Saturday Afternoon: Where, oh where is White Nationalism going?

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-10-04 18:16

Oct. 4, 2014

Carolyn Yeager discusses the various forms 'White Nationalism' takes and why it is floundering. 2hr7min. Main topics:

  • New Right, Alt Right and Old Right;
  • The Asian wife problem, also the Russian wife and Jew wife;
  • The troubled conference in Budapest organized by Richard Spencer;
  • The Ukraine situation and Putin sympathizers;
  • Colin Liddell's attack on The Daily Stormer and "nazi-worship";
  • Majority Rights also insists on forgetting Hitler.


I should have mentioned that a website that does a good job of educating about National-Socialism is Hadding Scott's We need hundreds more like it that will reach students looking up information for school.

Carolyn,The title is also the title for tomorrow's 4th Position show, which will include discussion of your topics today. Hadding's latest dovetails well here. Good stuff.A main area of contention is how folks view Slavs. In fact, this primary problem has plagued us since no later than the 19th century, and will be brought up.Thanks for your time.Bob

I'll listen to it.

STOP SAYING THAT I AM ANTI-GERMAN (DO NOT LIKE THEM, WHATEVER YOU ACCUSE ME OF). There is ample evidence that is not true and it is slander.
I am against Hitler; not against all aspects of national socialism. I am satisfied holocaust revisionism is largely counter productive.
I did not get my thoughts on it from Greg Johson, this is what I always thought.
I am saying that (also) Germans of this generation had nothing to do with it and should not be blamed or penalized.
I even went on to say that those (Jews or whomever) who are resposnbile culprits, reponsible for punishing subsequent generations should be brought to justice.
This is what is so crazy about your world view - one cannot even say to you, hey! I am not blaming you and do not want to lay guilt on you and see people of this generation penalized. Those responsible for crimes against our (including Germans, of course) people should be brought to justice.
I do not say the things that I say because I am Polish. I am a half Italian half Polish American and I take the position that I do because I defend all European peoples, their nationalisms.
The priorities thereof are not cowardice, they are dermined of relevance.
Oh, and I never said that the Jews had the moral highground (though they are good at assimilating that).

DanielS -
the Holocaust narrative / myth / religion is the Jews greatest weapon; by ignoring and dismissing revisionism you are allowing for the continual indoctrination of our children in all manner of wicked philosophies that are seen as justified because of supposed Western culpability and guilt.  I too was dismissive of revisionism upon first hearing Carolyn back when she was on Voice of Reason and it took me a very long time to start coming around and understand how deeply ingrained the Holocaust narrative was in my own psyche.  If you are going to dismiss the Holocaust at least do so with some scientific evidence that proves that millions of Jews were gassed in ovens; if you cannot do that then you are covering up for one of the biggest lies in our History.

"you are allowing for the continual indoctrination of our children"
Rich, I am doing nothing of the kind. I am promoting media and confirmation of the obvioius fact of ours and our children's innocence. Our prerogative to defend ourselves and our separatisms.
With regard to the H, my preferred angle is to ask why such rancor might have been provoked by Jews. This is also an intuitive question that can yield fruitful answers that go toward taking Germans out of the "ex-nihlo evil" narrative.

"I am saying that (also) Germans of this generation had nothing to do with it and should not be blamed or penalized." 

What you're missing is that the Germans of Hitler's generation had nothing to do with what Hitler is accused of either, nor did Hitler. But he and they were accused of it anyway, and suffered horrible punishment for the lie, much of which was concocted in Poland by Poles, not even Jews!

And the reason you refuse to look at this IS because you are Polish and identify with your Polish side much more than with your Italian side.

I don't think so. See my comment to Rich. I do not identify with my Polish side more than my Italian side. It is necessary to defend them more because Nazi propaganda made anti-Polinism a fundamental plank.

Carolyn - the MP3 file doesn't download properly, can you check it?

It didn't work for me either, but should now.

Thankyou, it's working fine now.

At Majority Rights, Jimmy Marr quoted Alex Linder in a comment for a post about himself:

“If we exterminate termites because they destroy the foundations of our houses, how much more lenient shall we be with the jews who destroy the foundations of our societies?” - Alex Linder

DanielS wrote (10-1-14, my bolding -cy):

Jimmy, I love ya guy, but can you appreciate

A) that it is not necessarily the greatest tact to forefront that, even if it is your agenda?

B) some people are in Europe and your tough talk, while not much risk to you may be to others

Even if it is just a matter of bad tact, that does not comport the moral high ground.

Before you get all Nietzsche on me, the moral high ground comports power, that’s why we should care

A lot of Jews died in World War II, and whether it is called a holocaust or Shoah is not necessarily important. We know they are preoccupied with theirs and not with ours. Worse, that subsequent generations of Whites have been unjustly punished, having had nothing to do with it; that there should be criminal liability for those particularly culpable for that injustice; and that there is warrant for separation from Jews en toto, as they look after their own, strictly without regard for ours.

But the piles of skeletal bodies we have all seen are not a “hoax.”

Neither is the fact of our far greater losses - losses that we continue to sustain.

Whether the account as told is perfectly accurate, or even if it were a figment of our imagination and photoshop imagery, scarcely anybody left alive had anything to do with events of that time and I am sure you can agree that nobody of subsequent generations should be penalized.

From what I have seen of different historical accounts, I am not at all convinced that the revisionists are truth seekers or that their whole angle of revisionism is very useful at this point.

Whereas we might all be convinced that people of this generation are innocent of any doings of Nazi Germany if they want to be.

They might begin to lose that moral high ground, however, lost in the logic of an argument with Jews. 

Revisionists rather come across as propagadists just a little bit biased and telegraphing sadistic ways and means that not everyone wants to be associated with.

And it is easy to be flamboyant with other people’s asses being on the line (for bad or unnecessary tact at that).

Add this to the list of tricks:

Reject Hitler and you are a Jew….

Reject “revisionism” and the absolute terms* that Nazis would proffer and you are Jew..

Hitler was totally good. All negative things attributed to Nazi Germany are a total fraud.


As long as the enemy keeps bringing up Hitler and associates everything with being a Nazi, it will only get worse if our peoples don't face this fact. Now, even people that oppose the homosexual über-agenda are Nazis, even though they themselves blame the gay socialists for being Nazis. LOL.
Ukip says EU is Nazi, Antifa says Ukip is Nazi. Many similar soft right wing parties in Europe do and these parties all only want to revive what the typical Republican-like party used to be until the 1980's but nothing beyond that. If certain WNs believe everything the enemy media says about Adolf, they should still support him, unless they are crypto-WNs and nationalists in disguise instead. What would it matter if the world would speak German if Europe would be all White if the terrible Nazis had won? I witnessed especially Polish nationalists, who have no desire for revisionism at all, neither holocaust nor war causality. They fear to lose their second to the Jews beneficiary status of this narrative and get very angry if Germans or Nazis are not the bad guys. I like to point out that the Hitler-Pilsuzki pact was the ideal strategy for both nations and the Danzig/Corridor Question could have been easily solved by Hitler's proposals. Poland was very anti-Communist under Pilsuzki and in general after WW1. Hitler admired that and allied with Poland, in spite of the Danzig Question. After Pilsuzki died, things gradually changed in Poland into anti-Germanism, way beyond healthy nationalism. Poland fell for the British trap to divorce herself from Germany.
Poland and Germany even supported Franco-Spain together before Poland cut her talks with Germany, according to this:
Again Polish WNs have a distinct disgust for revisionism. And other than British or American WNs, they lack the capacity to accept the big picture. WW2 wasn't even about the German-Polish Question. That was merely a pretext for the warmongers in the West that desperately needed a reason to stop Germany from achieving her National Socialism. I have no idea how to settle this with the Poles since their WN is totally rooted in chauvinism. Writing Hitler off as the demon the Jews made him, is the only possible way but that would not be truthful or just. 

Markus, these are projections: you are the chauvinist. The problem is that you think that people in the East should have trusted Hitler to make deals with him when he could not have been more clear that he could not be trusted to respect those borders.
After World War I, Poland re-took its ancient capital of Poznan. Danzig became a neutral city (on historical grounds), though Germans could live there and did in vast majority. The relatively small cities of Bromberg and Torun were concessions to Poland so that Germany did not extrude Poland's access to the sea.
But these disputes were nothing but a pretext for Hitler who is clear in the very readings of Carolyn to say that he wanted dominion over the lands up to the Urals. No Markus, relatively speaking, it was German/Nazi chavvinism versus Polish nationalism.

One point at at time:
Yes, that is what I said. The moral highground is in separatism, not in a tactlessly stated agenda to exterminate them. I knew that Alex and those who follow his line of argumentation would take that to mean that "the moral highground" means always playing fair and nice. That is not what it means. But there is power in having it.
2. Yes, I maintain that these names are not important.
3. Yes, there is warrant to separate from Jews entirely.
4. Yes, there were piles of skeletal bodies. And here is where you have an important misunderstanding of me - you assume that what it is called means that these names (holocaust, Shoah) mean that it counts in a certain way. It does not mean that to me. All it means is that somehow a lot of Jews died in an unpleasant manner and they call that these names. The rest of it becomes less and less relevant with each passing generation, clearly having had nothing to do with whatever happened in World War II. And no European of subsequent generations should be penalized for it, no matter what the case.
5. No, I am not convinced that revisionists care for the truth. Just look what happens when you read a post of mine. You never read where I speak (truthfully) that I am not against Germans. But in the examples of historical revisionists, I have seen all too often that they take an - absurdely - one sided position.
6. The list is of Jewish tricks or dichotomies used as such to divide and conquer. This is difficult with you because you apparently want there to be a fight between Germans, Poles and some other European nations.

Warning: Jewishness is in the blood; so we should remember the 2000 + years old skills of the Jews to make themselves likeable so they can overcome us. Circumcised or not, Catholic or not (Catholics are for mixing of races), a Jew is always a trickster by blood. The nicest ones are the best tricksters. This article helps:

It's cultural. I am of that ancestry myself so I have credentials to speak on it.

Robert don't you think there are both biological and cultural influences going on?  You have not had any podcast shows at Counter Currents (The Stark Truth) in a while; will you be doing any more?

Robert I didn't realize that you have your own webpage for "The Stark Truth" now; did you read the article linked in the comment that you are responding to?  If this is about your ancestry how would you respond?  Also are you a fan of Carolyn?  What made you come to this site and respond?  What are your views on revisionism?  I know that is a lot of questions but hearing from you after along time and hearing that you are Jewish makes me curious and a little unsure about your motivations.

Carolyn, you may have stirred up a hornets' nest. Good!  I found myself agreeing with everything you say!  I have two comments.
First, race mixers. They are fundamentally weak men. They can't bear any form of criticism or rejection and I have no doubt they were rejected by white women at some point, something that has happened to most if not all white men, including me! It is part of growing up. However if you can't stand it, Asian or African women are an easy solution. They are "easy" to get and are very good at massaging the ego by treating the man as a god, serving him in and out of bed. In return they get economic benefits. The deluded white man who hasalready eschewed the opportunity to grow up, actually thinks she loves him.
I live for now in a country in a small white community surrounded by Africans like ants on the ground. A trickle of race mixiers are moving into our small community and one of these at every opportunity brings his wife into our social get togethers and he is so insensitive he can't see how many of us don't lke it. I observe the behaviour of these race mixers, and I notice how they are attracted to each other like magnets. It is actually sickening to watch because it is so obvious. The thought occurs that if any one of them was in a position of influence, he would undoubtedly promote another race mixer over the top of a normal person. In an important institution you would end up with institutionalised race mixing.  Just the same as homosexuals.
Why would any white nationalist want to follow one?

Sorry Joshua, for deciding to completely edit out the 2nd part of your comment. I just cannot allow any recommendation for any of the work of Veronica Clark, even if a single book may have some merit. The entire output of this woman, who tried to make a name for herself with "Black Nazis" and continues to feed off of Adolf Hitler's legacy, and her lifestyle choices which are total Libertarianism, is revolting to me. She would actually fit in quite well with the Libertarian outlook of Colin Liddell.

Understood! What you are really buying is not a work by her but a book translated into English by Wolf Meyer-Christian entitled "Die Englisch-Judische Allianz" published in 1942. It is cheating really, but if you want to read the book you have to pay her for it.

There are a lot of great N-S publications that should be translated into English. She insists on getting paid for her work, while many of us don't. She did the same thing with the Platterhof Speech, which I am going to make available at my site to all at no cost.

VC managed to get Germans to translate for her for free, in the interests of spreading knowledge of "a different Hitler", but then she copyrights it for herself and only allows it to be available in a book that she is selling.

There is no moral highground without the truth. Any pretense of morality that doesn't have truth on its side is a fraud.
One of the biggest barriers to seizing the moral highground, which means stating the truth and exposing the fraudulent moralizers, is fear.

Daniel S also blames the Germans for the First World War:

It wasn’t like they and their predecessors in WWI had any responsibility for the death of more than 50 million Europeans. No, nothing was there fault. Everyone should have just done what Hitler and Himmler wanted!

This is the kind of backward, utterly biased thinking that led me to pigeonhole Daniel S as a Polish chauvinist. That he has an anti-German bias is clear, and that seems a likely explanation. The fact that his mother was Italian doesn't mean that his father didn't fill his cranium with Polish manure.
Hitler would have worked with the Poles the way he worked with some of the other Slavic nations (Croats, Slovaks, et al.) if the Poles hadn't aligned themselves with Britain against Germany in 1939.
Let's not make too many excuses for Daniel S.

Let's talk about some of this tomorrow night.

Mr and Mrs "Truth", that you supposedly care for, my father was Italian, neither of my parents held anti-German prejudice, most of my friends growing up were of German extraction and what is supposed to be untruthful about this statement?:
"It wasn’t like they and their predecessors in WWI had any responsibility for the death of more than 50 million Europeans. No, nothing was there fault. Everyone should have just done what Hitler and Himmler wanted!"
What is the alternative to this statement, that Germany never did anything wrong?
You care about truth? Obviously not.

Okay so it was your mother that pumped your head full of Polish cow-dung. Sorry about the mistake.
I think that almost anybody other than you can figure out that there are possibilities other than (a) Germany started the First World War and (b) Germany does no wrong.
The myth of sole German guilt for the First World War was written into the Treaty of Versailles but it was already being abandoned by thinking people about ten years after the war, with Professor Harry Elmer Barnes leading the way.
By affirming thet Germany caused the First World War you show yourself as a backward and stupid Polish chauvinist.

Of course, the reason why I thought it was Daniel S'  father that was Polish is that I had assumed that his parents were married when he was born. He has that Polish surname, you know.
My bad.

I can attest that Daniel sometimes gives his parental ethnicities one way and sometimes the opposite.

The reason for this? He can't remember? He is all mixed up? He wants to mislead? I don't know but think he should get his story straight.

Why would you attest to something that isn't true, Carolyn? I NEVER said anythting other than that my father was of Italian descent and my mother was of Polish descent. Yours and Hadding's will to misunderstand things in the worst possible way is apparently inexhaustible. Clearly that is just what you are going to do, because you do NOT care for the truth.

When people have stated (including myself) in exchanges with you, that your father was Polish, mother Italian, you NEVER correct them. You only did so here with Hadding because it was in your interest to do so, not because you care about the truth.

There is no reason for anyone to believe what you say about your family matters, and who taught you what, or not.

I will also say that the un-demonization of Adolf Hitler and National-Socialist Germany is essential for White people to get on their feet again.
Even Bob Whitaker acknowledges that the Holohoax is the core of anti-White propaganda, even though he tells his BUGSters not to argue about it (and some of them in turn, perhaps going farther than Whitaker intended, try to tell everybody else not to discuss it).

Hitler criticized Germans, Americans, Bretons, and various Slavs etc and he was right in what he said. But he also praised them and he was right. He hailed the Polish soldiers for example during the Poland campaign and praised Polish nationalism under Pilsuzki. Also, the Pan-Slavic Conference of 1848 was a long term strategy to wipe Germans off the map East of the Oder River. While Polish/Croat etc nationalism is White only, Pan-Slavism includes all these people in the Russian Empire that are not White. Poles have a big country for themselves now, including 1/3 is German land and they come to Germany and Germanic countries by the millions. If Poles wish Western standards, how about creating it or inviting Westerners to their lands? But no! They must have it both ways, no Germans in Poland but free access to Germania (including England).
Slavs have many issues among each other as well. Sort that out first before bashing Hitler. Hitler witnessed Slavs in Vienna, he visited the Polish front. He also visited Italy btw. To say, he was ignorant on race, is ridiculous. As head of state and student of art, he would have interactions with Slavic statesmen and artists as well.
Hitler accepted Slavic volunteers in the SS and allied with Slavic independent states. He would not allow deserters that would be traitors to their nations by using the commissioned military under their ranks against their own people. The French, Danish, Dutch etc militaries were all neutralized but not abused by the foreign occupier, Germany in this case. The Hague Convention on Land Warfare states it so. The Allies abused their occupations of Italy, Romania, Finland etc and forced those countries to officially declare war on Germany, when the Allies had only the right to neutralize the state militaries and expand their defense/offense lines in captured enemy states. Hitler acted correctly by refusing military help from captured generals.

I will not debate with Daniel. We had our arguments in the past and I offered to agree on disagreeing, which was accepted by him. I later found out that he was bashing me on his blog.