Meltdown for Tanstaafl

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-04-15 21:25

Written on 4-15-14 by Carolyn Yeager

UNBELIEVABLE. I never expected something like this, which came straight out of left field for me. Tan made sure I would suspect nothing. He closed me out of The White Network admin pages minutes before his taped program began. I always thought Tan was an honest straight shooter, but he is not shooting straight presently. Something happened. And it happened since April 12, just 3 days ago!! But what is not altogether new to me is Tan's paranoia, or extremely suspicious mind. I've experienced quite a bit of it from him, which I can go into if necessary.

One thing Tan said to me at least a year ago, if not longer ago, in all sincerity at the time, was that if he decided to leave tWn for some reason, or if something happened to him so that he could not continue, I could continue to do my shows because it was a self-perpetuating system. It would continue to operate automatically, basically. He designed it that way. I felt pretty good about that and certainly believed he would never have any evil intentions toward me.

Well, somebody has changed in this relationship based on mutual trust and it is not me. I am saying the same things I have always said, as pertains to the White race, White Nationalism, White anything. If anyone goes through my Heretics' Hour programs going 4 years back, available at under “Radio Archives,” that will be obvious. Tan was listening to my programs all the time that I was at Voice of Reason and he loved and learned from all my mainly German-oriented topics. He said so to me and to the listeners on his own shows. Now he says Carolyn Yeager doesn't like Whites, she only likes Germans.

Here are some FACTS:

I wrote the “About” page for The White Network that he went on and on about in his “final show.” Totally. Tan said it was perfect and had no editing to suggest.


“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

Our mission is to build group consciousness, solidarity and pride among White Americans. One way we do this is by educating our listeners in real history — the history of the amazing achievements of Whites as a race, but also our mistakes and the crimes committed against us. We encourage Whites to be more aware of and assertive about our interests as a group, to speak out and answer slurs and attacks directed against us and our White heroes.

We recognize that different races and ethnic groups cannot live together in peace on the same soil, that Whites cannot and should not tolerate being governed by non-Whites. As White Americans, we affirm our European heritage and common cause with our European cousins everywhere.

Jews are not White. They are obsessed with their own group’s best interests, not ours. Our network is and will always remain by, for, and about the best interests of Whites, and only Whites. We are uncompromising on this point. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.

I suggested he add the 14 Words to our About page. Yes, true! Tan developed the website and put things where they are. I didn't change anything, left it to him. But the Fourteen Words were not on the About page until I told him they should be. I even suggested they be on the front page, but he ignored that and put them on the About page. Sure, he agreed with it, but had forgotten to do so.

I came up with the name The White Network. Tan liked it and wanted to use it, but it was my idea completely. The domain name belongs to me.

I suggested he put “Whites talking to Whites about White Interests” on the banner under the name, which he did. But I believe he first came up with the phrase.

I put up the money for whatever was needed. He thought that was a fair exchange (no donations yet) for his time and skill spent in making it work. But another reason was because he doesn't want his real name associated with anything to do with TWN – not even a post office box.

I skyped Tan at least two months ago, telling him I wanted to read Hitler's Table Talk after we finished The International Jew and asked if he had any objection. I thought he might. But he answered back, “Not at all. I think it's a great idea.” This month he himself selected the music of Richard Wagner for the special show he does – with not a word from me!! When he asked what music I was going to use for the Table Talk, he suggested: How about Wagner? So I did select a piece from Wagner that I like very much. In fact, up until that Saturday, April 12 show he's so upset over, there was no trouble at all between us and I have the skype record to prove it. It came up suddenly, like a tornado destroying everything in its path.

Since we started Table Talk, NOT ONCE did Tan complain to me about anything to do with it. Not once! He was very friendly to Ray Goodwin, whom he knew nothing of, on our group show April 8, just one week prior to tonight.

What Tan says about me

Tan says I don't like White people. But Tan has only talked ABOUT white issues. I have talked TO White people, White Nationalists of every kind. I deal with people and ideas … he only deals with ideas. Why? Because it's Tan that doesn't like dealing with people – White People! - he's said so enough times. And everyone who's hosted a show at TWN knows it and has felt it! Tan has never had a guest or taken a phone call.

Tan says I don't like Slavs. He is suddenly upset about Slavs. Just recently he said to me that he thought Northern Europeans were the only truly White people, or maybe he said the best of the White people. I don't want to misquote him.  He thinks Greeks are not White. He prefers the Nordics. He has never stood up for Slavic people that I've ever heard, and I've talked to him a lot. So he's only using this Slav thing to add to his attack on me. Many of the things he said were for this purpose. His recall of what I said about Eurasia was totally wrong. He said I “tie White Nationalism together with this Eurasian thing” and “she attributes [Eurasianism] to White Nationalism.” How so? He goes on, “Jobbik and Russian Nationalism are actually Eurasianism so that's another reason that WN is bad.” ??? “But she just wants to find fault with WN so she'll even throw in things that WN isn't.” Really, when did I say all this? Tan is hearing what he wants to hear in order to make his case.

Tan said “One of the White Nationalists she's thinking about is me.” I had not thought about him whatsoever during the April 12 show, or ever unless I am talking specifically about him. How does he know what I'm thinking? He doesn't, that's the answer. But now I realize something: Tan feels his credibility as a WN is fragile because of his wife and kids. He suddenly got the idea that I was going to destroy what credibility he has … and on purpose! That has to be it. He says he doesn't care what people think, nothing bothers him, but it's not true. And right there is his paranoia: that I am purposely trying to hurt him. I don't feel my credibility is fragile, that's why I can speak the way I do.

Tan said we've talked about this before, so I knew that I would be upsetting him. We talked about this on Saturday evening, April 12 after I finished posting my Saturday show – the one he's upset about. That's the only time. He took up at least an hour of my time accusing me of anti-White behavior and insisting he only wanted to understand why I was doing what I was doing - “trashing White people.” Previously, he had come on my comments section and attacked me there … then was offended that I didn't like it. I sent this skype message to him on Friday at 5:57 pm:

[4/11/2014 5:57:26 PM] Carolyn Yeager: What I had in mind for Monday the 14th has fallen through. Would you like to come on with Kevin MacDonald? If so, what would you want the overall topic to be. If you say yes and give a topic, I'll invite him [kmac]. answer ...

[4/11/2014 6:56:45 PM] Carolyn Yeager: You know, Tan, I am not too happy about being grilled by you on my own program comments. It really seems you could speak to me privately before you go on the attack in public. … no answer ...

[4/11/2014 7:02:37 PM] Carolyn Yeager: It always has connotations of being out of line as a woman. A woman can't criticize men. But you let Franklin R. participate all these years [on your blog, I meant] without doing anything about it, and the first time I had an interaction with him, I outed him. Then you accuse me of committing some great sin of including him as a WN , as though being a Jew he can't be that. We don't know for a fact he is a Jew anyway. Why don't you get some proof. … no answer ….

Next day ...

[4/12/2014 3:21:33 PM] Tan Staafl: i dont understand why you let trolls get to you, or why you take the role theyre playing at face value, or why you turn that into a criticism of Whites or White men

[4/12/2014 3:24:34 PM] Tan Staafl: i dont think FR is a jew, i think its more complicated than that. even though he didnt identify himself as a WN you immediately directed your anger at him into yet another excuse to trash WN - im trying to understand what you're criticizing, not attacking you

[4/12/2014 3:25:16 PM] Tan Staafl: i cant make monday

[4/12/2014 3:25:36 PM] Carolyn Yeager: Wrong, FR always presents himself as a WN and he did with me.

[4/12/2014 3:26:59 PM] Carolyn Yeager: He's all over the Internet as a White Nationalist!  Think about when you'd like to do something with KMac and the subject matter.

[4/12/2014 5:48:39 PM] Tan Staafl: got time to talk?

Tan was planning out his moves already. Supposedly giving me a chance to explain myself. I didn't satisfy him, that is clear.

Tan says in his short blog that he thanks Hadding Scott and Ray Goodwin for their contribution to TWN, in that way putting himself in a position of having something to do with them. They are both friends of mine who I had as guests on previous programs, whom I invited to co-host a "Study Hour" of my own creation, something that Tan refused to participate in.  He himself never brought a single person to TWN.  He doesn't like to be bothered with people, as I told you.

Finally, he puts the responsibility for the future availability of TWN archives solely onto ME, after he shut the whole place down!! ... saying "what happens is Carolyn Yeager's decision and responsibility."

After he took the irresponsible and criminally unfair decision to shut me out of my own network, he now wants to make it appear that I am the bad one if I don't continue to pay to keep it online as a memorial to his "work." That really says it all about the devious Tanstaafl.

I could respond to more but I've done enough. Very sad day. I called it on Monday with the 4-14-14 numbers representing change, but didn't know it would be so brutal. But there's also a meaning of freedom involved in there too, and I do feel rather liberated today. I lived up to my end of the partnership in every way, but Tan's behavior cannot be considered Aryan.


You could go on Talkshoe as a stopgap, to avoid missing a beat, until you get another, better arrangement.

Hi Hadding,

Sure, but I'm not worrying about missing a beat. I'll get it worked out eventually. Feels pretty good to have the pressure off for a little while. In fact, I don't NEED to do radio shows, but I probably will. I'd like to concentrate on my websites more, and research/writing. I know you like that too. It's more comfortable. I also have lots of work around this house that I've put off. Why not get on to that?  But I'm going to miss AH's birthday on Saturday, when I was going to do Heidegger. I will still do Heidegger though. Maybe when I do, you would want to join in.

Your work is more important than Tan's or anyone else by a mile. Best thing is to take a deep breath and set up your own radio station Carolyn. That way you have control and the WN movement retains it's most important voice. As a free operator you will not to have to worry what anyone else thinks. It does mean you will have to take some time to do the research about how to handle the engineering side of Skype and all that boring technical stuff and the contractual side of the operation which is very tiring and deeply frustrating no doubt, but you are a good researcher and competent and it can be done. WN is an endless series of betrayals, back stabbings, hurt feelings, loss of courage by small men with big megaphones and panic. A lot of panic has been generated by Glenn's recent debacle and see how quickly the rats deserted his ship when the chips were down? FIGHT ON AND DONT GIVE IN! Your radio shows are vital and you do need to do them for the cause. If the show goes down then the movement has lost it's center. I assure you most days I wake up I just want to give up myself but conscience will not let me.

And don't forget the boss is relying on you:

Words fail. 
But, as my father told me when I was dumped by my first girlfriend "living well is the best revenge".
I have enjoyed and learned from your programs for several years. Please let me know when/if you get back on the airwaves. 
You have an indomitable spirit, Carolyn. I am sure that whatever happens you will survive and thrive. I wish you and yours all things good. Keep punchin'. 
14 Words, 
John G

Sad to see you two break up. I liked you both for different reasons. You were more social and wide-ranging. Tan was focused and brutal intellectually. I really don't understand what happened here. I certainly didn't understand what he was telling us.

A friendly and detached observation: you're probably an extraverted Thinker. (I'm dipping into Aryan psychology of C.G. Jung here.) You guys - and it's mostly men - can be sharp and combative. In the Tarot deck Thinking is represented by Swords. Dissecting. Excellent bullshit detectors. But you can be offputting. My best friend's son is that way and sometimes I think he hates my guts.

(I grinned when she told me the result of his test. I knew that before he even took it. :-) Steve Jobs was exactly the opposite: an extraverted Feeler. They make their way through the world with their feelings like a big wet tongue.)

Tan's probably an introvert. Maybe an intuitive like me; which is why I identify with him so well. We tend to turn on a dime like that. Sorry.

Finally - and once again this is just honest feedback - I am offput by your reaction to Andrew Anglin and the Russians. The Slavs are Aryans. R1a Y-chromosome. They're the ones who swept into India. And if they're not Aryans there's no such thing as an Aryan. And they are VERY White. And they're having babies again! It seems to me you're getting worked into a lather over his position vis-à-vis Putin. Both of your arguments are solid and defensible. And only time will tell. Cut yourselves some slack on this one because it's pretty obvious to me you're both acting out of good faith.

As am I!

After going out for awhile, I decided to remove that part of the comment dealing with Andrew. I think you're right, Bill, I have made myself clear on this already - no sense continuing to repeat it.

As to Slavs as Aryan and very White: Classifications like R1a tell you a person's DNA blood type, but not their mental/emotional character and allegiances. Politically speaking therefore, all 'Aryans' are not the same, but the Germans in the 3rd Reich chose to call themselves Aryans, a term that they used in their own way. Of course, as Germar Rudolf helpfully pointed out on the last Heretics' Hour program, they had not discovered DNA at that time.

Hi Carolyn,

When one door closes, another will open! Only change is the one thing that always remains the same...

Hope you will go on with your radio study hour TT.



But it takes a little adapting to when you're not expecting it and are happy with the status quo. Know that Hitler's Table Talk is the program I most want to continue with, and Ray does too. Will hopefully carry on with Heretics' Hour too.

Hi Carolyn! I hope you will be airing programs again soon. My sense is that the pace is good for you, and it is certainly good for others! You attract some of the finest and best people in this field. Your style is perfect for radio, because it isn't over-prepared with written text; and neither is it loose and empty, because your knowledge in numerous areas is quite deep. You know just how to prepare, with the kinds of notes that will result in a good discussion. So keep up the great work.

Fortunately it is technically easier to stream live now than even two years ago. There seem to be turnkey solutions, for managing calls, and having a timed and live program. Consider that you no longer have to pay the "Tan tax". :) We must always think defensively, with back-up plans in case current patterns are disrupted.

I consider you to be a critic and a historian. You may seem to over-criticize here and there, but it keeps people thinking. Critics are necessary and helpful. Saboteurs, whether haphazard or premeditated, are neither. Keep crying in the wilderness, the way gets straighter for your efforts.

This very sudden turn of events has shocked me and I'm sure most other listeners. Leaving us wondering "What the hell happened?" as one day the sun is shinning and the next day a tornado has whipped through the place. I don't want to get into who's right or wrong as I'm sure I don't know all the relevant facts as of yet. What I'd like to say though is that I have very much appreciated all your efforts, just as I have appreciated Tan's efforts. I also hope that you in good time find a way to continue to do your radio broadcasts as I find them educational.

Thanks, I appreciate hearing supportive words from you, And I can assure you, I am not wrong and I did nothing wrong. It's a farce to even consider it. I will find a way to broadcast - there are many.

This podcast by Carolyn does a nice job of anticipating both her critiques of others, and her concerns about "White Nationalism".

Predators, etc. from Oct 23, 2012

the first time I addressed homosexuality was here on June 4th 2012, my second show on The White Network. That caused a furor from the people at Voice of Reason, but Tan thought I had done a good job on it. I was the first to address this subject on radio in very specific terms, just as I was the first to start a radio program devoted to Holocaust Revisionism (The Heretics' Hour on VoR).

Let me note briefly here, so I won't forget to discuss it later, that Tanstaafl shut down TWN at a time it was showing an Alexa global ranking at 200,000 even -- the best it had ever been. We were headed toward the 100,000 level, which is fantastic. This was a fews days before his momentous decision on his Tuesday, April 15 program. Why would he do such a thing - stop the momentum of TWN (he didn't know at that time that Paul Hickman had left) - for some purist idea he developed about not allowing any critical thinking about "White Nationalism?"

In contrast, his age-of-treason blog stands at over 4,000,000 today ... in spite of the fact he's got a long string of comments on his latest The End post. While stands at 399,000 and will only get better now that people will have to come here to see all my content. Not bragging, only clarifying who the draw is and was. Tan or Carolyn? Even the trolls can't twist this.

Am I being "bitter and vindictive" as Tan wants to portray me? No, just factual, as I always am. The facts speak for themselves.

Hi Carolyn,

I sent two emails to you when I discovered Tan's last post. I figured there must be a lot going on since you did not reply.

Thanks for explaining what happened as Tan's explanation and show seemed to be all over the place. I felt he did not really explain the why in a rational manner.

I do recall reading where he said he wwould hope the website would be left up so long as you paid the bills. Its obvious he had other intentions since he took the website down. Its a shame because TWN is/was my favorite site for programs and I had hoped that more hosts would come aboard.

I hope you are not absent from doing shows for too long. But if you could use the time to take care of some thing as you stated, then so be it. Take care.

I didn't think the emails required a reply. I have replied to a number of them. Anyway, I'm glad you have written something here. Smile

FYI, it was I who took down the website. Since I was closed out of it, I was not going to do any favors and take care of keeping it up, with the possibility of it starting up again without me. I'm not a doormat. In any case, Tan should have it backed up and can put it back online himself, without my support. If he doesn't have a full backup, he was inexcusably negligent.

I will be back on radio, Steve. Thanks for your support.

Steve, I guess you could say Tan took the site down when he shut me out and declared there would be no more broadcasts, posts or comments. It became just a big archive of old stuff. Tan used his power because he could. But I had power too, so I used it - trransferring the domain name to my other server and then declaring I would not pay for TWN server anymore. He can bring most of the site back, but it won't be the same.

Thanks Carolyn, no, you are not required to reply to my emails. But, since you have replied in the past I just assumed you would. But its not a problem I just figured I would make note of it.

Its like Tan is putting all the blame/responsibility on you and that's wrong.

As far as the website's show archives I have downloaded the ones I wanted with the exception of the Hitler Table Talks, which I assume you have on your website. As for Tan's shows I downloaded his series on the Mary Phagan case, which were the only ones I wanted. So, I'm good. I was going to copy and save the posts on the individual programs I saved, but its not a big deal.

When I checked his website I didn't see his show archives and any links to his shows lead to TWN or this website. So, it appears he did not back his podcasts up.

Thanks again and I look forward to you triumphant return.

All of this infighting is depressing, sophmoric and leads to destabilization. This inability to disagree in a dignified way - while moving toward a shared goal is destructive for us.

The 'piece de resistance' is right now, the pasty-faced, droopy-eyed, schemer Abe Foxman, Mark Potok and their staff are rubbing their filthy hands together and crowing "Look at them! We've scored again!" It's this sort of infighting that insures White nationalism stays ineffectual and 'fringe'. VERY sad.

CNMMNC very good point and I totally agree!  

It is the price of our individualism that we are so passionate about our individual points of view!  We have to work as a collective while respecting indivdual perspectives.  At the end of the day Tan initiated this break.  It would have been better if he and Carolyn aired their conflict and let listeners call in to voice their opinions.  Tan needed to cool off before he took such drastic steps.  Many of us have made contributions to see the continuation of tWn and it was unfair to us.  Tan also should realize that many of us never would have known who he was without Carolyn.

I found that if I wanted to post here I had to verify my email on this site through my email.  Perhaps this is why there are not more posts!  Carolyn you have a very tough exterior exterior but inside you are very sensitive and caring for your people.  We know you for pouring your heart and your soul into these shows and podcasts and it is appreciated.  

I don't think you need to verify it right now. This is the first time I enabled the comments on this site, and ideally commenters must be "signed up" for the site. But I am not requiring that right now because I don't have that set up either.

I haven't had any detracters at all so far. Maybe they haven't discovered it yet, haha. Thanks very much for your kind observations. From the heart.

This whole thing is very bizarre.  It occurred around the time of the Miller incident which is equally impossible to explain.  I will still enjoy Carolyn's website, however.  

Bizarre and not understandable to me also, But little by little I am seeing a clearer picture. I know in time it will be explained.

I have a new post coming up - AH's birthday.

WWWM - it came right before our 2 year anniversary in May. We even had plans for it! Is this some attempt to inflict as much pain as possible?

Any White Nationalist who does not have a special place in his heart for Germany, is a blind fool. It behoves all to remember that the German people twice in the last century had to face the combined insane fury of the rest of the white race in the two fratricidal, suicidal, genocidal World Wars. As Jean-Marie Le Pen of the French Front National said:

"The Germans are the martyr-folk of Europe."

Carolyn, keep your strength up. You are needed.

Even though you call yourself a British Patriot, you're a friend of Germany too.

I discovered the White Network about six months ago through a link on Hadding's blog. I read your comment that your work, unlike TAN's, is people-oriented, and I have found that a great strength. It is through you that I have become acquainted with others whose work I have come to admire, such as Drs. Andreas Wesserle and Fredrick Töben. You are a skilled interviewer with a talent for "picking the brains" of others, as your range of knowledge facilitates asking the right questions and allowing others to speak freely.

I find it very sad that this has happened. It seems to me that others have oversimplified or otherwise misrepresented your views, since it seems to me that what you are trying to do is respond thoughtfully to current events, which reflect political Pan-Slavism, national-bolshevism, and Eurasianism. It also seems to me that some animosity may be misattributed to you, since this controversy emerged very soon after your Table Talks Study Hour covered material concerning Slavs.

For my part, I am intrigued and interested by what Dr. Wesserle called for---a dialectic emerging, synthesizing the earthy, agrarian slavic worldview with the more technological, urban culture of western Europe (perhaps most strongly represented by England and the Low Countries). Dr. Wesserle indicated that the Germans, in their history, achieved such a synthesis in the historic eastward expansion of the Germanic cultural area.

Shortly after listening to your Table Talk broadcast that addressed the sorry state of the Ukraine, and the German ambition to turn the country in a breadbasket and give the Slavs manufactured goods in exchange, I watched a documentary that struck me deeply: The English Surgeon (2007). It concerns a British humanitarian neurosurgeon who has dedicated much of his life over the past two decades to serving the Ukrainian people, and advocating for reform of the Ukrainian state's broken healthcare system. I eagerly recommend the film. It is shocking just how the Ukrainians live, and although much can be blamed on the collapse of the Soviet Union, we also have to wonder about the people themselves, the cultural (and biological) traits that have shaped them and have contributed to such failure.

I wish you all the best, Carolyn, and I will be following your future work with the utmost interest.

I'm glad you are enjoying Andreas Wesserle, such a genial, and I think rather brilliant man. And I'm sure he is typical of the Germans who had lived for generations in the Eastern settlements ... gentlemanly to a "t." Not vulgar or abusive to any Slav, but there was a fair amount of resentment against them, I'm sure, because the Germans were generally wealthier. Well, they were better educated and managed their affairs more responsibly.

I like what you said about the failures of the Ukrainian people being in large part attributable to themselves. Andrew Anglin told me that he spent a short time in Ukraine, before all this trouble started, and he hated the Ukrainian people. Drunks laying about in the streets, he said.That surprised me. Now I have known some upstanding Ukrainian-Canadian people, but that is what he said. The National-Socialists had a similar view and were certain they would only improve the place and make it better for the Ukrainians too. Well, I get in trouble for saying things like this.

Hi Caroline,

I tried 2 times to place a comment but the (Caroline Yeager) site asked me to confirm my e-mail. I have no idea how to do this confirming.

Anyhow, I was very shocked to hear what happened to the White Network. Everything seemed to go in the right direction. The whole thing makes no sense...

Maybe the Glenn Miller thing has something to do with it?

Whatever the reason is; Tan has done something very nasty to you. He made you depend on him for the technical stuff, and then when the whole operation was getting better and better he dropped you like a brick. Just like that. Very strange...

I hope you will not give up as I can imagine how rotten this must be for you.

I wish you all best Caroline! You are very needed in this movement-struggle or whatever you want to call it.


I already sent you an email expressing both my shock and regret that things had come to this, and just hoping you were ok. After a few days now, it's great to stop here and see you are doing just fine :) I cannot for the life of me understand what Tan has done here, and I think it's bloody awful. I know the site was just gaining more and more listeners all the time, it's madness for him to have taken it down with no warning to you at all, I mean, wtf??

Anyways, it's just lovely to see all the wellwishers here, and I would agree with *endzog's* comments in pressing upon you how much you are appreciated. You are a gem Carolyn, and I am beginning to suspect this move didn't really have that much to do with you at all ;(. Something else is afoot, and John touched on it. So---here's to a new beginning! Long Live Carolyn!

I appreciate this so much.

Tan's thinking is starting to come clear to me. I think it is very simple. Tan thought I was criticizing "White Nationalism" too much and obviously didn't think that I would stop, and it could get worse (though this last part he didn't say to me). When I said I didn't even want to talk about White Nationalism anymore, he didn't like that either. Since he considered the skype interface software he had made to be his own property, rather than shared property of  both of us as partners, he felt justified in simply making it unavailable to me. Cold, calculated and not wanting me to have a clue as to what he was going to do.

The finality of the language he used on his program and in his short blog told me he would not accept any mediation or have any change of mind. He even cut off the personal skype connection between us at the same time, designating there was nothing to talk about.

Those who think he was bothered by my outspoken views are wrong. He agreed with most of them. It was this White Nationalism thing with him.

Tan acted like a child by pulling the plug. You correctly diagnosed how Eurasian-ism is antithetical to overall white interests- The Slavs best interests are with the West and not with the Turkic Mongols. For this, Tan blew his top...

Within White Nationalism there is  a strong dose of Nordicism, Tan should not fear this. Germany deserves a prominent role in human affairs, like it or lump it. 

I cant help but think that all of this has something to do with the Glenn Miller thing, even if it is  unconscious.

Carolyn, you are a center of the struggle; for Tan to just cut you off like this is stabbing the cause in the back.

Hope you get  back on the air soon.

Dave Marshal

"I cant help but think that all of this has something to do with the Glenn Miller thing, even if it is  unconscious."

Maybe. From a vnn forum post on glenn miller thread:

By now search warrants for his home and computer/s and ISP will have been issued.
All communications with him will be being analysed, all names noted down, all posts collated. As Alex has often warned, I hope some are prepared to stand behind their posts, in need.

I had Glenn as a guest 3 times. I emailed with him and even talked on the phone with him. So ... the potential pitfalls of associating with WNs. The SPLC had put The White Network on their Hate Map.


If they come after me, I'll tell them Tanstaafl has said I am not a White Nationalist! Go ask him, he'll vouch for me. Laughing

I clicked on your site yesterday, planning to listen to your Saturday Afternoon show, and was shocked to read about what had happened.

Afterwards I listened to your April 12 broadcast that supposedly triggered Tan's meltdown, and read and listened to his justifications--which was basically a waste of time, as the bottom line is that there is no justification for his underhanded behavior; it is not that of an honorable person.

He clearly had no clue how badly his actions would reflect on him. And to blame you for not keeping the site up after he shut you out of it--that's Chutzpah!

Here are some interesting statistics I compiled:

As of this morning, out of 64 comments at Age-of-Treason "The End" post ... 22 express clear anti-Carolyn, pro-Tanstaafl sentiments. That's 1/3.

Of those 22 anti-Carolyn comments, 18 are completely anonymous! ... no signature or anything. That is over 80%. That tells us a lot about what Tan is up to now. He uses moderation, and my last comment was NOT published. Three comments from me are still there. So all these anonymous troll comments, which I showed in "Meltdown for Tanstaafl" [above] we had discussed between us, are being approved by Tan. The last one claims that I drove Mike Conner at VoR crazy. [Hilarious.That story has been told and is known. BTW, Mike Conner (not his real name) is posting at VNN Forum now.]

In contrast, of those standing up for me (an approximate equal number to those against), only one (1) is completely anonymous. So yes, from this we can see how the game is played, how bullying and lying thrive in the Internet environment.

When someone needs to defend and spin their personal version of their motives for doing a dirty deed, honor goes out the window. We see it all the time.

I hope you're back on air soon Carolyn.

To get around the debate of Who is White, or What is White Nationalism, why not go back to what worked in the recent past? Each European nation could limit citizenship to those with ancestors there. For example, you couldn't become an Italian citizen unless your grandparents were Italian. Japan has such a policy. For the US, reenact pre-1965 immigration laws. Then encourage those that immigrated after 1965 to return to China, India, Mexico, etc. Same would work for Canada and Australia. This would be a concrete, achievable goal, easily understood by the average White person.

" I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager's consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments. "

-Tanstaafl 04-15-2014

Smile Ironic this was posted on something called Age of Treason

I had exactly the same thought a couple days ago. It's like Tan is someone who is so sensitive to treason, he commits it himself! Thanks for this.

Hello again Carolyn:
I return after more than a year to simply express, with glee, my shadenfreude over poser Tan basically folding while Carolyn Yeager grows stronger and even more Teutonic each day.

Like everyone else I am shocked and saddened by recent events. I really cannot understand why Tanstaafl did not choose to speak with you privately before taking such drastic and ill-thought-out action. One can only assume Tan was looking for a way out and the content of some of your recent broadcasts were the excuse he needed.

I'm looking forward to the Heretics Hour coming back online soon.

Charles, there may be a HH this coming Monday, but I don't want to promise anything. is gone the day after Chris Borsella & Rodney Martin's attack program against Kyle Hunt.

Joshua f posted this in the wrong place, under "About the Comments." So I've moved it here.

Well here goes!

I made a comment before but I don't think it ever went through.

Basically I said I thought Tan divorced the wrong woman!


Looks to me as if he projected whatever problems he had heaped upon himself on to you, Carolyn.

The Germanic and Slavic worlds meet in central Europe. The British-American world has no clear picture of it, since they are not directly affected by the differences. Germany has always been the buffer to the Slavic and by extension Asiatic worlds. 

The struggle can be compared to French-British bickering over colonies. Even if Hitler planned settling Germans in Russia, this cannot be compared to Britain conquering France proper, but rather an exchange of certain colonies in America for example. 

Russia is a meta-continent. Even if all Russians were to be relocated to East of the Urals as claimed, these 150 mio Russians would still occupy the largest land mass on earth as their own country. 

Carolyn - only just found this thread. You do great stuff on NS and WW2 and stemming the tide of propaganda. I hope you carry on doing that.

Taanstafel is a strange person and his writings are the expression of a strange mind. There is nothing you can quite put your finger on, but there is something murkey about it.   

I've been reading Tanstaafl for long enough that this whole thing doesn't surprise me at all.
I've been polite with him, and open to his arguments, and I think I generally see where he's coming from and why.  That doesn't mean I agree with him on all or even most points, and this whole affair is a good example of why.
In how he handles certain situations, he really does remind me of the late unlamented Larry.  

from some of tsfl's comment threads. Larry Auster, eh? I don't know enough about Auster to detect your meaning. But would it have something to do with going about things in an indirect fashion ... and not really being on the up and up? 

I have come to realize he is shifty. Was Auster paranoid?

He had a very strong tendency to view evidence through the lens of the assumptions he was starting from, and would violently reject anything that contradicted those assumptions.  He would read meanings into statements that often were the exact opposite of the plain literal truth of the statements.  In Tanstaafl's reaction to your comments on this issue, and in his reactions to others (Chechar is one that sprints to mind) I've seen exactly this same behavior.
There have been times when he does point out underlying assumptions and premises in the statements of the people he's criticizing that are worth calling out and illustrating in the light of day.  However when one looks for hidden meanings everywhere one starts seeing mirages.

You are very perceptive. "Views evidence through the lens of the assumptions he starts with" ... "reads meanings into statements" that are not there. That's exactly what he was doing. But I never noticed him doing it to other people, probably because I was sympathetic to his views.

I went back to the last group show at TWN on April 7 and listened to the part where Tsfl and I were talking over each other. I've felt uncomfortable about that and can see it now as an example of what you're pointing out. At 1:06:26 he tells us he just had a knee-jerk reaction of doing the same thing he criticizes in other Whites, that is blaming ourselves for our plight. At 1:07:20 I wanted to elaborate a little and said, "Yes, that's in your argument ..." and he real fast said "You don't agree with that? Are we promoting the holocaust narrative ourselves?" at the same time I was trying to continue and say (in agreement with him) that this is what we need to have in our program of teaching White people not to do. So this is a case of Tsfl "assuming" a disagreement where there wasn't one and then after that continuing to act like his meaning was not understood.

(In retrospect, I wish I had not doggedly tried to finish what I started out to say, but had stopped and answered his question. But it surprised me and I'm not good with surprises. If I had, it may have led to a better conversation and dissipated some tension that arose from that.)

That, and so much else, fits with your final sentence: "However when one looks for hidden meanings everywhere one starts seeing mirages."