FRG President pours shame on his countrymen while in Poland

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2019-09-01 11:58

Federal Republic of Germany President Frank Walter Steinmeier speaks in Poland on September 1 on the 80th anniversary of the 1939 invasion of Poland by Reich forces after months of failed negotiation attempts.

By Carolyn Yeager

"MY COUNTRY UNLEASHED A HORRIFIC WAR THAT WOULD COST MORE THAN 50 MILLION PEOPLE — among them millions of Polish citizens — their lives. This war was a German crime," the president of the Federal Republic of Germany said in a speech before Polish President Andrzej Duda, and US Vice President Mike Pence, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe as well as representatives of 30 other countries. No Russian representative was invited.

Shame, shame, shame! Disgusting behavior by the top representative of today's Germany.

Today, Sept. 1st, is election day in two eastern German states. They have the opportunity to reject this president and his words with their vote against his party and against Merkel's party. I only hope they are doing so as I write. The only meaningful vote against this “liberal democratic” madness is a vote for the AfD – the Alternative fuer Deutschland party.

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  • See preliminary official election results here
  • I'll be discussing this election and other Germany matters with Sven Longshanks on the Wednesday 9-3 Daily Nationalist on Radio Aryan.

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Steinmeier, a member of the left-wing Social Democratic Party, continued with his traitorous speech:

"I, along with [Merkel], want to tell all Poles today that we will not forget. We will not forget the wounds that Germans inflicted on Poland. We will not forget the suffering of Polish families and nor will we forget the courage of their resistance."

More anti-German quotes from Steinmeier's speech in Warsaw:

"I am well aware that my country bears a special responsibility for this Europe of ours."

"Because Germany - despite its history - was allowed to grow to new strength in Europe, we Germans must therefore do more for Europe."

"We must do more for the security of Europe. We must do more for Europe's prosperity. We must listen more for Europe's cohesion".
(translation: more money for Europe, more bailouts for poor European nations, guaranteeing our resources to hold Europe together)

Germans must oppose nationalism. Germans have every reason to be the happiest Europeans, but they should not feel they are the "better Europeans".

Only "the power of America's ideas and values, its foresight, its generosity" gave Europe a new chance after 1945.

I am so glad the hurricane moving toward Florida kept President Trump from attending this horrible and ridiculous gathering. It's bad enough that VP Pence paid tribute to the:

“courage and strength deep in the Polish character that no one could destroy. Poland proved itself a homeland of heroes.”

"Today we remember the long roll-call of Polish heroes who fought for freedom."

But never will this fake 'German' post-war government pay any tribute whatsoever to their own German soldiers who died by the millions for their homeland in that war. Were they all criminals? What a scandal! Germany is no longer a homeland for Germans but if they can get rid of those who control it today, we know it can be again.

It requires ALL of us to cleanse our nations to make that change possible. A first step in Germany could be to kick out all the Poles who live there. More on that later.


Sorry Carolyn, but don't say that the Poles, and the Romanians and Russians and Turks and .....should be kicked out of Germany: The country would become depopulated!

Glad you brought this up. I had looked at these stats at Wikipedia for the FRG:

  • 76.4% Germans
  • 3.4% Turks
  • 2.6% Poles
  • 1.7% Russians
  • 15.9% Other

Just think, Germany is only about 75% German!! But 2 1/2 percent Poles is too much. It's so obvious "nationalist" pure-white Poland is a failed country; the "proud Poles" prefer to live in the multi-racial West so they can earn a decent living. But it's not the politics, it's the PEOPLE who make the difference. Are those ethnic Russians (Slavs) or ethnic Germans from Russia? I'd say the former. If that's the case those two Slav groups make up 4.3; then I'd say a majority of "Other" are Slav too. So we could say 10 to 12% easily. No wonder the German average IQ now measures below that of Estonia, say.

Hallo, Carolyn! Thank you for bringing up the Russians! I believe that your assessment is correct, since there is a saying in Germany about these Russians invading Germany, and receiving huge pensions that they DO NOT deserve - the saying goes, "The only thing German about these Russians, are their German shepherds"! All of these slavs, Turks, etc., receive all kinds of benefits that the Germans are forced to pay for!

I fully agree that Poles should be kicked out of Germany.  I also would agree that Germans should be kicked out of Poland and prevented from emigrating there in the future.
I just hope those superior Germans don’t clamor too hard at Poland’s gates when Germany becomes majority Muslim within the next 25 years.
Btw Carolyn, as a proud ethnic German you also should not be allowed into Poland or any other Slavic nation.  All your braindead ramblings against the Slavs have been recorded to your name.  You may proudly stay out our nations and we would be happy to see you well outside our gates.

Blah, blah, blah, Chris. This is your typical whole bunch of nothing. No offense, but you just can't cut it. Why not actually DEFEND why so many Poles don't want to live in the hard-won Polish state.

Anyone with a brain knows Poland stays free of migrants because none want to live there. If they wanted to get in, they would.

For the same reasons that millions upon million of inferior Germans emigrated to the United States from 1850 to 1939.  They wanted to escape a system that they felt was broken and did not serve them.  What percentage of white Americans are of German descent?  Care to explain that one?
As the economic situation in Poland is increasingly reversing more Poles are staying and the diaspora of Poles are beginning to come back.  
I am strongly considering moving back to Poland and living the rest of my life there.  I have been there 3 times and stayed for month with family I have there.  I know I can live a long descent life in a place where I feel at home.  Sad that you can’t say the same.  
Migrants have tried to come to Poland but are not allowed in.  For the ones that don’t want to come it’s merely because they aren’t enticed with free handouts.  Where is the German superiority in their wisdom in what they have turned their country into?  I sure can’t find any but I’m sure you have a ready excuse for that stupidity.
Please, don’t refrain from trying to offend me.  I view you as a sad ill person and couldn’t get offended by you if I tried.
So Carolyn, are you willing to hereby officially vow to NEVER attempt to step foot into a Slavic country ever again? Are you willing to officially call for the permanent repatriation of all Germans from Slavic countries?  I will be happy to screenshot your official statement and save it for all future reference.  Don‘t back out now.

Good comment and lovely sarcasm lol. These polish idiots are not even worth responding to tbh just because of their unbelievable dishonesty. When things get real the polish fake history is the worst to defend of all fraudulent histories... It kinda went like this:
Soviet Russia: Hey guys, I know we attacked you just like Germany did with the little difference that we had no beef with you, but look, take that German land that we stole from them and we are cool again, ok? But remember to only ask for reparations from Germany. Oh and don't forget - the number on dead Poles caused by Germans is.........6 million!

You are correct that it is not worth having dialogue when one of us is an imbecile, especially through this medium as crackpot carolyn censors and edits comments that don't support her crackpot views.  In addition, none of you sick and twisted germans are willing to address any points I bring up, so why bother?
Poland doesn't ask for reparations from Russia because the Soviets didn't start the war, the Soviets didn't lose the war, and after the war the Soviets invested to rebuild Poland's infrastructure...although it was rebuilt in the Soviet style which is repulsive and not a reflection of Polish character.  All these old Soviet era building and roads are slowly being replaced by more modern and aesthetic architecture.
The sick and twisted germans believe that their negotiations for war reparations with the Polish goverment in the 1950's, which was a puppet government at best and under duress at worst, were legitimate.  HA!  It is just their german cheapshot way of copping out and using any excuse they can to dodge their responsibilites.  They sure were receptive to the Marshal Plan though!  Fine, so be it.  I am not a fan anyway of asking people for money, even though what the twisted krauts did to the Poles was a savage crime.  My heart breaks when I watch videos of these savage animals bombing, shelling, and straffing the city of Warsaw in 1939 which was packed with women and children.  It fills me with so much anger.  So many lives destroyed and families torn apart.  
I will be starting my own website soon.  The purpose will be to expose crackpot carolyn for all her shortcomings.  You may feel free to engage in discussion there.  

Poland doesn't ask for reparations from Russia because they didn't start the war? Yeah okay, doesn't change anything on the fact that they invaded Poland. You seem like a low wage Russian troll and that is why you give this half-assed attempt of an argument for our Polish friends. At any rate your Bolshevism is reaking badly, Boris.

You know there is hardly any Germans living in Poland Chris. But I would suggest you start kicking out german technology out of Poland, starting with german cars! Then you can go back to polish traditional means of transport, like riding donkeys.
Many people don't know that Poland is one of the most air polluted countries on earth - most of their produced energy is from burning coal - and that the government has shut down any debate on this issue, though hundreds of thousands die every year of  respiratory diseases.
Instead of learning with the West as the high-IQ northeastern Asians did, the Poles seem incapable of assimilating western technology, hence their hatred towards the West. 

Ok Gilsen, then you can stay out of Poland too.  Make sure to tell what few Germans there are in Poland TODAY to get out and more importantly be sure to stay out in the FUTURE when life gets less than peachy in your Muslim caliphate.
German cars can stay or go.  I really don’t care as I have never had an urge to buy an expensive, unreliable, and overly complicated electric shaver of a vehicle.  Minimal things are required for most Slavs to be content.
By the way, please be mindful of the fact that all the iPhones and BMW’s on the planet won’t save you from the cultural rot you Germans have created for yourselves.
Yes the coal burning and pollution exists in Poland.  From what I infer it is a relic from the communist era when cheap solutions were implemented.  But as Poland continues to be an emerging economy, this issue is already being addressed.  I guess for your sake though it is just another reason for you to stay out of Poland!
Perhaps Poland today would be much further along if it wasn’t for all the destruction that Hitler caused followed by 50 years of communist dictatorship.  Bother of those were directly the fault of Germans.  They got themselves into a war they could not win and are rightfully paying the price.  Unfortunately many others had to pay the price for German stupidity as well including the Poles.  I am delighted to receive Steinmeier‘s apology by the way!
So do you officially vow to never stay out of Slavic lands as well?  Or much like your coward friend Carolyn you will conveneitly avoid answering this question?

I'm laughing my head off! "Do you vow to never stay out of Slavic lands, Gilson?" Wherever you're living, I hope it's not in England.

Poland today would be much further along if it wasn’t for all the destruction that Hitler caused followed by 50 years of communist dictatorship.  Bother (sic) of those were directly the fault of Germans.

That's rich. And typically Polish. Instead of only bashing and blaming Germany for everything the Poles can't do, why not do some bragging on Poland? Too hard to come up with material? I would sympathize if you weren't so ugly about it.

Yes, Herr Steinmeier remains a complete shame indeed. Unbelievable how this man goes down on his knees every time. What I can say as dutchman is WE in the West, Holland, Belgium, France, Norway etc. owe our biggest treasure, our Freedom, to the decisions and great bravery of the German people. Without this, this western part of Europe would have been completely usurped and destroyed by Uncle Joe, i.e. Joseph Stalin. His plans for conquering Europe are a proven FACT. Tx to the big sense of reality by German leadership this horror was prevented. Regarding sept.1st: German invasion of Poland was an exclusively HUMANITARIAN MISSION. But bc of daily manipulations/lies we lost our ability to judge situations/historical events on it's right merits. As the Versailles 'Peace' Treaty was a clear decree of War. In the year 1939 the original german population in Poland was being murdered and terrorized by the polish communists. Thousands of ethnic germans lost their lives in this hell. Hence decision to 'invade'. Hence: Germany SAVED Europe  later on from that 'Evil Nightmare', NKVD, KGB Gulag and torture chambers. Herr Steinmeier is a disaster and living proof how all real historical facts are surpressed and betrayed by it's current 'leaders'. Tx Carolyn for article.

The article "Demographics of Germany" in Wikipedia seems to be a reliable source. About 80% is of the German population is German (76,4% autochthonous Germans, 3,5% German repatriates from the former Soviet Union. About 10% other Europeans, about 10% non-Europeans. A source of concern is the higher birthrate of the immigrants. Even if the AfD comes to power and manages to stop all further immigration, still the immigrants with their higher birthrate are a threat, but this is true for most white countries.
As for ethnic IQs, Germany together with the Netherlands, Austria and Italy has an average IQ of 102. Poland has 99. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have 96. Turkey has 90. All other non-Western countries, except for East Asia, have far lower IQs (source : Lasha Darkmoon : World IQ Figures). So the Poles are not a major threat in terms of IQ. In terms of crime, I think Muslims and Africans are far more harmful than Poles. Poles swarm out all over Western Europe because their country is economically less successful. Yes, we know that already, but at least it keeps their country white. Better white but poor than rich but "multi-cultural'.
I think you personally bear a greater grudge toward Poles than modern Germans themselves, who would be happy if Poles would be their "only problem". We have some 173,000 Poles in our country and they cause no problems.

"A new European league of IQ scores has ranked the British in eighth place, well above the French, who were 19th. According to Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster, Britons have an average IQ of 100. The French scored 94. But it is not all good news. Top of the table were the Germans, with an IQ of 107. The British were also beaten by the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Switzerland."

Thanks very much for this, Brian. I notice that Dear Amren thinks it is a bad thing that Germans were way above Britons and French, and don't spend any time in the article talking about the Germans. I'm not surprised. It confirms what I've been saying and knowing for quite awhile. By the way, I have a high IQ.

“By the way, I have a high IQ.”
Well that’s it.  That’s the final cherry on top.  Oh man just when I thought you couldn’t get more ridiculous.   Thank you Carolyn that made my day.

Franklin, you mischaracterize my comment above. I don't consider 10% 'Other Europeans' as harmless to Germany, as you want to. As you should know by now, I'm not an advocate of One Europe. The excuse that any European is better than any non-European is not the measuring stick to use. All 'Other Europeans' are not Germans and I'm for a German state of German blooded, German speaking people. Germanic "other europeans' (like the Dutch, as you are) are better than slavic and balkan europeans, for sure.

"Even if the AfD comes to power and manages to stop all further immigration, still the immigrants with their higher birthrate are a threat ..."

The difference will be that AfD will instigate pro-German birth programs and pass legislation to discourage immigrant births. Of course, they would never do it to the extent I would deem appropriate, but they would still make it better. The problem is, they are a long way from coming into power.

Then you assume that IQ's of 95 to 99 are "not a problem." I disagree.

"Better white but poor than rich but 'multi-cultural'".

Not when they are trying to deal with their poverty by stealing 500 Billion from Germany!! Not a particularly good video. DW is German-hating.

"I think you personally bear a greater grudge toward Poles than modern Germans themselves."

Of course I do. Most modern day Germans are brainwashed cucks who've learned to hate themselves unless they're giving Germany away to whomever wants something. You are also German-hating and try to sound like you're just being reasonable. But you are just like the German EU advocates and Leftists. I don't see any difference.

This Steinmeier character is a very corrupt individual. Lets hope Kerry gets jailed, and Steinmeier disappears into oblivion when that happens.
Reading his biography in Wikipedia is enough to make you puke. In these kinds of cases, Wikipedia is a good source

Why aren't you posting my other response?
I addressed your question and posed some questions to you.
You are a coward and a total crackpot.  You censor any comment on here that exposes you for the idiot that you are.  Honest debate is not in the cards with you it seems.  What a joke.  

Gee whiz. I was doing other things for a couple of hours. I guess you're revealing who the crackpot is, and making it unnecessary for me. Thanks.

P.S. I'm really very prompt. At The Occidental Observer you have to wait a minimum of 24 hours.

So where is your response?  Don’t try changing the subject on me now.

Chris, I'm giving you notice that I do not take orders from you. What you want answered seems to be something childish like this:

So Carolyn, are you willing to hereby officially vow to NEVER attempt to step foot into a Slavic country ever again? Are you willing to officially call for the permanent repatriation of all Germans from Slavic countries?

Answer: I don't expect to return to Europe in this lifetime, so that is not a problem. But may I remind you that you do not have any authority as to where people can go and neither do I. So it's just a joke. You're a joke. I'm not going to let you take over my comments section; you have already reached your comment limit for this entire article. You should have used your alloted space to better purpose. The purpose you have is clearly just to proclaim that I am not allowing you to speak, no doubt because I fear you. Like I said, a joke.

In all it's long history, P. was almost always governed by a non-pole, a lithuanian or a german for example. A look at the pre-WWI-map also tells us, that eastern europe consisted only of Austria-Hungary, Germany and Russia. Anticipating a possible bulwark towards Russia in the times ahead, Germany and Austria-Hungary joined together to re-establish Poland as a sovereign state (1917). This selective amnesia regarding the 20th century history will not help the poles nor will it any of the other states. Any head of state who tries to come across as a real leader by calling out german politicians, should be ashamed of him- or herself. 
Germany obviously can't defend itself, the behaviour of our clownesque elite shows total lack of judgement. It's sick...
Let me know if you need sourcing

I suggest you go the whole hog and write that the Second World War never happened. Alternative history can be a very interesting branch of literature, actually.

Poland and other countries repeatedly demand compensation payments for damage during the last world war. The FRG is not the successor of the German Reich. Payments due to the war damages -  caused by all sides! - can only be decided in negotiations between the German Reich and the victorious powers of the Second World War and for the purpose of a peace treaty.  Treacherous BRD politicians actively prevent a peace treaty. One may guess why.
The following is a quote from  The section "Responsibility without consequences" might explain Steinmeier's submissive choice of words. (
"Responsibility" without consequences
In addition to the double formal legal argumentation, Berlin is endeavouring to weaken Polish protests against the trickily legitimized refusal of reparations with statements that are crumpled but have no consequences at all. The Federal President did this as an example at this year's commemoration of Germany's attack on Poland on 1 September. "We will not forget," Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in Wieluń: "We want and we will remember. And we accept the responsibility". He "bowed down" "before the Polish victims of German tyranny," Steinmeier added: "And I ask for forgiveness. He was "deeply grateful for this outstretched hand, for Poland's willingness to walk the path of reconciliation together"[7] On the same day, the Federal President expressed similar sentiments in the capital Warsaw. "I bow in mourning to the suffering of the victims," Steinmeier said: "I ask forgiveness for Germany's historical guilt. I confess our lasting responsibility." The Federal President did not show any willingness to draw material conclusions from this "lasting responsibility".
Translated with

It's the usual blame blame blame stuff, and I don't want to repeat what I've said in an earlier post, but I don't like Poland that much. They need to give back Silesia, Pomerania, and East Prussia, and demanding huge amounts of reparations reminds me of the Jews. I recall when Willy Brandt kneeled at a Polish ceremony in the 70's, and a lot of Germans were angry. Brandt, you know, was a great hero to the left, although he had to resign when Guilliame, his trusted advisor, was found out to be an East German agent.
I feel the Poles are trouble makers. I can understand their wanting to be independent, and yet Poland after WWI wanted to grab as much territory as they could, then, when Hitler took the Sudetenland, Poland, along with Hungary, each helped themselves to a slice. 
What bothers me now is Poland is willing to be a lapdog of NATO, wanting US troops and missles on their land, almost as if they think if a war comes, they can probably grab some of Russia and bring back the old Polish-Lituanian kingdom.
Yet, I think Germans and Poles can work together. I recall the German writer Teodor Fontane's novel Vor Der Sturm, showing Poles and Prussians living together in the Napoleonic wars just before the Freiheitskriegen
Also, I'm disturbed at how the neocons love Poland for all its white, nationalist values, while jumping on Germany and most of western europe if they espouse the same thing. But Poland always had a large Jewish presence, making me think America seems to be the new Poland.
Greece is little better. All they do is cry reparations. It's like Taki said: the Germans are liked in Europe as long as they pick up the check. When they stop doing it, everyone will turn on them and call them Nazis. I think the German ruling class, like any other ruling class, cares only for wealth.
Then, there's a rumor I heard that every German chancellor is taken aside and told by the powers that be that if he doesn't tie the official line, things will happen to him. Comment?
I must say when I was stationed in Germany in the 70's, it seemed a happier place, and people were somewhat nationalistic. Reunification, which I prayed for, seems to have brought something worse.

Brandt, like all the leftists seem to be, was a German traitor. Imagine your top advisor being a communist agent! Very Rooseveltian. I wasn't paying much attention at all in the seventies, but my impression was just that Brandt was celebrated in the U.S. press as "An exciting, bold leader" and so on.

Then, there's a rumor I heard that every German chancellor is taken aside and told by the powers that be that if he doesn't toe the official line, things will happen to him. Comment?

It's one of those things that can't be proven one way or the other, but I doubt it. It would too easily get out. But I do think it's understood by all who get that far. It's openly said more often now that the FRG is built on Auschwitz - that is it's raison d'etre. Foreign Minister Maas said it straight out not long ago. What more do you need? That's the reason they can condemn and stomp out the Third Reich. Also one reason the AfD is considered completely untrustworthy.

when I was stationed in Germany in the 70's, it seemed a happier place, and people were somewhat nationalistic.

I can believe that. I think Germans are generally a nationalist people. That's why they're treated the way they are.

We really need to fight back harder.

I like your thinking Clark! Yes, my honorable German people are labelled "Nazis", when they don't want to hand over their hard-earned money! The poles are the worst offenders of looting billions upon billions of dollars from my people, and you are RIGHT, Greece is another offender, also! When there are hardly enough German tax payers left in Germany to foot the bill for Europe, and others, what are they going to do? Will they blame the "Nazis" when they crumble into the ground? This whole genocide of Germans, makes me very angry, and sickens me! Thank you, Mr. Clark for bringing this extortion of the German people to light - this is just another social engineering tactic for the ultimate downfall of my German sisters and brothers! My hope is, that Germans can take their country back, and exit from the terrible EU!

I always liked Helmut Schmidt. I know he's left as is all SPD, but he seemed a forceful leader, much more so then that insipid Carter. Also Helmut Kohl, who got Germany back together, although I noted the intellectuals despised him. I especially noted the New Yorker had these snarky 'Letters From Germany' that were anti-Kohl, pro-left, and, I dare say, pro-Jewish. They also really dumped on Germans bringing up Dresden. It is streng verboten (strictly forbidden -cy) to speak of German suffering. I was angry when I discovered in Berlin, schoolchildren were forced to take names of Jewish children killed 'in the Holocaust.' I was so disgusted I wrote to the editor to complain. 
Yet Europe needs Germany. Rick Steves, the popular tourist guide on PBS, had a public forum explaining Europe. He is a big Hilary Clinton supporter, but mentioned how German investment has raised Europe. How, for example, German industry needs good highways, and in Greece and Ireland such roads didn't exist, so the Germans built them. He felt Germany was a very positive influence on Europe, and yet they can say little. I get tired of someone like Macron being treated like he is a great leader, but Merkel is no better. 
And now you have the Poles swaggering like they are going to be the new leaders of Europe.
Some say Hitler sought to create vassal states in his Third Reich, but really, are American policies little different? Much like Americans are told to complain how NATO won't 'pull up its end', but NATO is an American creation. The last thing we want is a strong, independent Europe, and, sadly, much European leadership seems to want anything but be strong. I remember Hitler said that, eventually, Europe and America would go to war in the future, and I wonder if, someday, the neocon Jews will cause a reaction with their anti-white policies in Europe. 
The neocons scare me. It began at 9-11, when they brought out a shopping list of countries to be eliminated. Americans are so unaware of this. It's like Harold Covington said: the europeans at least know what the disease is.
As I said, in the 70's, Germany felt different. I had a German friend I met in America, and we spent a week together in Wurzburg. He said he admired Germany's past, but felt the FRG was really the best thing Germany ever had. I was impressed how West Germany was regarded and accepted, and Germans felt good...although there was always the officially sanctioned Nazi guilt, but it seems out of control now. There was far too much Americanization, but again, this was allied policy which played on Germans wanting to make a new start. I felt then that German history was being abolished, and  now in America I see the same exact thing, although we have a conservative part of the country...weak and ineffectual, true, but at least they're half-way aware of what's being done to them.
If you support Trump, it's made clear you are hated not for what you believe, but for what you are. Same as how Germans were hated simply for being German.
Can you believe in the 80's, TIME had a cover story on Germany being the best country in the world? You wouldn't think that anymore, although some idiot academic in my city actually said Merkel has more power in the world then Trump, and is the West's strongest leader. Donnerwetter! No wonder Hitler called them Fachidioten.
When I talked to Germans, I got a very different view of things then the 'official' version of things, and since I spoke German and wasn't the typical GI, they opened up to me. I felt GIs, while not hated, were pretty much ignored, and GIs returned the compliment.  
I'm completing a novel, a Bildungsroman about my time in Germany that also explores the Tannhauser myth in a postwar setting. I'm impressed, as I was then, how Germans regarded the DM as theirs, and how proud they were of it. Maybe it was giving into money over culture/nation, but as I remarked earlier, WWII was a war between heroic man and economic man. I remember what Heine said in the 19th century: 'money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet.'

Everybody knows that NATO was created to defend Europe from Russsia's savage hordes, therefore we in Western Europe are eternally thankful to the Americans for that!
It's a pity that the US missed so oft wiping out Russia; e.g. the Pentagon in the 80's had a surprise nuclear attack plan that would have finished off Russia with mininal damage to the West, then turned down by Reagan!
As Putin becomes ever more agressive, I'm sure the Pentagon and NATO would know how to respond to a russian attack against the West. 
Russian nuclear weapons might be dangerous, but technologically russian military  is a joke: They don't even have an aircraft carrier!
Your post blaming american imperialism while ignoring russian imperialism is typical of the naive and/or traitorous crowd in the West: Like the fellow travellers who went to Russia and then told us how great Russia and Stalin were; the same today with KGB Putin who is all over the place killing people: Eastern Ukraine, the Caucasus, Syria, Crimea, chemical terrorist attacks on british soil....

British general Hastings Ismay, Nato's  first secretary general  asserted that the allience's purpose was “to keep the Russians out [of Europe], the Americans in, and the Germans down.”
Well, the general was right. Incidentally, Germany's Basic Law stipulates in Article 120 that the Federal Republic shall bear the occupation costs of the Allies. After all, the article clearly testifies that the Federal Republic is an occupied country. What kind of independence of "German" politics can one expect when we stupid Germans almost from the beginning give traitors a free hand. Should a coup by the military try to dismiss the government, it can ask for help within the framework of NATO or its current structure. The question is what would actually happen. How would the Allies, the other members of the alliance, Germany's neighbours, behave?

Wonder if you're talking about me?  
Okay, I was stationed in Germany, and believe me, I had no illusions about the USSR. They were a dangerous, repressive government, and in the 70'[s threw their weight around, and yes, they did have an aircraft carrier (more for helicopters), but got rid of it when the USSR collapsed. Also, the Russians realize their surface navy would have a sweet, glorious minute before we wiped them out, so they stick with subs. 
As they say, NATO was created to keep the Russians out, the Yanks in, and the Germans down. Or, as Peter Ustinov said, it was thirteen allies in search of an enemy. I'm not that extreme, but it's no secret the USSR was always overexaggerated so US defense budgets could be maintained. A lot of stress of the Cold War could have been resolved at the close of WWII had we gone and taken Berlin and Germany to the Oder-Neisse line, but Ike trusted the Russians, like FDR. 
Also, Russia, while sniffing for a break anywhere, did keep their treaty agreements, and did not openly march in anywhere.  I'm not a lover of Stalin, but they did stay put.  Unlike us, when in 1990 the eastern bloc collapsed, we agreed not to put bases in former Warsaw pact areas, but look what we're doing.
I think it's time to revaluate NATO's purpose. Is it really designed to send European troops to Afghanistan?  
Do I think Putin is a man of peace? Not especially, but he shows more determination then anyone in Europe about safeguarding his country's national interests. I think Russia is a threat, but so is America. 
A German journalist openly admitted the German media is controlled by the CIA.
Some freedom. 
The idea that we should have started a preemptive nuclear war with the USSR is absurd and irrational. Breshnev once suggested that we and he go to war with China and wipe them out before they became a threat, and we immediately refused to do so. Besides the ethical considerations, a 'preventive war' in Europe would have devastated Germany, which I hope isn't your secret goal. Russia is overrated as  military power, but neither is it weak. 
I believe the chemical attack on British soil could have been a false attack catering to the warmongering crowd in the West. Much like the downing of that Malaysian jet over the Ukraine.  Sure, Russia does things like that. But we also do it, although of course we're the good Israel when they murder Palestinians, or us when we wipe out innocent civillians in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Unfortunately, for most people anywhere, patriotism means killing whomever your government thinks it is fashionable to kill.

... "could have been a false attack catering to the warmongering crowd in the West. Much like the downing of that Malaysian jet over the Ukraine."

What about the scenario that the pro-Russian rebels shot the plane down by mistake, thinking it was a military jet? I always thought that was reasonable. Anybody?

Of course Russia shot that airliner down. And they lied about not doing it, which is understandable - they don't want to expose themselves to legal repercussions - but in the end, their actions show them to be 'childish', in the words of one of the broadcasts you made on the subject years ago (goodness, how has time flown!). 
One of the reasons why I am disenchanted with American white nationalists and the American dissident Right is that they're always braying about their 'right to rebel' against unjust rulers, to stand up to the Washington tyranny and the cultural Marxist tyranny. But the moment a people do rise up - in Venezuela, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong - the white nationalists are quick to denounce them as CIA / Mossad agents of the New World Order and applaud any repression of them, no matter how brutal. Not that I'm a liberal of any sort, but 'Tyranny for thee, but not for me' is the American dissident Right motto. 
I think Hitler was a true democrat and always had the consent of the governed. Stalin always wondered at how, during the darkest days of the war, the 'working classes' never rose up against Hitler.

I can agree that the Malaysian jet could have been shot down by mistake.  Much in the 80's, when the Russians shot down a Korean airliner that strayed into Siberia. Let's not forget where we shot down an Iranian jet with hundreds of people on board, although supposedly our wonderful, Tom Clancy perfect military should have recognized a civilian jetliner when they saw it.  Also, we refused to apologize.
But sure, mistakes get made.
As for David, I'm a white nationalist, and I take each revolution as it comes. I think there's little doubt the Ukraine is being manipulated by Israel and the US. As for Syria, I don't doubt Hassad is brutal, but the experience is whatever replaces him could be a lot worse. Look at Iraq, and all the mess because we took out Saddam Hussein. 
As for Venezuela, I suspect there are elements behind getting rid of the government that are backed by us, but revolutions is S. America tend to be emotional and chock full of 'justice', then six months later, you get the same thing.
I remember how the Shah of Iran was hated, despised, how he-had-to-go...and we got Khomeini. Is everyone happier? But, you can argue Khomeini was 'democratic.'
Revolutions are always a crap shoot.
George Orwell warned against conspiracy theories, because in the end, you simply won't take any action because you think it's hopeless. There are good revolutions. In the east bloc when the USSR collapsed was one. It was great to see the Romanian head of state executed, someone our government always said was a 'moderate.'  In East Germany, the rebellion against Honecker was genuine and good, and it's also why a lot of Germans don't see Reagan as ending the Cold War, but Gorbachev, and there's something to that. Yugoslavia cracked up, but it never should have been a state in the first place.
I'm on the side of the rebels in Hong Kong, but China will probably crack down, and there's not much we can do about it. It's their part of the world, they have us outnumbered, and the West simply won't challenge China and lose all the cheap stuff they're making for us.
And still, with all the talk of revolution and freedom, Germany is in fact an occupied country, and there is no real peace treaty to WWII. It's perpetual war for perpetual peace.  Or as they say, if you don't t come to democracy, democracy will come to you.
I agree Hitler was a democrat. He used democracy to end a system imposed on Germany, and was a genuinely popular leader, and that's why Germany won't allow a truly democratic leader to emerge. The last thing they want are people getting what they want. As for the working classes rising against him, what was their alternative? The allies made it clear Germany had to be wiped out. Hell, they wrote pamphlets like Germany Must be Destroyed, and the Morganthau Plan would have meant millions of deaths. Read about Yalta, and FDR and Churchill come out as nasty SOBs. Carolyn noted how the FRG was a state built upon Auschwitz. I'd say it also had two other foundations...the failed German revolution of 1848 and the 1944 military coup against Hitler. Both failed, and you can't build a strong, patriotic state on losers.
Come on, David; I think I'm reasonable. I'm a good WN, aren't I?

As a White Nationalist, do you think that Whites who highly regard A. H.'s National Socialist Third Reich should be welcome in American WN circles, or shunned? Serious question. This has been a controversy and a problem for a very long time. Just yesterday a comment appeared at The Occidental Observer by Richard B giving his negative opinion on this very thing. [Richard B says:

I can tell you that the "troll or informant" person at TUR he is referring to is me, but I won't go into the background now unless someone really wants to hear it. My purpose in asking this of you is really to get more sense of how average WN's think and feel about NS, even just as history. Obviously, Richard B hates and condemns it.


So I'll post this comment I made at Unz Review this morning for consideration while I work on a more comprehensive essay on the subject. My working title for it  is "How can White Nationalists not be National Socialists?"

@Franklin Ryckaert

I want to return to this “Hitler – the barbarian within the warlord” comment and also your previous statement:

Yes, my “agenda” is clear. It is WN and not NS like yours, hence my discord with you. -F.R.

I think the greatest problem with and for the so-called White Nationalist/European sovereign-nations movements is the rejection by so many WN’s of the German National Socialist state and its leader Adolf Hitler. There are innumerable good arguments for why this is a weakness which I won’t go into here. But let’s acknowledge that these good arguments fall on deaf ears with people like F. R. (not that he is an important influence, but just typical of the type). Why are these white people so opposed? Is it really that Hitler and his government were truly barbarians whose goal was to destroy Russia, enslave Russians, and the same with the rest of Europe? Of course not. A few comments in his after-dinner talk as preserved in what’s known as “Table Talk” cannot, does not prove that. The final analysis is always what was done, not what was said.

But the point I want to make here is that this split – this White against White – has come about through a false WWII narrative based on atrocity propaganda to become a permanent fixture that PREVENTS White Nationalism from succeeding. Adolf Hitler and NS represent a large, important segment of white people, and also his ideas were pro-white which was not the case for the Allies who were pro-JEW, so to simply dismiss Hitler in the manner that F. R. does is to defeat the very purpose F. R. claims to represent.

Since the enemies of Hitler were in league with Jews from the beginning, Jews whose only real problem with NS Germany was that it was getting rid of its Jews (was openly antisemitic), one can ask F. R. to explain that quandry. Is this why he makes such a big deal out of the Slavic East (where a huge amount of Jews lived, incidentally)? In order to distract from his alliance with pro-Jewish policy? But I am raising this question not just to Franklin Ryckaert but in general, because I think it is the greatest mistake of Whites and is foremost in preventing a united White Front.


What is Russia? Ethnic Russians are only one of 194 ethnic groups who live in Russia, according to the 2010 census. Despite that 80% of the population voluntarily declared themselves as ethnically Russian, the Constitution declared Russia a multinational (multiethnic) state and named “multinational people of Russia” as a sovereign nation. The Russian word used for citizens of Russia is different from the word for ethnic Russian (see Citizenship of Russia), and other languages often do not distinguish these two groups. The Tsardom of Russia became a multiethnic state in the 16th century. From Wikipedia, Russians.

I'm tired of this yearly show by subsequent German rulers doing their gig here every Septemeber - they are well aware they have to cry some crocodile tears on a big scene for Germany to not act on it and eventually pay the due reparations so we could close that chapter and move on; in reality few regular people aged less than 70 on both sides of the Odra river give a damn about the politicians on that day. The country was ravaged, depopulated and systematically pillaged by the "brave" army which "forgot" to officialy notice of waging the war and started it with "valiant" bombing raids on a sleeping town of Wieluń. If the memory serves, Germany paid its last bit of WW1 reparations to France around year 2010.
[middle portion cut - too long, too poorly written, not particularly relevant. You got your point across in what I've left. Thanks for writing. -cy]
To the person who wrote that donkey riding is a traditional Polish way of transportation - no, it isn't, it never has been, I've never seen a single donkey here save for a zoo either. I think that on this longitude you can first see donkey riding in the Pannonian Steppe and southward of it.

To answer your question, I think that there has been a lot of uneasiness in WN circles about how to deal with Hitler. In the past, I might have said Hitler was terrible, but many of the things he stood for was good. Now, I'm inclined to support Hitler and say that NS Germany suffered a persecution deemed necessary by the western economic powrers, essentially Britain and America...although you can say the Rothschild banking behind them was the third power.
It becomes clear that NS Germany was fighting what we are fighting now, and Hitler grasped that. When I was younger, I found Mein Kampf wild. Now, it offers a lot of clear thinking along with the hyperbole. Much like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I disdained the work earlier, but it obviously describes what's happening.
Also, I agree with Kevin McDonald in asserting that the Nazis use of the master race was simply taking the Jews idea of a chosen people and turning it back on them. So, I think we need to include National Socialism in our group. Harold Covington, who I much admired, said, when I asked him, that he regarded Hitler as an avatar. I'm not sure of that, but Hitler definitely offered a separate path from our materialistic/capitalistic life, which now includes racial and cultural degeneration, but Hitler always said in the end the struggle was a cultural one. Again, time proves him right.
I was, as a child, always on Germany's side. Even in kindergarten, I liked the German language and never saw them as an enemy, and it is almost an unconscious identification. I recall Harold as saying many people feel this way because they might be reincarnated souls of German soldiers, and yearn for a chance to make things right. I am a Christian, but also regard reincarnation as a strong, logical possibility, and I merely say this to show my emotional ties to Hitler. He just seems to be a part of me, always has been, and I note many people feel the same way. George orwell said he could never really hate Hitler. 
I say this because white nationalism is a spiritual as well as actual cause. We can't afford to shun or cut off people sharing our views, unless they are obvious mental or moral nutcases. Was Hitler? Well, he had a lot of detrius to clean up, and I don't condone everything he and his followers did, but they were fighting to save a nation and culture. I think the true shame is that he and the nazis couldn't overlook their Pan-Germanism roots and include all Europeans...yes, even Poles. I think Poland would have made a terrific ally...imagine Stalingrad's flanks being held by Poles and not Romanians.  But we have to include NS in WN discussion, much like we have to include the Confederacy. 
I agree with Alex Linder that the struggle now is between Team White and Team Jew. National Socialim and Hitler has to be an essential part of that discussion.
I hope this has answered your question.

I hope this has answered your question.

Not really. Or only with plenty of hedging. What I asked is "Do you think that Whites who highly regard A. H.'s National Socialist Third Reich should be welcome in American WN circles, or shunned?"

You say they must be a part of the discussion, but that is not necessarily "welcomed." You are clearly uncomfortable with the question. You talk around it. That's okay, bc you don't even have to answer, even though I want answers from folks. Here is some of what you said that I think poorly of:

"I agree with Kevin McDonald in asserting that the Nazis use of the master race was simply taking the Jews idea of a chosen people and turning it back on them. So, I think we need to include National Socialism in our group."

I'm surprised you don't even know the "Nazis" never used the term "master race." They did not call or think of themselves as a "chosen people." Never. That was propaganda against them. Kevin MacDonald is very anti-nazi and therefore NOT someone to agree with if you like the historical Nazis. KMac can't be the reason you think we need to include them "in our group." He vehemently does not.

Also I asked what you thought, not what other people thought or said,  such as Harold Covington, George Orwell and Alex Linder. Then you include this garbage:

"We can't afford to shun or cut off people sharing our views, unless they are obvious mental or moral nutcases. Was Hitler? Well, he had a lot of detrius to clean up, and I don't condone everything he and his followers did, but they were fighting to save a nation and culture. I think the true shame is that he and the nazis couldn't overlook their Pan-Germanism roots and include all Europeans...yes, even Poles."

Yikes. Are you not even aware of the many times Hitler sought to conclude a treaty with Poland in common defense against the USSR, but Poland refused? The Polish foreign policy was to make alliance with France, improve relations with Great Britain, remain wary of both Germany and Russia, their neighbors on West and East. You don't seem to know anything other than the false narratives  -- what do you read? You might try reading this website more carefully. Talking to Harold Covington hasn't helped you (turning Hitler into an avatar certainly doesn't help one to understand history; it's just religious mysticism which Hitler didn't want applied to himself).

So all this, and your agreement with it as a WN is, imo, what is wrong with White Nationalism! It accepts the Western Victors' narrative and the Holohoax. For that reason, it's doomed to failure. I have to write a longer piece on it; then we can talk about it.

Thank you S. Clark.

Foreigners in the FRG: De facto every second inhabitant of the FRG is a foreigner, i.e. about 40 million foreigners. Wikipedia has no interest in naming the true numbers; sooner or later everyone gets the German passport, not even the language is a prerequisite, this also applies to the far more than 2 million Russians, who are in their absolute majority Russians, in thinking and in their own cultural positioning. There are certainly far more than one million Poles living in Germany. The statistical fraud in Germany is just as pronounced as in the USA.
East Germany is an original German territory, even if the majority of Poles do not want to admit it. If I remember correctly, in a previous programme [1] an open-minded Polish interlocutor told of a census in the German Reich and of his grandfather or great-grandfather. During that time a lot of solid data was collected. Linguistic surveys also exist. They give information about the majority relations [2] as well as about percentage relations [3] (click 2 times to zoom in).
[1] „Saturday Afternoon: A visit with Shoabloger“, April 13, 2013.
[2] „Dissemination [resp. Distribution] of the German Language [...]“
[3] „Dissemination of the Main Foreign Mother Tongues in the German Reich 1913“

Carolyn: You got me fair and square. Sorry if I sounded a lot of trash, but, to cut things short, I do believe supporters of A.H.  and NS should be allowed in WN circles. of course. I admire Macdonald, but admit his refusal to admit National Socialism into any discussion is a failure, a common fault of all the conservative and WN thinktanks. 
I guess they don't want to offend people...but those kind of people are the enemy anyway. As Hitler said, if you don't make enemies, you're not doing things right.
Also, so much needs to be told about what WWII and the 20th century was really about.  In that, your website has been an enormous help, and I'm thankful you can straighten me out on these things. 
Like Alex Linder said, the more clever someone tries to sound, usually the more foolish he becomes. 
 I'll try not to be more clever in the future.

Thanks S. Clark, for your very gracious response. Many people think I'm too aggressive about Adolf Hitler, yet these people can never, as far as I can see, prove their negative generalizations about him or show that what they're doing today is better (or as good) as what he did then. I think one thing they don't like is that it was a German movement.

Just concluding now at The Occidental Observer the commenters are discussing a review of a book titled "Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War." This war is predicted to be more savage, destructive, death-dealing than anything before in European history!! So because we found Adolf Hitler's Third Reich too harsh to accept, we will now face millions of Muslims in a kill-or-be-killed scenario ... for certain, without a doubt! How can this be defended? It can't, and so they just don't make the normal connections one would make. Among 52 comments, not a single mention of Adolf Hitler and his racial goals/programs for Europe, including of course the removal of Jews to somewhere else. As you have recognized, such discussion is unwelcome.

The truth is many WNs will not accept NS. The few reasons off the top of my head are:
1. Americans have a pathological need to be Heroes. If there is any chance that AH or NS could be right it’s a no-go. That would mean WW2 was not a “Good War” to defend against “ the Ultimate Evil” which would signal the end of their hero status. Heaven forbid.
2. Many WASP Americans truly hate those pesky newcomers from continental Europe (Catholics draw a special hatred in a category all it’s own.) A lot of these people would rather re-fight the Thirty Years war then try to stop White genocide. (Sadly, I’m talking about supposedly Pro-White people here) A philosophy from one of those persky continentals? Don‘t make me laugh.
 3. Germany dared to present a possible threat to British hegomony so many American WASPS will never forgive them for such “blasphemy.”  Doesn’t matter that they fought a war to get away from their British cousins, it’s just the principle of the thing you know.
What you will find is that the most resistance to allowing NS to be part of the WN movement will come from the WASP group. Personally, I don’t think it matters because WN hasn’t been going anywhere for over 20 years and probably never will. Eventually an effective movement will come to the fore and people will fall in line and follow them.

Today, Sept. 1st, is election day in two eastern German states. They have the opportunity to reject this president and his words with their vote against his party and against Merkel's party. I only hope they are doing so as I write. The only meaningful vote against this “liberal democratic” madness is a vote for the AfD – the Alternative fuer Deutschland party.
The controlled opposition called AfD which is sponsored by Goldman Sachs is no alternative. Look at the colors they are using, yup, it's the colors of their masters (USA)... They push the same guilt trip as everybody else, no, in fact they are even greater whores for Israel than the other parties in the muppet show. Watch this to see the whole disgusting mess:
Besides a few other disgusting statements he literally said we would have to fight and die for Israel if their existence is threatened. The AfD is a complete joke that is wrongly portraited by the media as scandalous. There will never be a way to vote ourselves out of this. Just don't even try to get a seat at their table, there is no point in it.

Michael, you are being unreasonable.

You really have no coherent argument. To say that the party colors are red and blue!! Parties have to distinguish themselves with a color and none are more appealing than red and blue ... that's a fact. A new party has to pick something that older parties haven't already taken. In addition, the Russian flag is red, white and blue, along with France, Britain, and other countries. Is Russia controlled by the USA for that reason? Or vice versa?

About the Gauland speech you linked to (in German, no sub-titles) ... it is one of many much better ones he has made in the Bundestag. Yes, AfD claims to be "friends" of Israel, like every other party in Germany and everywhere else in Europe and the US, Canada, etc. etc. Now you no doubt prefer the NPD, but they cannot make speeches in the Bundestag because they can't get elected! They are on the verge of being totally banned as a party in Germany.

That's why you end with "we can't vote our way out of this." As usual, your type of thinking leaves us with nothing. We can't vote our way out and we can't fight our way out, either. With such a result, we have every reason to wonder if YOU are controlled opposition. You see how it works?

Hi Carolyn,
thanks for your reply. I newly found your blog and started listening to your series of Hitler's table talks (despite already knowing them) and I enjoy your and Ray's discussion about it and some of the other topics you scratch here and there.
Please note that I didn't say we can't fight our way out, that was you :). We not only can but we absolutely have to. After "our" (I wasn't there for the most part) shameful time after Hitler this nation doesn't deserve to take such a coward's path out anyways, so not only am I 100% convinced we can't vote ourselves out, I am also very satisfied with the fact. It won't be much of a fight anyhow against a bunch of old blubbering farts in the Bundestag and their few minions that they might have left when the time has come.
You said it yourself that the NPD, which btw. is infested by the "Verfassungsschutz", some even claim they started the party to begin with, is being persecuted from the system (smoke & mirrors). Even it very likely being controlled opposition apart, since you admit that it is a controlled environment the parties have to act in, that is already too big of a problem to ignore. If a party can not talk about historical events and is treated like a bunch of children, would it not be infinitely wiser to NOT make a party with so many alleged good and like-minded people and instead try pretty much anything else to awaken the people of the facts that the system is rigged and our "evil" history made up? You don't need to get into politics just to make yourself heard... Also note that while the NPD is more radical than the AfD, even they are in no way pro Hitler or National Socialism, they are only more anti-immigrants...
The AfD is promoting the guilt trip so for now they are visibly opposed to us and not at all helpful in any way to our cause in waking people up.
There is also a big logical problem in suggesting that the AfD only pretends to be friends with Israel, the good old 4D chess theory. You should very well be aware how zombified people of all nations are these days, so the ones who are voting for AfD actually expect them to act just like they promise to. Sure the current rulers (muppets rather) also don't do what they promised to do and the Bolshevik Pole Merkel (nice voting skills fellow Germans!) even literally said you can't expect that what is promised will also be realized (awesome system!)... And still the show goes on, sigh.
However, one thing is for certain, even if the AfD got into power they wouldn't change gear so much to all of a sudden inform the people that Hitler actually was our greatest hero in our history. So they might tone down the guilt trip and slow down or stop the flooding of our country, but it would all still be lame and full of lies. Do you think my thought process is flawed here with that prediction of what they would do after they'd be in power?
You as an individual can talk whatever you want about Hitler and the real history but the muppets in the Bundestag can't after being voted in? It is almost the same shit show Hitler saw during his time but it is actually even worse now. They might not talk in different languages yet but trust me, it is way worse than the show that Trump delivers.
The AfD got traction along with all the other right wing parties in Europe due to the flooding and rape of Europe, they did nothing special and the mere circumstances carried them despite how lame they are. Combine all the women and men in the AfD and still they don't have 5% of the fire and the righteous radicalness of our great leader who by the way wrote in Mein Kampf about what a joke it is to assume a whole bunch of great men and women would appear in the form of a party out of nowhere and bring a country to greatness. And mind you Hitler was radical before he got into power and he didn't say disgusting things like that we'd have to die for the sakes of our enemies... You can play 4D chess without saying nasty retarded stuff that we have heard for all of our lives.
I can surely hit harder to proof to you that the AfD is a complete joke if necessary, but I hope my arguments so far are enough for you to overthink your views. We simply don't need to take anyone serious who drags the name of our greatest leader through the mud, they are a joke, screw them eternally!

Michael, I don't know who you are AT ALL - I want that to be clear. There used to be a German-American Michael who commented here, but you said you just discovered the site so you're not him. You could have said what you did here in many, many fewer words but you chose to take up more space and time.

For what? Tough talk with no plan behind it? You write as though you are living in Germany and some form of pro-Hitler revolution can be carried out. Not a single word as to how. Everyone is compromised in your view, so who would do it? Certainly not you. I'm sorry, but you sound like a punk to me. The people leading AfD are working hard to do something, to pry the people away from voting for these same old parties. It's the only way - even Hitler learned the backing of the people is essential. They have to see that it won't bring about catastrophe the left warns about. Bjorn Hoecke shows some of the "fire and the righteous radicalness" you mentioned, but he gets in big trouble every time. They're out to get him. Germany is not the same kind of country it was in Hitler's time. There was much more individual freedom then, and sympathy for socialism, and nations were pretty much sovereign entities. The EU has changed that and sold the purely market mentality.

Please don't write long, rambling, fantasist essays in the future.         THINK.

You complain about the length of my comment yet you didn't touch a single argument of half the dozen I gave as to why the AfD is a controlled opposition in a joke of a system and then tell me in caps to think?
 I really don't get how you can buy into politicians in the way you do. Name me your last 3 good presidents... JFK and...? Oops, yeah... Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Bush, Bush, Clinton and almost Clinton again - nice "democracy", probably a coincidence, huh? But it's even better, some of your candidates are in the same secret society which they even admit, so you can vote between skull & bones and mhh, skull & bones!
 If you were taking your own advice and THOUGHT you should realize how our system has to be complete garbage too even withough looking into it if you consider who imposed the system on us and how retarded the situation is in your own country. As I said I'm new to your site but I would think you are not falling for Trump or are you? Is he going to drain the swamp any minute now and lock Hillary up etc.?
Yes everyone taking part in the system is compromised. Before the AfD we only had those old parties you mentioned and I already explained how the AfD got up there, they're no freaking saviours, they are anti German trash, everyone is who talks down on Hitler, it is that simple. I could take somebody who says wait for Jesus or Woden to come more serious than somebody advocating for this party.
So to wrap it up, you complain that I took 3 minutes too much of your time with the length of my post but you are advocating for us Germans to waste YEARS with some lousy guilt trip pushing party.