply uncontrolled. As a well-known Rhodesian once said, the one who represents the majority of the population determines politics.
A side note: The recognition symbol of the predecessor organization of "Antifa" and the symbol of "BLM" come from the same (((source))), click on "images":

Hi Carolyn.  I've seen your name many times on UNZ and at TOO, and I'm very impressed.  This is the first time i've visited your blog.  Fabulous!  I totally support your effort to repel BLM and all the corporate weasels that support it. Please compile a list of the most loathesome corporate proponents of the BLM movement.  They need to be identified and boycotted!  Best wished.  Sincerely, Mark Green, Calif.

I think the latest poll was showing about 68% whites support BLM.  Who knows what the real numbers are, considering our controlled media.  Any whites who want to survive and live in relative peace better start moving away from our lost cities.

This Spring’s Darkness? Cower Not!
JUNE 19 – Once proud cities are besieged by forces of darkness. Riot and arson, plunder and thuggery, mayhem and murder, historic statuary defaced and their artists’ labors shattered, the star-spangled banner of our Nation treasonously burned, insurrectionists’ occupation of blocks in a capital city: All besmirch America the Beautiful. With two days left until the Solstice, your editor may yet muse upon a ...
Spring Night
Spring night. The beauty that should fill these hours
Is but a vap’rous, hollow, distant shell
Emptied of old, emptied anew of pow’rs
Girding the hearts of those who’d fain rebel.
Dark night – ’though sun at dusk may send its glow
Sarcastically, to taunt the tortured beast
On endless paths, with yet nowhere to go,
Nor in the black abyss to find the feast.
Good night, for all the fruitless farces yet
Besieging one lone brain, one stubborn soul
Which ’gainst the ruling night would stand, and set
The spark of life and light of truth’s bright scroll:
That he who cowers not shall hold the field
And see the darkest night to daybreak yield.
©James Donald Lowe

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