Russia behind another UN resolution against "heroization of Nazism"

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YOU have to choose. There is no way to pretend any longer that these two men represent anything similar in the way of a world-view or a future for the White Western people and the civilization they alone created. Look at the shape of the faces; compare the chin and the eyes. Putin's eyes are very close together and coldly calculating compared to Hitler's honest gaze. Putin has also had complete "face-lift" surgery and Botox injections in this picture; Hitler had neither, ever.

The anti-racist activist Vladimir Putin is continually working behind-the-scenes to install the Soviet-Globalist-Jewish-Nuremburg Tribunal's 20th Century 'historical' narrative concerning Germany's Third Reich as legally-mandated truth and reality in all corners of the world.

This insidious, invidious campaign continues to radiate from the Kremlin, under the direction of President Putin, who at the same time  is using Adolf Hitler's successes in 1936-1940 as a blueprint for his own actions in "claiming-reclaiming" neighboring territories that were once under Soviet control, though not historically Russian.

As reported by Tass, Russia's news agency:

The third committee of the UN General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution urging countries to adopt more efficient measures to struggle against the heroization of Nazism and other forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance.

A total of 115 out of 193 UN member-states voted in favor of the document, initiated by Russia. Three countries opposed the document - Canada, the United States and Ukraine. Another 55 delegations, including from the European Union countries, abstained.

The resolution expresses concerns over the spread across the world of various extremist political parties, movements and groups, including neo-Nazis as well as racist extremist movements and ideologies.

The text also warns against glorification of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen-SS organization and erecting monuments and memorials to them.

The resolution unequivocally condemns any denial of the Holocaust.  It comes shortly before the important 70th Anniversary of the so-called liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau which is memorialized every year by the UN and Poland on Jan. 27. 

10. Recalls the condemnation by the Special Rapporteur of any denial or attempt to deny the Holocaust and his call for the active preservation of those Holocaust sites that served as Nazi death camps, concentration and forced labour camps and prisons, as well as his encouragement of States to take measures, including legislative, law enforcement and educational measures, to put an end to all forms of Holocaust denial;

It even encourages restrictions on free political speech on the Internet:

32. Expresses concern about the use of the Internet to propagate racism, racial hatred, xenophobia, racial discrimination and related intolerance, and in this regard calls upon States parties to the Covenant to implement fully articles 19 and 20 thereof, which guarantee the right to freedom of expression and outline the grounds on which the exercise of this right can be legitimately restricted.

The full text of the resolution is here. Everyone should read all of it for themselves to understand just what Putin's Russia is working toward - no different than Stalin's Russia. 


Putin also has Asiataic eyes due to the Mongol conquerers, just as so many Russian leaders had a heavy dose of Asiatic, i.e. Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Brezchnev, Yeltsin etc.
Yes, the Western-most Russians are mostly White, but they are long past pure White and we can't overlook the effect of that Mongol genetic legacy in their temperment, and in their abilities.

But photos of Putin before his facelift show a much more Western-looking face, with larger eyes and more eyelid. Yes, his whole face was starting to sag but he looked Russian in the European sense. Now he looks slightly Asiatic. One can wonder if it was done on purpose, but my feeling is no, it is just what all that tightening did to his features. The eye area was especially targeted. say plastic surgeons, for the removal of loose skin, probably too much because it changed his appearance, and not for the better, imo.

See my article with comparative pictures:

As far as I'm concerned. What we are seeing, is a fight for total control between the Zionist Western jews and the Communist Eastern jews. 
Not that the commusist have much to put up a fight with but they want to retain Russia and as much territory as they can for themselves.
Can't these jews make up their minds as to what social order they all want to adhere too !  

I've read somewhere that Putin is Jewish, but have not seen anything that substantiates this. Allegedly his family history on his mother's side has been hidden from the general public, but whether or not he is Jewish, he is certainly Communist in his actions. I don't mind a leader who is "calculating" so much, but when his actions are Communist it is much more cause for alarm!
For a while now I've suspected that the Geopolitics of US/Zionist "imperialist" aggression against the supposedly innocent and "weak" countries of Russia and China was carefuly scripted theatre and I've just recently discovered some sources that seem to offer plausible explanations.
While the alternative media has been cheerleading Putin's struggle against "Western imperialism", defectors from Russia and former Soviet states have long been warning the West that it is being duped into defeat.  Russia is pursuing an all-out third world war against the West in a necessarily secretive way and China operates in concert with Russia.
The supposed collapse of the Cold war was phony and staged to deceive the West into lowering their defenses, and strangely (foolishly some say, but I suspect there is more to it) the Western Elite has been entirely accommoding in going along with this and even worse, have been facilitating the disarmament of America.
Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have made the United States increasingly vulnerable to a first strike nuclear attack by proceeding with suicidal unilateral disarmament. Unilateral, because the Russians have never lived up to their part of the agreements.
Every US administration, both Democrat and Republican refused to prosecute any past treaty violations, or even report them to the American people and have allowed Russian and Chinese military people to have special briefings and nearly open access to all our top secret facilities, both military and private.
While America is disarming, both Russia and China are actively building weapons of mass destruction and taking severe measures to conceal those preparations. Both are also building massive underground infrastructures to conceal their nuclear stockpiles. Despite Russia's reputation for weakness since the alleged fall of the Soviet Union, it is using a large portion of its oil and gas wealth to arm for a future World War. China is using it's wealth from unfair free trade agreements gifted to them by the Western elite to build up it's war machine.
All said and done, the megolamaniacal totalitarian regimes in Moscow and Beijing continue to tailor world history toward an apocalyptic world war with great success because the West is wholly deluded and unaware of the secret war plan unfolding.
Based on this realisation, the new picture of geopolitics I'm seeing is that the Russians are in fact behind most Geopolitical crisis events like Ukraine, while "Zionist/US Imperialism" gets the blame. According to various sources the Ukrainian coup earlier in the year was pulled off by "the old enemy" Communist KGB Russia and it was Russian puppets that were installed in the Ukrainian government, and NOT US/EU ones as almost everyone has been lead to believe!
What is the alternative media telling us about Ukraine? Who controls the alternative media?
Aside from indoctrinating Western patriots to hate America and support Communism, the idea seems like it is to make America look like a world bully so as to give China and Russia and their allies a pretext to nuke America.
A Russia/China attack against Israel/America (Israel the people, NOT the landmass that is) also seems to link into "identity" Bible prophecy for those who are into that.
Check out the work of Joel Skousen, Jeff Nyquist, TheSpiritOfTruth blog as well as this blog resurected from the archives:
The testimonies of the main Russian defectors seem to be very consistent in confirming this hypothesis:

  • Yuri Bezmenov
  • Vladimir Bukovsky
  • Petr Cibulka
  • Yuri Felshtinsky
  • Anatoliy Golitsyn
  • Alexander Litvinenko
  • Stanislav Lunev
  • Ion Mihai Pacepa
  • Konstantin Preobrazhensky
  • Viktor Suvorov
  • Jan Šejna
  • Pavel Stroilov
  • Sergei Tretyakov
  • Boris Volodarsky


Hi DC, nice to read you.

Nukes are a jewish photo fraud, don't work.
Check or youtube nuke hoax, there's enough material, don't be fooled ; - )
But I agree, next step in j-plan is using another race with even less empathy to us, one grown and educated in hate against the "evil whites", in revenge...
Seems like bolshevism 2.0.

Corruption in Russia, although real is a perfect way to hide secret projects, and also it's not that their race is clever, but the harsh environment hardens resilient men and women.

The treason to arm china with industries is terrible.

The Americans finally have been surpassed in their devotion, adoration and trust to machines, the east-asian peoples.

Carolyn, one thing, the Polish stoped the bolsheviks in 1920, in Warsaw, and then went to help the ukranians too.

They paid for it, dealy, like in Katyn.

I blame the British, liars, hiding in the shadows with their "diplomacy", and assasins.

You are too rash in your judgment of them, you are right, but you focus only in a small time.

Look the big picture;

- Poland is the only country that can stand against russia without being labelled "nazi". They invest much more in defense than the rest of traitors in europe.

Everybody hates "evil III Reich Germany" in Europe (except in Spain maybe, hehe), but very few hate the russians too!

Yes, history is fake, but ALL OF IT, not just "polish" one, all, and I could prove it to you if you so wish.

Another point, there are A LOT OF ETHNIC GERMANS in Poland, you can see them, you detect them, they speak Polish, they were forced to become polish, JUST AS IN AMERICA, they changed to a more British surname, they stop using germans, learn English in school... well, the same in Poland, but there's a big chunk of German blood there, that can politically attack Russia without fear of having the masses against them with the nazi label, "ey, I'm Polish, I can be fearful and criticize Russia!", Germans will have a hard time doing that, the ignorant mass won't allow it.
So "use" the situation to your advantage.

I saw German writing in Saint Petesburg, in bridges, they wrote the water level in German in the XIX century, I do agree that Germany was the Key civilizator of Europe, and I know how half of Eastern Europe was German.
But the problem was Slav, and inside the slavs, the Polish were the less evil, and the less pro-russian.
Many Jews use Polish names, but so they use German ones in America.

I don't see the benefit of your little war against them, they have a big frontier with Russia, they are threatened with the kaliningrad military enclave, and the belarus kremlin province, I've been there, on the frontier.

The traitors are the western nations of europe, not the eastern ones.
And the Soviets left huge structures behind them, like in the Czech republic, but in Poland they failed more in keeping them.

Be careful with the ignorante volkish view of race and nations, which is based in the fake history created by the Jews in the XIX Century.
One example is the so called "vikings", the great northern peoples...
Yeah, while Finland was fighting the massive soviet machine... Sweden did NOTHING, neither Norway.

The Winter War was a very strange chain of events. I think the Russians fought poorly in purpose. They waited for landing the of the Allies in Scandinavia. Mannerheim knew he had to try to be friends with Stalin so we were not very tough enemies. Mannerheim and the Finns did not believe that the Germans could win. We made the peace because we knew that the West were on the side of the bolscheviks.
1941 the war started again. Mannerheim and Finnland were secretly on the side of the Soviet Union. Mannerheim had a deal with Stalin and he never believed in the chances of Germany, although many finns believed in the Victory until 1943. We had to fight but the war was a controlled one and Stalin left only weak forces against us. In fact we protected St. Petersburg because we hadpromised that we won't attack and the germans could not attack from Finnland except towards Murmansk and Kantalahti.
Our leaders were traitors. I think we had a deal with Stalin in 1944 too. Very strangely the Russian Offensive was a big surprise although the men in the front knew exactly that they were going to attack. Stalin and the Soviet Union could say that they won and conquered back almost all the land we had taken. But Finnland did almost nothing until the russians were in Viipuri/Vyborg. Then the russians took a part of the forces away and the finns started to fight hard. A controlled fight again. The russians had not enough troops to win but the finns were forced to take troops from teh Eastern Carelia to the line along the Vuoksi-river. So the russians could take a big part of the land we had taken in the east. The people could understand that we must leave the Carelia. The commies could then mock the fast retreat to Viipuri decdes after. When the germans had to leave Viro/Estland, Mannerheim could make peace with Stalin.
Very starnge things took place before the attack 1944 and while tretreating to Viipuri.
I think Finnland was in the control of the freemasons although I think that Mannerheim was not a freemason. The nationalists lost when the Germany lost 1918 and they lost almost everything in the years 1930-32.

This. Finland, or Mannerheim rather, was not a good ally of Germany's from mid 1942 onwards. The Finnish front was practically stationary for two years, supposedly because Mannerheim had refused to advance across the Svir river, against Leningrad and the Murmansk railway. We can only assume that he had entered in a deal with the Russians. Then, in 1944, he overthrew the Ryti government, betrayed our German allies by dictate of the Russians and turned Finland into a Soviet protectorate. Risto Ryti, Edwin Linkomies and other representatives of the pro-German government were subjected to a kangaroo court for warmongering and imprisoned, while the nobby Mannerheim avoided all war accountability. So much for the honorable Mannerheim. In my opinion, he should be put on par with the likes of von Stauffenberg, as an aristocrat egotist and opportunist. The best thing would have been if Ryti or Svinhufvud was installed as a pro-German dictator, IMO.

Ryti was an anglophile freemason. He made a deal with Stalin with Mannerheim. Linkomies and all others were anglophiles too and they tried to escape the war since 1943. Ryti had to sign a treaty in summer 1944. That is why he had to go. In public he was a marked man in the eyes of the Soviets. What a spectacle. It was Kekkonen, who put Ryti and others into the trial. Maybe Mannerheim fled to Switzerland although he was not accused. Kekkonen was much more dirty traitor but in my eyes Ryti and mannerheim were traitors too. In Finland they are just heroes.
Mannerheim and Ryti believed in what they did. Kekkonen was a crook and a soviet agent.
I think that Mannerheim was like Halder or other german traitors. I think he belonged some aristocratic conspiracy. Yes, maybe he was after all a very disasterous or the gang he belonged to. I think that the traitors of the Wehrmacht were so disasterous that Mannerheim maybe did right. The war was not to win.
Mannerheim belonged to swedish upper classes and he lived many years in Russia. He was almost a russian guy. More russian than finnish. He had the statue of the last tsar on his desk.

That Ryti was a freemason and an anglophile and for the most part up to no-good is not new to me. But inspite of that, he did enter into a pact with Ribbentrop without which the Russian summer offensive would have swept Finland under the red rug and ultimately put his stake on Germany. And Ryti did suffer martyrdom because of it, and should be commemorated if only for that reason.
P. E. Svinhufvud, on the other hand, was a good man. In contrast to Mannerheim who had been in Russian service and fought the Germans in WW1, opposed the German-trained Finnish Jägers and was known to dislike the Germans, Svinhufvud had always been deeply pro-German. He quelled the anti-communist Mäntsälä rebellion in 1932 only because of his firm belief in constitutionalism and supremacy of the law which had appointed him. After the rebellion and the termination of the Lapua Movement he had helped to form the Patriotic People's Movement (IKL) to keep Lapua alive, albeit within the law. In WW2 he championed a rigid German orientation to the end. He died in spring 1944, so prior to our break with the Germans. The Germans posthumously printed his speeches and writings as a booklet and distributed it across Finland as propaganda against a seperate peace with the Russians. If Mannerheim was Halder, then Svinhfuvud was Hindenburg.
Our break with the Germans was more reserved than that of Romania and all other states and proceeded calmly until we were forced to drive the Germans out of Lapland by arms, eventhough they were already leaving voluntarily. Initially we waged a faux war, attacked empty trenches etc in collaboration with the Germans. But the Russians caught wind of our double-game and threatened with Russian 'help', so real hostilities commenced. In anyway, not a very flattering chapter in Finnish history.
Mannerheim is a sacred cow in Finland and is regarded as somewhat of a founding father. So this would be a sensitive issue in Finland, especially for the generic nationalist who regards him as a national symbol of independence against the eternal archenemy Russkies.

This is a revelation to me.

Most Germans were expelled. Some became Polish and some remained a German minority in Poland. We're talking of 15 million being expelled vs maybe a million becoming Poles or remaing German in Poland. 

Putin is fighting against US imperialism. Yes, he is against the Neo Nazi scum separatist who are being bankroled by the Americans and used to provoke Russia. The only thing I dislike about Putin is his homophobia but the Americans are using left wing homos as political pawns in Russia. 

What do we know about Putin's history - nothing
What do we know about his parents - nothing
This guy fell out of the sky to be pushed as some sort of white leader for WN's. This is the same guy who is allowing Asians in threw the back door of Russia. He is no 'white nationalist' he is simply another face being marketed to counter the other Jewish front. Recall what comunism has taught us. You have to control both sides. The US and the Russian side. 
As for Neo Nazi scum. Might we remember how many of those in the NPD had been intelligence service agents to the extent that they could not ban the party in the end?
We are watching role playing. Proudly brought to you by you know who.

It's one thing to legislate these laws in his country for some dubious reasons I heard from Putin-friends. That building up Russia requires to uphold the good name of the Red Army etc. But forcing the world to accept this is just outrageous.
No more apologies for this man. 
PS. Is Robert the man who moderated the debate with Rodney Martin and the Rabbi? 

Robert Stark is the man who tried to host the "debate" between blogger Luke Ford and Rodney Martin, but the connection kept dropping so Ford didn't get to say very much. Unless this is an imposter, but I don't think so.

Why does Robert Stark particularly dislike Putin's homophobia? LOL
Anyway, the way I think of it, Russia is just as much a friend of Europe in 2014 as in 1944.

For some reason I can't get the full articles to open using Chrome, and FireFox will not let me copy/paste so I am using Explorer to post a video link.
Post-Soviet Communists Mourn Loss of Ukraine: Old guard gathers in Minsk for defiant summit

Here is the link to Ukraine Today's website, click on the live tab to watch streaming news stories or click on the news tab to read and/or watch individual news stories.

I dont like Putin at all, but this article is misleading. Sorry guys!

I usually try to be specific about anything when I find what I believe to be a fault. You say "this article is misleading" but provide no specifics. I can understand why you are sorry.


I am not sure if this is a new one as there was one in 2012. The voting record is from the UN website.

Yes, this is the new one.
German intelligence found out the Kremlin supports the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) party as part of a making Putin "leader of international conservatism". AfD came into existence over night and is really just an alternative to the NPD, which conservatives don't like. AfD is like UKIP, they do some good but are 100% anti-Nazi. Typical "conservatives". 
Also, I heard from German comrades speculations that the Ukraine crisis is just a show to deflect the message of the German Monday demonstrations (Montagsdemos). The demos started out as public gatherings to inform the Volk that the Reich legally still exists and the BRD is an Allied occupation administration. These demos have now shifted to No War in Ukraine and against Fascism. Organizers advised speakers not to touch the German sovereignty and peace treaty question anymore, but instead focus on Ukraine. The new anti-war conservative organizers and speakers are also all very pro-Putin. 
Since the Montagsdemos are now silent on the Reich and the peace treaty with the UN member states, the Ukraine scenario has faded away. So it is quite possible that there is a connection. 
Germany is enemy state of the UN Resolution 53 and 107. 

Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer has written another ridiculous "insight" article about the same story.

He stresses that Putin is "anti-faggot" (which he isn't that much) and tries to stretch that into sympathy with the "far-right." Not too many of his readers are buying it. If Putin is "far-right, why doesn't he help the NPD rather than the AfD?? And in Austria the FPOE cannot be for National-Socialism or anything even close to it or the party would be abolished, by law. So Putin is safe there, just as he is in France.

Andrew foolishly writes:

"I like how things are going in Russia though. The gays are being rightfully oppressed, the birthrate is rising, criminal Jews being arrested, Muslims are being rounded up and so on."

He then goes on to admit: "my position is that of someone who has never been inside of Russia, and I don’t know what the situation is like on the ground." He doesn't actually know anything. He just loves the Putin propaganda images and sees himself in them, imo.

I'm really sorry this is so, because Andrew is a holocaust denier and does some good things. It's a shame he's got these weaknesses.

I noticed that disappointing article in the Daily Stormer as well; how many screwed up things does Putin have to do before Andrew wakes up?  The article was terrible.  This really sends off the alarm bells.
Putin has a very weak chin, it makes him look like an alien or some creature that has evolved without the need for a powerful jaw.  His eyes are beady and soulless; my first impression of Putin is that he has psychopathic traits.

From Reuters, today:

German officials admit that for now, their strategy has been reduced to damage control on three main fronts.

The first front is Kiev, where Berlin is working to ensure emerging cracks between Ukraine's leaders -- President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk -- do not widen, as they did nearly a decade ago between the previous leadership duo, Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko.


The second battle is against what German officials describe as a "massive propaganda campaign" by the Kremlin to convince Russia sympathizers in Germany and elsewhere in Europe to break with the hard line backed by Merkel and Washington.

The most public example of this was an interview Putin gave to German public television station ARD.

Broadcast on the eve of Merkel's Sydney speech, Putin struck an unusually conciliatory tone, saying he was convinced there was a way out of the crisis. In a message tailored for his German audience, he expressed concerns about ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine by neo-Nazis wearing swastikas and SS symbols.

As part of this campaign, Kremlin-funded broadcaster RT -- formerly known as Russia Today -- launched a German language station this month to put across Moscow's view of the crisis.

German media have been complaining for months about their news sites being bombarded with pro-Russian comments. German security sources say they are part of an organized offensive steered from the Kremlin.

"Putin has tools to influence opinion within the EU," said Ulrich Speck of the Carnegie Europe thinktank. "He is doing his best to undermine the German narrative of the Ukraine crisis."

Already there are signs of cracks. Matthias Platzeck, a former leader of the SPD (Social Democrats - Merkel's coalition partner), broke ranks earlier this month and urged Germany to recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea.

This week, Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukaev is being hosted by Russia-friendly businessmen in Stuttgart, the heart of German industry.

Outside of Germany, Russia is reaching out to former eastern bloc EU members like Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as Balkan states. Last month in Milan, Merkel was made to wait for Putin for hours because he lingered in the Serbian capital Belgrade to take part in a military parade.

Russia also appears to be extending a hand to right-wing opposition parties in Europe. France's National Front confirmed at the weekend that it had secured a 9 million euro loan from a Moscow-based bank.

*      *      *

I SAY:  If Putin's actions could convince Germany to STOP their hard line against the "far-right" in their own country, that would be good. But that's not his goal. His goal is to use Germans' fear of the far-right to his own benefit.

All high politicians know of the truth, IMO. A peace treaty with Germany would end the UN, as the UN is solely a military alliance against Germany. The US and Russia are partners in the UN, make no mistake. They play Good Cop, Bad Cop. The US was Good Cop from 1945 to 2000. Now Russia is Good Cop. It's theater.
Here, BRD's Finance Minister admitting Germany is not sovereign since 5/23/1945. They all know. 
Putin is a fraud like Ron Paul and the Tea Party. Look at his eyes. He is playing poker with us. He could be the gay-promoting Cultural Marxist, as well, if that was his role. Don't believe this deceiver one word! 

Thanks Marcus. I asked before about the issue of Germany not being sovereign. I also asked before about how it is that this appears to be good cop bad cop with the same players. This being nothing more than a game.
I am not alone in my thinking - thanks again!

Andrew Anglin talks about how much he hates fags amd faggotry, but at the same time continually posts pictures of Vladimir Putin looking his most handsome and sexy best, due to extensive plastic surgery  and selectively released photographs of him. (see latest dishonest article here)

(Often enough, when Putin is in foreign places and cannot control the release of pictures taken of him, he doesn't come off as well.)

But this totally slick propaganda approach is exactly what Andrew loves, and we can see it in his own total propaganda approach. He wants to destroy your critical thinking capacity with imagery that demands you be "for" or "against", while he himself waffles around among various positions he's taken, looking for the one most of his reader/commenters will accept.

For example, he ends his short article with:

So it is an on-going conundrum, and not one I am presently willing to draw any definite conclusions about. What is true is that actions do speak louder than words, and while Putin’s words are anti-Nazi, his actions are closer to Nazi than any other White European nation on the planet since the fall of South Africa.

What nonsense! An insult to any intelligent person. He also writes:

The US and Canada, along with the Ukraine, rejected the resolution, and the EU nations abstained from voting. The West is claiming that Russia isn’t really against Nazism, they are just using this as an excuse to vilify the Ukraine. I hope they’re right.

He's wrong. The West correctly accuses Russia/Putin of using the "neo-Nazi" label against Ukraine simply as a way to justify its aggression. Ukraine is NOT Nazi and, for the Stormerites, it is not Jew, either ... any more than any other place is, including Russia. Andrew sticks a lot of things into his carelessly written posts that are not true.

Another important point that gets forgotten is that "Nazi" Germany did not attack the USSR without cause. It is unquestionable that Stalin was planning/preparing to attack the German Reich, therefore Barbarossa was a preemptive, defensive operation. Instead of enabling Russians and other Slavs to believe in their victimization by Hitler/Wehrmacht, responsible people should be teaching Russians some truthful history.

It's interesting how often Anglin writes the words: You can't blame them for feeling the way they do.  Oh yes you can - just like you can blame the Poles for continuing to wallow in false historical accounts (and invent more!) to keep themselves in a blameless position for, in their case, living now on German territory with German-built cities from which all Germans have been removed.

I'm fed up with the short-sightedness of so many of the WN commentators. Andrew Anglin is most at home with Slavs; he has said so. He should really go to Russia for as long a visit as he can, but he would probably not be able to get in, and if he did, would probably be arrested as a subversive.

Indeed, you can.
My grandfather was a gunner in a tank during WWII and took part in the Battle of the Bulge, among others. I do not hesitate for one second to declare that he was not a member of any so-called Greatest Generation. I loved my grandfather dearly and remember him in no other terms but positive ones. That being said...
They were all dupes and/or "useful idiots", or yidiots as I like to say. It is not like my 18 year old grandfather knew much of anything regarding the causes of the war when he signed up, so to attack America as a whole at that time is not to denigrate my grandfather on the individual level. Even to generalize and say bad things about many individuals who were involved on the American side is not to call him out directly. He certainly was lied to his whole life and died in the dark, that's for sure.
I do not consider these admissions betrayal, but rather atonement. It is the same with christianity, which I oppose. It is not spitting on our christian forebears graves to state that they were on a lousy path or believed in harmful things, but not correcting their missteps, misbeliefs and thereby setting the race's path straight for the sake of our future would be. The same is to be said for WWII. Germany was right.
 If I, the grandson of an American Allied soldier can admit to these things, then Brits, Poles Russians and everyone else ought to be able to do so also, at least granted that they have been exposed to the truth.
 That's the problem that I see, too many jew-wise racialists who have been exposed to reality are still too prideful to be able to admit to the facts of the matter.

...which would explain why spaces did not appear between separate paragraphs this time?
What do you think about the following articles, particularly the last one?:

Your comment came all in a block, without even any indents, so I didn't notice you had any.

I had to add two spaces, not just the one I usually add for people, which made actually 3 spaces on the edit version. The rule here, for whatever reason, is that to have a space between paragraphs, the writer must put in two spaces. Some people have learned this, but sometimes forget, and most don't know or care. But I wish everyone who comments regularly would remember that.

articles coming next ....

I missed this at the DS I believe, but was aware of the story parameters in general. It kind of strikes me as the general confusion one gets into when getting involved with the Slavic countries. They are never officially anti-jewish but we're always told how much the people hate the jews (while at the same time they protect them). The Jewish question gets very muddy and messy, and almost impossible to understand. Many people are hidden jews, too.

What I think about is the difficulties the Wehrmacht and SS had in dealing with these people ... whether it was Ukrainians, Russians or Poles, or even Czechs to some degree. Most don't really take a firm stance or side. They'll say they do but they'll go whichever way the wind seems to be blowing in their favor ... and we know how changeable wind direction can be.

This business about the ADL and the SWC being on the side of the West doesn't mean much to me. Obviously they want to keep Jews in the U.S. and Europe and are only concerned with that, not with encouraging Jews to go back to Russia! Life in Russia is too poor to suit jewish tastes unless you're an oligarch!! The sad reality is that all those millions of Russian Jews have moved out from there into the Western world. Hitler was trying to push them back into Russia, so the ADL and SWC are not on the same page with Hitler. Hitler stands alone in all of this - NO ONE is on his side.

Makes sense to me that Russian intelligence is very much involved, with the goal of supporting Putin's narrative that fascism and neo-nazism is the problem. (Why does he hate those ideologies so much? Because of WWII? -- I don't think so.) There were always a lot of Ukrainians who truly liked and supported the Germans -- same as with the Baltic countries -- in large part because they hated the Russians (and worse, Soviets) so much. A lot of that remains true today. But it's a mixed bag and, I think, very hard to work with the Slavic mentality. It's different from ours. Remember the Russian Czars and ruling class and bureacracy were mostly German, Swedish and other Western European strains. That's what made Russia European then.

P.S. I didn't mean to pass over that the U.S. is the problem in Europe, and especially in Germany. The reason there are so many who side with Russia is because of the horrible U.S. controlling presence, and all the damage it's done throughout the whole of the 20th Century. I'm not liking or siding with the U.S. but always with 3rd Reich Germany. The return of that is the only hope.

the Daily Stormer article was selective in what it took from the BBC article. This rather important part was left out:

Russian media and officials have been portraying Ukraine as a hotbed of far-right extremism, including anti-Semitism, ever since former President Viktor Yanukovych was removed from power at the end of February.

In his first public reaction to Mr Yanukovych's downfall, President Vladimir Putin told journalists on 4 March: "We see the rampage of reactionary forces, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces going on in certain parts of Ukraine, including Kiev."

He used similar language in his speech declaring the annexation of Crimea two weeks later, when he said that the "coup" against Mr Yanukovych was the work of "nationalists, neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites".

Sven Longshanks didn't think that was worth including but it fits with the scenario that Putin had this theme ready to go.

It would be interesting to hear from a Svovoda party member. I don't know too much of the insights. Maybe it's a similar story as the BNP in Britain. If you could have someone from the party on, that would be great. Even if he doesn't speak English, maybe an Ukranian or Russian listener could act as a translator.  One thing is for sure. The Slavic Question remains a big mystery and needs much attention from our side. 
Great comments so far. 

You need to separate the message from the messenger. Obiously 115 countries did that. What if this resolution was proposed by other country, say Israil? US will vote for it? Why this vote against, if it was right thing to do, is hard to find in Western media? 

And missing the point. It was Russia that initiated the resolution, as it has in previous years. Maybe you should learn to read instead of making things up in your head.

There is this guy, Mike King at who seems to be knowledgeable about the WWII and says nice things about the Führer but he is also a Putin fan and he has written a book about him. I don't know what to make of him. I like what he writes about the Third Reich and the war and he seems to have knowledge of history. I guess I'm getting old...

incitatus -- there are far better sources about the Third Reich, the Führer and the war than Mike King. He writes at around a 4th grade level (when I was young, that is, now it might correspond to higher level), and the information is really dumbed down too. He uses lots of visuals and very large type which is also a way to mislead people by oversimplifying the whole thing. He does not educate.

I'm sure you can do better than that. Smile

Here is an example from, under August 31, 1939:

Overestimating their strength, underestimating German strength, and knowing that France and the UK would now be forced to back them, Polish-Jewish terrorists cross the border and attack a German radio station in Silesia, Germany. It is actually the latest in a string of deliberate border instigations against Germany.

The "Poles" [in quotes] then broadcast a message (in Polish) urging others to take up arms and start attacking Germans. German police quickly arrive and retake the station, killing one of the Red terrorists. Jewish Red terrorists, their Polish government protectors, and their Globalist-Zionist masters have picked a fight with Germany! 

What kind of ordure is this? These were Polish partisans, not necessarily jews.  He is forcing his conspiracy angle into the history, to insist that everything is being done by Jews ... never real Slavic Poles and/or real British, which it was. It's his own version of history that he is selling to you. He should pay YOU for reading it!

I think he is trying to fool those people who are on the right track in the truth movement (the nationalsozialists and the antisemites). I don't trust him. The same with John Friend.

I've never liked Tomato - don't like the way it looks. It seems to have started as an exposure of Jewish debt financial schemes - the Federal Reserve, etc. - and then branched out into historical subjects that are more difficult to understand and are not the outright "conspiracies" that the site likes to portray them as. I don't believe Mike King's bio is genuine. I've found him wrong on some things in the past (don't remember now, but it was about Hitler) so I wouldn't trust him at all either.

But many people love to be fooled; the more sensational the better.